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United Left Party - Equality First[?]

This page contains information about the United Left Party - Equality First.

This party is inactive.


User[?]: Wohoo Im a commie

Nation[?]: Federal Republic of Likatonia

Seats[?] in House of Representatives[?]: 0




We, the United Left Party - Equality First (ULP-EF) are a Far-Left and Socialy Progressive Communist and Feminist party that will always stand up against oppression of any kind, and always support equality and justice for everyone.

- Collective leadership

- Far-Left

- Communism
- Feminism
- Libertarian Metzism (Marxism)
- Eco-Socialism
- Progressivism
- Internationalism
- Syndicalism
- Pro-Immigration
- Alter-globalism
- Left-Wing Populism
- Anti-fascism
- Anti-imperialism

Youth Wing:
-Young Left

Student Wing:
-Students for Equality

Womens' Wing:
-Feminist Front

Trade Union Wing:
-United Workers for Equality (UWE)

Activist Wing:
-Equality First

Official anthems:

Other anthems used by the party:

Political compass:


-Our ideology is based on the belief that all humans are just humans regardless of their gender, background, ethnicity, sexuality or religion. Therefore we think it is foolish that some humans live in mansions with servants and more food than they can eat, while others starves to death in their shacks, and we outh to change that. We belive in taking power and resources from those who have and give it to those who have nothing, we support a complete economical, social and structural revolution worldwide to free humanity from the bonds of oppression
-We are Communists fighting for full economical equaliy and collective ownership of all resources
-We are Feminists fighting for women's rights and gender equality
-We are Metzists (Marxists) building our ideology from the theories of Metz (Marx), Ehrenpreis (Engels), Willemburg (Rosa Luxemburg) and many other great theorists.
-We are Metzists, yet we oppose all authoritarian dictatorships set up in it's name, and we know that we cannot have communism without individual freedom.
-We are Environmentalists protecting mother Terra and her gifts from the exploitations of capitalism and consumerism
-We are socially progressive and support progressive reforms like LGBT+ rights, abortion and the legalization of soft drugs
-We are Internationalists and belive that the existens of nations are only an oppressive structure made to devide humanity, and we support the complete abolishon of this structure
-We fight for an equal multicultural society where everyone regardles of their etnical background are treated with respect and are given the same rights as everyone else
-We take inspiration from our comrades the Anarchists and we support Syndicalism and Workplace democracy
-Globalization is unavoidable, we should not work against it but rather transform it to something that grants power to the proletariat instead of the bourgeois
-We are Populist and anti-establishment, we support grassroots democracy and thinking outside the norms
-We are Anti-fascists beliving that the far-right must be destroyed by any means necesary
-We oppose wars and Imperialism and belive in a non-interventionist foreign policy

-Our main economical goal is to overthrow the current capitalist system and replace it with a collectivist and democratic economy based on the principle ”From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs”
-Until this goal is reached we shall support reforms that transfers economical power from the bourgeois to the proletariat, including:
-Progressive taxation
-Collectivisation of resoureces, industries and services
-A national maximum wage and power to the local governments to enforce stricter salary caps
-Increased regulation on the market
-A ban on the stock exchange

-In the long run, we wish to replace the current repressentative system with a direct democracy that allows common workers to rule themself rather than being ruled by a few elected officials from the ruling class
-We belive it is necesary to defend equality from the threats of hatred by banning reactionary parties like the Likatonian Union of Fascists from participating in elections
-Our constitution must change to support socialism
-We support affermative action in the parlament and ministry to defend and expand the rights of women and minorities
-We support lowering the voting age
-We support federalism and granting more power to the local governments
-Likatonia is a republic and should remain a republic, monarchism is a curse upon humanity

-Healthcare is a human right and should be free to everyone, private clinics should be banned
-We call for public ownership and worker and community control of the pharmaceutical industry
-We support medicinal marijuana
-We support euthanasia with consent of the patient, the patients loved ones and to a certain extent treating doctors
-Vaccines should be mandated for the sake of public safety, the anti-vaxer movement is dangerous and reactionary
-We support the right to gender reasignment surgery and we belive it should be free and payed for by the government

-Education is a right and should be free for everyone, almost all schools should be public and all facilites of education should be free, this is at every level of education, from pre-school to the most prestige universities
-Private schools should need to be free, non profit and with a specific focus (music, sports, drama, for people with special needs etc)
-We call for an egalitarian educational system with teaching methods that accommodate the wide range of teaching and learning styles
-We support the right to comprehensive sex education in school that includes birth control methods, STD protection, and information about being LGBT+
-Students should be teached progressive values and respect for their fellow humans
-Religius schools should be banned
-We support creating a system of education where assignments and lessons are customized after the individual students to help them bring out the best of their abilities

-We support free, quality public transportation
-We support extending the railway network to rural areas and small towns
-We support publicly funded development of renewable fuels
-We seek to step by step outlaw any vehicles that uses fosil fuel and create a society relying 100% on renewable fuels and public transportation

Culture and media:
-We support the formation of collectives, arts centers and schools, independent media, theaters and festivals to advance such cultural endeavors as music, poetry, prose, drama, dance, storytelling, visual art, and videography
-We support guaranteed incomes and grants for artists and performers
-We call for full funding to keep libraries,museums, cultural centers, and historic sites open and accessible to all
-Our culture is made stronger thru co-operation and influence from other cultures
-Culture should be free to be enjoyed by all, we oppose copyright laws
-Even thou we oppose copyright laws we still recognizes the artists right to his/her own work, and it should still be illegal to mae money of someone elses work
-All TV and radio stations should be operated by workers co-operatives and reciving funding from the national or local governments

-We recognize free quality housing as a right
-Everyone have the right to a home of their own, but it is also foolish that in the current society one family can own five mansions while another is forced to have all their children sleep in the same room, we wish to change that by deviding large houses into appartment and only allow appartments of varying size to be built for housing

-We support a system of ecologically based, sustainable, organic agriculture based on family farms and farming cooperatives that guarantee full workers’ rights to their employees, uphold all environmental and safety standards, and treat their live-stock in a humane manner
-We call for the elimination of the use of pesticides
-We seek to regulate but not ban the use of GM crops

-We firmly oppose the existens of a death penalty, all humans have the right to live
-We oppose torture and all physical punishments
-Racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination should be criminalized as hate crimes and have grave punishments
-We seek to make a crackdown on police brutality, any officer found misusing his/her power should be immediately fired from the force
-We belive incarcirated criminals should keep the right to vote, only exeption being those convicted of hate crimes
-In prison, rehabilitation should be far more important than punishments
-We support the full legalization of the LRAFA and other far-left groups that have wrongfully been persecuted as terrorists

-The rights and freedoms of the population is curved and ignored in the name of counter terrorism, we need to change this by reducing government survailence
-We wish to dissolve the nations intelligence agency
-We call for strict gun-control, only under strict licensing conditions should adults be able to posses firearms
-We call for the ultimate replacement of the police with community residents trained in conflict resolution who live in and serve the community under community control
-We support the leagilzation of soft drugs like marijuana
-We call for an immediate end to the war on drugs, selling narcotics without a government licens should however still be a crime

-Our goal is to allow the workers themself to take control over all industry, services and workplaces and themself gaining the fruit of their own labour instead of the bosses and stockholders that control them.
-Until full workers power is reached we will support reforms that grants more power to the working class, including:
-A high minimum wage
-Defending and expanding the workers right to strike and organize
-Introduction of a thirty hour work-week
-Support for democratic workers concils
-Strict safety and work quality regulations on corporations
-We strongly support trade unions
-Slavery is illegal and should remain illegal

Environment and energy
-As most pollution is coused by major corporations, a change from capitalism to socialism would benefit the climate
-Our goal is a society run on 100% renewable energy
-We support higly restrictive regulations on corporations to end carbon emissions and pollution
-We support and wish to enforce recycling
-We call for public ownership and democratic control of all our natural resources so that they cannot be abused by corporations
-We call for an immediate ban on nuclear power

-We support scientific advancements and we wish to increase the national budget for researsh
-We support stem-cell research

Human rights:
-All humans regardless of gender, skin-colour, background, sexuality, religion, age or any other factor should be treated as equals and have the same rights and freedoms in society
-Equality must always come before freedom, and freedom must almost always come before security

-We are feminists and call for a complete abolishon of patriarchy
-We demand full support for every woman's right to choose when, if, and how to have children, including the right to free abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy
-We demand that local governments place a priority on preventing violence toward women
-We support affermative action in workplaces, the parlament, the ministry, the military and the police force to give women more power in society
-In schools women should recive self-defence lessons to defend themself against sexual abuse while men should recive education in respect for women and the word no
-Legaslation should be made to garantee equal pay for equal work and to combat the wage gap
-Our prostitution policy is built on feminist ideals, a women should not be punished for selling her body, while those exploiting her (johns and pimps) should be punished instead
-We support regulating the porn industry to make sure everyone involved are treated with respect and that everything is done with consent
-We wish to ban stripclubs as they objectify women
-We support stricter punishment for those convicted of rape, sexual abuse and sexual harassment, we also belive that sexism should be a criminal offence

-We strongly support affirmative action, civil rights, and anti-discrimination laws and programs to end institutional racism
-We are a strong ally of the Talmorian-Likatonian community and we support Pan-Talmorianism and the Black Power movement
-We oppose all efforts to declare Luthorian the official language, and call for an end to all language discrimination
-We support the efforts of people of colour to self-defense, self-determination, and to organize independently for their liberation
-Racism and discrimination of minorities and people of colour should be a punishable criminal offence

-We support the native Likatonian community and their civil rights
-We support the independence of the native Likatonian nations tha where onced promised them
-Discrimination of the native Likatonian community should be strictly forbidden

-We are an ally of the LGBT+ community and support full human rights for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, genderqueers, asexuals, pansexuals and others
-We support and defend the right of same-sex marrige
-We support same-sex couples right to adoption
-We wish to create a society where people who love each other are allowed to do so without any restrictions from the conservative norms that rules the current society, where people are not bound to the gender they've been assigned at birth without any choice and where people openly can talk about sex and sexuality without fear of percicution
-Gender is on a scale and everyone falls on a different place on it, people should be free to identify as whatever gender they think they have and be reffered to that in official situations

-All humans should have the right to education and a happy childhood, child labour should be strictly forbidden
-Children should have the right to have their opinions taken seriusly and have their voices heard
-More laws are needed to protect children, especially girls from abuse
-Young children should have the right to free quality day-care

-The ULP-EF supports youth rights
-We belive in lowering the voting age to the age of 15
-We support the rights of young people to be free of any kind of abuse or neglect whether physical, mental, emotional, or sexual
-We oppose age-based curfew laws
-We call for the abolition of parent consent and notification laws for reproductive health services, including abortion. Young people should have their own choice regarding their parents knowlege of their lives
-Teenagers should have the right to not be treated the same as young children before the law

-We support lowering the right of retirement to the age of 60
-We demand that the Social Security system remain entirely within the public sector
-We call for jobs and training for seniors who do not wish to retire
-We support an increase in home service

People with disabilities:
-All public and private buildings, facilities, and modes of transportation should be accessible to disabled people
-We support affermative action to help people with disabilities gain employment
-Ableism should be a criminal offence

People with special needs:
-People with special needs should recive the same rights as everyone else in society
-People with special needs should recive the help they need at work and at school to be able to live good and happy lives
-Discrimination against people with special needs should be a crime

Foreign Policy:
-We support Likatonia joining the Union of Revolutionary Socialist Republics (URSR)
-We oppose free trade agreements
-In most situations we think Likatonia should favor a non-interventionist foreign policy
-Likatonia should impose sanctions and refuse trade with all authoritarian right-wing regimes
-We support socialist revolutions and movements around Terra and we wish to aid them financialy and military
-In the long run, we wish to create a united Terra without nations
-Until the day Terra unites under the red flag we support independence for all oppressed peoples and nations
-We wish to cancel the third world debt
-We support a high amount of foreign aid

-We want to build a world in which everyone will be able to freely move across borders, to visit and to live wherever they choose
-We support welcoming all refugees, ”legal” or ”illegal” and give them aid integrating into the country
-We oppose border control and wish to reduce it to simply include a basic check to confirm the identities of the people entering the nation
-All ”illegal” immigrants currently residing in the nation should immediately be granted full citizenship

-We support a complete ban on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons
-We support a complete ban on landmines
-We oppose conscription and belive that all military service should be voluntary
-We back the introduction of quotas on the military to include at least 40% women and a large cuantity of ethnical and sexual minorities
-In the long run we wish to see the military dissolved and replaced with a free socialist army
-The military should be democratized and individual squads should be able to elect their own commanders
-We support cutting the military budget to help fund welfare
-We support the right of soldiers to form unions and strike
-We wish to ban the arms trade

Animal rights:
-We oppose animal testing, especially cosmetic but also scientific
-We support vegetarianism and veganism and think it should be encoureged but not forced
-We wish to ban entertainment that harms animals
-We support restrictions and regulation of hunting and fishing
-We oppose factory farming practices of overcrowding, drugging, and otherwise cruelly treating animals
-We call for the banning of the fur trade

-We belive in a secular society and an atheist government
-We support freedom of religion
-We wish to ban religius schools becuse children should not be forced into a religion they did not choose, schools should have the duty to teach about all religions to give knowlege about foreign faiths to children who have grown up in religius homes.
-Teaching a child creationism should be illegal and considered a criminal offence
-Religius extremism of all kinds are curses upon society and should be activly combated

(OOC notes about the platform: I wrote most of it, however many parts of it was inspired or borrowed from the platform of the Socialist Party usa, I also ask you to excuse some bad grammar and spelling, I am not from an english speaking country)


This party is not part of the national cabinet.

Political Positions

Civil Rightsconvinced permissivehighperfect
Ecologymoderate environmentalisthighperfect
Foreign Relationsmoderate internationalisthighperfect
Government Responsibilitiesmoderate big governmentexcellentperfect
Marketconvinced regulatorhighperfect
Militaryconvinced pacifisthighperfect
Moralityconvinced progressivehighperfect
Religionconvinced secularhighperfect


This party is a member of the following organizations:

Election Results

History Table

MonthVotesTotal VotesVotes (%)Votes (%) (+)SeatsTotal SeatsSeats (%)Seats (+)
November 427220,090,67462,653,04232.07+32.0713942532.71+139
November 427418,804,47765,448,71128.73-3.3312442529.18-15
November 427618,152,90264,722,54628.05-0.6812242528.71-2
May 427718,241,52564,603,75328.24+0.1912342528.94+1
August 427718,635,28666,615,07827.97-0.2612142528.47-2
August 427921,138,72566,651,95331.72+3.7413742532.24+16
September 428022,502,63363,441,61135.47+3.7515442536.24+17
May 428122,971,03765,825,86334.90-0.5715042535.29-4
May 428319,090,91265,942,38128.95-5.9512742529.88-23
November 428321,847,13165,573,47633.32+4.3714342533.65+16
November 428516,235,60265,028,68124.97-8.3510742525.18-36
November 428717,834,54364,733,16027.55+2.5811942528.00+12
November 428917,634,29862,840,56328.06+0.5112142528.47+2
March 429117,246,45262,532,52727.58-0.4811842527.76-3
March 429314,983,60064,894,39323.09-4.4910042523.53-18
September 429417,211,45764,933,75726.51+3.4211442526.82+14
September 429617,469,16763,010,57127.72+1.2211942528.00+5
September 42989,658,48764,703,74814.93-12.806442515.06-55
September 430011,517,51363,952,69418.01+3.085429518.31-10
September 430210,484,66262,456,65816.79-1.225029516.95-4
April 430310,776,02662,449,48017.26+0.475229517.63+2
April 430510,912,98362,891,69517.35+0.105129517.29-1
April 430714,102,87562,433,58222.59+5.246929523.39+18
April 430913,763,00462,217,58722.12-0.476829523.05-1
April 431110,879,40463,445,77417.15-4.975129517.29-17
April 43136,103,12063,185,0499.66-7.49292959.83-22
April 43157,312,97463,435,02111.53+1.875042511.76+21
February 43167,799,30861,898,69512.60+1.075442512.71+4
February 43177,679,91461,708,95512.45-0.155242512.24-2
June 431813,234,56361,407,76221.55+9.119342521.88+41
June 43208,552,76863,741,79913.42-8.135842513.65-35
June 432212,524,08363,763,15819.64+6.228442519.76+26
June 432412,134,32763,623,21419.07-0.578142519.06-3
June 432611,654,75762,692,30818.59-0.488142519.06+0
June 432812,083,96063,451,59719.04+0.458242519.29+1
June 433011,619,46862,145,28118.70-0.358042518.82-2

Relative Graph

This graph shows the percentage of seats the party achieved in each election, relative to its maximum.

Election History

Absolute Graph

This graph shows the percentage of seats the party achieved in each election in the entire legislature.

Election History

National Graph

This graph shows the share of seats the party achieved in each election in the entire legislature, together with the share of other parties.

Election History


You can view the party's proposed bills here.

Legislative Agenda

This party has to vote on the following bills:

Voting Record

This is the voting[?] record of the United Left Party - Equality First.

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BillCreatedVoting startedVoteBill StatusResult
Free higher educationFebruary 4532February 4532defeated
Call for early elections, February 4529February 4529February 4529defeated
The New Likatonian Freedom BillFebruary 4529 debate
Ratification of the International Pro-Life TreatyJuly 4526July 4526passed
Grand Manifesto of The LIAMarch 4526March 4526defeated
Life Act of 4525October 4525October 4525passed
Ratification of the Life for everyoneOctober 4525October 4525passed
Call for early elections, September 4525September 4525September 4525passed
The Great Society Act of 4525February 4525February 4525defeated
Public defence rights actJuly 4524 debate
Economic reformsAugust 4523September 4523defeated
Foreign aid billNovember 4522August 4523defeated
Right to abortionAugust 4521August 4523defeated
Ratification of the ULTIMATUM TO GOVERNMENT OF KAFURISTANMarch 4517August 4517defeated
Local Administration Act of 4515March 4515March 4515passed
Military Reorganzation Act of 4515March 4515March 4515passed
Right to defend yourself ActOctober 4512October 4512passed
National Sport ActFebruary 4512February 4512passed
Health Care Reform IIFebruary 4512February 4512passed
Education ReformFebruary 4512February 4512passed

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