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The Leftist Organization of Rutania[?]


Only parties from Rutania may join. The organization for leftist and center left parties, this includes liberalism, socialism, communism and other left-wing ideologies. We feel that the Republic of Rutania is dominated by right-wing parties and gives little opportunity to other ones, they're far from open minded. Rutania is a progressive state with a shockingly low number of liberals.

Socialist People's Party
Democratic Socialist Party of Rutania
Unionist Progress Party


This organization was founded by the Socialist People's Party (SPP) in May 4114.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 8 member parties.

Active Members

  Democratic Socialist Party of RutaniaLeadership
 Civic Republican League of RutaniaFull

Inactive Members

 Democratic National Union (DNU)Leadership
 Socialist People's Party (SPP)Leadership
 Unionist Progress PartyLeadership
 Communist Open Metzist Party of RutaniaFull
 New People's Party of RutaniaFull
 Workers' Party of RutaniaCandidate

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Commonwealth of Rutania8

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