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Révolution Rouge[?]

This page contains information about the Révolution Rouge.

This party is inactive.


User[?]: Former FUIR en egelion

Nation[?]: Royaume Uni de Lourenne

Seats[?] in L'Assemblée Royale[?]: 0




General information
-Collective leadership made up of fifthteen people

-Simone Sarte
-Jean-Luc Beauvau

-January 4231

-Mont Seignour (Luçande)

-Metzism (Marxism)


Youth wing:
-Jeune Gauche de Lourennais (Young left of Lourenne)

Sudent wing:
-Étudiants Socialistes Rouges (Red socialist students)

Womens' wing:
-Front Rouge des Femmes (Women's red front)

LGBTIQ+ wing:
Communistes homosexuel, bisexuel et transsexuel (Homosexual, bisexual and transsexual communists)

Trade union wing:
-Syndicat Rouge de la Ouvriers (Red Union of the Workers)

Paramilitary wing:
-Armée Révolutionnaire Rouge du Peuple (People's Revolutionary Red Army)




Political compass:

Official anthems:

Other anthems used by the party:

Party Platform

We take inspiration from the theories of Karlstein Metz (Karl Marx) Frederick Ehrenpreis (Friedrich Engels), Rossianna Willemburg (Rosa Luxemburg), Vladimir Leonid (Vladimir Lenin) and Leon Kaminski (Leon Trotsky)

We belive in racial, gender, social and economical equality and we will place equality in all of it's forms as our highest and most important goal

We are Socialists

We are Feminists

We are Communists

We are Environmentalists

We are progressive

We are Anti-fascists

We are Anti-imperialists


In the long run we wish to abolish the parlament and establish a direct democracy

We support equal voting rights for all people (over the voting age) living in this country

We support a lower voting age

We support more frequen elections

We wish to increase the amounts of seats in the parlament to make sure the people are better repressented


We want to place the means of production and all workplaces and services in the hands of the workers instead of the bosses

We want an economical system based on the idea of ”from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs”

We support the complete abolishon of private property

We support progressive taxation

We support trade unions and worker co-operatives

We support a very high minimum wage and a very low maximum wage

All services should either be controlled by the government (local or national) or by workers co-operatives, private corporations should be forbidden

We support universal healthcare

We support completley free quality education for children, teenagers and adults of all ages

We support legaslation to garantee equal pay for equal work and to combat the wage gap

We support high tarrifs on foreign goods

We support a low retierment age

We support a six hour (or shorter) workday

We support heavy regulations to make sure the working conditions are good

We oppose child labour and slavery and think we should break all trading with any nation that allows either one of them

Social issues and Civil rights:

We support feminism and the complete abolishon of patriarchy

We support womens rights to their own bodies and abortion

We support combating norms and macho culture with a progressive education system that from an early age teaches children about different sexualities and ways to live, to always oppose norms and teaches boys from an early age to respect the word no

We support affermative action to help women and minorities get into the worklife

We support open borders and an open refugee policy

We support equal marrige and adoption rights regardless of what sexuallity the couple haves

We support medical marujana

We support a secular atheist government and strong seperation between church and state

We support freedom of religion

We belive the age when someone is considered an adult should be at highest fifteen (and possibly lower)

We support sexual education

We support free distrobution of contraceptives by the government

We belive that the governments duty is to fight racism, sexism and homophobia by any means necesary and any hate speech or hatefull opinions should be punishable

We support very strict gun control

We want to reduce government monitoring and the amount of CCTV cameras

We wish to ban animal testing, especially cosmetical but also scietific

The government should support vegetarianism and veganism (though individuals choose for themself)

We support increased rights and help for people with special needs

We belive it should be legal for a person to prostitute themself, but it should not be legal to pimp or to use the services of a prostitute

We oppose the death penalty and wish to ban the use of it aswell as torture of any kind

Military and Foreign policy:

We support a complete ban on chemical and nuclear weapons (as well as landmines)

We support a non-interventionist foreign policy

We support increased foreign aid to developing countries

We want to send finacial and military support to different revolutionary movements around terra

We oppose conscription and want all military service to be voluntary

We support an open and inclusive military and police force that includes people of all genders, ethnicities, sexualities and religions

We seek to make our country a voice for peace and reason in the international political discussions and always work for peace and international love, against war and imperialism

In the long run we wish to create a Terra without nations


As corporations couse most of the pollution a change from capitalism to socialism would greatly benefit the climate

We support heavy pollution regulations on corporations

We support free public transport

We belive private cars should be banned

We wish to create a society that is 100% run by alternative energy

We support a complete ban on nuclear power

OOC info:
I want to have fun playing this game, and I hope everyone else regardless of their opinions will do so aswell, I like roleplaying and I would gladly support the addition of new RP laws :)

The party holds simular values to what values I hold as a person, it is however diferentiating from my OOC ideas on certain issues, I for example am not a leninist (altough I am still a marxist)


This party is not part of the national cabinet.

Political Positions

Centralizationmoderate unitaristhighperfect
Civil Rightsrestrictive-leaninghighperfect
Ecologyconvinced environmentalistmoderateperfect
Foreign Relationsmoderate internationalistlimitedperfect
Government Responsibilitiesmoderate big governmenthighperfect
Marketextreme regulatorhighperfect
Militarymoderate pacifisthighperfect
Moralityconvinced progressivemoderateperfect
Religionconvinced secularhighperfect


This party is a member of the following organizations:

Election Results

History Table

MonthVotesTotal VotesVotes (%)Votes (%) (+)SeatsTotal SeatsSeats (%)Seats (+)
May 423149,56058,670,3320.08+0.0803500.00+0
October 42321,544,78057,913,0362.67+2.58103502.86+10
January 42331,149,11560,727,7471.89-0.7863501.71-4
November 42357,132,68555,694,92212.81+10.914435012.57+38
November 424114,489,60855,314,30726.20+13.399435026.86+50
November 424420,459,63857,735,81535.44+9.2412435035.43+30
July 424523,666,55752,983,58444.67+9.2315535044.29+31
July 424822,657,57448,514,05546.70+2.0416035045.71+5
July 425012,136,03712,136,037100.00+53.30349349100.00+189
July 425312,544,65412,544,654100.00+0.00349349100.00+0
July 425611,658,75311,749,08999.23-0.77349349100.00+0
July 425945,083,23249,756,40190.61-8.6231234989.40-37
July 426242,237,84252,096,27981.08-9.5327334978.22-39
July 426540,200,97054,764,60573.41-7.6724834971.06-25
April 426611,373,83911,373,839100.00+26.59349349100.00+101
April 426911,899,13011,921,43699.81-0.19349349100.00+0

Relative Graph

This graph shows the percentage of seats the party achieved in each election, relative to its maximum.

Election History

Absolute Graph

This graph shows the percentage of seats the party achieved in each election in the entire legislature.

Election History

National Graph

This graph shows the share of seats the party achieved in each election in the entire legislature, together with the share of other parties.

Election History


You can view the party's proposed bills here.

Legislative Agenda

This party has to vote on the following bills:

Voting Record

This is the voting[?] record of the Révolution Rouge.

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BillCreatedVoting startedVoteBill StatusResult
Open Stores ActNovember 4531November 4531defeated
Open Stores ActNovember 4531 debate
Alcoholic Deregulation Act of 4531November 4531 debate
Legalization or Prostitution Act or 4530December 4530May 4531passed
Regulation of Hunting ActNovember 4529May 4531passed
Compulsory Education ActJune 4528December 4528defeated
Evangelism Act of 4527May 4527May 4527defeated
Malpractice Act of 4525December 4525June 4526defeated
Treaty WithdrawalSeptember 4525September 4525passed
OOC:RP: Consent for Intervention of Kalistan Civil WarMarch 4525March 4525passed
Bill on national natureFebruary 4525February 4525defeated
RP: The Queen has died, long live The New KingFebruary 4525February 4525passed
Bill on Social NormalisationMarch 4524March 4524defeated
Bill for a healtier nationMarch 4524March 4524defeated
Society Focus BillAugust 4523April 4524defeated
RP: Proclamation of InterventionApril 4520April 4520passed
Call for early elections, January 4517January 4517January 4517passed
PRN Party PlatformJanuary 4516January 4516passed
Lois de Manifesto du SocialisteNovember 4512October 4513defeated
Call for early elections, November 4512November 4512November 4512defeated

Random fact: Players should not role-play characters without the consent of the owner, and if they find they have role-played the character beyond what the owner intended, they should withdraw or amend the role-play appropriately.

Random quote: "Capitalism demands the best of every man�his rationality�and rewards him accordingly. It leaves every man free to choose the work he likes, to specialize in it, to trade his product for the products of others, and to go as far on the road of achievement as his ability and ambition will carry him." � Ayn Rand

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