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The Rutinian Centrists Assembly[?]


The Rutinian Centrists Assembly:

The Centrists Assembly is a informal group for formal centre right or left Rutinian parties to meet and direct the energy of there Parties in a more productive way, as to help close the ever building gap between the Left and Right Wing of Rutinia.

Requirements for membership:

Article 1:
- Parties invited or wanting to join must be a Rutinian Party

Article 2:
- Parties must be Moderate with in there thinking, and can not lean to far left or right

Terms of membership:

Article 1:
- Members must maintain a Minimum level of Centrism and moderate any extreme views they my have, if not they my be ejected from the Assembly

Article 2:
- Members must work together to prevent bills that are deemed as extreme from passing

Article 3:
- The Centrists Assembly is not a formal voting block as such no Member is obligated to Support Specific candidates or Coalition durning elections.


- To act as a Bridge between the Left and Right of Rutinia

- To promote moderate and democratic policies

- To create a area for Centres parties to communicate more effectively.

Assembly's structure:

The Assembly primary goal is to act as a grounds for communication, however it is recognized that consensus can not always be made, as such any large scale decision that does not reach consensus will be put to a vote with each member getting on vote.

To maintain a form of moderation on votes and large dialogues a speak shall do put in place on a rotating basis with the Rutinian elections. In addition to this the speaker shall be given a tie breaker vote.


- United Democratic Party of Rutania
- Radical Centrist Grouping of Rutania
- Rutania Party


This organization was founded by the Rutania Party in February 4203.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 2 member parties.

Active Members

 United Democratic Party of RutaniaLeadership

Inactive Members

 Rutania PartyLeadership

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Commonwealth of Rutania2

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