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Chann National Party (CNP)[?]

This page contains information about the Chann National Party (CNP).

This party is inactive.


User[?]: Channn

Nation[?]: al-Jumhuriat al-Aleamalia al-Qalb (Workers' Republic of Kafuristan)

Seats[?] in Majlis Aleummal Al'Aelaa (Supreme Workers' Council)[?]: 0




The Channs are a patrician family considered one of the more notable families in Solentia since their immigration from Indrala in the late 3100s. Since then, they have occupied high office and cabinet positions in the Solentian government and have amassed great wealth through government contracts and their corporate entity, Chann National Corporation and its main subsidiaries Chann Defense Industries and ChannOil. Their great ancestors prior to their immigration to Solentia were the "Stewards of the Empire" for the Emperor of Indrala and there are branches of the family still active in Indrala. However, their Solentian branches have gained prominence among the branches worldwide.

Currently, a large branch has taken root in Kafuristan, where Chann Defense Industries High Gen. Rithisak Chann has invaded and taken over the country in an attempt to stabilize the region in the interest of Solentia and with the blessing of President Malcolm-Maxwell of the Unionist party. Meanwhile, High Gen Rithisak Chann has declared Kafuristan as the new home for any Chann's who wish for a new start and has implemened many controversial policies, including an completely open immigration policy, mandated Solentian education in class, and the notorious "Land Claim" which allows any Chann family member or descendant to utilize the governments eminent domain powers to seize land for themselves.

Since taking over, they have granted homosexuals and women equality in the military( and ( They have legalized same-sex marriage (

They have imposed a living wage and banned child labour and provided subsidies to low-income people (

RITHISAK CHANN (3860-3942): Born in Rhegium, Fuwan in Solentia and rose to prominence as Chann Defense Industries CEO. Prior to his ascension to CEO and High General of the later created Chann Liberation Army, he was raised in the Chann Military Academy from Elementary School through age 21. He later joined the Solentian Armed Forces and rose through its ranks. Upon his ascension to CEO of Chann Defense Industries in 3910 at the age of 50, he began to set in motion the creation of the Chann's private army known as the Chann Liberation Army. The first experiment of Chann Liberation program of course became Kafuristan, which the self-appointed High General successfully executed within a matter of months - toppling what little government Kafuristan had and instating the Chann Government. Rule of Kafuristan from 3931-3942 is notorious for his iron hand - forcing Majatrans to cede their land to members of the Chann Family and other such notorious acts. By the time of his death at the age of 82, he had resolved to leave behind his legacy of strict military control over Majatrans, whom he saw as a threat to Solentia and prone to extremism and did not trust younger more liberal members of his family. He then put in place many of his trusted advisors in positions which would make them indispensable.

KAISER CHANN (3898-3958): Born in Rhegium, Fuwan in Solentia and rose to power as a Chann National Party (CNP) politician in Solentia, who emigrated to Kafuristan and ran for High Chancellor successfully in 3942. His early years were tepid as Rithisak's advisors maintained control of the Chann Government. However, he was able to push through a repeal of Martial Law instated by his Uncle and called for early elections in 3945. However, the Thubat challenged the election results and the first case heard in the Ministerial Courts (established by the Chann Government) was heard. However, Kaiser's loss in the courts on the Language Curriculum Act and various other acts proved more a blow to his Uncle's regime and a boon for the more moderate and younger liberal faction of the Channs. The latter half of his reign as High Chancellor was marked by increased foreign tensions between the Republic of Dorvik, Trigunian Empire and Hutori - whom he called the Axis of Evil. Kaiser proved extremely popular among liberal Majatrans (the majority of Majatrans) and nearly all of the minority populations given his stance on minority rights. However, in a public relations campaign in Dorvik-Kafuri populations in Nekkah, his convoy was ambushed near the pabeus border - a hotbed for Ahmadist extremism and still a sore spot of the Chann Government.

ACHARIYA CHANN (3910-3979): Achariya was also born in Rhegium, Fuwan, in Solentia and was a sophomore at Chann University there while her father, Kaiser Chann (the 2nd High Chancellor), followed her great uncle, Rithisak Chann, into Kafuristan during the Chann Invasion. She studied English and Literature and went on to pursue a comparative law degree. After receiving her degree in 3935, she arrived in Kafuristan and was hired as part of her fathers legal detail at the age of 25. She rose up the ranks and upon the assassination of her father, was elected the 3rd High Chancellor in 3958. Her tenure as High Chancellor was marked largely by a deescalation of tensions between the Chann Republic and Dorvik and Trigunia, two nations which supported the Ahmadist terrorists. This was accomplished to calm and cool diplomacy and the artful use of the cold shoulder. The rest of her tenure was relatively peaceful and was comprised of diplomatic trade missions to Kalopia and Alduria.

ARUN CHANN (3979-4000)(21 years): The reign of Arun as the Imperial High Chancellor was marked significantly by his diplomatic efforts in establishing the Imperial Republic of Chann, a long-time goal of the Chann clan. Arun successfully negotiated with neighboring Kalopia in joining forces to create the Imperial Republic. His tenure was also marked by efforts in support the Azahari regime in Badara in hopes that conflicts between the two nations would be quelled. Relations between them improved during this time. His reign also coincided with a surge in oil and defense production and the involvement of the Chann in Jakania to the southwest.

PUTHRYITH CHANN (4000-Present): Puthryith Chann resided over a relatively calm and uneventful period in Kafuristan's history. The Chann's efforts with the Imperial Republic faltered and lost ground, given the lack of any enforcement mechanism to carry out initiatives and bring members to the table. But despite setbacks in this major initiative, the nation's oil and defense industries continued to soar as the government maintained a high level of defense spending and provided subsidies for oil exports. Puthryith also resided during the 100th anniversary of the Chann invasion. The Channs also saw setbacks in improving relations with Badara, with the Ahazari regime collapsing and a new regime taking its place.


ACHARIYA m & f Khmer Means "wonderful" in Khmer.
AKARA f & m Khmer Means "letter" in Khmer.
AMARA m Khmer Means "deity" in Khmer.
ANCHALY f & m Khmer Means "hand" in Khmer.
ARUN m & f Khmer Means "morning sun" in Khmer.
ARUNNY f Khmer Feminine variant of Arun.
ARY f Khmer Means "knowledge" in Khmer.
ATITH m Khmer Means "sunny day" in Khmer.
AZYLA f African American, Khmer
BONA m Khmer Means "boy" or "man" in Khmer.
BORAN m Khmer Means "ancient" in Khmer, or a reference to the distant past.
BOREY m Khmer Means "great city" in Khmer.
BOUPHA f Khmer Means "flower-like" in Khmer.
BUNROEUN m Khmer Means "the country" in Khmer.
CHAKRA m KhmerMeans "center of energy" in Khmer.
CHAMPEI f Khmer A type of flower with fragrant red or white flowers.
CHAMROEUN m & f Khmer Means "prosperity" in Khmer.
CHANKRISNA m & f Khmer A type of sweet-smelling tree.
CHANTHAVY f Khmer Means "moon angel" in Khmer, derived from the Khmer elements chan "moon" and taevy "angel."
CHANVATEY m & f Khmer Means "scholar" in Khmer.
CHARYA f & m Khmer Means "good character" in Khmer.
CHAVY f Khmer Means "little angel" in Khmer.
CHHAY m Khmer Means "attractive" or "charming" in Khmer.
CHHAYA m & f Khmer Means "shadow" in Khmer.
CHHEAN f Khmer Means "meditation, contemplation" in Khmer.
CHHOUM f Khmer Means "refreshingly beautiful" in Khmer.
CHIVAN m Khmer Meaning "Life."
CHIVY f Khmer Means "life" in Khmer.
DARANY m Khmer Means "stars" in Khmer.
DARAREAKSMEY f Khmer Means "bright shining star" in Khmer.
DAVY f Khmer Means "angel" in Khmer.
HENG m Khmer Means "lucky" in Khmer.
JONINASHIPARTHUA m & f Khmer This name is commonly used for unknown children in the world.
JORANI f Khmer Means "radiant jewel" in Khmer.
KALIYAN f Khmer Means "sweet darling, charming" or "morally good" in Khmer.
KALIYANEI f Khmer Means "beautiful, lovely, attractive" in Khmer.
KALLIYAN f Khmer Cambodian name meaning "best, superior."
KANLEAKHAHA f Khmer Means "possessing character" in Khmer.
KANNITHA f Khmer A Khmer name meaning "angels."
KESOR f Khmer Means "heavenly lady" in Khmer, but is associated with vanity.
KIRI m Khmer Means "mountain" in Khmer.
KOLADA f Khmer "Beautiful/Outrageous."
KOLTHIDA f Khmer Means "young woman" in Khmer, or indicates the daughter of a respectable family.
KOSAL m & f Khmer Means "clever" or "merit" in Khmer.
KRAVANN m & f Khmer A tiny golden brown flower fragrant in the evening.
KUNTHEA [more]
LEAKENA f KhmerMeans "attribute, characteristic, quality" in Khmer.
LENG m & f Khmer Cambodian unisex name derived from Liang.
MACH f Khmer Means "melody" in Khmer.
MALIS f Khmer A southeast Asian jasmine.
MANY m & f Khmer Means "precious stone, gem" in Khmer.
MOLINA f Khmer In english it means ocean breeze
NAKRY f Khmer A sweet-smelling flower, similar to jasmine, that blooms in the night.
NARAVY f Khmer
NARITH m Khmer Means "masculine man" in Khmer.
NARY f Khmer Means "girl" or "gentle girl" in Khmer.
NEARIDEI f Khmer A white, four-leafed flower fragrant in the evening.
NIMITH m Khmer Means "transformation" in Khmer.
NIMOL m Khmer Means "flawless" in Khmer.
NOREAKSEY m Khmer Means "great power" or "truthful" in Khmer.
NUON f Khmer Means "soft, tender, pleasant" in Khmer.
OUDOM m Khmer Means "excellent, magnificent" in Khmer.
PHALA m Khmer Means "prosperous" in Khmer.
PHALLEA f Khmer Khmer feminine given name derived from the Pali word for "fruit".
PHARY f Khmer Means "beautiful flower" in Khmer.
PHEAKDEI f & m Khmer Means "loyalty, honesty" in Khmer.
PHHOUNG f Khmer Means "wreath of flowers" in Khmer.
PISETH m Khmer Means "rare, magnificent, great" in Khmer.
PISEY m & f Khmer Means "supreme, special" or "beloved, dearest" in Khmer.
POEU m & f Khmer Means "youngest one" in Khmer.
PONLEAK m Khmer Means "strength, endurance" in Khmer.
PONLEU m Khmer Means "light" in Khmer.
PONLOK f & m Khmer Means "darling, dear" or "to sprout" in Khmer.
PRAK m Khmer Means "silver" in Khmer.
PROS m Khmer Means "boy, man" in Khmer.
PUNTHEA f Khmer Means "gentle" in Khmer.
PUTHYRITH m Khmer Means "merciful power" in Khmer
PUTREA f Khmer A Cambodian plum.
PYDOR f Khmer Khmer
RACHANA f & m Khmer Means "fine arts" in Khmer.
RACHANY f Khmer Means "night" in Khmer.
RAINSEY m Khmer Refers to the rays of sun going away from the Buddha.
RAKSMEI f & m Khmer Means "ray of light" in Khmer.
RANGSEI m & f Khmer Means "ray of light" in Khmer.
RASMEY f & m Khmer Means "ray of light" in Khmer.
RATH m & f Khmer A type of Khmer flower.
RATHANA m & f Khmer Means "precious stones, jewels" in Khmer.
RATHANAK m Khmer Means "precious stones, jewels" in Khmer.
RITH m Khmer Means "power, strength, courage" in Khmer.
RITHIPOL m Khmer Means "mystical powers or strength" in Khmer.
RITHISAK m Khmer Means "powerful" in Khmer.
ROMCHANG f Khmer Means "water flower" in Khmer.
ROMDUOL f Khmer A type of aromatic flower that blooms at night, typically found around Angkor Wat.
ROUMJONG f Khmer A water plant with a white or purplish flower.
SAMAY m Khmer Means "modern" or "daydream" in Khmer.
SAMBATH m Khmer Means "great wealth, fortune" in Khmer.
SANGHA m Khmer Means "handsome" in Khmer.
SANN m Khmer Means "peaceful, quiet, comfortable" in Khmer.
SATHEA m & f Khmer Means "compassion" in Khmer.
SAVETH f & m Khmer Meaning unknown.
SAVIN m & f Khmer
SEREY m & f Khmer Means "freedom," "beauty, charm," "peace," or "power, authority" in Khmer.
SEYHA f Khmer Means "August" or "lion" in Khmer.
SINUON f Khmer Means "creme-coloured" in Khmer. Also indicates a type of flower.
SOCHEAT f Khmer Means "well born" or "well grown" in Khmer.
SOK m Khmer Means "well, peaceful, without worries" in Khmer.
SOKHA f & m Khmer Means "peaceful, content" in Khmer.
SOKHANYA f Khmer means "peaceful lady" in Khmer.
SOKHEM m Khmer Means "hope" in Khmer.
SOKHOM m & f Khmer Means "safe, happy" in Khmer.
SOLIKHA f Khmer Solikha means "Flower of death" but actually is the flower of salvation… [more]
SOMALY f Khmer Means "The Necklace of Flowers in the Virgin Forest" in the Cambodian language.
SONISAY f Khmer Means "one you like at first impression" in Khmer.
SONITH m Khmer Means "good conduct, manners" in Khmer.
SOPHAL m Khmer
SOPHAN m & f Khmer
SOPHANA f & m Khmer
SOPHEAKTRA m Khmer Means "gentle face" in Khmer.
SOPHEARY f Khmer Means "beautiful, pretty."
SOPHON f Khmer Means "beauty" in Khmer.
SOPORTEVY f Khmer Means "beautiful" or "angelic" in Khmer.
SORIYA f & m Khmer Means "sun" in Khmer.
SORPHENY f Khmer Means "beautiful" in Khmer.
SOTEAR f & m Khmer Means "compassionate, generous" in Khmer.
SOTHA m Khmer From soth, meaning "pure" in Khmer.
SREY f & m Khmer Khmer unisex given name, a variant form of the Sanskrit name Sri.
SUON f Khmer Khmer feminine given name meaning "garden".
TEVVY f Khmer Cambodian female name for 'angel'.
THAVERY f Khmer happy,healthy,strong & free from suffering
THEARITH m Khmer (Rare)
THIDA f Khmer beauty and happiness
TOUCH f Khmer It means "small" in Cambodian.
VICHHAY m Khmer Cambodian
VIREAK m Khmer absence of desire
YOUK m Khmer


This party is not part of the national cabinet.

Political Positions

Civil Rightsmoderate permissivehighperfect
Ecologyunknownclose to noneperfect
Foreign Relationsconvinced internationalistlimitedperfect
Government Responsibilitiessmall government-leaninghighperfect
Militaryconvinced militaristclose to noneperfect
Moralitymoderate progressivehighperfect
Religionmoderate secularhighperfect


This party is a member of the following organizations:

Election Results

History Table

MonthVotesTotal VotesVotes (%)Votes (%) (+)SeatsTotal SeatsSeats (%)Seats (+)
April 393112,087,60912,087,609100.00+100.00240240100.00+240
November 39347,049,82527,481,06125.65-74.353810038.00-202
May 393911,263,29511,263,295100.00+74.35100100100.00+62
December 394012,434,37112,434,371100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
June 39428,485,99925,497,36833.28-66.724210042.00-58
December 394311,908,54811,908,548100.00+66.72100100100.00+58
March 39459,795,74223,212,35142.20-57.806310063.00-37
March 395036,794,94959,534,93361.80+19.606410064.00+1
March 395534,300,35156,199,83961.03-0.776210062.00-2
April 395836,417,06958,094,63362.69+1.656310063.00+1
June 395936,158,72857,997,31262.35-0.346410064.00+1
March 396036,420,10957,825,43962.98+0.646410064.00+0
January 396434,663,80756,060,32961.83-1.156310063.00-1
January 396933,029,49153,372,61061.88+0.056210062.00-1
January 397429,471,58149,312,22959.77-2.126010060.00-2
December 397411,396,09811,396,098100.00+40.23100100100.00+40
December 397911,624,04611,624,046100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
December 398411,747,98911,747,989100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
December 398911,658,98311,658,983100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
July 399111,583,14411,583,144100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
February 399211,298,44811,298,448100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
February 399712,326,76112,326,761100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
January 400011,832,09311,832,093100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
January 400512,182,09312,182,093100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
January 401011,296,06811,296,068100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
January 401511,330,47911,330,479100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
January 402011,995,91911,995,919100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
January 402512,212,09712,212,097100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
January 403011,707,56311,707,563100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
January 403512,024,72712,059,07099.72-0.28100100100.00+0
January 404012,297,85033,147,99137.10-62.624110041.00-59
January 404521,150,13741,457,19551.02+13.925210052.00+11
August 404511,049,62211,049,622100.00+48.98100100100.00+48
August 405011,973,46411,973,464100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
August 405512,744,71712,744,717100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
August 406011,828,91711,828,917100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
November 406528,534,64034,560,38482.56-17.4427840069.50+178
August 406624,146,33856,110,13243.03-39.534510045.00-233
August 407121,931,72555,349,75839.62-3.413910039.00-6
June 407311,479,35611,479,356100.00+60.38100100100.00+61
June 407811,180,05111,180,051100.00+0.00100100100.00+0
January 412229,332,34034,421,87985.21-14.7921325085.20+113
February 412219,288,70742,699,37645.17-40.0411325045.20-100
February 412723,334,07440,680,07357.36+12.1914325057.20+30
February 413229,137,35451,157,60856.96-0.4014325057.20+0
February 413712,116,83712,116,837100.00+43.04250250100.00+107

Relative Graph

This graph shows the percentage of seats the party achieved in each election, relative to its maximum.

Election History

Absolute Graph

This graph shows the percentage of seats the party achieved in each election in the entire legislature.

Election History

National Graph

This graph shows the share of seats the party achieved in each election in the entire legislature, together with the share of other parties.

Election History


You can view the party's proposed bills here.

Legislative Agenda

This party has to vote on the following bills:

Voting Record

This is the voting[?] record of the Chann National Party (CNP).

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BillCreatedVoting startedVoteBill StatusResult
Normalization of RelationsApril 4500April 4500passed
Reaffirming policyMarch 4499October 4499defeated
Celebrating 25 years of the Workers' Republic of KafuristanApril 4495April 4496passed
Treaty WithdrawalSeptember 4492September 4492passed
Until a Deal Can Be StruckOctober 4491October 4491passed
Violent Crime Reduction Act 4490September 4489September 4489passed
Call for early elections, August 4487August 4487August 4487passed
Response to International AffairsMarch 4487September 4487passed
Economic Freedom BillJanuary 4487January 4488defeated
International Media RegulationsJanuary 4487January 4487passed
Launching an Aerospace IndustryOctober 4485October 4485passed
On Shaping EqualitySeptember 4485September 4485passed
An End to Ficticious CapitalAugust 4484September 4484passed
Security of the Workers' RepublicAugust 4484August 4484passed
Budget proposal of August 4484August 4484August 4484passed
Protection of Wildlife ActMarch 4484March 4484passed
On Workers' DemocracyFebruary 4484March 4484passed
Call for early elections, February 4484February 4484February 4484passed
Cabinet Proposal of February 4484February 4484February 4484passed
Security Council NominationsFebruary 4482February 4482passed

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