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League of Davostan Freedom[?]


Organization Name: League of Davostan Freedom
The League of Davostan freedom is an organization which promotes the removal of NWOIAUCFCCNUCDMF Satanilic Republican Party and wishes for the nation to be free once again. We aim to end the regime of Satanilic Republican Party, and wish to re-establish the democracy in the nation.

The League's Demands;
-Elections to be every 3-4 years
-Removal of Lord Medivh Evil.
-Change of Flag
-Change of Nation Name
-Free and Fair governing methods
-Ending the overbearing Government
-Freedoms for the people
-End to the Concentration Camp
-Limiting the Power of the Head of State
-Restoration of the Democratic society
-Huge Reforms to Taxing in the Nation

-Liberal Democrats have secured 29.64% in the 2nd Election, this secured the Liberal Democrats with 221 seats.
-Davostan National Party (DNP) gained 1% of votes, securing 5 seats.

-HoF and FAD have taken control of the "State of Muronia" (as its being named)

Status of the Nation: Unstable/Stable lending.

Proof of the Satanilic Republican Party, Undemocratic, Unfair and Barbaric leadership;

- War Tax Proposal 006 (
- War Budget Proposal 018 (
- Concentration Camp Bill ( *Granted they didn't make the bill, but they support it and were the reason it passed.
- Mass Terror Campaign ( *Granted they didn't make the bill, but they support it and were the reason it passed.
- Satanil Demands! Act 389 (
- Satanil Demands! Act 388 (
- Satanil Demands! Act 387 (
- "The Satanic Republican Party is the only true evil party in Davostan and whole planet of Terra." A quote from the party themselves.
International Parties Apart of the Alliance League;
-Fortschritts Partei (Dorvisch Republik)
-Social Democratic Party of Aloria (Demokratische Republik Aloria)
-Beluz Radical Revolutionary Party (Republic of Beluzia)
-Parti Républicain (République Populaire de Kanjor)

Domestic Parties Apart of the Alliance League;
-Davostan National Party (DNP)

*Parties Both Domestic and International, feel free to join if you support our cause.*

Private Companies and organization apart of the Alliance League;
-The Free Davostan Radio (FDR)
-Hand of Freedom (Davostan Freedom Party Paramilitary)
-Stallion (A huge oil Company in Davostan)
-Stag (A Automobile company in Davostan)
-Muronia Water (Water Company, operating out of Muronia Stronghold)
-Southern Muronia Gas (Gas Company)
-Sheen (Supermarket Chain)
-Viper (A Automoblie Company)
-Davisons (Supermarket Chain)
-Tim and Nicks (Fashion Company)
-David's and Mike's (Fashion Company)
-Chase (Supermarket Chain)
-Mr Shepley (Fast Food Chain)
-Charles (Hotel Chain)
Sub-organization apart of the League of Davostan Freedom;

-The Free Davostan Radio (FDR) Funded primarily by the Social Democratic Party of Aloria. Secondly funded by Davostan Freedom Party.


This organization was founded by the Liberal Democrats in July 4104.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 2 member parties.

Active Members

 Kaminskiist Workers Revolutionary FrontLeadership

Inactive Members

 Liberal DemocratsLeadership

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Republic of Beluzia1
Confederation of St. Muron and Davostan1

Random fact: There are two countries based on Egypt in the game. Cobura is based on modern Egypt with a retro twist, while Hawu Mumenhes is based on Ancient Egypt with a modernist twist.

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