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United Nationalists[?]


Nationalists of the world, unite!

All parties that are nationalist, and patriotic in their own country, gather here. Though we each believe our nation is the greatest, we must fight together against the forces of international socialism, which threaten the entirety of the world. Patriots, unite!

The United Nationalists formally announces that Communism and Nationalism are incompatible, and that the United Nationalists are taking the lead in a global crusade against Communism.

How will this crusade take place?

Push a resolution through your respective nations asking to contribute 10,000 or more troops to the International Anti-Communist Front. Once the Front reaches 100,000 troops, we will begin our anti-Communist war.

The National Front


This organization was founded by the National Front Party in May 2399.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 441 member parties.

Active Members

  Parti Nationaliste 🌞Leadership
  All-Dorvischer VerbandFull
  Bündnis der LiberalkonservativenFull
  Hosian National PartyFull
 Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)Full
 National Conservative Party (NCP)Full
 New Dawn LeagueFull
 P.A.N. - Militaristischer FlügelFull
  P.A.N. - VolksflügelFull
 Republican PartyFull
  Sunrise Party 해돋이당Full
  União CNdT [IPFT]Full
 Alternative for Hutori (AFH)Candidate
 国民同盟党 (Kokumin Dōmeitō)Candidate
 De Nasjonale Konservative {S}Candidate
 Национальный союзCandidate
 Fronte Nazionale Istaliano - F.N.ICandidate
 Legiunea Națională ChizânăCandidate
  National PartyCandidate
 National Synarchist UnionCandidate
 Nationalkonservative FreiheitsparteiCandidate
  Nationalrejnhedskongress (NPC)Candidate
  Republican Party - NationalistsCandidate

Inactive Members

 National Front PartyLeadership
 Zergonska Stranka - Zergon PártLeadership
 Alleanza Della DestraFull
 Allianz für DundorfFull
 Aloria First PartyFull
 Alorian Freedom PartyFull
 Alorianische Nationale VolksparteiFull
  Alt-Right AllianceFull
 Alternative für DundorfFull
 Alternative for BeluziaFull
 Alternative for LikatoniaFull
 Am Echad, Pays LibreFull
 Artanian Socialist PartyFull
 Assembly for National DemocracyFull
 Aurora LibertatisFull
 Autocratic Reactionary FrontFull
 Autokratisch-Faschist ParteiFull
 姬恩黨 (Jien Party) 🌾Full
 憲法民主党 (Kenpō Minshutō)Full
 Badaran National Islamic PartyFull
 Badaran Solidarity PartyFull
 Barmenian People's Revolutionary PartyFull
 Beaver6 FactionFull
 Beiteynu Labour PartyFull
  Beluzian National PartyFull
 Beluzian National PartyFull
 bigknicksfan617 PartyFull
 Capitalist Party of DolgavaFull
 Capitalist Working FamiliesFull
 Cœur d'AldurieFull
 Centre Party - Páirtí IonadFull
 Christian Fascist PartyFull
 Christian Nationalist FrontFull
 Christian People's Party (IA)Full
 Christian Social UnionFull
 Cildanian Nationalist PartyFull
 Classical Liberal Independence PartyFull
 Coburan Nationalist FrontFull
  Comiwnyddion HosnogolFull
 Communist PartyFull
 Conservative Monarchist PartyFull
 Conservative Nationalist PartyFull
 Conservative PartyFull
 Conservative Party of Kalistan (CPK)Full
 Core PartyFull
 Corrupt Dealings PartyFull
 Country Liberal PartyFull
 Darnussian Unionist PartyFull
 Debout la d'AldurieFull
 Debout la RildanorFull
 Deltrske MilenecFull
 Democratic AllianceFull
 Democratic ChangeFull
 Democratic Libertarian PartyFull
 Democratic Nationalists PartyFull
 Democratic PartyFull
 Democratic PartyFull
  Democratic Unionist PartyFull
 Democratic Unionist PartyFull
 Democratic-Republican PartyFull
 Demokratikus Liberális PártFull
 Demokratska StrankaFull
 Dolgavan Conservative PartyFull
 Dorvikische VolksparteiFull
 Dorvisch Nationaldemokratische ParteiFull
 Dorvisch Nationale VolksparteiFull
 Dorvish National GuardFull
 Dorvishnationale VolksparteiFull
 Dranland First Party (CC)Full
 Dundorf Konservativ ReichsparteiFull
 Dundorfian Nationalist CommitteeFull
 Dundorfische Nationale VolksparteiFull
 Dundorfnationale KaiserlichenparteiFull
 Dundorfnationale VolksparteiFull
 Duntrekker Nasionale PartyFull
 ВТ об'єднання Січ (Sich)Full
 Encuadramiento LegionarioFull
 Ethnikí Patriotikí SymmachíaFull
 Factio ImperialisFull
 Factio ProteetorateFull
 Factio TranslaticiusFull
 Falanges PartyFull
 Fascist Alliance IkradonFull
 Fascist National PartyFull
 Federal Republican PartyFull
 Federalist PartyFull
 Ffrynt y DruidFull
 First Conservative LeagueFull
 For Fatherland and FreedomFull
 Freedom and Democracy PartyFull
 Freedom and Liberty Party of VoronaFull
 Freedom and Nationalist AllianceFull
 Freedom PartyFull
 Freedom Party of LodamunFull
 Frente Nacional Radical Extrema Derecha Full
 Frente Popular NacionalistaFull
 Front nationalFull
 Gaduri National FrontFull
 Gaduridos Unionist PartyFull
 Garda de Fier(Iron Guard)Full
 Grand Nationalist PartyFull
  Great National Republican GuardFull
 Großmalivische ReichsparteiFull
 Herut ‬ח‬) חרות‬)Full
 Hezb-e ŠāhFull
 Hizb el-DostourFull
 Hobrazian National Populist PartyFull
 Holy Army of Insurrectionary LaymenFull
 Honor And TraditionFull
 Hosiaanse ConservatievenFull
 Hosian Konservativ PartiFull
 Hosian People’s PartyFull
 Hosianische Demokratische UnionFull
 Hosianist-Patriotique Aldurian PartiFull
 Hulstrian Kommunistische ParteiFull
 Humanist AllianceFull
 Hutori Freedom PartyFull
 Ikradon National DemocratsFull
 Imperial Core PartyFull
 Imperial Monarchist PartyFull
 Imperial National PartyFull
 Imperial Party of the House of LynockFull
 Independentist PartyFull
 Indrala National Socialist PartyFull
 It's Party Time!Full
 Izquierda DemocráticaFull
 신당개혁 (Sindang-Gaehyeog)Full
 Δικαστικό ΚόμμαFull
 αντι-Επαναστατικό ΚόμFull
 Jedność NarodowaFull
 Jelbanian Revolutionary National PartyFull
 Jeztaghe Heijtri OrtFull
 Justice And Collective Rule PartyFull
 Kafuri People's PartyFull
 Kahanist LeagueFull
 Kaiserliche Nationale ParteiFull
 Kalistan FirstFull
 Kalistan FirstFull
 Kalistan United PartyFull
 Kalistan United PartyFull
 Kalopian People's PartyFull
 Kalopikón Ethnikí DýnamiFull
 Kazulian nasjonalistiske partietFull
 Kazulian NationalistFull
 Kazulianske Patriotiske PartiFull
 Keymon National PartyFull
 Keymon Pragati SanghFull
 Keymon Reactionary Identity PartyFull
 Keymon Republican PartyFull
 Keymon Republican PartyFull
 Keymonese People's PartyFull
 Keymonite National Party (KNP)Full
 Knstatak Lofrkadé PrtaFull
 Kokumintō Party (国民党)Full
 Komitee van die Nasionale HerstelFull
 Kommunistiese Party van SeridjanFull
 Konservative Monarchistische ParteiFull
 Konstitusjonell PartFull
 Kontrarevolučných StranaFull
 Konzervatív PártFull
 Kregon National PartyFull
 Kristen Nationalisten Partiet av KazuliaFull
 L'Union du nationalismeFull
 Le TricoloreFull
 Legio NationalisFull
 Liberal PartyFull
 Libertad PartyFull
 Libertarian Party Of LikatoniaFull
 Liberty PartyFull
 Likatonia People's PartyFull
 Likatonian GreensFull
 Likatonian Union of FascistsFull
 Liri Komunitare Partia HobraziaFull
 Lofrkadé Grsho/Societas LiberalisFull
 Loyalistische ParteiFull
 Lutherans of KeymonFull
 Luthori IronguardFull
 Luthori Populist PartyFull
 Luthori Union of FascistsFull
 Majatran Socialist Ba'ath Party (Kafuri)Full
 Milli Askeri Liberal İnkılap PartisiFull
 Modrá SvitaniaFull
 Monarchist National PartyFull
 Monarchist-Nationalist UnionFull
 Mordusia Traditionalist SyndicateFull
 Mordusian National PartyFull
 Mordusian National PartyFull
 Nacionālā FronteFull
 Nacionālistu Tautas Partija LikatonijaFull
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe PartyFull
 Nasjonalt Sosialistisk PartiFull
 Nasjonalt-Autokratiske FascistpartiFull
 National Fascist Revolutionary PartyFull
 National AllianceFull
 National Anti-Communist FrontFull
 National Atheist PartyFull
 National Atheist PartyFull
 National Authoritarian MovementFull
 National Conservative Action FrontFull
 National Democratic PartyFull
 National Democratic Party of AldegarFull
 National Fascist Union (NFU)Full
 National FrontFull
 National Front (NF)Full
 National Front (Orangeists)Full
 National Humanist PartyFull
 National Industry Union Against CommiesFull
 National Labor PartyFull
 National LegionFull
 National Legion of HobraziaFull
 National Liberal AssociationFull
 National PartyFull
 National PartyFull
 National Patriot PartyFull
  National People's Front (NPF)Full
 National Populist FrontFull
 National Radical PartyFull
 National Renaissance [NE/NR/RN]Full
 National Republican CoalitionFull
 National Rutania PartyFull
 National Socialist Imperialist LeagueFull
 National Socialist Party of HutoriFull
 National Socialist Worker's Party (NSWP)Full
 National Syndicalist CoalitionFull
 National UnionFull
 National Workers' PartyFull
 Nationaldemokratische VolksparteiFull
 Nationale FrontFull
 Nationale Konservative ParteiFull
 Nationale ParteiFull
 Nationale Partei des VolkesFull
  Nationale Partij van VanukuFull
 nationale sozialdemokratische ParteiFull
 Nationalist FactionFull
 Nationalist FrontFull
 Nationalist Imperial Association (IA)Full
 Nationalist PartyFull
 Nationalist PartyFull
 Nationalist Party of GaduridosFull
 Nationalist Party of KanjorFull
 Nationalist Populist PartyFull
 Nationalist UnionFull
 Nationalist Unity Party (F)Full
 Nationalist Workers' Party of BaltusiaFull
 Nationalist-Militarist Party of AldegarFull
 Nationalist-Whig PartyFull
 Nationalistische Patriotische ParteiFull
 Nationalists of AldegarFull
 Nationalsozialistische Partei (NSPD)Full
 Nationalsozialistische ArbeiterparteiFull
 Nationalsozialistische ArbeiterparteiFull
 Nationalsozialistische ArbeiterparteiFull
 Nationella FascistpartietFull
 Native Likatonian Party (F)Full
 Natsionalny Front TriguniiFull
 New Athlorcaean DawnFull
 New Capitalist Reconstruction PartyFull
 New Endralon United PartyFull
 New Freedom Party (IA)Full
 New National Progress PartyFull
 New OrderFull
 Novum OrdineFull
 Novus Partis RexistiFull
 Ny Konfrontasjon Liga av KazulmarkFull
 Ny KraftFull
 Pars Militum PetulantiaFull
 Parti d'Aube DoréeFull
 Parti de la Force UnieFull
 Parti Du NationalismeFull
 Parti du Nouvel Ordre (PNO)Full
 Parti Monarchaidd o AloriaFull
 Parti RépublicainFull
 Parti Socialiste Unifié d'AldurieFull
 Partia Svyatogo NarodaFull
 Partido Demócrata Hosiano de EgelionFull
 Partido NacionalFull
  Partido Popular de Unidad NacionalFull
 Partido Popular Nacional de TukaraliFull
 Partidul LoialistFull
 Partidul Naţional ŢărănescFull
 Partidul Poporului Noului EndralonFull
 Partito conservatore d'IstaliaFull
 Partito GiustizialistaFull
 Partito nazionale del popolo d'IstaliaFull
 Partito Nazionale FascistaFull
 Partiya Natsional'noy GordyyFull
 Party for AldegarFull
 Patriotic FactionFull
 Patrioticheskiy SoyuzFull
 Páirtí an Phobail NáisiúntaFull
 Páirtí Pobail Cheilteacha - P.P.C.Full
 People of Freedom (P.F)Full
 People's Action PartyFull
 People's Democratic PartyFull
 People's Party of KalistanFull
 People's Party of TalmoriaFull
 People's Reform PartyFull
 People's Revolutionary Nationalist PartyFull
 Peoples Peasants PartyFull
 Plaid Genedlaethol CymruFull
 Pnték Prsakij Prta (Phalangists)Full
  Pontesian Imperial PartyFull
 Pontesian People's PartyFull
 Pontesyan Azgaynakan Zhoghovrdakan KusakFull
 Populist Reform PartyFull
 Populistas de PederneraFull
 Pro Patria - VictoriaFull
 Radykalna Partia SyndykatówFull
 Raijingusan (旭日)Full
 Rassemblement AldurienneFull
 Reform PartyFull
 Reformed Liberal Democratic PartyFull
 Republican Centrist AllianceFull
 Republican PartyFull
 Republican PartyFull
 Republican PartyFull
 Republican PartyFull
 Republican Renewal PartyFull
 Revolutionary Ultra-Nationalist PartyFull
 Revolutionäre VolksparteiFull
 Rildanor's Progressive PartyFull
 Royalist ActionFull
 Rutanian Independence PartyFull
 Saorsa Pàrtaidh (Freedom Party)Full
 Seridjan FirstFull
 Social Conservative PartyFull
 Social Democratic National Party (SDNP)Full
 Social nationalist Workers Black FrontFull
 Social Religious PartyFull
 Soldatoj de la Nova TagiĝoFull
 Soldiers of DestinyFull
 Solentian Nationalist People's PartyFull
 Sozial Konservative UnionFull
 Soziale Nationalistische ParteiFull
 Stark und StolzFull
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)Full
 Szlachta WalruzyjskaFull
 Talmoria Labor PartyFull
 Talmorian National PartyFull
 Tea Party PatriotsFull
 Telamese Defence LeagueFull
 Telamon DemocratsFull
 Telamon Nationellpartiet-RepublikanskFull
 Telamon Unionist PartyFull
 The Beiteynu Ultranationalists PartyFull
 The Citrian Guard of the Blood OrangeFull
 The Imperium NationaleFull
 The Iron Guard of VeronaFull
 The National Liberty Party (NLP)Full
 The National Party for the PeopleFull
 The Third CoalitionFull
 Third Temple PartyFull
 To DundorfFull
 Tradition, Family, PropertyFull
 True Kirlawans!Full
 Union for VictoryFull
 Unione dei Lavoratori IstalianiFull
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)Full
 United Freedom PartyFull
 United Struggle for Blacks in LodamunFull
 United TriguniaFull
 Ushanka PartiyaFull
 Vetëvendosje (Self-Determination)Full
 Vorona FirstFull
 Vorona National Party (VNP)Full
 Vrijheid PartijFull
 Wantuni National PartyFull
 White FrontFull
 Wiedervereinigten NationalistenFull
 Workers' Patriotic FrontFull
 Y Blaid GenedlaetholFull
 Zaqraami National Front (ZNF)Full
 Zardic Patriotic FrontFull
 Aftokratorikó Monarchikó KómmaCandidate
 Alternativ för KazuliaCandidate
 Aukera OptimatesCandidate
 Brothers of BaltusiaCandidate
 Confederal Freedom PartyCandidate
 Démocrates nationauxCandidate
 Die rechte nationalistische ParteiCandidate
 Dolgavas patrioti (Dolgava Patriots)Candidate
 Factio de ImperiumCandidate
 Fascist Union of RutaniaCandidate
 Freedom For Mordusia PartyCandidate
 Great Talmoria Populist PartyCandidate
 Habrazhis Sakhalkho AliansiCandidate
 Konservative nasjonalister av SolentiaCandidate
 Malivian Patriots PartyCandidate
 Mordusian National PartyCandidate
 National Democratic FrontCandidate
 National Liberty FrontCandidate
 National Unity PartyCandidate
 Nationalsozialistische ArbeiterparteiCandidate
 Natsional'naya Liberal'naya PartiyaCandidate
 New Nationalist Party of DankukCandidate
 Partia Jeudystów WalruzyjskichCandidate
 Patrioticheskiy SoyuzCandidate
 Páirtí Aiséirí NáisiúntaCandidate
 People's Unity PartyCandidate
 People´s PartyCandidate
 People´s party for MordusiaCandidate
 Rationibus AeternisCandidate
 Republican Party - DemocratsCandidate
 Republican Party - EvangelicsCandidate
 Rutanian National Peoples Party (RNPP)Candidate
 The Klavia First PartyCandidate
 Traditionalist Beluzian Workers PartyCandidate
 White Tree PartyCandidate

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Kongeriket Kazulmark (Kazulia)17
Dundorfische Demokratishe Republic15
Federal Republic of Likatonia15
République d'Aldurie (Republic of Alduria)14
Gweriniaeth Aloria14
Commonwealth of Hutori14
a Repubblica di Keymon (The Keymon Republic)14
United States of Baltusia13
Poblacht na Kirlawa (Republic of Kirlawa)12
Holy Luthori Empire12
Confederația Noului Endralon, Kizenia și Kuzaki (New Endralon / Kizenia)12
Commonwealth of Rutania12
Triguniya Federatsiya (Trigunian Federation)12
United Republic of Kalistan11
Republic of Beluzia10
Thalleristische Republik Narikaton (Thallerist Republic Narikaton)10
Federal Union of Gaduridos10
Federal Constitutional Republic of Pontesi10
Confederation of St. Muron and Davostan9
Dorvische Republik9
Dikaioúcho Dimokratía tis Kalopia-Wantuni (Freehold Republic of Kalopia-Wantuni)9
Federal Republic of Malivia9
Republic of Mordusia9
Republiek van Seridjan (Republic of Saridan)9
United Solentian Republic9
Res Publica Seluciae8
Rzeczpospolita Walruzyjska (Republic of Valruzia)8
Dowlat-e Keshvar Aldegar (Imperial State of Aldegar)7
Dolgava Tautas brīvvalsts (Dolgavian People's Republic of Freedom)7
2nd Great Democratic Republic of Lodamun7
生古塢天帝国 (Sekouo Ten-Teikoku)7
Lýðveldið Tælmörk (Republic of Telamon)7
جمهورية بدارة المتحدة (United Republic of Badara)6
הרפובליקה היידית השישית של ביתנו (Sixth Yeudish Republic of Beiteynu)6
República Federal de Egelion6
Capitalist State of Hobrazia6
Repubblica Istaliana (Istalia)6
Esinsundu Empire, the Kingdom of Talmoria6
Cynewīse Fāronlandes (Deltaria Nova)6
Augus'rlji Jezknstat - Jelbék Rmjokaiknstat (Augustan Empire - Despotate of Jelbania)5
République de Rildanor (Republic of Rildanor)5
Aŭgustana Imperio - Pretoriana Prefektejo de Zardio (Augustan Empire - Praetorian Prefecture of Zardugal)5
Transitional State of Dankuk (단국의과도기국 ) (Unión de Dankuk) (Undeb Dankuk)4
Vereinguto bon Haruzuterusuaiku to Gao-Soto/United Federation of Hulstria and Gao-Soto/Vereinigte Föderation von Hulstria und Gao-Soto/Harusutoria to Gao-soto Rengō4
al-Jumhuriat al-Aleamalia al-Qalb (Workers' Republic of Kafuristan)4
Unionis Kundrati4
República Democrática do Tukarali4
Deltársko Říše (Deltarian Czardrom)3
瑩大磖國 (State of Indrala)3
Cakaniye Cumhuriyeti (Jakania)3
Repubblika Irjali ta 'Cildania (Royal Republic of Cildania)2
Esinsundu Empire, የኩቦራ ስፔኖች አስተዳዳሪዎች (United Governorates of Cobura)2
Szent Endralonk Birodalom (Holy Endralon Empire)2
Esinsundu Empire, Hawu Mumenhes2
Royaume Uni de Lourenne2
Wrnukaék Konzknstat (Vanuku)2
Brmék Jezvraljogadsrlji Rekvakns (Barmenistani Social Republic)1
États-Unis de Kanjor et La Tondelle (Fédération de Canrille)1

Random fact: It is possible for a player to transfer ownership of a character or a royal house to another player. This should be done in a public way, such as on the Character Transfers thread, so that if a dispute arises in the future, Moderation can be pointed towards evidence of the transfer.

Random quote: Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first. Ronald Reagan

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