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International Secularist Society[?]


The International Secularist Society takes the belief that religion should have no effect on the government nor any influence in civil affairs or public education. It should not be forced on citizens of any nation and should not be taught as fact. Religion should be open to skepticism and logical analysis of any kind without repercussion.

This organisation seeks to influence governments to recognise the sanctity of the separation of Church and State, and see secularism as a valid political and moral belief.


This organization was founded by the Chinkopodian Economic Democrats in December 2088.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 1320 member parties.

Active Members

  Unsubmissive Beluzian Workers PartyLeadership
 People's Nationalist GuardFull
  Super Progressive Party (SPP/PSP)Full
  Alorianische VolksparteiCandidate
 Anarcho communist PartyCandidate
  Tnuat HaHerut BeiteynuCandidate

Inactive Members

 Aldurian Green PartyLeadership
 Chinkopodian Economic DemocratsLeadership
 Communist Party of AloriaLeadership
  Dark Templar (LL)Leadership
  Gil's Green partyLeadership
  Green Party of AldegarLeadership
  Kirlawa Democratic LabourLeadership
  Kirlawan National Party (Leftists)Leadership
 Liberal-Democratic PartyLeadership
 Mordusian Democratic UnionLeadership
 Pansexual Peace Party -- FNORDLeadership
  Parti Nationaliste 🌞Leadership
 Partiya Rizgarî ya BamenistanLeadership
  Radical PartyLeadership
 Social Democratic LeagueLeadership
 Social Liberal PartyLeadership
 Sozialistische Einheitspartei DundorfsLeadership
 (NWO) IngSoc Revolutionary LeagueFull
 2me PPPPFull
 Ação ProgressivaFull
 ACP PartyFull
 Agrarian Party of KalistanFull
 Ahsroth Autonomist PartyFull
 Akhali PartiaFull
 al-Jubhat al-Jumhuriyyah al-BadariyahFull
 Alaneisath Kundrati LagajaFull
  Aldegar National Monarchic FrontFull
  Aldegar Social Democratic PartyFull
 Alderdath Demkratti ElkargiFull
 Alderdath Laskartalati ije JenulejerFull
 Alderdath Lebrali DemkrattiFull
 Alderdath Marx ErradikatiFull
 Alderdath Progrisati LagajaFull
 Aldurian Communist PartyFull
 Aldurian ModeratesFull
 Algemeyner Manarkistishen Arbeter BundFull
 Alleanza Radicale - NCDFull
 Alliance for a New RutaniaFull
  Alliance for Natural LawFull
 Alliance for Progress and LibertyFull
 Alliance of Social DemocratsFull
 Alliance Républicaine DémocratiqueFull
  Alliance/Workers PartyFull
 Allianz für DorvikFull
 Aloria Peace PartyFull
 Aloria UnitedFull
 Alorian Free DemocratsFull
 Alorian Liberal UnionFull
 AM Popular LiberationFull
 AM Populist Social DemocratsFull
  Anarchic Front of KeymonFull
 Anarchist Party of LodamunFull
 Anarchist Union of AloriaFull
 Anarchista Kommunista CsapatFull
 Anarchistes pour une Société LibreFull
 Anarcho-Capitalist FrontFull
  Anarcho-Communist PartyFull
 Anarcho-Communists of Al'BadaraFull
  Anarcho-Socialist Revolutionary PartyFull
 Anarchosyndicalist Libertarian FrontFull
  Aneist PartyFull
 Aneurin Bevan PartyFull
  Anti-RP PartyFull
 Apathetic Sort-of-FederationFull
 Aryan Kommunisten ParteiFull
 Askaleja Sekekeiju KundratatkaFull
 Automatonic Peoples AllianceFull
 共產黨 (Gòngchǎndǎng)Full
 Barmenian People's Revolutionary PartyFull
 Barmenian Unity CoalitionFull
 Bündnis 89 / Die FaulenzerFull
  Beluzian National PartyFull
 Bismarckian National Resistance (BNR)Full
 Bloc Libral - Soldats du KanjorFull
  Bloc SocialisteFull
 Bodhist Liberal PartyFull
 Bolshikstan PartyFull
 bran1322 PartyFull
 Brme Zemojad PrtaFull
 Bund der Demokraten und LiberalenFull
 Bureaucratic Technocracy PartyFull
  Capitalism PartyFull
  Central Democratic Union SovereignsFull
 Centralized Union ProtectorateFull
  Centre Party of KirlawaFull
  Centrist Humanum PartyFull
  Centrist PartyFull
 Chidan PartyFull
 Civic Democratic PartyFull
 Civil Liberties PartyFull
  Civil Liberties PartyFull
 Classical Liberal PartyFull
  Classical Liberal PartyFull
 Classical Liberal PartyFull
  Classical Liberal PartyFull
  Cobura FirstFull
  Coburan Reform PartyFull
  Coburian Socialist PartyFull
 Committee for Constitutional MinarchyFull
 Commonwealth Workers ArmyFull
  Communist Revolutionary LeagueFull
 Communist Fascist And Anarchial PartyFull
  Communist Party of AldegarFull
 Communist Party of AlduriaFull
 Communist Party of BeiteynuFull
 Communist Party of DarnussiaFull
 Communist Party of DolgariaFull
 Communist Party of Egelion (KKE)Full
 Communist Party of GaduridosFull
 Communist Party of HobraziaFull
  Communist Party Of KirlawaFull
 Communist Party of New EndralonFull
 Communist Party of New EndralonFull
  Communist Party of SaridanFull
 Communist Party of WantuniFull
 Communist Workers Committee (KCCP)Full
 Communist Workers PartyFull
 Communist Youth Committee (KCCP)Full
  Comunist PartyFull
 Conservative Party for DemocracyFull
  Conservative Party of KirlawaFull
 Conservative Party of LourenneFull
  Conservative UnionFull
 Cosa NostraFull
 Council for Kalistani RevolutionFull
 Council Of EndralonFull
  Cruzada Tradicionalista SekowanaFull
 CSA Communist Party of the DPRKFull
 CSA Pax et SocialismFull
 CSA Plebs LiberatioFull
  CSA Radical Left PartyFull
 CSA Trotskist Party of DolgariaFull
  生古塢共産党(Sekowo Kyosanto)Full
  立憲維新党 (Rikken Ishin-tō)Full
 dAda rEvoluTionFull
 dAda rEvoluTion ResistanceFull
 Darnussia's Freedom PartyFull
 Darnussian Democratic PartyFull
 Davostan Liberation FrontFull
 De Communistische Partij Van VanukuFull
 Deconstruction PartyFull
 Deltarian LeftFull
 Deltarian Liberal MovementFull
 Deltarian Progressive PartyFull
 Deltarian Proletariat MovementFull
 Deltarian Social Democratic PartyFull
 Deltarian Union for Conservative EconomyFull
  Democratic Communist Party (DCP)Full
  Democratic Communist Party (DCP) (LL)Full
 Democratic Labor PartyFull
 Democratic Labour PartyFull
  Democratic Labour Party of CoburaFull
  Democratic PartyFull
 Democratic PartyFull
 Democratic PartyFull
 Democratic Progressive Alliance (IA)Full
 Democratic Rationalists (PrCoa)Full
  Democratic Republican PartyFull
  Democratic Socialist PartyFull
 Democratic Socialist PartyFull
 Democratic Socialist PartyFull
 Democratic Socialist PartyFull
 Democratic Socialist PartyFull
 Democratic Socialist PartyFull
  Democratic Socialist Party of KirlawaFull
 Democratic Socialist UnionFull
 Democratic SocialistsFull
 Democratic Socialists of KalistanFull
 Democratic UnionFull
  Democratic Workers' Party (LL)Full
 Democratic Workers' Party and CTUL ListFull
  Democratic-Republican PartyFull
 Democrats of DarnussiaFull
 Demokraticheskaya Rabochaya PartiyaFull
 Demokratische LinkeFull
  Demokrātiskā Strādnieku PartijaFull
 Den Socialistiska Rttvisans partiFull
 Destroyers PartyFull
 Die RechteFull
 Dolgar Libertarian PartyFull
 Dolgari Social DemocratsFull
 Dolgarian Imperial RevivalistsFull
 Doron Akigansk Kommunist Parti (MLN)Full
 Dorvik Liberal-Republican PartyFull
 Dorvik People's Liberation PartyFull
  Dorvik Social DemocratsFull
 Dorvikische VolksparteiFull
 Dorvische Allianz für FreiheitFull
  Dranian National Conservative PartyFull
 Dundorfer Nationale FrontFull
  Eco-Communalist ConfederationFull
 Economic LiberalistsFull
  Economic Progress PartyFull
 Ecotopian PartyFull
 Ecotopian Party of KalistanFull
 Education PartyFull
 Egelion DemocratsFull
 El DoradoFull
  Elfrinkist RevolutionFull
 Embla LeagueFull
 Endralon Progress PartyFull
 Endralon Socialist PartyFull
  Enlightened Socialist PartyFull
 Environmental Socialist PartyFull
 Equality PartyFull
 Eredian PartyFull
 进步工党 - Prog. Labour Party 🌸Full
 革命党 (Gémìngdǎng)Full
 Farmer Labor PartyFull
 Fascism Now! PartyFull
  Fascist Libertarian PartyFull
 Fascist PartyFull
 Federación Anarquista InsurrecionalFull
  Federal Progressive PartyFull
 Federal Republican PartyFull
 Federal Republican PartyFull
  Federation Aldegarian PartyFull
 Feudal Socialist Revolutionary PartyFull
 Fileléfthero Dimokratikó KínimaFull
 Folks Revolusjonr Kommunistiske PartiFull
 Foundation for UnityFull
 Free Capitalism PartyFull
 Free Democratic People's PartyFull
 Free DemocratsFull
 Free Peoples of LourenneFull
 Free Socialist PartyFull
  Free socialists party of the peopleFull
 Free Trade PartyFull
 Freeborn Luthorians/Freeborn CoalitionFull
  Freedom and Democracy FrontFull
 Freedom and Revolution PartyFull
 Freedom for BarmenistanFull
  freedom partyFull
 Freedom PartyFull
 Freedom Party (CFLP)Full
 Freedom, Peace & Love PartyFull
 Frente Nacional DemocráticoFull
 Frnd PrtaFull
  Front for Abolitionism and SocialismFull
  Front LudowyFull
 Front Socialiste RépublicainFull
  Futurist PartyFull
 Gaduridan National CongressFull
 Gaian Nuncirist PartyFull
  Gerry PartyFull
  Gilded Rose PartyFull
  Gizmo Vulva LeagueFull
 Globale Verbesserung ParteiFull
  Golden Age PartyFull
 Government of TropicaFull
 Grand Liberal-Socialist PartyFull
 Grün Konservativ Libertäre BündnisFull
 Grüne ParteiFull
 Great Darnussian PartyFull
  Green Democrats (GD)Full
 Green Freedom PartyFull
 Green Liberal Party Of TukaraliFull
 Green LibertariansFull
 Green Manalishi PartyFull
 Green PartyFull
 Green Party of BaltusiaFull
  Green Party of CoburaFull
  Green Socialist PartyFull
  Green Socialist PartyFull
 Green SocialistsFull
  Green Street EliteFull
  Green-Socialist AllianceFull
 Greenish Liberal Democratic SocialistsFull
 Greens Party of RutaniaFull
 Greyist DemocratsFull
  Großmalivische ReichsparteiFull
  Grotto CombinationFull
 Grne Liberalen DundorfsFull
 Harakat-el-Shaab Al Badariyyah (HSB)Full
 Hedonist PartyFull
 Heimdall Global Security - Beiteynu HQFull
  Hizb al-Ishtiraki al-Dimaqrati al-KafuriFull
  Hizb Alshshaeb AlkafuriFull
 Hobrazia DemocratsFull
 Hobrazian Extraordinary Gentlemen's ClubFull
 Hobrazian national partyFull
 House PartyFull
 HU - Restoration of the QueendomFull
  Hulsterreichische VolksparteiFull
 Human Rights PartyFull
 I Love Everyone!Full
  Ikradonian InterestFull
  Ikradonian Libertarian PartyFull
  Imperial National PartyFull
  Imperial Worker's FrontFull
  In Marea - Civis SinistramFull
 Independence PartyFull
 Independent Centrist PartyFull
 Indigoblå LigaFull
  Individual Autarchy PartyFull
 Indralan Council for Universal DemocracyFull
 Inner Party Nuncirist CongressFull
 Inrala Panjoregu Kiokutou (DPP)Full
 International Forwardist PartyFull
 Internationalist Socialist PartyFull
 Isràkifrndélyk Mridjogadé Prta (IMP)Full
  Jacobin SocietyFull
 Jelbania Socialist PartyFull
 Jelbanian Democratic PartyFull
 Jelbénkai Utrji SpjogadFull
 Jewish Right Progressive PartyFull
  Jiyū Party of Sekouo (自由党)Full
  Jiyū-Minshutō (自民党)Full
 Juxist PartyFull
  Kafuri People's Democratic PartyFull
  Kafuri People's PartyFull
  Kafuristan Revolutionary Socialist PartyFull
 Kanjor Control PartyFull
 Kazakhstan glorious country partyFull
  Keymon Friends of Beer PartyFull
  Keymon Libertarian AllianceFull
  Keymon Wokers PartyFull
  Keymonite People's AllianceFull
  Kirlawa Freedom PartyFull
  Kirlawan Austrian PartyFull
  Kirlawan People's National CongressFull
  Kirlawan Social PartyFull
 Kizenian Liberal PartyFull
 Kommunistische ArbeitsparteiFull
 Kommunistische parteiFull
 Kommunistische Partei HulsterreichsFull
 Kommunistischen ArbeiterparteiFull
 Komunisturi Partia HobratsiFull
  Konfederacio Nacia Laboro(KNL)Full
 KSP - Kazulia Socialdemokratisk PartiFull
 La gauche verteFull
  La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)Full
  Labour PartyFull
 Labour PartyFull
  Labour PartyFull
 Labour PartyFull
 Labour PartyFull
  Laissez-Faire ConservativesFull
 League for Democracy and Liberty (LDL)Full
 League of JusticeFull
 League of Objectivists!Full
  League of Social DemocratsFull
 Left Libertarian DemocratsFull
 Left Libertarian PartyFull
 Left-Green AlternativeFull
 Left-Labor PartyFull
  LibCom PartyFull
  Liberal Action LeagueFull
  Liberal Alliance Party (LAP)Full
 Liberal Democrat PartyFull
 Liberal Democrat PartyFull
  Liberal Democrat PartyFull
 Liberal Democratic PartyFull
  Liberal Democratic PartyFull
 Liberal Democratic PartyFull
 Liberal Democratic PartyFull
 Liberal Democratic PartyFull
  Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )Full
 Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)Full
 Liberal Democratic Party of BadaraFull
 Liberal Democratic Party of LuthoriFull
  Liberal Democratic Party of SekowoFull
  Liberal DemocratsFull
 Liberal Demokratische ParteiFull
 Liberal PartyFull
 Liberal Party of AloriaFull
 Liberal Party of DavostanFull
 Liberal Party of DavostanFull
 Liberal Party of LourenneFull
 Liberal Progress PartyFull
 Liberal Progressive AllianceFull
 Liberal Progressive PartyFull
 Liberal Reform PartyFull
 Liberal Secular PartyFull
 Liberal Secularist PartyFull
 Liberal Social Democratic PartyFull
  Liberal Social Democratic PartyFull
  Liberaldemokraterna (L)Full
 Liberali IstalianiFull
 Libertad y JusticiaFull
 Libertarian Democratic PartyFull
 Libertarian DemocratsFull
 Libertarian PartyFull
  Libertarian PartyFull
  Libertarian PartyFull
  Libertarian PartyFull
 Libertarian PartyFull
 Libertarian PartyFull
 Libertarian PartyFull
 Libertarian PartyFull
 Libertarian Party of EgelionFull
 Libertarian Party of Kalistan (LPoK)Full
 Libertarian RedsFull
 Libertarian RedsFull
  Libertarian Republic of Valruzia PartyFull
 Libertarian Socialist DemonstrationFull
 Libertarian Socialist PartyFull
 Libertarian Socialists of EndralonFull
  Libertarian-Communist PartyFull
 Libertarians for Applied Market EquityFull
 Libert PartiFull
 Libertären ParteiFull
  Liberty PartyFull
 Liberty PartyFull
 Libetarian Communist UnionFull
 lokistorm PartyFull
  Love Life HappinessFull
 Loyalistes de LyvelinesFull
 Luthori Green PartyFull
 Luthori Spiritual Secularist SocietyFull
 Lutte Fministe de LibrationFull
 Malfico Progressive Fascist PartyFull
 Marchioness PartyFull
 Market Liberal PartyFull
 Marx-Lenin Communist PartyFull
 Marxist-Leninist PartyFull
 Metzian Party of LodamunFull
 Militant Alliance of the LeftFull
 Militant Labour PartyFull
 Militant Libertarian FrontFull
 Militant Revolutionary Gay Army (NWO)Full
 Milliyetçi Cumhuriyet Partisi (MCP)Full
  Minimalist PartyFull
 Moderate Party of The Free RepublicFull
 Modern Intellectual PartyFull
 Morality Party of DeltariaFull
 Mordusian Democratic Socialist PartyFull
 Mordusian Socialist PartyFull
 Mordusian Union of LibertyFull
 Mordusian Worker's PartyFull
 Movement for Athlorcaean RestorationFull
 Movement for Gao-Showa LiberationFull
 Movement for Liberation and CommunismFull
 Movement for Universal DemocracyFull
 MoVimento della Gente (MVG)Full
 Movimento Social PROGRESSOFull
 Mutual Freedom PartyFull
 Mutualist-Federalist AssociationFull
 MWR - Market SocialistsFull
 Nacional Unionist Badaran Arbeits ParteiFull
 Narik Nationalestik PartiFull
 Nasjonal FrontFull
 National Anarcho-Fascist PartyFull
  National Authoritarian MovementFull
 National Capitalism PartyFull
 National Deltarian PartyFull
 National Democratic PartyFull
  National Democratic Party of AldegarFull
 National Fiscal GroupFull
 National Forwardist PartyFull
 National Futurist Front of RutaniaFull
  National Labor PartyFull
  National Liberal LeagueFull
 National Liberal PartyFull
 National Libertarian PartyFull
 National Libertarian PartyFull
 National Mordusian PartyFull
 National People's PartyFull
 National Radical UnionFull
  National Republic Unity PartyFull
  National Socialist Party of DranlandFull
  National Socialist Voronan PartyFull
 National Union PartyFull
 National Union PartyFull
 National-Syndikalistische ArbeiterparteiFull
 Nationale Arbeiterpartei-Volksfront/VKPFull
 Nationale FrontFull
  Nationalist Democratic FactionFull
 Nationalsozialistische ArbeiterparteiFull
 Nationalsyndikalistischen ArbeiterparteiFull
 Nationella FascistpartietFull
 NAZI Progressive PartyFull
 Neo-Green Freedom of Choice PartyFull
 Neo-Liberal PartyFull
 Neo-Liberal Party of TriguniaFull
 Neo-Libertarian Party of KalistanFull
 Neoliberal PartyFull
 Neosocialist PartyFull
  New AgeFull
 New Dawn PartyFull
 New Democratic Initiative of BarmenistanFull
 New Democratic PartyFull
  New Democratic PartyFull
 New Endralon Progressive UnionFull
 New Endralon United PartyFull
 New Greens PartyFull
 New Kalistan UnionFull
  New Labour PartyFull
 New Labour, New MordusiaFull
 New LeftFull
  New Liberal Party of CoburaFull
 New Libertarian Socialist UnionFull
 New Luthori Reformists (NLR)Full
 New Socialist AgendaFull
 New Socialist PartyFull
  New Whig PartyFull
 Nihilist Fascist CollegialityFull
  No Pants PartyFull
  Noble Katsura FrontFull
  Noel's House PartyFull
  Nonpartisan PartyFull
 Noordelijk Bevrijding FrontFull
 Northern Arrow Party (UM)Full
 Northern LightFull
  Novy Smer PartyFull
 Nuova Unit IstalianaFull
 Ny Socialdemokratisk PartiFull
 Odin Not PartyFull
  Old Valruzia Unity Party (VUP)Full
 Oligarchic Unionist PartyFull
 One Nation Socialist PartyFull
 orgonic partyFull
 الأناركية النقابية الFull
  Pacal PartyFull
 Pacifist Socialist LeagueFull
 Paix et Progrs pour la PaysFull
 Pan-Majatran Liberation OrganisationFull
 Pariah IdealismFull
 Parti Communiste RvolutionnaireFull
 Parti Communiste RildanorienneFull
 Parti Démocratique des TravailleursFull
 Parti Démocratique LibreFull
 Parti de Garde RoyalesFull
 Parti du Fdraliste IndependantFull
 Parti LibéralFull
 Parti Marxiste des TravailleursFull
 Parti RéformisteFull
 Parti RépublicainFull
 Parti Républicain de GaucheFull
 Parti Rpublicain de GaucheFull
 Parti SocialisteFull
 Parti SocialisteFull
 Parti Socialiste (DLJ)Full
 Parti Socialiste Dmocratique du KanjorFull
 Parti Socialiste KanjorienneFull
 Parti Vespassieniste AldurainFull
 Partia Robotnicza HobraziaFull
 Partido Comunista para el PuebloFull
 Partido de la CiudadaníaFull
 Partido Democratico SocialFull
 Partido Democrtico Liberal - L.C.Full
 Partido Liberal RepublicanoFull
 Partido Social DemócrataFull
 Partido Socialista AteoFull
 Partido Socialista Ateo de EgelionFull
 Partij voor de Bevrijding van het VolkFull
 Partito Borisista Istaliano - S.I.Full
 Partito Collettivista InternazionalistaFull
 Partito Democratico di Sinistra - S.I.Full
 Partito illuminista - S.I.Full
 Partito Laico RiformistaFull
 Partito Nazional CorporativistaFull
 Partito Nazional SatanistaFull
 Partito RadicaleFull
 Partito Repubblicano ConservatoreFull
  Partito Social-Liberista IstalianoFull
 Partito Sovietico NazionaleFull
 Partiya Demokraticheskogo ElitizmaFull
 Party for Environmental ResponsibilityFull
 Party for Lithuanian BaltusiansFull
  Party for National Reform and FreedomFull
 Party Of Labour Of KalistanFull
 Party of Liberty and ProsperityFull
 Party RoyaleFull
  Pax ImperiusFull
 Pax PartyFull
 Pirt Iomln SaoridFull
  Pirt SisialachFull
  Peace and Freedom PartyFull
 Peace and Happiness PartyFull
 People PartyFull
 People's Agnostic UnionFull
 People's Commonwealth PartyFull
 People's Communist PartyFull
 People's Equality PartyFull
 People's freedoms PartyFull
  People's Liberation FrontFull
 People's National Revolutionary PartyFull
 People's PartyFull
 People's PartyFull
  People's PartyFull
  People's Party - Republican DemocratsFull
 People's Power PartyFull
 People's Progressive PartyFull
  People's Revolutionary CommitteeFull
 People's Revolutionary ProgramFull
 People's Rights PartyFull
 People's Socialist Front of AloriaFull
 Perez PartyFull
  Phillipsian Party of DranlandFull
  Phillipsian Party of IkradonFull
  Philosophical partyFull
  Plato's Republican PartyFull
  Poet Revolution PartyFull
  Popular Socialist FrontFull
 Popular Socialist Liberation MovementFull
 Popular UnionFull
  Populist Liberal PartyFull
 Populist Liberal PartyFull
 Pragmatic Symphony PartyFull
 Pretorium Libre PartyFull
 Primary PartyFull
  Pro Patria - VictoriaFull
 Progress and Reform Party of EgelionFull
 Progress PartyFull
 Progressive Conservative PartyFull
 Progressive Conservative PartyFull
  Progressive Darwinist PartyFull
 Progressive Democratic AllianceFull
 Progressive Democratic AllianceFull
 Progressive Democratic PartyFull
  Progressive Green PartyFull
 Progressive Green PartyFull
  Progressive Labour PartyFull
 Progressive Left AllianceFull
  Progressive Liberal PartyFull
  Progressive Liberal PartyFull
 Progressive Liberal PartyFull
 Progressive Liberal Party of HulstriaFull
 Progressive Movement of EndralonFull
 Progressive PartyFull
 Progressive PartyFull
 Progressive PartyFull
 Progressive PartyFull
 Progressive Social Liberty PartyFull
 Progressive Vision PartyFull
 Proletariat PartyFull
 Proletariat PartyFull
 Proletariat Revolution PartyFull
 Quanzari Socialist PartyFull
 Radical Democratic PartyFull
 Radical Freedom PartyFull
 Radical GreensFull
 Radical Independence PartyFull
 Radical Liberal PartyFull
  Radical Liberal Party of DranlandFull
 Radical-Revolutionary PartyFull
 Radicalistische BewegungFull
 Radikale ParteiFull
 Radikalna PartijaFull
  Raijingusan (旭日)Full
 Rassemblement Républicain RildanorienFull
 Real PartyFull
 Reason Monkey EscapadeFull
  Reason Party of CoburaFull
  Red Anarchy FactionFull
  Red Horde of KafuristanFull
 Red Star PartyFull
 Red Tory PartyFull
 Red-Green CoalitionFull
  Reformation LeagueFull
  Reformed Liberal Democratic PartyFull
 Refuge Pressure PartyFull
 Republic People PartyFull
 Republican Capitalist PartyFull
 Republican Centrist AllianceFull
 Republican Fascist PartyFull
 Republican Party (RM)Full
 Republican People's PartyFull
 Republican Socialist FrontFull
 Republican Socialist MovementFull
  Republican SocialistsFull
 Responsible Liberal PartyFull
  Revolucia Partio de KoburoFull
 Revolucn Strana DeltrskaFull
 Revolutionary Anarcho-Nationalist PartyFull
 Revolutionary Communist MovementFull
 Revolutionary Communist Party of KazuliaFull
  Revolutionary Ingsoc PartyFull
 Revolutionary PartyFull
 Revolutionary Socialist CouncilFull
 revolutionary socialist PartyFull
 Revolutionary Worker's PartyFull
 Rifondazione Comunista Istaliana - S.I.Full
 Rifondazione Social-ComunistaFull
 Right to Choose PartyFull
  Rights PartyFull
 Rildanor SolidaireFull
 Royalist PartyFull
 Royalist PartyFull
  RSDP - Democratic FrontFull
 Rutanian Communist PartyFull
 Rutanian Green PartyFull
 Ruthlessly Random PartyFull
  Satanic Individualists Network (SIN)Full
  SCI Libertarian-Socialist Syndicate (LL)Full
 Science and Environment PartyFull
  Scientific Socialist PartyFull
 SDLP/ Caillea Vinstri BandalagFull
 Secular Freedoms PartyFull
 Secular Humanist PartyFull
  Secular Imperialist PartyFull
 Secular Liberation FrontFull
  Secular Progressive AllianceFull
 Secularist Socialist PartyFull
 Secularist, Socialist Party of BaltusiaFull
 Segue Democratic AllianceFull
  Sekowan Communist PartyFull
  Selucian Communist PartyFull
  Selucian Liberal PartyFull
  Selucian Party of Social DemocratsFull
  Selucian People's PartyFull
  Selucian Socialist PartyFull
  Selucian Sovereignty PartyFull
  Selucid Worker's PartyFull
  Shanobi PartyFull
  Silly Hats PartyFull
  Sociaaldemocratisch Republikeinse PartijFull
 Social Anarchy PartyFull
  Social Democratic and Labor PartyFull
 Social Democratic PartyFull
 Social Democratic PartyFull
  Social Democratic PartyFull
 Social Democratic PartyFull
 Social Democratic PartyFull
  Social Democratic PartyFull
  Social Democratic Party (LL)Full
 Social Democratic Party of BailonFull
 Social Democratic Party of DarnussiaFull
 Social Democratic People Party-SDPPFull
 Social DevolutionistFull
 Social Liberal PartyFull
  Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)Full
 Social Liberalism PartyFull
 Social Libertarian partyFull
 Social Libertarian PartyFull
 Social Revolutionary PartyFull
 Socialdemocrats of EndralonFull
  Socialist Advancement LeagueFull
  Socialist Alliance for Workers UnityFull
 Socialist Democrats of EgelionFull
 Socialist Front of MordusiaFull
 Socialist Labour PartyFull
 Socialist Labour PartyFull
 Socialist Liberist PartyFull
 Socialist Libertarian Party of KalistanFull
 Socialist PartyFull
  Socialist PartyFull
  Socialist PartyFull
 Socialist PartyFull
 Socialist PartyFull
 Socialist PartyFull
 Socialist Party (Rildanor)Full
  Socialist Party of CoburaFull
 Socialist Party of DarnussiaFull
  Socialist Party of Darnussia and MaliviaFull
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)Full
  Socialist Party of ValruziaFull
  Socialist Progress & Reform FrontFull
 Socialist Reform PartyFull
 Socialist Reformist PartyFull
 Socialist Revolutionary ArmyFull
  Socialist Worker's PartyFull
 Socialist Workers PartyFull
  Socialist Workers Party of IkradonFull
 Socialistic democratsFull
 Socialistic LeftFull
 Socialists and DemocratsFull
 Socio-Democratic UnionFull
 SocLib '82Full
 Sol Alliance PartyFull
 Sol PartyFull
 Solentia Democratic PartyFull
 Solentian Global Justice PartyFull
 Solentian Socialist PartyFull
 Solentian's Socialist Party(SSP)Full
 Sosialistisk VenstrepartiFull
  South Shore PartyFull
 Sovereign Jirajist PartyFull
  Sozial Demokraten MaliviasFull
 Soziale GegenseitigkeitsparteiFull
 Strke und Sicherheit KoalitionFull
  Strong Republic PartyFull
 Suadjawrntu PrtaFull
  Super Socialist II Turbo PartyFull
 Supreme Liberal Conservative OrderFull
 Supreme Party of the RepublicFull
 Supreme Soviet PartyFull
  Szlachta WalruzyjskaFull
 Technocratic Transhumanist PartyFull
  Telamon Labour PartyFull
  Telamon Patriots' BlocFull
  Telamon Royalist PartyFull
  Telamonian Green PartyFull
  Telamons Nationell KongressFull
 The Common People's PartyFull
  The Communist Party of SaridanFull
 The Conscience PartyFull
 The Humanist Liberal PartyFull
 The Liber PartyFull
  The Liberty OrganizationFull
  The Marcus MovementFull
  The People's Revolutionary PartyFull
 Totalitarian Capitalist PartyFull
 Tukarese Communist PartyFull
  Txurruka/Aperribai/Mayoz's OPXFull
  Ultamist PartyFull
 Unified Revolutionary CommitteeFull
 Union Dmocrate LibertarienFull
 Union for a Socialist DemocracyFull
 Union for VictoryFull
 Union Libérale RépublicaineFull
 Union of Radical DemocratsFull
 Unione dei Soviet Istaliani - S.I.Full
 unionist PartyFull
 Unionist PartyFull
 Unionist-Syndicalist PartyFull
  United & Green DemocratsFull
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)Full
 United Communist Party of SolentiaFull
 United Democratic CaucusFull
  United Democratic Party - SocialistsFull
 United Democratic Party-Social DemocratsFull
  United Democratic Socialist PartyFull
 United Dolgaria PartyFull
 United Dolgaria PartyFull
  United Free Men PartyFull
  United Front of SaridanFull
 United Independent FrontFull
  United Labour Party of TelamonFull
  United Left CoalitionFull
 United Left Party of DorvikFull
 United Military PartyFull
  United Nationalist Alliance (ZC)Full
 United PartyFull
 United People's PartyFull
  United People's Socialist PartyFull
 United Republics PartyFull
 United Socialist Labor PartyFull
 United Socialist of Al'Badara SCFull
 United Socialist Party of MordusiaFull
  United Socialist Party of VoronaFull
 United Stalinist PartyFull
 United Workers and Farmers AllianceFull
 Unity PartyFull
 Universal FrontFull
 Utilolibertarian PartyFull
  Valruzian Democrats PartyFull
 Vanaku National FrontFull
 Vanuku Communist PartyFull
 Vanuku People's AllianceFull
 Vänsterpartiet KommunisternaFull
  Veni Vidi ViciFull
 Vereinigte Bürgerschaft DundorfsFull
 Vereinigte Bewegung der RegionenFull
 Vigs Partija ('Whigs')Full
  Vorona Independence Party (VIP)Full
 Vrystaat Vryheid ParteiFull
 Vuloch Ca KorziaFull
 Vzdelanie a Prosperita StranaFull
 Wealth and Prosperity PartyFull
  Welsh Eudaimonic PartyFull
  Whoo69 PartyFull
 Will of progress PartyFull
  Worker's Council Defence CommitteeFull
  Workers' Communist Party of CoburaFull
 Workers' Popular AllianceFull
 Working People's Alliance (Allaway)Full
 Working People's PartyFull
 World Wrestling FederationFull
  Yamanchu Movement (山人運動)Full
  Youth Party of IkradonFull
  Zardic Labour PartyFull
 Zemojad Prta (Labour Party)Full
 Zentristische Partei von AlbrunnFull
  Alaitihad al-Qalb Alliybiraliu (KLF)Candidate
 Aldurian Liberal partyCandidate
 Aliança ProgressistaCandidate
  Alianco AteistaCandidate
  Alliance for a Socialist RepublicCandidate
 Allianz für DundorfCandidate
 Aloria Green PartyCandidate
 Alorian Freedom and Democracy PartyCandidate
 Alorian Freedom MovementCandidate
 Alorian Liberty Alliance (ALA)Candidate
  Artanian Socialist PartyCandidate
  Aurelian PartyCandidate
 Autokratisch-Faschist ParteiCandidate
  Ḥezb-e Taǰaddod (Revival Party)Candidate
  Ṡurby Qibuzzistit QildaritCandidate
 ☭ Dundorfische Kommunistische ParteiCandidate
  ☭ حزب العمال | Workers' PartyCandidate
 Badara Socialist Ba'ath Party 🐪Candidate
 Badaran Progressive UnionCandidate
 Badarian National ConfederacyCandidate
 Bariş PartyCandidate
 Beiteynu's EnergyCandidate
  Black Action Socialist OrganizationCandidate
 Bund Links-GrünCandidate
 Center PartyCandidate
 Centre PartyCandidate
 Centrists of DeltariaCandidate
 Citizens' Pro Patria UnionCandidate
 Citoyens pour le ChangementCandidate
 Classical PartyCandidate
  Coalition of Business and IndustryCandidate
  Coalition of CEOsCandidate
 Communist Coalition of BeluziaCandidate
 Communist Party of DolgariaCandidate
 Communist Party of GaduridosCandidate
 Communist Party of HutoriCandidate
  Communist Party of KeymonCandidate
 Communist Party of RutaniaCandidate
 Communist Party of RutaniaCandidate
  Communist Party of the ProletariatCandidate
 Communist Workers PartyCandidate
 Communist Workers' FrontCandidate
 Communist–Unity AllianceCandidate
  Conservative Party of IkradonCandidate
 Constitutional Democratic PartyCandidate
 Corporate Movement of KalistanCandidate
  Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)Candidate
 疑古派/Yígǔpaì (Yigu Faction)Candidate
 社會改革黨 (SRP)Candidate
 绿党 (LüDang)Candidate
  Dankuk Secularist Party 세상당Candidate
 Dark-Light Green Communist PartyCandidate
 Deltarian Liberal PartyCandidate
 Democratic PartyCandidate
 Democratic Federation PartyCandidate
  Democratic Party of Sekowo (民主党)Candidate
  Democratic Republican PartyCandidate
 Democratic Socialist PartyCandidate
  Democratic Socialist Party of CoburaCandidate
 Democratic Socialist Party of SolentiaCandidate
 Democratic Socialist Union (DSU)Candidate
 Democratic Technocracy DirectiveCandidate
 Democratic Union CongressCandidate
 Demokratische ArbeiterparteiCandidate
 Demokratische ArbeiterparteiCandidate
 Die SozialdemokratenCandidate
 Direct Democracy MovementCandidate
 Dorvisch Liberal Sozialistische ParteiCandidate
 Dorvische Vaterlandspartei (DVP)Candidate
  Dranland Democratic PartyCandidate
 Egelion en ComúnCandidate
 En MarchaCandidate
  Enterprise PartyCandidate
 Evening Primrose PartyCandidate
 EY PartyCandidate
  Factio IndependensCandidate
  Factio LaborisCandidate
  Factio Libertatis Socialismique (FLSQ)Candidate
  Factio Regiis Sosialistís (FRS)Candidate
  Factio Victoria AnimiCandidate
 Far-Left Radical Progressive PartyCandidate
  Farmer FederationCandidate
 Farmer-Labor UnionCandidate
 Für Eins und für AlleCandidate
  Federala PartioCandidate
  Federalist PartyCandidate
 Federalist PartyCandidate
 Feministas VerdesCandidate
 Feministische ParteiCandidate
  Fiskaj Konservativa PartioCandidate
 FJS Freedom, Justice, SustainabilityCandidate
 Fluss Sci-EcoSD ParteiCandidate
 Fluss/River SD PartyCandidate
 Free and Equal PartyCandidate
 Freedom and Democracy PartyCandidate
 Freedom Party of LodamunCandidate
 Frente Operária do TukaraliCandidate
  Frjálslyndi Flokkurinn TælmörkCandidate
 Front Antikapitalisticheskikh LevykhCandidate
 Front de Libération SocialeCandidate
 Front Demokratii i SvobodyCandidate
 Fronte Popolare RivoluzionarioCandidate
 Fronte Socialista - A.P.I.Candidate
  FSP-PSK / Socialist Party of PontesiCandidate
 Green PartyCandidate
 Green Party of AloriaCandidate
 Green Party of Athlorcaea HutoriCandidate
 Green Party of GaduridosCandidate
 Green Party of HutoriCandidate
 Green Party of LuthoriCandidate
 Green Party of RutaniaCandidate
 Greyistische DemokratenCandidate
 Harakat-el-Shaab Al Badariyyah (HSB)Candidate
 Hizb Al-Ahrar (Liberal Party)Candidate
 Hizb Al-Majatri Al-Ishtiraki (Jakania)Candidate
 Hobratsuri Monark'istuli PartiaCandidate
 Hulstrian Kommunistische ParteiCandidate
  Hutorian Democratic LeftCandidate
 Imperial Democratic PartyCandidate
  Independent Party of KirlawaCandidate
  Independent Republican PartyCandidate
 Izquierda DemocráticaCandidate
 Λαϊκή Ένωσις (People's Union)Candidate
 Σοσιαλιστικό ΚόμμαCandidate
  Jebhe -ye Ejtemâ'i ye AldegarCandidate
 Jelbanian Socialist PartyCandidate
 Jezvraljogadsrlji Nrzi - Social DemocratCandidate
 Kalistan Federalist PartyCandidate
 Kalistan Socialist PartyCandidate
  Keymon National PartyCandidate
  Kirlawa National PartyCandidate
  Kirlawan Liberal Thaller PartyCandidate
  Kirlawan Republican PartyCandidate
 Knights of the PeopleCandidate
  Koalicja dla Dobrobytu, i RównośćCandidate
 Kommunisticheskaya PartiyaCandidate
 Kuali Center-Liberal PartyCandidate
  Labour PartyCandidate
 Labour PartyCandidate
  Left Alternative PartyCandidate
 Left CoalitionCandidate
 Left libetarian freedom partyCandidate
  Liberaalne BlokkCandidate
 Liberal Party of KalistanCandidate
  Liberal Conservative MovementCandidate
  Liberal Democrat PartyCandidate
  Liberal Democrat PartyCandidate
 Liberal Democratic PartyCandidate
 Liberal Democratic PartyCandidate
 Liberal Democratic PartyCandidate
  Liberal Democratic Party of KirlawaCandidate
  Liberal DemocratsCandidate
 Liberal PartyCandidate
 Liberal PartyCandidate
  Liberal PartyCandidate
 Liberal Party of EndralonCandidate
  Liberal Party of KirlawanCandidate
  Liberal Party of Sekowoの共産党Candidate
 Liberal Party of TalmoriaCandidate
 Liberal Republicans of the CommonwealthCandidate
 Liberal Socialist PartyCandidate
  Libereco PartioCandidate
 Libertarian Anarchist FrontCandidate
 Libertarian CitizensCandidate
 Libertarian PartyCandidate
 Libertarian PartyCandidate
 Libertarian PartyCandidate
  Libertarian Socialist PartyCandidate
 Libertärer Kommunist ParteiCandidate
 Liberté Sociale (IAML, ILM)Candidate
 Linke Bewegung (Adlerist-Federist)Candidate
 Linke Sozialistisch Demokratische ParteiCandidate
  Lofrkadékai Prta (Free People's Party)Candidate
 Luthori Liberal DemocratsCandidate
 Luthorian Revolutionary PartyCandidate
 Main Stream PartyCandidate
  Metzist PartyCandidate
 Miflega LibralimCandidate
  Minarchist PartyCandidate
 Mitten PartietCandidate
 Mohaput PartyCandidate
 Mordusian Green CoalitionCandidate
 Mouvement Républicain SocialisteCandidate
 Movimento Federalista Istaliano - I.p.I.Candidate
 Nacionālistu Tautas Partija LikatonijaCandidate
 National Ardinian PartyCandidate
 National Baltusian PartyCandidate
 National Communist PartyCandidate
  National Conservative PartyCandidate
 National Constitutional PartyCandidate
 National Democratic Force (NDF)Candidate
 National Democratic PartyCandidate
 National Humanist PartyCandidate
 National Liberal PartyCandidate
  National Liberal PartyCandidate
  National PartyCandidate
 National Party of Athlorcaea HutoriCandidate
  National People's Front (NPF)Candidate
  National Progressive Conservative PartyCandidate
 National Progressive PartyCandidate
 National Progressive PartyCandidate
 National Progressive Party (NPP)Candidate
 National Republican PartyCandidate
 National Revolutionary Workers' FrontCandidate
  National Salvation Front (N.I.S.)Candidate
 National Socialist PartyCandidate
 National Unity PartyCandidate
  National Unity Party of ValruziaCandidate
 Nationalist Freedom PartyCandidate
  Nationalist Liberal Reformation PartyCandidate
  Nationalist PartyCandidate
 Nationalist Party of KanjorCandidate
  Neethi KatchiCandidate
 Neue WelleCandidate
 New Capitalist Reconstruction PartyCandidate
 New LeftCandidate
  New Liberal AllianceCandidate
 New LiberalsCandidate
 New Lourenne PartyCandidate
 New Progressive PartyCandidate
  New Valruzia Unity Party (VUP)Candidate
 New WayCandidate
 Non-Germanischen ParteiCandidate
 Nouveau CentreCandidate
 NRU (Národní Republikánská Únia)Candidate
 One World PartyCandidate
 Oui nous pouvons!Candidate
  Our RevolutionCandidate
 Partei der AufklärungCandidate
 Parti de Libération de la TerreCandidate
 Parti de Sociaux - LibérauxCandidate
 Parti FuturisteCandidate
 Parti HumanisteCandidate
 Parti ImpérialCandidate
 Parti LibéralCandidate
 Parti National de la Jeunesse GaucheCandidate
 Parti Plateforme CiviqueCandidate
 Parti populaire LibéralCandidate
 Parti pour la République de LourenneCandidate
 Parti RéformisteCandidate
 Parti Social-DémocrateCandidate
 Parti SocialisteCandidate
 Parti Socialiste de TravailCandidate
 Parti Socialiste Républicain d'AldurieCandidate
 Parti Socialiste Républicaine d'AldurieCandidate
 Parti XCandidate
  Partia Moralistyczna PostępowaCandidate
 Partido Comunista de EgelionCandidate
 Partido Comunista de TukaraliCandidate
 Partido da União Trabalhista OrganizadaCandidate
  Partido de los Trabajadores Socialistas Candidate
 Partido LiberalCandidate
 Partido Liberal DemocrataCandidate
 Partido Libertario de CailleCandidate
 Partido ProgressistaCandidate
 Partido Republicano-SocialistaCandidate
 Partido Social DemocrataCandidate
 Partido Social DemocrataCandidate
 Partido Socialista DemocráticoCandidate
 Partido Socialista do PovoCandidate
 Partito Comunista IstalianoCandidate
 Partito del Patriota d'IstaliaCandidate
 Partito Monarchico-LiberaleCandidate
 Party of RadicalsCandidate
  Patriotic FactionCandidate
 PEopl partyCandidate
 People Socialist UnionCandidate
 People UnitedCandidate
 People's Action Alliance - PAACandidate
  People's Action PartyCandidate
 People's Democratic PartyCandidate
 People's FrontCandidate
 People's Libertarian MovementCandidate
 People's Populist PartyCandidate
 People's Unity PartyCandidate
 Phillipsian Party of AloriaCandidate
 Plaid Democrataidd CymdeithasolCandidate
 Pokrok StranaCandidate
  Pontesian Liberal PartyCandidate
  Popolisma Konservativa PartioCandidate
  Popular Alliance for ChangeCandidate
 Popular Reformist MovementCandidate
  Populist PartyCandidate
 Progresīvs PartijaCandidate
 Progress PartyCandidate
 Progressive CoalitionCandidate
  Progressive Democratic PartyCandidate
 Progressive PartyCandidate
 Progressive PartyCandidate
 Progressive Party of KanjorCandidate
 Progressive Socialist Party (PRO-SPA)Candidate
 Progressive Socialists of MordusiaCandidate
 Progressive Workers of GaduridosCandidate
  Progressive-Reformist PartyCandidate
  Progressives of VoronaCandidate
 Radical ActionCandidate
 Radical Communist Labour PartyCandidate
 Radical ModeratesCandidate
 Radikaldemokratische ParteiCandidate
 Rassemblement AldurienneCandidate
 Rassemblement RépublicainCandidate
  Rational PartyCandidate
 Républicains pour AlduriaCandidate
 Red-Green AllianceCandidate
 Reform and Development PartyCandidate
 Reform-Socialists PartyCandidate
 Regionalist CoalitionCandidate
 Republican PartyCandidate
  Republican PartyCandidate
 Republican PartyCandidate
 Republican PartyCandidate
 Republican PartyCandidate
 Republican Party of NationCandidate
 Republican People's PartyCandidate
  Republican UnionCandidate
 Revolutionary PartyCandidate
 Revolutionary Party (RP)Candidate
 Revolutionary Party of New EndralonCandidate
  Revolutionary Socialist FrontCandidate
  Revolutionary Workers' PartyCandidate
 Revolutionary Zennyist PartyCandidate
 Rotkommunistische Partei (RKP)Candidate
 Rutanian Independence PartyCandidate
 Satanic Extremist PartyCandidate
  Secular Democratic MovementCandidate
 Secular Freedom PartyCandidate
 Secular Humanist PartyCandidate
 Secular partyCandidate
 Secular Socialist PartyCandidate
  Sekouo Minshu Jinmin Tō (民人党)Candidate
 Sindicato Obrero LibreCandidate
 Situationistische ParteiCandidate
 Social Centrist PartyCandidate
 Social Democratic PartyCandidate
 Social Democratic PartyCandidate
 Social Democratic PartyCandidate
 Social Democratic Party of HutoriCandidate
 Social Democratic Party [SDP]Candidate
 Social Democratic UnionCandidate
 Social DemocratsCandidate
 Social Labor CoalitionCandidate
  Social Liberal PartyCandidate
 Social Technocratic Transhumanist PartyCandidate
 Social-Federalist PartyCandidate
 Socialist and Transhumanist PartyCandidate
 Socialist Atheist PartyCandidate
 Socialist LiberationCandidate
 Socialist PartyCandidate
 Socialist Party of BadaraCandidate
 Socialist Party of LikatoniaCandidate
 Socialist Party of LuthoriCandidate
 Socialist Republican LeagueCandidate
 Socialist Worker's Party of DeltariaCandidate
 Socialist Workers PartyCandidate
 Socialist Workers' PartyCandidate
 Solentian Secular Realist PartyCandidate
 Sosialistisk FolkepartiCandidate
 Sosyaldemokrat Halkçı PartiCandidate
 Sots’ial-Demokratiuli PartiisCandidate
 Sozialdemokratische ParteiCandidate
 Sozialistische Partei Vereinigte AlorianCandidate
 Sozialistische Solidarität AllianzCandidate
 Sozialistische Weltrepublik ParteiCandidate
 Syndicalist Union PartyCandidate
 Tavisupali Demokratiuli PartiaCandidate
 Tea Party PatriotsCandidate
  Telamon DemocratsCandidate
  Telamonian Democratic PartyCandidate
  Telamonian Reform PartyCandidate
  test partyCandidate
  The Labour PartyCandidate
 The Liberal PartyCandidate
  The Revolutionary Communist PartyCandidate
 Tolerable PartyCandidate
 Turjak Freedom(Türjek Özgürlük)PartyCandidate
 Union for Progress and ModernisationCandidate
 United ConclaveCandidate
 United Democratic Action PartyCandidate
  United Left PartyCandidate
 United Leftist FrontCandidate
 United Liberal CaucusCandidate
  United Socialist Workers PartyCandidate
 Unity CongressCandidate
 Unsubmissive BeiteynuCandidate
  Vanguard Party of Marhenist of SaridanCandidate
  VDNKh Commonwealth PartyCandidate
  Vert du Parti TravaillisteCandidate
 Videresend Dag! (Forward Today Party)Candidate
 Volkszentrumspartei von DorvikCandidate
  Voluntaryist PartyCandidate
  Vorona Labour PartyCandidate
  Voronan Libertarian PartyCandidate
 Woodsman PartyCandidate
 Workers Revolutionary League - GaduridosCandidate
  Workers' PartyCandidate
 Workers' Party of Beluzia and BailonCandidate
 Working People's PartyCandidate
 Yingdalan Grand Republic PartyCandidate
  Yoko Kake MeguppātīCandidate
 YZ DemokratenCandidate
  Zardic Ŝtata PartioCandidate
  Zardic Patriotic FrontCandidate

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Gweriniaeth Aloria / Republik Alorien (Aloria)44
Jumhuriat al-Badara al-Aishtirakia (Badara)39
Dundorfische Demokratische Republik (Dundorf)37
People's Republic of Luthori (Luthori)37
Königreich Dorvik (Dorvik)35
Keshvar Aldegar (State of Aldegar)33
Commonwealth of Hutori33
Commonwealth of Rutania33
Deltarska Federace (Deltarian Federation)32
Empire d'Aldurie (Alduria)31
República Federal de Egelion31
Aontas Daonlathach Kirlawa (Kirlawa)31
Beluzian Workers Republic (Beluzia)30
United Republic of Kalistan30
al-Jumhuriat al-Ahmadi al-Sahil (Solentia)28
Impero Istaliano (Istalia)27
Principatu di Klavia (Keymon)27
Zardika Federacio (Zardugal)27
Ríki Tælmörk (State of Telamon)26
Dolgavas karaliste/Königreich Dolgava (Dolgava)25
United Republic of Mordusia25
Endralon Királyság (Kingdom of Endralon)24
Empire de Canrille (Kanjor)24
Confederatie van Narikaton en Darnussien/Staatenbund von Narikaton und Darnussien (Narikaton and Darnussia)23
Kongeriket Kazulmark (Kazulia)23
Rzeczpospolita Walruzyjska (Republic of Valruzia)23
Unión Federal de Gaduridos (Gaduridos)22
1st Princely Republic of Lodamun22
Brmék Jezvraljogadsrlji Rekvakns (Barmenistani Social Republic)21
Federal Socialist Republic of Hawu-Ikradon21
Res Publica Seluciae (Selucia)21
Wrnukaék Konzknstat (Vanuku)21
Federal Republic of Vorona (Deltaria Nova)21
United States of Baltusia20
Republica Chizână (Kizenia/New Endralon)20
Empire de Canrille (Rildanor)20
מדינת ביתנו (State of Beiteynu)19
Yetebaberuti ya Kobura (Union of Cobura)19
Federal Republic of Likatonia19
Empire de Canrille (Lourenne)19
United Realms of Great Kyo Empire and Apostolic Kingdom of Drania (Dankuk/Kyoseon)18
生古塢天帝国 (Sekouo Ten-Teikoku)18
República Democrática do Tukarali (Tukarali)18
Republikken Davostan/Lýðveldið Davostan (Davostan)16
Hobrazian Democratic Federative Republic (Hobrazia)16
Federasie van Seridjan (Saridan)16
Kalopian Dimokratía (Kalopian Republic)15
Trigunskaya Demokraticheskaya Respublika (Trigunia)15
Jelbék Lofrkadé Stat (Jelbania)14
Unionis Kundrati14
Federal Republic of Malivia14
it-Tielet Imperu Mqaddes ta 'Cildania13
Yindala Da Tong (Indrala)13
Federal Republic Hulstria and Gao-Soto (Hulstria and Gao-Soto)12
Jumhuriyyat al-Qalb al-Ma'atraniyyah (Kafuristan)12
Cakaniye Cumhuriyeti/The Republic of Jakania11
Serenissima Res Publica Pontesiae (Most Serene Republic of Pontesi)11
Talmori ka Olominira (Talmoria)11

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