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Bérain Private Bank and Trust[?]


Bérain Private Bank and Trust (BPB)

Owned and operated by the Bérain family since 4279.

This is the membership organization for the Bérain Private Bank and Trust. This banks offers discrete and efficient transfer and handling and indefinite storage of all forms of currency, as well as gold, silver other precious metals, diamonds, assorted gemstones and letters of credit.

Accounts with the bank are not registered with names; instead every account is tied to a unique 10 digit code and needs two physical keys, one in possession of the account holder and another in the possession of the master banker. Each vault is sealed physically behind 3.5 ft. of reinforced, blast proof, and lead lined steel. Accessing ones account is easy however, simply address the master banker with the 10 digit code and your unique key, open your vault and be on your merry way.

The bank offers services such as, interest free loans to account holders, anonymous donations to organizations of your choosing (it’s not our business!) operating funds, transferring hard currency such as gold into any currency of your choosing! We also offer the reverse, to transfer soft currency into hard currency, such as gold or diamonds.

Please be aware that the bank requires an initial deposit of at least 50.000.000 Likath or the equivalent in your desired currency.

Master Banker: Godwin Warwyrd

Deputy Master Banker: Leo Bérain

Note; As of 4337, the Bérain Private Bank and Trust (BPB) only holds offices in Likatonia.


Account: **********, 72.000.000 -------------LIK

Account: **********, 1.500.000.000 ---------LIK

Account: **********, 528.000.000 ------------LIK

Account: **********, 52.000.000 --------------LIK

Account: **********, 122.000.000 ------------LIK

Account: **********, 111.000.000 -------------LIK

Account: **********, 98.300.000 --------------LIK

Account: **********, 99.870.000 --------------LIK

Account: Bérain, Aemilius, 4.720.000.000 LIK (visible for tax reasons)

Account: Hamilton, Thomas, 50.000.000 -LIK (visible for tax reasons)

Account: Palenix, Goreius, 150.000.000 -LIK (visible for tax reasons)

Account: Raviro, Elizabeth, -LIK (visible for tax reasons)

Account: Dereleth, Alexander, -LIK (visible for tax reasons)

Account: Dumar, Hessarian, 130.000.000 -LIK (visible for tax reasons)


This organization was founded by the Council of Lords in September 4337.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 5 member parties.

Active Members

 Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)Candidate

Inactive Members

 Council of LordsLeadership
 Republican Centrist AllianceLeadership
 Vetëvendosje (Self-Determination)Full
 Federalist Party of HutoriCandidate

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Federal Republic of Likatonia2
Commonwealth of Hutori1
Dikaioúcho Dimokratía tis Kalopia-Wantuni (Freehold Republic of Kalopia-Wantuni)1
生古塢天帝国 (Sekouo Ten-Teikoku)1

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