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New Terran Order (NTO)[?]


Terra needs a new order which transcends traditional great power politics, instead emphasizing collective security, democracy, and self-determination.The New Terran Order (NTO) is an Organisation dedicated to making the world safe for people.

Please consider joining our International Political Group. We will soon be looking to follow this up with an International Treaty for nations to consider joining the NTO World Group.

The NTO is here to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures; because totalitarian regimes coerce free people, they represent a threat to international peace and national security.


The NTO transcends traditional borders, welcoming Parties, politicians and people from all of Terra. It has an international retreat in Fort William, Orange, Luthori; where it hosts annual conferences to share stories, spread manifestos and promote ideals (


Current Chair of the International Political Group: James Stinson of the Luthori RCP (Since January 4228) [Elected January every 10 years]

NTO Political Group Director: Louis Alf

NTO Communications Director: Marcellette Noémie

NTO World Group Director: Nata Yulia

NTO Campaigns Director: Justus Koenraad

NTO Programmes Director: Anja Felizitas


The Goals of the NTO are many, but the 10-point plan outlined below establishes the basis of the NTO's work, ideology, position and mindset;

-End poverty in all its forms everywhere.
-End hunger, achieve food security, achieve improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.
-Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.
-Ensure inclusive & equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all .
-Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.
-Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.
-Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.
-Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.
-Reduce inequality within and among nations.
-Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.


This organization was founded by the Royal Conservative Party in January 4228.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 73 member parties.

Active Members

 Royal Conservative PartyLeadership
 Ár Ré - Party for KirlawaFull
 Conseil Victorieuxiste pour les ONRFull
  Democratic PartyFull
 👑 A Királyi Ház SyldaviaFull
 Gaduridos Communist PartyFull
  Green Capitalist Party of LodamunFull
  In Marea - Civis SinistramFull
  Les ConservateursFull
 Lodamese Nationalist CommitteeFull
  Nacionālistu Sociālā PartijaFull
 Partido Eco-AnimalistaFull
 People's Radical Revolutionary PartyFull
  Social Democratic PartyFull
 Sofuoglu PartisiFull
  Sozialistische Einheitspartei DundorfsFull
 Stanton HouseFull
 Tea PartyFull
 Unity Labour PartyFull
  Workers' United FrontFull
 Luthori Imperialist PartyCandidate
 Partido Demócrata de EgelionCandidate
 Vorona National Party (VNP)Candidate

Inactive Members

 Al-Ba‘th Al-‘Majatrani Al-IshtirākiFull
  Centrist AllianceFull
 Centrist PartyFull
 Coalition Nationale ConservatriceFull
 Demokrātiskās Alianses Partija (DAP)Full
 Eguaglianza e LibertàFull
 Federalist PartyFull
  Freedom PartyFull
 Front Libéral CanrillaiseFull
  Global Communization Council of TerraFull
 Grand Parti Libertaire de KanjorFull
  Great National Republican GuardFull
 Green SocialistsFull
 Hausu Kāsutāku-SagūFull
 Hausu Serujaku-RabuzubāguFull
 Hutori ProgressivesFull
 ISDP (Imperial Social Democratic Party)Full
 Kalopikón Ethnikí DýnamiFull
  Labour PartyFull
 Labour PartyFull
 League of Communist VanguardsFull
 Libéraux Ouvriers et Parti Vert (LOP)Full
 Liberal Democratic PartyFull
 Liberale ParteiFull
 Malivian Feminist PartyFull
 Narodnyy Monarkhicheskiy SoyuzFull
 National Liberal Party (国民自由党)Full
  Neutral Party Of DankukFull
 New Dawn LegionFull
 Parti Libèral CanrillaiseFull
 Parti libéral de bon sensFull
 Páirtí an Lucht Oibre - Labour PartyFull
 Páirtí Liobrálach - Liberal PartyFull
 Progressive PartyFull
 Républicains LibérauxFull
 Republikanac ParteiFull
 Rutanian Peace PartyFull
 Social Democratic PartyFull
 Socialist Party (社会党)Full
 Socialist Party of DavostanFull
 Zergonska Stranka - Zergon PártFull
 Libertarian Socialism PartyCandidate
 Social Federalist PartyCandidate
 SUPER INDIA PartyCandidate
 The Republic's Conservatives (The RCs)Candidate
 Vrijheid PartijCandidate
 Yamanchu Movement (山人運動)Candidate

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Republic of Beluzia4
Union of Dankuk4
Holy Luthori Empire4
République D'Aldurie3
Szövetségi Köztársaság Endralon (Federal Republic of Endralon)3
Kaiserlich Kronländer von Hulstria (Imperial Crown Lands of Hulstria)3
République Canrillaise de Kanjor3
Poblacht na Kirlawa (Republic of Kirlawa)3
2nd Great Democratic Republic of Lodamun3
セコウォの帝国 (Empire of Sekowo)3
Gweriniaeth Ddemocrataidd Aloria2
Vereinigtes Königreich von Narikaton und Darnussien2
Confederation of St. Muron and Davostan2
Dolgavijas Republika (Dolgavia)2
República de Egelion2
Federal Union of Gaduridos2
Central Majatran Confederation (Kalopia)2
Free State of Malivia2
République de Rildanor (Republic of Rildanor)2
Трыгоня Федерация (Trigunian Federation)2
Republic of Vorona2
al-Jumhuriat al-Aishtirakiat al-Thawriat al-Mutahida al-Badara (Revolutionary Federated Socialist Republic of Badara)1
Pādshāhi-ye Amjad-e Aldegār1
Volksrepublik Dundorf1
Federal Republic of Hutori1
瑩大磖國 (State of Indrala)1
Repubblica Istaliana (Istalia)1
Büyük Cakan Cumhuriyeti (Jakania)1
Kai Nrzilyk Rekvakns Jelbé (People's Democratic Republic of Jelbania)1
al-Mamlakah al-Qalbiyah al-Majaliyah (Majalite Kingdom of Kafuristan)1
Kongeriket av Kazulmark (Kazulia)1
Federal Republic of Likatonia1
Federal Republic of Mordusia1
Commonwealth of Rutania1
Res Publica Seluciae1
Republic of Talmoria1
Republic Of Telamonia1
Rzeczpospolita Walruzyjska (Republic of Valruzia)1

Random fact: References to prominent real-life persons are not allowed. This includes references to philosophies featuring the name of a real-life person (eg. "Marxism", "Thatcherism", "Keynesianism").

Random quote: "Political institutions are a superstructure resting on an economic foundation." Nikolai Lenin (1870-1924)

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