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New Progressive Party of Pontesi[?]

This page contains information about the New Progressive Party of Pontesi.

This party is inactive.


User[?]: tracemanxp2

Nation[?]: Serenissima Res Publica Pontesiae (Most Serene Republic of Pontesi)

Seats[?] in Magnus Consilio (Great Council)[?]: 0




A progressive party that puts the environment, peace, freedom, and the civil rights and liberties of the people first.

Founded by Apel Ohanyan in May 4472.
Dissolved in February 4529.

Current Party Leader: Armen Istamboulian
Current Party Deputy(represents party in Senate when leader is Federal President): Armine Avaliani


Social Democracy
Green Liberalism

Political Position
Center-Left to Left Wing


Party Leaders (Federal Presidents if they were elected)
Apel Ohanyan
Party Leader: 4472-4484
Federal President of Pontesi: 4474-4478, 4482-4484

The party founder, Mr. Ohanyan led the nation of Pontesi out of the remnants of an imperial regime and restored the Federal Constitutional Republic with a more democratic and progressive platform. In addition to the restoration of democracy with electable Head of State known as the Federal President, the legislature was also expanded to 499 seats under Ohanyan's rule so the people were better represented. The party has passed a number of reform packages throughout Ohanyan's first term. Winning the party elections in May 4477(the first since the party founding) easily 37-13, Mr. Ohanyan remained the party leader and ran for re-election in the 4478 Presidential Elections. He lost his bid for re-election to the Republican Party's candidate Serzh Manukyan in said elections, though it was later admitted by the Republican Party that they tampered with the elections to assume power. The resulting government and policies enacted by such is leading Pontesi into what amounts to a fascist regime. Mr. Ohanyan is a vocal critic of this regime and is fighting to hold the ruling party accountable for what they're doing to the nation. In 4479 after Manukyan announced a bounty on Ohanyan's head, he and a few NPPoP staffers fled to asylum while Party Deputy Samuel Yeghiayan and the active NPPoP Senators continued the opposition against the Manukyan's regime. The traditional party elections did not occur due to these events, but the party had unianimously agreed to Apel keeping his role as Party Leader and Presidential Candidate. He won the 4482 elections and is once again the President of Pontesi. He had shortly returned in the public eye after he was elected and the bounty was called off following the transition of power. In his second term, his party restored the freedoms and got rid of the horrid taxes and policies set forth by the Manukyan regime. Also, he entered an energy deal with the nation of Tropica to give them financial aid for their green energy projects as well as a team of green engineers to help with it, in exchange for a team of professional doctors to help rebuild Pontesi's healthcare system after the Manukyan regime essentially dismantled it in their rule. In mid-4484 following a vacancy in the Senate left by the recently-rebranded Prosperous Pontesi party, there was an early election called to fill the vacancy. President Ohanyan did not run in this election, instead announcing that Mr. Yeghiayan would succeed him as Party Leader and candidate for the presidency. When the results came in, Samuel Yeghiayan had won the presidency uncontested.

Samuel Yeghiayan
Party Leader: 4484-4492
Federal President of Pontesi: 4484-4492

Previously the Party Deputy, Mr. Yeghiayan was a very passionate senator. In the face of the Manukyan regime, he showed no fear as he led the opposition when Mr. Ohanyan was in hiding to stay out the reach of the Republican Party. After the 4482 elections and the transfer of power away from said regime, he helped the party pass freedom-restoring reforms. After being elected Federal President in 4484, he continued to work toward improving Pontesi domestically and internationally. The Tropican Deal that was initially agreed upon under the Ohanyan Administration was carried on into Yeghiayan's Administration, with Pontesi being about to successfully complete the payments to Tropica's green projects in 4487. This deal was a big help for the healthcare system in Pontesi as the country greatly benefited from the medical research and professional doctors provided in said deal. President Yeghiayan easily won re-election in the 4488 elections against the relatively newly-formed Liberal Conservative Union of Pontesi's Lara Topalian. In September 4491, President Yeghiayan arranged to have a meeting with the Rector of Selucia, Panegyris Priscian, to discuss important issues like trade, international cooperation, and civil rights. President Yeghiayan would not seek a third term and the party voted for Party Deputy Azad Ismailyan to be the next Party Leader and candidate for Federal President of Pontesi for the 4492 elections.

Azad Ismailyan
Party Leader: 4492-4513
Federal President: 4496-4497, 4501-4513

Party Deputy during Yeghiayan's Administration, Azad Ismailyan was voted to be the Party Leader in December 4491. As such, he was the party candidate for Federal President in the 4492 elections. Mr. Ismailyan had lost his bid for the presidency in these elections, but was comfortable about the results and respectfully conceded to the Liberal Conservative Union's candidate Lara Topalian. Despite this, a new cabinet proposal hasn't been introduced and the New Progressives still held on to the cabinet. Ismailyan would go over the state of the nation and discuss issues with the party that should be brought to the Senate. Later in the term, he would bring some of these issues to the floor and for a vote, along with introducing some proposals to ratify treaties that would reinforce the party's commitment to protecting important policies on the environment, freedoms, and civil rights; courtesy of Pontesian Foreign Minister Lori Nigosian. The Liberal Conservatives had left the Senate before the 4496 elections, which meant the New Progressives ran unopposed and Mr. Ismailyan had won the Presidency. The treaties that were in debate had finally come to a vote and were eventually passed, including one on the Majatran Sea Guard at the request of the Selucian Defense Minister. Not too far into his first term, the Republican Party had returned to the Senate. They called for an early election, of which the New Progressives agreed to proceed with being confident in the people. This backfired and the nation saw the Manukyans returning to power. Mr. Ismailyan went into hiding pre-emptively in fear of being prosecuted as the leader of the opposing party. Party Deputy, Senator Taline Dadourian, and former President, Senator Apel Ohanyan, have vowed to lead the opposition without fear as they are protected by the Constitution as the opposition party within the Senate. The Manukyan Regime recently put in power has enslaved foreigners that were in Pontesi and threatened to eliminate whole nations, something that has turned into an international crisis. New Progressive Party Senators have opposed and condemned every policy change brought to the Senate Floor by the Republican Party, though this has done little to nothing to stop them since they have little to no power during this current legislative session. Following the 4501 elections, the New Progressives have the majority and the presidency once again. Work has quickly begun in attempting to repair the damages the Republican Party has done. The New Progressives kept power through the 4505 and 4509 elections, continuing to run the nation through a stable and peaceful era. President Ismailyan announced that he doesn't plan on running for another term in 4513 and Party Deputy Taline Dadourian already announced she would not be running for President. Current Foreign Minister Armen Istamboulian announced plans to run for Party Leader. He stated that if he wins the party election, he will resign from his post in order to run on the Presidential ticket and shuffle the cabinet. Istamboulian followed through with his promise; he was elected Party Leader and has resigned from his post as Foreign Minister to run for Federal President.

Armen Istamboulian
Party Leader: 4513-4529
Federal President: 4513-4517,4521-4522, 4526-4529

Former Foreign Minister of Ponesti, Istamboulian resigned from his position to run for Federal President in the 4513 elections. He won the election unopposed as a new party known as the Renaissance League joined the Senate. The Senate had some activity in this time with the New Progressives voting their stances at times while abstaining in others. The Renaissance League, now branded as the Imperial Party, won the Senate and the Presidency in 4517. The year after saw a lot of international treaties ratified, while a couple of treaty withdrawals and multiple omnibus bills were passed with the New Progressives voting against. A new party, the National Justice Party, was making itself known in the Senate during this term. In the 4521 elections, all three parties won a good bit of the Senate, with the Presidency won narrowly by Istamboulian in a very close second round. Not long after elections, the National Justice Party vacated the Senate, leaving roughly a quarter of the chamber's seats empty. A snap election was called the year after to fill the vacancy. The resulting election was a very close one, with the Imperial Party very narrowly winning the Senate and the Presidency. In this term, the Imperial Party introduced an omnibus bill that shook the New Progressives. While it did contain a few policy changes that they would agree with, there other policies in the bill that the party refused to support. Among these policies was the legalization of slavery, a policy that reminded the New Progressives of the dark times of the Manukyan Regime. Despite their opposition, the bill has enough support to pass and it seems once again Pontesi is allowing slavery. The New Progressives vowed opposition to this move and are prepared to campaign for the return of a progressive Pontesi once again.


This party is not part of the national cabinet.

Political Positions

Centralizationmoderate federalistexcellentperfect
Civil Rightsconvinced permissiveexcellentperfect
Ecologymoderate environmentalistexcellentperfect
Foreign Relationsconvinced internationalistexcellentperfect
Government Responsibilitiessmall government-leaningexcellentperfect
Marketmoderate regulatorexcellentperfect
Militaryconvinced pacifistexcellentperfect
Moralitymoderate progressivehighperfect


This party is a member of the following organizations:

Election Results

History Table

MonthVotesTotal VotesVotes (%)Votes (%) (+)SeatsTotal SeatsSeats (%)Seats (+)
August 447212,415,46812,415,468100.00+100.00100100100.00+100
March 447412,552,80712,552,807100.00+0.00499499100.00+399
March 447816,882,37644,791,62537.69-62.3118949937.88-310
March 448230,928,60954,737,98156.50+18.8128349956.71+94
May 448411,788,97111,788,971100.00+43.50499499100.00+216
May 448826,767,97237,784,31670.84-29.1633749967.54-162
May 449218,761,70747,022,25339.90-30.9420449940.88-133
May 449611,909,94211,909,942100.00+60.10499499100.00+295
April 449718,816,81148,159,26139.07-60.9319949939.88-300
April 450131,821,44156,946,94755.88+16.8128149956.31+82
April 450535,132,78758,537,79660.02+4.1430249960.52+21
April 450931,470,36255,344,06856.86-3.1529049958.12-12
April 451310,862,49812,761,98785.12+28.2545049990.18+160
April 451727,080,75661,594,17343.97-41.1522149944.29-229
April 452120,679,25555,023,10037.58-6.3818549937.07-36
October 452224,241,43049,802,31548.68+11.0924849949.70+63
January 452629,300,33554,722,25353.54+4.878215054.67-166

Relative Graph

This graph shows the percentage of seats the party achieved in each election, relative to its maximum.

Election History

Absolute Graph

This graph shows the percentage of seats the party achieved in each election in the entire legislature.

Election History

National Graph

This graph shows the share of seats the party achieved in each election in the entire legislature, together with the share of other parties.

Election History


You can view the party's proposed bills here.

Legislative Agenda

This party has to vote on the following bills:

Voting Record

This is the voting[?] record of the New Progressive Party of Pontesi.

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BillCreatedVoting startedVoteBill StatusResult
Further DictatorshipJune 4572 debate
Proper Development ActFebruary 4570February 4570passed
Call for early elections, May 4568May 4568May 4568passed
Budget proposal of December 4563December 4563December 4563passed
Dictator ActDecember 4563December 4563passed
Abolishment ActDecember 4563December 4563passed
Declaration: State of EmergencyDecember 4563 debate
Call for early elections, May 4563May 4563May 4563passed
C-Subjects Slave ActJanuary 4561May 4562passed
Economic freedom ActJanuary 4561December 4561passed
Constitutional amendment: State of Emergency ActDecember 4560August 4561passed
Property ActDecember 4560August 4561passed
Constitutional amendment: National Order ActAugust 4560August 4561passed
Constitutional amendment: Head of StateAugust 4560August 4560passed
Budget proposal of August 4560August 4560August 4560passed
Power insurance ActJuly 4560August 4560passed
Income tax proposal of July 4560July 4560July 4560passed
Budget proposal of July 4560July 4560July 4560passed
Constitutional Amendment: Languange ActJuly 4560July 4560passed
Constitutional amendment: Population Race ActJune 4560July 4560passed

Random fact: There are two countries based on Egypt in the game. Cobura is based on modern Egypt with a retro twist, while Hawu Mumenhes is based on Ancient Egypt with a modernist twist.

Random quote: "The problem is big government. If whoever controls government can impose his way upon you, you have to fight constantly to prevent the control from being harmful. With small, limited government, it doesn�t much matter who controls it, because it can�t do you much harm." � Harry Browne

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