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Artanian Union[?]


The Artanian Union ( ARICOM) is a regional political body that seeks to foster economic and political integration among all thirteen nation states of Artanian Continent ( Luthori, Dorvik, Aloria, Dundorf, Rutania, Kirlawa, Lbutho, Kundrati, Endralon, Narikaton & Darnussia, Beluzia, Hobrazia and Malivia).

This body will be made up of various sub-groupings such as Economic (Finance and Trade), Immigration, Regional Security and the Judiciary.

Additionally, the Artanin Union will be a venue for nation states to have discussions through the Artanian Union Assembly so to as to create ideas that will further shape the organisation and the globe.

The Artanian Union is founded by the Unity Labour Party along with the other 12 member states . This assembly hereby create the laws that governs this international body.

============== Constitution of Artanian Union Assembly=====================

=================Article 1- Executive Body================

The constitution effectively sets up an executive government to manage, govern and operate the functions of Green Energy International to which it creates the following offices and roles in section 1 of this constitution. To amend this section it will require no less than 2/3rd or 66% of the entire membership of the Artanian Union Assembly

==================Section 1 - (A) There shall be the establishment of the office of a Secretary General.
.......................................(B) The Shall be the establishment of the office of a Chairman
---------------------------------------(C) There shall be the establishment of the Office of Speaker of the Assembly
---------------------------------------(D) There Shall be the establishment of the Office of the Council of Ministers (COM)
---------------------------------------(E) There shall be the establishment of the Office of Regional Security
---------------------------------------(F) There shall be the establishment of the Office of Economic Affairs
---------------------------------------(G) There shall be the establishment of the Judiciary

==================Section 2- A seat of an executive member may become vacant if : (A) They have resigned from the post (B) They are no longer a member of the Organisation (C) If the person occupying that seat is an inactive member in Particracy of over 13 real life days (D) If there is a successful vote of no confidence against the member occupying that seat and (E) Where the executive tenure is up, affecting an election.

==================Section 3-All executive members serve for a tenure of three-game years save and except the Speaker of the Assembly, the Judiciary, Council of Ministers. An executive member may not serve up to the tenure of three-game years for reasons specified in section 2 of this constitution.

====================Article 2- Membership Rights==============================

Membership is to be regarded as the most integral aspect of the organisation. Members of this body are all poitical parties, with and without seats in member states countries in Artania. The Executive and leadership are to fully respect, listen, and appeal to the membership base in their actions. A member is regarded as someone who is a full member of the organisation. Candidate application acceptance to the Organisation is decided by the Members of the Executive

==================Section 1-All members have the right to vote

==================Section 2-All members have the right to run for executive office, to serve on a committee, or any other created office.

==================Section 3-All members have the right to propose legislation, to speak to the general Assembly, request impeachment of a fellow member or executive member, right to recall an executive member or propose a vote of no confidence against an executive member and call for an .amendment to the constitution through a 2/3 vote of all membership.

=====================Article 3-Nomination to Executive Positions========================

In accordance with Article 2, section 2, a member has the right to run for executive office. A member can nominate themselves but that nomination must be supported by another member to become a valid nomination.

=================Section 1- The nomination process must be handled by the Speaker and members of the Judiciary.
................................(A)The Speaker is not allowed to nominate himself nor anyone during the election of other executive positions outside of the judiciary and Office of the Speaker.

================Section 2-The Speaker will oversee the nomination process and declare candidates/ nominations for executive positions outside that of the office of the Speaker and the Judiciary.

================Section 3- The Office of the Speaker will automatically be up for election once the executive positions of Secretary General and Chairman are filled.
...............................(A) With the vacancy of the Speaker, the Secretary General and Chairman will handle the nomination process for the Office of Speaker

======================Article 4-Power and Duties of Executive Members=========================

This article lays out the powers and duties conferred on members of the executive.

===============Section 1- As established in Article 1 (A) there shall be a Secretary-General- This person is in charge of the everyday functioning and operations of the Organisation until the ending of their tenure.
-----------------------------(A) The Secretary-General has the power to appoint and remove members within the Council of Ministers to assist him in his duties.
-----------------------------(B) The Secretary-General has the power to veto decisions made by the general membership once he has the support of the majority of members in .the Council of Ministers, a member of the judiciary and or the Chairman of the Organisation
-----------------------------(C) The Secretary-General has the power to appoint and remove members within Economic and Regional Security Affairs/Offices
-----------------------------(D) Has the power to nominate members for the position of the judiciary
-----------------------------(E) The Secretary General has the power to manage the electoral process of the election of the Speaker

===============Section 2-As established in Article 1(B)there shall a Chairman-This Person has the power to veto the decisions and actions of the Secretary General once .he has the support of 10% of the general membership, a member of the Council of Ministers and the Speaker
-----------------------------(A) This person has the power to manage the electoral process of the election of the Speaker and members of the Judiciary
-----------------------------(B) This person has the power to declare the person elected as Speaker and also members of the Judiciary.

===============Section 3- As established in Article 1(C) there shall be a Speaker- This person has the powers as stated in Article 2, sections 1 and 2.
-----------------------------(A) The speaker is to assist the executive members in the operation and functioning of the organisation as directed by members
-----------------------------(B) The Speaker has the power to appoint a deputy speaker to assist him in his duties.
---------------------------------(1) The Deputy Speaker will become speaker once the position of speaker becomes vacant through resignation of the speaker or a successful vote of no confidence or recall against the speaker

===============Section 4- As established in Article 1(D) there shall be a Council of Ministers- This Council of made up of three members and is appointed by the Secretary-General who shall assist the Secretary General in the execution of their duties as directed by the Secretary General.

===============Section 5- As established in Article 1 (E) there shall be an Economic Affairs Office- This office is made up of up no more than 10 and no less than 3 .members who is appointed by the Secretary General and will assist the Secretary-General in the execution of his duties when asked to so do

=========================Article 5- Establishment of the Judiaciary ================

===============Section 6- As established in Article 1 (F) there shall be the establishment of the Judiciary. Members of this body are elected by the general membership of a simple majority and cannot be removed unless by 2/3rd or sixty-six percent of the support of the general membership. They serve a tenure of six game years.
-----------------------------(A) This body is responsible for the interpretation of laws and Treaties
-----------------------------(B) Has the power, with two members of the executive and 10% of the general body to overturn and also veto any decision by the executive or an executive member.

===============================Article 6- Legislature of Artanian Union========================

There shall be a legislature within Artanian Union. This body is made of all political parties in all nation states that are members of the Artanian Union. All Major Political Parties will be members of the upper house and minior parties will be members of the lower house. Members of the lower house cannot vote on issues pertaining to War, security nor economic affairs.

This body has the power to propose and amend legislation and treaties. This body is Presided by the Speaker.

Other- The word he refers to both male and female in a universal language. This constitution Shall become law after the election of the first executive which will see the Founder of the Artanian Union Assembly becoming the first General Secretary to which nominations and vote will be held for a Chairman and other executive post once the membership of the Organisation grows up to 15 persons,

Treaties Guiding the Political and economic decisions of Artanian Assembly are: (Artanian Intergovernmental Association Treaty (AIGAT) ( Treaty of Diplomatic Relations)


This organization was founded by the Unity Labour Party in December 4195.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 40 member parties.

Active Members

  Democratic Socialist Party of RutaniaLeadership
 Fatherland FrontLeadership
  Sozialistische Einheitspartei DundorfsLeadership
 Unity Labour PartyLeadership
  Ein Reich - Traditioneller FlügelFull
 Kaminskiist Workers Revolutionary FrontFull
  Malivia's Restoration PartyFull
 Movement 54Full
 Nationale Arbeiterpartei-VolksfrontFull
  Together for MaliviaFull
  White RoseFull
 Wind of ChangeFull

Inactive Members

 Beluzian Coalition of the RegionsLeadership
 Nibi Tunkeh Giaby R A Bakw XadtuLeadership
 Unionist PartyLeadership
 Vereinigte Bewegung der RegionenLeadership
 All-Dorvischer VerbandFull
 Bund Links-GrünFull
 Cosmopolitan PartyFull
 democration partyFull
 Efficient Government PartyFull
 Für Eins und für AlleFull
 Freedom National ForumFull
 Hosian LeagueFull
 Imperial Aristocratic LeagueFull
 Liberal PartyFull
 Mae'r Rhyddfrydwyr a'r Diwygwyr 'PartiFull
 Malivian Feminist PartyFull
 Malivian Socialist PartyFull
 Neoliberal AllianceFull
 Partei des Demokratischen SozialismusFull
 Pro-Artanian CoalitionFull
 Social Democratic PartyFull
  Social Democratic Union (UF)Full
 Democratic Socialist Party of BeluziaCandidate
 Kommunistische Revolutionäre ParteiCandidate
 Unlock LuthoriCandidate

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Free State of Malivia13
Holy Luthori Empire7
Republic of Beluzia4
Arbeiterrepublik Dorvik4
Dundorfische Demokratische Republik (DDR)4
Gweriniaeth Aloria3
Ewiges Thalleristisches Reich von Narikaton1
Confederation of St. Muron and Davostan1
Esinsundu Empire, Hawu Mumenhes1
Unionis Kundrati1
Commonwealth of Rutania1

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