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The Progressive and Socialist Alliance[?]


Hello everybody!
To join our organization you should follow the follow idelogies

1) Socialism
2) Patriotism
3) Ecology
4) Feminism
5) Pacifism
6) Democratic Sosialism
7) Social Democracy
8) Ecosocialism
9) Centre-Left
10) Left
11) Eurocommunism
12) Euroleft


This organization was founded by the Democratic Socialist Coalition-⭐(PDM) in April 4234.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 13 member parties.

Active Members

 Democratic Socialist Coalition-⭐(PDM)Leadership
  Democratic Socialist Party of RutaniaFull
 Fatherland FrontFull
 Freedom for Everyone PartyFull
  Kaminskiist Worker's Reform FrontFull
  Secularist, Socialist Party of BaltusiaFull
 Wind of ChangeFull
 Doglovan Progressive PartyCandidate

Inactive Members

 Cildanian Labour And People's PartyFull
 Cildanian Labour-Democratic AllianceFull
 社會改革黨 (SRP)Full
 Libertarian LeftFull
 New Democracy (PDM)Full

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Kingdom of Cildania5
Free State of Malivia2
Republic of Beluzia1
Republic of Dolgava1
瑩大磖國 (State of Indrala)1
Federal Republic of Likatonia1
Commonwealth of Rutania1

Random fact: Players consent to the reasonable and predictable consequences of the role-play they consent to. For example, players who role-play their characters as committing criminal offences should expect those characters to experience the predictable judicial consequences of that.

Random quote: "It is said - “Pontesi is Jelbic in nature”. But I tell you, they are really a lost tribe of Selucians, forced to become barbarians by their savage Jelbic conquerors." � Alamar Xarfaxis, Selucian Dictator of Pontesi

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