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(LCRUC) Left Center Right Unification Council[?]


==========================LEFT CENTER RIGHT UNIFICATION COUNCIL=========================

The LCRUC or the Left Center Right Unification Council is an interparty organization created to united right-wing, centrist and left-wing parties in harmomy to create a greater Terra and to exist a world free from radicality and political extremism. We are here to achieve peace with unity, strength with understanding and lead with humility and mercy.



The LCRUC exists because it must.
Difference, it is plain to see, makes any group stronger. By having difference you can have specialisation, people taking on roles that suit their unique collection of strengths and weaknesses. By having difference you can have discussion about how best to do things, leading to innovation and creative thinking. Difference works.
More importantly, difference makes us who we are. Would you enjoy a world of complete human sameness, devoid of all personality and vibrancy? Would you enjoy a world in which you yourself were identical to every single person around you? Of course not!
Difference isn’t something that should be subject to punishment or segregation; it is something that should be celebrated.
It is unfortunate, therefore, that so many don’t realise it.
People go to war, killing each other, ending lives out of spite and hatred, over differences of all kinds, from politics to religion to culture. None of these things need cause strife - indeed, we may all learn something useful from each new political position, religious practice and cultural paradigm which we come across, something to incorporate into our own philosophies - and yet it seems that we as a species are incapable of exercising the understanding and rationality necessary for following this line of thinking. War still happens for precisely these reasons, even in this supposedly enlightened age.
When I say that we exist because we must, then, I mean that we in the LCRUC are both a bastion for and a shining example of difference being embraced in a world of difference being rejected. We exist so that nations which believe in these values can have a home, filled with the animated yet thoughtful discussion that makes difference so worthwhile and productive, and so that those which are sceptical may be convinced by seeing it in action here. In a time of great discord we stand in harmony, not uniform but most certainly united.
Honestly, I think that we’re doing pretty well so far.


LCRUC Charter: (


This organization was founded by the ISDP (Imperial Social Democratic Party) in February 4232.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 1 member parties.

Active Members


Inactive Members

 ISDP (Imperial Social Democratic Party)Leadership

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Трыгоня Федерация (Trigunian Federation)1

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