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Progressive Alliance of Rutania[?]


In the spirit of our shared progressive values, and in the interest of better serving the people of Rutania through mutual cooperation, we the undersigned shall henceforth form the Progressive Alliance of Rutania. We shall stand for the common Rutanian in fighting the forces of oppression, inequality, exploitation, and corruption.

Current Leader: People's Party of Rutania

Current Presidential Candidate: People's Party of Rutania

Current Members:
Civic Republican League of Rutania: Founder, May 4216
People's Party of Rutania: Founder, May 4216

1a. Leadership will fall to the member party with the largest number of seats after each election.
1b. In the event that the largest party declines or is unable to assume the leadership, it will fall to the next largest party.
2a. The Alliance shall support the presidential candidate of the Alliance leader, unless another candidate is agreed upon by all members.
2b. In the event that a presidential candidate wins, the Alliance shall continue to support them in the subsequent elections until they lose, unless another candidate is agreed upon by all members.
3a. All parties shall be included in a cabinet with proportional representation to the number of seats obtained at the last election.
3b. The cabinet coalition shall be proposed by the current leader of the Alliance.
3c. True proportionality may be waived on a case by case basis by the Alliance leader only in order to achieve a coalition with a non-member and not at the expense of only one member party. For example, one party cannot lose two cabinet positions before all have lost one.
3d. While in the opposition, the leader of the Alliance shall be designated the Leader of the Opposition, and shall be responsible for forming a shadow cabinet following the same principles mentioned above. The shadow cabinet shall be ratified via the introduction of a typical cabinet proposal bill; all members of the Alliance must vote in favor of the bill in order for the shadow cabinet to stand.
4. All members will make a good faith attempt to negotiate with one another before calling legislation to a vote.
5. All members will support a republican form of government and oppose any attempt to limit citizenship or democracy.
6. All members will oppose the formation of a monarchy or aristocracy.
7. All members shall be active in Rutanian politics.
8. Members whose actions are deemed incompatible with principles of the Alliance and progressive government shall be expelled.


This organization was founded by the Civic Republican League of Rutania in May 4216.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 2 member parties.

Active Members

 Civic Republican League of RutaniaLeadership

Inactive Members

 New People's Party of RutaniaLeadership

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Commonwealth of Rutania2

Random fact: To see what other nations are up to and to actively involve yourself in international activities: check the Roleplaying section on the forum! Don't be shy to make a news post about your party's recent achievements.

Random quote: Once again, we will wage war against fascism, only this time a civil war of words and politics. � Count Vladimir Borisov, Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Trigunian Empire

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