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Nation[?]: Republiek van Seridjan (Republic of Saridan)

Population[?]: 20,003,992

Delegates to the Kongres[?]: 71

Notable cities[?]:


Area[?]: 191,700 km²


Map of Ijkpieland


View detailed political opinions.

These bars display the opinions of the inhabitants of Ijkpieland. The black spot in the center of each bar shows the average value of each ideology in this region.

federalistImportance: tiny
Civil Rights[?]restrictive
permissiveImportance: tiny
environmentalistImportance: tiny
Foreign Relations[?]isolationist
internationalistImportance: tiny
Government Responsibilities[?]small government
big governmentImportance: vital
laissez-faireImportance: vital
militaristImportance: tiny
progressiveImportance: tiny
religiousImportance: tiny


Labor Market[?]

Workforce[?] [between ages 15 and 65]: 61.35% of the population

Employment[?]: 93.07% of the workforce

Age Distribution[?]


Income Distribution[?]

Gini Coefficient[?]: 0.289615

The two numbers given on the graph are the mean incomes of the lowest and highest bracket.

Regional Income Distribution

Election History

March 4361
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rainbow Party3,662,67833.31
 Progressive Future Party3,366,74230.62
 Sint Pietereiland Progressive Party10,3580.09
 The Liberal-Socialist Party of Saridan9,8760.09
March 4357
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rainbow Party2,913,94929.22
 Progressive Future Party2,409,57824.17
March 4353
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Future Party2,241,33322.39
 Rainbow Party1,805,08918.03
 Socialist Party1,428,95014.28
March 4349
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One Nation7,768,85266.12
 Socialist Party2,914,84324.81
 Die Liberale Unie1,065,2669.07
March 4345
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One Nation7,991,16965.10
 Socialist Party2,727,23122.22
 Die Liberale Unie1,557,12712.68
March 4341
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One Nation7,927,75071.37
 Socialist Party2,069,75918.63
 Die Liberale Unie1,110,0229.99
March 4337
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Die Liberale Unie4,982,52946.18
 One Nation3,758,45434.83
 Socialist Party2,048,35418.98
April 4336
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Die Liberale Unie4,244,48435.52
 One Nation3,799,49831.80
 Alt-Right Alliance2,164,24618.11
 Socialist Party1,739,74314.56
April 4332
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Die Liberale Unie5,329,59050.35
 One Nation3,744,16435.37
 Socialist Party1,510,67414.27
April 4328
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Die Liberale Unie5,237,15065.53
 One Nation2,746,95134.37
 moonfrog3 Party7,6730.10
April 4324
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Die Liberale Unie5,135,56461.81
 One Nation3,173,26638.19
September 4323
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Die Liberale Unie3,439,79031.34
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij2,643,95824.09
 SatBDSaLSP of Saridan2,242,27320.43
 One Nation1,566,49414.27
 Tasseliese Boere-Unie ☭794,7877.24
 New Order287,5322.62
September 4319
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One Nation2,999,16924.96
 New Order2,494,48420.76
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij1,802,37815.00
 Tasseliese Boere-Unie ☭1,453,96812.10
 Die Liberale Unie1,453,17012.09
 SatBDSaLSP of Saridan896,8197.46
 Seridjan Nationale Partij548,8234.57
 Seridjan Democratische Unie368,4403.07
September 4315
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One Nation6,052,30746.47
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij2,260,00217.35
 Tasseliese Boere-Unie ☭1,598,85812.28
 New Order1,341,13310.30
 Seridjan Democratische Unie880,0256.76
 Die Liberale Unie475,7873.65
 Seridjan Nationale Partij409,7093.15
 SatBDSaLSP of Saridan5,6620.04
September 4311
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One Nation5,290,69440.26
 Seridjan Democratische Unie2,422,15918.43
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij1,698,59112.93
 Die Liberale Unie1,648,73012.55
 New Order1,104,9098.41
 Tasseliese Boere-Unie ☭954,3747.26
 SatBDSaLSP of Saridan14,2440.11
 Seridjan Nationale Partij7,4760.06
September 4307
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One Nation4,953,81541.16
 Fascistische Voorkant2,391,88219.87
 Die Liberale Unie1,958,34316.27
 Nasionale Sosialistiese Werkersfaksie1,288,82610.71
 Seridjan Democratische Unie927,3137.70
 New Order515,6844.28
October 4305
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One Nation4,052,50130.64
 Die Liberale Unie3,399,78225.71
 Nasionale Sosialistiese Werkersfaksie3,295,04224.92
 Seridjan Democratische Unie2,458,70818.59
 New Order14,4010.11
 Nationale Verandering (NV)3,9080.03
October 4301
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Seridjan Democratische Unie3,929,10142.50
 One Nation3,899,50242.18
 Nasionale Sosialistiese Werkersfaksie1,416,93015.33
October 4297
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Tasseliese Boere-Unie ☭2,012,62724.75
 Nasionale Sosialistiese Werkersfaksie1,988,09824.44
 Rode Thalleristische Beweging1,880,18223.12
 Monargist Faksie van Seridjan1,344,25516.53
 Le Parti Euphitriens des Tasselistes907,83111.16
October 4293
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Sosialistiese Werkersfaksie5,787,75361.08
 Alt-Right Alliance3,688,21038.92
October 4289
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Sosialistiese Werkersfaksie3,574,31557.52
 Alt-Right Alliance2,639,28342.48
October 4285
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance2,540,161100.00
October 4281
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance2,310,65399.65
 One Nation Party8,0960.35
October 4277
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance11,147,860100.00
 Nasionale Sosialistiese Seridjanerswerke2940.00
November 4275
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance11,461,056100.00
 Nasionale Sosialistiese Seridjanerswerke4350.00
November 4271
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance2,093,358100.00
January 4271
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance5,794,83065.11
 Unie van Oranje3,105,71034.89
January 4267
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance6,560,14470.82
 Unie van Oranje2,702,78629.18
January 4264
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unie van Oranje3,708,49373.19
 Alt-Right Alliance1,358,14326.81
January 4260
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance5,801,45158.31
 Unie van Oranje2,737,31527.51
 Tradisie en Aksie1,409,76714.17
January 4256
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance4,730,37039.37
 Tradisie en Aksie2,285,87419.03
 Unie van Oranje2,259,52218.81
 Liberale vir Seridjan1,451,15012.08
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij1,286,78210.71
January 4252
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale vir Seridjan4,740,56842.53
 Tradisie en Aksie4,418,50139.64
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij1,090,2069.78
 Alt-Right Alliance895,6478.03
 Unie van Oranje2,3730.02
April 4250
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale vir Seridjan3,427,95133.11
 Gees Van Selfvertroue2,357,31922.77
 Tradisie en Aksie2,061,64719.91
 Alt-Right Alliance1,808,82917.47
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij697,3216.74
December 4246
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance3,741,09633.67
 Gees Van Selfvertroue3,506,24531.56
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij1,804,84816.25
 Liberale vir Seridjan1,079,6229.72
 Union of Left Progressives978,2148.80
December 4242
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance5,687,08049.23
 Gees Van Selfvertroue3,646,99031.57
 Liberale vir Seridjan861,0677.45
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij694,0926.01
 Union of Left Progressives663,0295.74
December 4238
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance4,000,60632.99
 Union of Left Progressives3,695,28730.47
 Gees Van Selfvertroue1,881,04215.51
 Liberale vir Seridjan1,356,85511.19
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij1,192,4839.83
December 4234
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance4,804,97537.95
 Unie van Links4,022,75531.77
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij1,901,09415.02
 Gees Van Selfvertroue718,8065.68
 Liberale vir Seridjan713,5535.64
 Union of Left Progressives499,0613.94
December 4230
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance4,752,31637.18
 Union of Left Progressives1,999,95615.65
 Gees Van Selfvertroue1,789,03314.00
 Liberale vir Seridjan1,288,63010.08
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij1,161,8059.09
 Saridani National Socialist Party949,6857.43
 Unie van Links840,4486.58
December 4226
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale vir Seridjan6,532,37949.48
 Saridani National Socialist Party4,186,60431.71
 Unie van Links1,466,49011.11
 Alt-Right Alliance997,2237.55
 Conservatieve Duntrekkers Partij12,0250.09
 Union of Left Progressives5,8440.04
 Alagesia Party5120.00
April 4224
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale vir Seridjan5,229,58445.09
 Unie van Links3,809,18032.84
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel1,036,2118.93
 Alt-Right Alliance841,2107.25
 Saridani National Socialist Party682,0135.88
August 4222
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale vir Seridjan4,515,43937.33
 Saridani National Socialist Party3,815,87431.55
 Groene Republikeinen1,467,31112.13
 die Hosian-Demokrate1,417,42411.72
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel479,7393.97
 Alt-Right Alliance398,9823.30
August 4218
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel4,606,68141.36
 Liberale vir Seridjan3,877,23134.81
 Alt-Right Alliance1,360,29912.21
 die Hosian-Demokrate1,295,12111.63
August 4214
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel5,671,65044.66
 Liberale vir Seridjan4,365,59134.38
 die Hosian-Demokrate1,650,63513.00
 Alt-Right Alliance1,011,1787.96
July 4213
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel5,619,89743.88
 Liberale vir Seridjan3,933,87330.71
 die Radikale1,424,06711.12
 die Hosian-Demokrate1,289,11710.06
 Alt-Right Alliance541,7844.23
July 4209
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale vir Seridjan6,095,27349.55
 die Hosian-Demokrate4,143,24433.68
 die Radikale2,062,80916.77
July 4205
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale vir Seridjan6,723,27752.64
 die Radikale6,040,57047.30
 Nasionale Party8,1490.06
August 4201
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 die Radikale5,592,85346.51
 Liberale vir Seridjan5,021,14041.75
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party1,412,05011.74
August 4197
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale vir Seridjan6,547,34251.24
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party6,227,39448.73
 die Radikale3,6660.03
August 4193
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale vir Seridjan6,044,73551.76
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party5,633,10548.24
August 4189
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale vir Seridjan5,995,11551.11
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party5,735,18248.89
April 4188
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party6,211,86348.05
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel3,957,57630.61
 Liberale vir Seridjan2,758,13521.34
April 4184
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party6,705,46752.38
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel3,992,00131.18
 Liberale vir Seridjan2,104,98116.44
April 4180
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party7,010,25754.11
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel4,052,63831.28
 Liberale vir Seridjan1,891,71214.60
 Maui21 Party6230.00
April 4176
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel5,373,55541.85
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party5,316,16641.41
 Liberale vir Seridjan2,149,10916.74
January 4174
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party4,398,91034.26
 Communistische Partij van Seridjan3,291,35625.64
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel2,683,44620.90
 Liberale vir Seridjan2,214,11317.25
 Alt-Right Alliance251,2201.96
January 4170
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communistische Partij van Seridjan3,845,70330.40
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party2,828,64622.36
 Alt-Right Alliance2,586,84120.45
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel1,942,92815.36
 Liberale vir Seridjan1,447,50011.44
January 4166
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party3,308,81024.97
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel3,256,86824.57
 Alt-Right Alliance2,796,39421.10
 Liberale vir Seridjan2,404,04818.14
 Communistische Partij van Seridjan1,487,25711.22
October 4165
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel3,503,14326.53
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party3,082,88823.34
 Alt-Right Alliance3,039,85323.02
 Liberale vir Seridjan2,354,45217.83
 Communistische Partij van Seridjan1,226,3199.29
October 4161
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communistische Partij van Seridjan4,366,23932.69
 Alt-Right Alliance3,288,75124.63
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel2,971,39922.25
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party2,725,17620.41
 Liberale vir Seridjan3,6890.03
October 4157
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party5,299,49242.73
 Communistische Partij van Seridjan2,656,11721.42
 Verenigde Party2,518,73220.31
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel1,494,62712.05
 Alt-Right Alliance433,2453.49
October 4153
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance3,396,99128.63
 Communistische Partij van Seridjan2,844,42023.97
 Verenigde Party2,367,34619.95
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party2,221,84018.72
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel1,035,1328.72
October 4152
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communistische Partij van Seridjan3,085,84326.84
 Komitee van die Nasionale Herstel2,697,73823.46
 Verenigde Party1,845,04616.05
 Alt-Right Alliance1,531,92113.32
 Duntrekker Nasionale Party1,339,75111.65
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party996,8298.67
October 4148
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance4,861,37838.89
 Communistische Partij van Seridjan3,102,79224.82
 Duntrekker Nasionale Party1,569,37812.56
 Verenigde Party1,486,98811.90
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party1,479,47811.84
October 4147
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance5,405,22042.41
 Communistische Partij van Seridjan1,932,66615.16
 Duntrekker Landbou-Boer Party1,828,69814.35
 Nasionale Konserwatiewe Party1,258,4229.87
 Verenigde Party1,162,3069.12
 Duntrekker Nasionale Party1,155,7089.07
 Evan Briggs Party2,2050.02
October 4143
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance6,321,52150.90
 Duntrekker Landbou-Boer Party1,906,85715.35
 Duntrekker Nasionale Party1,796,90614.47
 Patriotte (P)1,667,69413.43
 Verenigde Party727,6945.86
October 4139
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance4,373,65734.10
 Duntrekker Nasionale Party3,686,85128.75
 Verenigde Party2,015,94615.72
 Patriotte (P)1,908,33314.88
 Duntrekker Landbou-Boer Party840,7026.55
October 4135
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance4,731,54638.55
 Duntrekker Nasionale Party2,988,40324.35
 Verenigde Party2,822,21823.00
 Patriotte (P)1,730,87514.10
April 4133
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alt-Right Alliance3,941,85129.65
 Duntrekker Nasionale Party3,326,10525.01
 Verenigde Party3,098,67523.30
 Patriotte (P)2,921,33021.97
 National Leuge8,6450.07
September 4131
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Patriotte (P)5,105,56949.25
 Verenigde Party4,891,07447.18
 Ameliorate Historical Union369,3263.56
March 4127
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ameliorate Historical Union1,976,966100.00
March 4122
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ameliorate Historical Union2,281,699100.00
March 4117
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ameliorate Historical Union2,375,139100.00
February 4110
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani National Socialist Party2,655,129100.00
February 4106
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani National Socialist Party2,516,03199.43
 Wethepeople Party12,8420.51
 PetrNguyen Party1,6650.07
February 4104
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani National Socialist Party2,318,810100.00
February 4101
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican-Capitalists Party2,653,463100.00
February 4097
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,408,071100.00
February 4093
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,417,31399.11
 Conservative Party13,4150.55
 KingFruits Party8,1800.34
February 4089
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,205,482100.00
February 4085
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,335,190100.00
February 4081
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,058,662100.00
February 4077
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party2,383,644100.00
February 4073
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party2,302,704100.00
August 4069
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union8,857,54694.85
 Grand Republican Party480,6825.15
August 4065
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,357,554100.00
August 4061
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,288,102100.00
August 4057
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,443,757100.00
August 4053
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,526,829100.00
March 4053
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,535,487100.00
March 4048
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperialistische Partij van het Fascisme2,319,179100.00
March 4044
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperialistische Partij van het Fascisme2,414,866100.00
March 4043
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperialistische Partij van het Fascisme2,464,116100.00
December 4040
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partij van de Edelen2,438,559100.00
December 4036
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partij van de Edelen2,708,286100.00
December 4032
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partij van de Edelen2,416,778100.00
December 4028
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partij van de Edelen2,481,226100.00
August 4025
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,617,785100.00
August 4023
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,421,26099.98
 Komornik Party4120.02
September 4021
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Socialist People's Front2,272,237100.00
January 4020
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 League of Free Farmers (Knights)2,454,849100.00
January 4018
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 League of Free Farmers (Knights)2,370,916100.00
January 4016
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 League of Free Farmers (Knights)2,256,174100.00
January 4014
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 League of Free Farmers (Knights)2,509,660100.00
January 4012
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 League of Free Farmers (Knights)2,322,246100.00
January 4010
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 League of Free Farmers (Knights)2,378,706100.00
January 4008
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 League of Free Farmers (Knights)2,463,534100.00
January 4006
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani National Socialist Party6,100,87952.88
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan5,435,31847.11
 League of Free Farmers (Knights)1,0940.01
January 4004
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani National Socialist Party4,819,98465.89
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan2,494,76734.11
January 4002
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani National Socialist Party4,958,62267.87
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan2,347,90932.13
January 4000
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani National Socialist Party4,996,00369.10
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan2,234,33630.90
January 3998
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani National Socialist Party6,216,61470.18
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan2,641,43429.82
August 3996
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani National Socialist Party5,604,71160.32
 Grand Republican Party1,869,38020.12
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan1,817,05619.56
August 3994
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party4,191,67957.03
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan3,157,78642.97
August 3992
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party4,268,87156.96
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan3,225,74243.04
August 3990
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party3,711,76455.66
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan2,945,14844.17
 cucuta Party11,4330.17
August 3988
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party4,633,81965.68
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan2,421,59434.32
August 3986
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan3,318,46372.72
 Grand Republican Party1,244,84627.28
August 3984
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan1,977,79738.91
 Grand Republican Party1,584,05131.16
 Lindenist Union1,521,70829.93
August 3982
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union1,144,51352.04
 Grand Republican Party717,51432.63
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan337,13215.33
August 3980
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union1,728,83169.31
 The Communist Party of Saridan634,91425.45
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan130,6645.24
August 3978
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union1,553,02266.28
 The Communist Party of Saridan591,62125.25
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan198,5668.47
August 3976
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union1,686,24068.63
 The Communist Party of Saridan628,23625.57
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan142,4225.80
August 3974
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union854,12535.43
 Grand Republican Party643,98226.71
 The Communist Party of Saridan482,46020.01
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan430,17317.84
August 3972
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party1,036,99541.96
 Lindenist Union780,57731.59
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan622,28125.18
 The Communist Party of Saridan31,3631.27
August 3970
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union1,558,13766.49
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan354,29915.12
 Grand Republican Party283,05612.08
 Seridjan Social Democratic Party (SSDP)136,7425.84
 The Communist Party of Saridan11,1010.47
August 3968
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union965,64243.45
 Grand Republican Party694,08231.23
 Seridjan Social Democratic Party (SSDP)441,79319.88
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan121,1595.45
August 3966
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union1,163,51644.93
 Grand Republican Party747,80528.88
 Liberal Alliance of Saridan368,16314.22
 Seridjan Social Democratic Party (SSDP)310,03311.97
August 3964
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union1,291,77157.02
 Seridjan Social Democratic Party (SSDP)593,71826.21
 Grand Republican Party380,13816.78
August 3962
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union1,357,92057.78
 Seridjan Social Democratic Party (SSDP)669,14628.47
 Grand Republican Party322,96313.74
August 3960
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union1,388,77161.49
 Grand Republican Party866,16138.35
 Saridan Republican Party3,6790.16
August 3958
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union1,488,93059.65
 Grand Republican Party1,007,37540.35
August 3956
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,586,594100.00
July 3954
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,236,515100.00
July 3952
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,262,113100.00
July 3950
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,343,998100.00
December 3946
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani National Socialist Party1,413,61367.15
 Grand Republican Party686,66832.62
 Thomas Elliot Party5,0010.24
December 3942
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani National Socialist Party2,474,097100.00
May 3933
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Demokratiese Party2,305,355100.00
December 3930
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party3,497,97070.22
 Saridani National Socialist Party1,483,54129.78
December 3926
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,120,08967.49
 Saridani National Socialist Party1,021,27332.51
May 3925
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Republican Bloc2,293,350100.00
May 3921
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,523,43999.44
 Progressive Republican Bloc14,2850.56
June 3918
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union5,239,05768.53
 Grand Republican Party1,727,94322.60
 Saridani National Socialist Party667,7558.73
 Progressive Republican Bloc10,4330.14
June 3914
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lindenist Union7,103,46188.34
 Grand Republican Party936,94711.65
 Progressive Republican Bloc4190.01
June 3910
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,361,16696.76
 Lindenist Union68,9972.83
 Progressive Republican Bloc10,0130.41
June 3906
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,157,97598.52
 Lindenist Union29,0371.33
 Progressive Republican Bloc3,3850.15
June 3902
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,286,963100.00
June 3898
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,435,30399.92
 Sir Nathan Party2,0030.08
June 3896
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,216,783100.00
April 3896
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,426,327100.00
November 3893
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communistische Partij (Communist Party)2,388,503100.00
October 3888
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communistische Partij (Communist Party)2,282,486100.00
October 3886
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Tasselistiese Unie2,805,967100.00
October 3884
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Tasselistiese Unie2,390,108100.00
November 3882
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,302,78299.63
 Nasionale Tasselistiese Unie8,5160.37
December 3880
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party2,839,86166.26
 Saridani National Socialist Party1,435,27033.49
 Nasionale Tasselistiese Unie11,0940.26
January 3878
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party3,251,90069.84
 Saridani National Socialist Party1,404,27530.16
March 3875
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Liberal Front2,884,52158.81
 Grand Republican Party1,553,29531.67
 Saridani National Socialist Party466,9589.52
February 3871
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party1,741,81460.80
 Saridani Liberal Front1,123,23139.20
April 3870
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party4,834,27273.37
 Saridani Liberal Front1,167,33217.72
 Saridan Tomorrow Party587,6368.92
April 3865
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Liberal Front5,260,83249.34
 Grand Republican Party2,957,34727.74
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,388,50022.40
 Saridani National Socialist Party54,6930.51
June 3859
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party4,719,15839.38
 Saridan Tomorrow Party3,669,10430.62
 Saridani Liberal Front3,591,64629.97
 Saridani National Socialist Party3,0810.03
June 3856
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party3,274,30034.34
 Saridani Liberal Front2,986,63631.32
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,809,37229.46
 Saridani National Socialist Party465,1994.88
June 3852
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Liberal Front2,886,79134.14
 Grand Republican Party2,792,28133.03
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,768,61532.75
 Netherlands Party6,8640.08
August 3846
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Republican Party6,681,46571.70
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,637,40828.30
October 3840
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,222,315100.00
December 3834
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,119,477100.00
February 3829
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,302,414100.00
April 3823
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,448,192100.00
June 3817
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,336,90599.53
 Vanguard Party of Marhenist of Saridan10,9480.47
August 3811
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,554,158100.00
October 3805
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,461,040100.00
December 3799
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,561,824100.00
February 3794
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,413,501100.00
April 3788
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,287,042100.00
October 3786
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Tomorrow Party2,191,147100.00
June 3783
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union of the Centre (UvdS)2,455,804100.00
November 3781
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union of the Centre (UvdS)4,339,42750.40
 Popular Movement for Solidarity (VvS)4,271,30249.60
November 3777
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Popular Movement for Solidarity (VvS)4,141,63451.29
 Union of the Centre (UvdS)3,933,90548.71
November 3774
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union of the Centre (UvdS)6,448,27995.35
 Popular Movement for Solidarity (VvS)314,5754.65
October 3771
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union of the Centre (UvdS)2,325,147100.00
October 3767
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union of the Centre (UvdS)2,327,760100.00
September 3766
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union of the Centre (UvdS)2,195,358100.00
September 3762
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union of the Centre (UvdS)2,384,86799.49
 jozwiakd Party12,3310.51
September 3758
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union of the Centre (UvdS)2,421,475100.00
September 3754
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union of the Centre (UvdS)2,213,917100.00
April 3750
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union of the Centre (UvdS)1,678,74852.72
 People's Party1,505,74547.28
April 3744
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Demokratiese Unie2,415,785100.00
April 3738
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Demokratiese Unie2,210,400100.00
April 3732
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Demokratiese Unie5,860,94264.57
 Godsdienstige Konserwatiewe Party3,216,25935.43
April 3726
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party5,085,95250.59
 Godsdienstige Konserwatiewe Party4,966,76349.41
April 3720
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Godsdienstige Konserwatiewe Party3,545,96150.22
 Voter Apathy Party3,514,60349.78
April 3714
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party2,288,612100.00
December 3711
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party3,789,34952.41
 Culturux Party3,441,26447.59
November 3702
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Culturux Party3,539,25652.47
 Voter Apathy Party3,206,11947.53
May 3702
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party2,390,47266.71
 Culturux Party1,193,01833.29
May 3696
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party5,069,02283.73
 Culturux Party985,20116.27
August 3692
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party One3,929,88339.74
 Culturux Party3,524,30135.64
 Voter Apathy Party2,434,86424.62
March 3688
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party3,560,26540.08
 Culturux Party3,286,18136.99
 Party One2,037,12322.93
March 3682
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party One2,317,67799.56
 House Deitar10,1400.44
September 3681
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party One2,227,71699.89
 House Deitar2,5280.11
September 3675
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party One2,417,106100.00
September 3669
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party One2,310,348100.00
September 3663
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party One2,670,089100.00
September 3657
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party One2,456,477100.00
February 3656
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party One2,208,390100.00
July 3652
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Central Comitee2,216,024100.00
May 3650
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Verander en Freedom Party2,256,943100.00
May 3646
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Verander en Freedom Party2,162,722100.00
May 3642
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Communist Party2,388,500100.00
May 3638
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Communist Party2,477,148100.00
May 3634
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Communist Party2,555,990100.00
August 3628
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sosialistiese Eenheid en Werkers Party11,171,66099.97
 die Volkspartye3,2590.03
March 3628
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sosialistiese Eenheid en Werkers Party11,209,03499.91
 die Volkspartye9,7370.09
February 3627
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sosialistiese Eenheid en Werkers Party10,823,17399.99
 die Volkspartye1,4510.01
June 3621
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sosialistiese Eenheid en Werkers Party2,437,435100.00
May 3620
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sosialistiese Eenheid en Werkers Party2,193,916100.00
August 3618
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party2,277,970100.00
August 3612
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party2,705,820100.00
January 3610
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party2,554,932100.00
February 3609
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium7,140,02471.56
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party2,837,87428.44
February 3605
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium7,508,36475.61
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party2,421,80124.39
February 3601
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium5,521,32364.59
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party3,027,58935.41
September 3599
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium8,555,85272.34
 Kommunistiese Party van Seridjan2,330,19419.70
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party940,7627.95
September 3595
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party2,001,34156.65
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium1,531,71143.35
September 3591
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party2,246,01154.99
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium1,838,29745.01
July 3591
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium5,886,67473.23
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party2,151,66626.77
October 3590
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium6,019,73875.33
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party1,970,97324.67
October 3586
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party2,626,53357.27
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium1,959,32442.73
October 3582
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium2,572,83899.70
 Nasionale Patriotiese Party7,8420.30
April 3580
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium8,250,58565.06
 Verenigde Werkers Party4,418,68834.84
 Frantz Party12,7370.10
April 3575
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium5,139,85954.73
 Verenigde Werkers Party4,252,22245.27
April 3570
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium2,219,434100.00
November 3569
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ultra Nasionalistiese Konsortium2,008,988100.00
June 3566
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Seridjanes Handel en Nywerheid Federasie2,631,992100.00
June 3560
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Seridjanes Handel en Nywerheid Federasie2,500,432100.00
March 3559
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Fédéral / Federale Party10,276,45382.67
 Seridjanes Handel en Nywerheid Federasie2,154,23617.33
September 3555
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Fédéral / Federale Party5,788,55871.40
 Seridjanes Handel en Nywerheid Federasie2,318,12028.60
March 3552
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Fédéral / Federale Party2,626,791100.00
September 3548
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Fédéral / Federale Party2,315,642100.00
October 3546
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Fédéral / Federale Party6,032,97668.21
 Die Wit Vuis2,811,57331.79
August 3543
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Fédéral / Federale Party5,913,62864.13
 Die Wit Vuis3,307,72135.87
July 3540
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Fédéral / Federale Party7,471,50878.07
 Die Wit Vuis2,098,95021.93
January 3537
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Die Wit Vuis2,435,435100.00
July 3533
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Die Wit Vuis2,520,629100.00
January 3530
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Die Wit Vuis2,336,490100.00
July 3526
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Die Wit Vuis2,269,981100.00
January 3523
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Die Wit Vuis2,402,658100.00
July 3519
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Die Wit Vuis2,323,174100.00
November 3517
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sociale Nationalistische Partij2,352,948100.00
October 3517
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sociale Nationalistische Partij1,326,09754.58
 New Hope Party1,103,53045.42
October 3516
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,247,444100.00
April 3513
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,339,305100.00
July 3512
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Moral Purity Society6,220,29968.37
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,878,20931.63
January 3509
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party4,086,49953.34
 Moral Purity Society3,574,07046.66
July 3505
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Moral Purity Society2,510,410100.00
January 3502
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Moral Purity Society2,651,520100.00
July 3498
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Plaid Draneg/Dransk Partij2,468,005100.00
January 3496
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Plaid Draneg/Dransk Partij1,650,51852.53
 Liberale Renaissance Partij1,491,39447.47
June 3493
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party vir 'n Nuwe Vennootskap2,410,659100.00
June 3488
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party vir 'n Nuwe Vennootskap2,331,670100.00
September 3483
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party vir 'n Nuwe Vennootskap2,433,816100.00
October 3482
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party vir 'n Nuwe Vennootskap2,404,423100.00
October 3477
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,367,55799.60
 Party vir 'n Nuwe Vennootskap9,6040.40
October 3472
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,062,751100.00
October 3467
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party1,946,452100.00
October 3464
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,401,057100.00
August 3463
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party vir die Vryheid (PvdV)6,982,74092.19
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party591,8437.81
August 3458
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party vir die Vryheid (PvdV)8,450,96392.88
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party647,9847.12
August 3453
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party vir die Vryheid (PvdV)8,588,96772.12
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party3,319,85527.88
July 3448
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party vir die Vryheid (PvdV)8,469,75570.37
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party3,565,98229.63
August 3446
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party vir die Vryheid (PvdV)8,501,68477.99
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party1,716,34615.74
 Saridan Fundamentalist Party683,2256.27
August 3441
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party vir die Vryheid (PvdV)9,072,10274.75
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,138,93117.62
 Saridan Fundamentalist Party925,8477.63
August 3436
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Fundamentalist Party8,854,54779.23
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,311,62620.68
 Party vir die Vryheid (PvdV)9,2980.08
August 3431
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Fundamentalist Party8,375,99279.44
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,168,14020.56
August 3426
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Fundamentalist Party8,374,67578.95
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,233,44021.05
October 3422
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Fundamentalist Party9,938,38489.00
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party1,228,82811.00
October 3417
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,298,667100.00
October 3412
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,132,866100.00
October 3407
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,765,587100.00
May 3406
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front6,584,61870.41
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,767,34829.59
May 3403
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front8,888,60899.68
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party28,9590.32
May 3400
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front4,376,06462.29
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,649,68037.71
May 3397
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front8,925,86170.09
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party3,789,75229.76
 Royaal Links14,8520.12
 Party van den Vrijheyd5,0220.04
May 3394
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front9,008,28069.42
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party3,951,40830.45
 Royaal Links14,1980.11
 Party van den Vrijheyd1,8240.01
May 3391
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front9,130,33674.91
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party3,056,02325.07
 Party van den Vrijheyd2,5190.02
May 3388
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front8,980,14474.38
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party3,087,47925.57
 Party van den Vrijheyd5,3710.04
May 3385
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front9,131,53975.89
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,899,75424.10
 Party van den Vrijheyd1,1000.01
May 3382
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front9,433,81974.87
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party3,165,16925.12
 Party van den Vrijheyd1,6540.01
May 3379
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front9,332,28174.12
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party3,249,02225.80
 Party van den Vrijheyd9,6950.08
May 3376
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front7,769,80373.91
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,729,24625.96
 Saridanese Socialist Party/ULP13,9810.13
May 3373
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front4,413,60544.29
 Conservative Capitalists Party3,310,13233.22
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,231,65222.39
 Saridanese Socialist Party/ULP9,6520.10
May 3370
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front4,566,89252.73
 Conservative Capitalists Party2,280,86626.33
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party1,813,73420.94
May 3367
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front5,031,15253.15
 Conservative Capitalists Party2,621,96727.70
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party1,812,55519.15
May 3364
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front3,778,88443.95
 Conservative Capitalists Party2,751,87932.00
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,067,78224.05
May 3361
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front5,078,66843.03
 Conservative Capitalists Party3,739,24031.68
 Libertarian Socialist Party1,536,38913.02
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party1,447,52712.27
May 3358
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Duntrekker Front4,752,51541.85
 Conservative Capitalists Party4,064,91335.80
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party2,537,96922.35
May 3355
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Capitalists Party8,641,58273.52
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party3,112,54326.48
May 3352
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Capitalists Party9,809,72578.84
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party1,887,97715.17
 Libertarian Socialist Party744,2385.98
May 3349
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertarian Socialist Party1,170,78652.97
 Kommunistiese-Kaminskist Werkers Party1,039,37047.03
December 3346
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalists Under Plutocratic Auspices2,605,934100.00
December 3343
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalists Under Plutocratic Auspices2,212,010100.00
December 3340
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalists Under Plutocratic Auspices2,191,620100.00
August 3338
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale Party2,487,226100.00
November 3337
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale Party5,674,96370.44
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,381,52829.56
November 3334
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberale Party6,007,06374.73
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,031,78125.27
November 3333
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party7,040,94063.97
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party3,136,51228.50
 Liberale Party829,5687.54
June 3332
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party7,347,60461.55
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,317,68519.42
 Party van die Arbeid1,210,84510.14
 Liberale Party1,060,8368.89
June 3329
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party7,516,62363.13
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,268,11119.05
 Party van die Arbeid1,453,20012.20
 Liberale Party668,8275.62
June 3326
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party7,548,53762.93
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,158,52718.00
 Party van die Arbeid1,235,94310.30
 Liberale Party672,1355.60
 Verenigde vir die Republiek379,8543.17
June 3323
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party4,573,26246.95
 Verenigde vir die Republiek1,877,03819.27
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party1,667,78217.12
 Party van die Arbeid1,622,90716.66
June 3320
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Verenigde vir die Republiek4,621,40850.28
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,358,51225.66
 Vryheid Party2,212,21524.07
June 3317
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party2,548,18634.82
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,397,05932.75
 Verenigde vir die Republiek2,372,94032.43
June 3314
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,483,148100.00
June 3311
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,484,492100.00
December 3309
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Herstigte Duntrekker Nasionale Party6,446,84566.97
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party3,179,29333.03
December 3306
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Herstigte Duntrekker Nasionale Party6,428,56769.66
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,800,41230.34
December 3303
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Herstigte Duntrekker Nasionale Party6,777,87569.74
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,941,06030.26
December 3300
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party3,354,68351.65
 Herstigte Duntrekker Nasionale Party3,140,81448.35
December 3297
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party6,902,94997.57
 Herstigte Duntrekker Nasionale Party171,8422.43
December 3294
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Seridjaner Nasionale Party2,257,758100.00
December 3290
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Demokratiese Party11,511,208100.00
 Volkstaat Nasionale Party (VNP)1140.00
December 3286
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Demokratiese Party11,444,02299.97
 Volkstaat Nasionale Party (VNP)3,2900.03
December 3282
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Demokratiese Party2,217,462100.00
December 3278
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Demokratiese Party2,346,535100.00
December 3274
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Demokratiese Party2,380,814100.00
April 3269
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nasionale Demokratiese Party11,526,71699.95
 Voortrekker Partij5,9530.05
January 3268
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Páirtí na nDaoine Gaelacha13,143,81297.52
 Nasionale Demokratiese Party323,7242.40
 Voortrekker Partij10,3860.08
January 3262
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voortrekker Partij2,229,217100.00
April 3256
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party13,726,93899.95
 Progressive Party6,5570.05
April 3250
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,087,422100.00
April 3244
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,454,372100.00
February 3240
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,316,557100.00
February 3234
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,421,125100.00
May 3233
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,683,299100.00
April 3232
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,558,725100.00
April 3230
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement7,842,04165.15
 Saridani Democratic Party4,193,70934.84
 Progressive Party1,9750.02
April 3227
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Democratic Party5,240,61954.82
 United Democratic Movement4,315,82745.15
April 3224
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Democratic Party5,430,03264.08
 United Democratic Movement3,043,34335.92
April 3221
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement11,225,77999.89
 Saridani Democratic Party12,2730.11
February 3220
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement10,661,55299.82
 Socialist Party of Saridan (SPS)9,7650.09
 theloser Party5,1470.05
 billyflash Party3,3320.03
 shickling314 Party1,0760.01
February 3217
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People Against Socialism2,687,486100.00
February 3214
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan National Union2,201,117100.00
February 3211
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan National Union2,540,068100.00
February 3208
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan National Union2,144,835100.00
February 3205
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan National Union2,498,62099.46
 Jameson Party13,5700.54
August 3203
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan National Union2,463,954100.00
August 3200
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan National Union2,417,213100.00
August 3194
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alexyl Turis Party2,515,100100.00
August 3191
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vert du Parti Travailliste2,565,59099.86
 Republic Action Party3,7130.14
August 3188
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vert du Parti Travailliste2,345,548100.00
August 3185
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vert du Parti Travailliste2,432,24599.68
 pennsylvania ave Party7,7030.32
August 3182
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vert du Parti Travailliste2,353,931100.00
August 3179
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vert du Parti Travailliste2,650,281100.00
August 3176
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vert du Parti Travailliste2,220,613100.00
January 3176
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vert du Parti Travailliste2,517,165100.00
January 3173
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vert du Parti Travailliste2,517,630100.00
January 3170
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vert du Parti Travailliste2,349,284100.00
January 3167
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vert du Parti Travailliste2,703,464100.00
January 3164
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Anarchist Party2,634,280100.00
January 3161
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Unity Party2,364,961100.00
October 3156
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Labour Party2,391,168100.00
June 3149
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Patriotic Worker's Front2,540,644100.00
June 3148
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Patriotic Worker's Front2,238,414100.00
May 3144
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Aristocratic Union2,465,752100.00
May 3140
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Aristocratic Union2,667,200100.00
November 3137
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Aristocratic Union2,589,512100.00
November 3133
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Aristocratic Union4,118,04856.04
 Socialist Party of Saridan3,230,30243.96
November 3129
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Aristocratic Union4,492,28655.33
 Socialist Party of Saridan3,627,23944.67
January 3129
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Aristocratic Union4,943,32357.77
 Socialist Party of Saridan3,613,82442.23
November 3125
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Aristocratic Union5,959,44658.75
 Socialist Party of Saridan4,184,86241.25
May 3120
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Aristocratic Union10,935,93962.90
 Socialist Party of Saridan6,449,63837.10
May 3114
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party of Saridan16,677,81172.20
 Aristocratic Union6,356,81327.52
 The Monarchy35,5020.15
 redbody Party28,8980.13
May 3112
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Aristocratic Union6,327,878100.00
January 3112
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 State Reformed Party8,205,81467.04
 Aristocratic Union4,035,02832.96
January 3110
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 State Reformed Party9,736,63870.49
 Aristocratic Union4,075,55429.51
January 3108
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 State Reformed Party9,497,84761.23
 Aristocratic Union5,978,04638.54
 vlady95 Party34,9700.23
January 3106
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 State Reformed Party12,447,02266.35
 Aristocratic Union6,312,01633.65
January 3104
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Aristocratic Union10,284,81399.87
 State Reformed Party13,7410.13
May 3102
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Aristocratic Union11,816,544100.00
May 3100
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party14,718,293100.00
May 3098
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party16,455,130100.00
May 3096
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party17,366,906100.00
May 3094
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party18,879,464100.00
October 3092
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party20,955,57399.76
 Independent Party50,4960.24
October 3090
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party118,221,15999.97
 New Order27,6510.02
 The Confederate Loyalist party11,0450.01
October 3088
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Revolutionary Party10,570,52836.79
 Alphabet of Democracy9,787,85234.06
 The Confederate Loyalist party8,376,23129.15
January 3087
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partito Nazionale Saridano22,591,293100.00
April 3085
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party19,232,164100.00
April 3083
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party18,630,665100.00
April 3081
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party16,745,923100.00
April 3079
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party19,361,918100.00
April 3077
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party18,696,00099.92
 mrchipmunk4 Party14,6630.08
April 3075
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party49,821,99166.20
 Saridani Nationalist Party25,433,62933.80
April 3073
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party61,945,65665.32
 Saridani Nationalist Party17,066,21718.00
 Capitalism NOW! Party15,815,45116.68
December 3072
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party62,773,58266.04
 Saridani Nationalist Party17,259,18218.16
 Capitalism NOW! Party15,016,79715.80
December 3070
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vryheid Party43,111,83051.57
 Capitalism NOW! Party27,395,76832.77
 Saridani Nationalist Party13,084,59815.65
December 3068
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalism NOW! Party54,342,95375.33
 Saridani Nationalist Party17,798,68224.67
December 3066
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalism NOW! Party31,580,12677.15
 Saridani Nationalist Party9,354,94022.85
December 3064
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Nationalist Party55,943,11999.83
 Capitalism NOW! Party93,0360.17
 Mahaj Party5170.00
August 3060
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan (refounded)21,420,075100.00
January 3056
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani People's Party18,526,808100.00
June 3051
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani People's Party38,200,24168.83
 Communist Party of Saridan and Surilati81,6360.15
June 3046
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani People's Party6,4420.01
March 3045
PartyVotesVotes (%)
November 3041
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Christian Republican Party15,880,525100.00
March 3039
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan41,685,77463.87
 United Christian Republican Party23,580,99736.13
July 3036
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan23,882,39836.36
 United Christian Republican Party22,021,92033.53
 United Democratic Movement19,771,30730.10
November 3033
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan24,949,25138.70
 United Democratic Movement20,197,50931.33
 United Christian Republican Party19,320,49929.97
March 3031
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement24,303,66139.61
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan20,183,06132.90
 United Christian Republican Party16,867,42927.49
July 3028
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement25,281,05440.18
 United Christian Republican Party22,152,86035.21
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan15,489,23324.62
November 3025
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement28,397,88142.10
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan21,334,45331.63
 United Christian Republican Party17,724,11126.27
July 3024
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement25,655,17540.65
 United Christian Republican Party20,159,97131.94
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan17,304,37927.42
November 3021
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement26,609,88041.78
 United Christian Republican Party19,301,65830.31
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan17,758,36627.88
 Britishviking Party16,8680.03
March 3019
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan22,002,84634.90
 United Democratic Movement21,091,39033.45
 United Christian Republican Party19,950,13031.64
July 3016
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan42,555,39352.50
 United Christian Republican Party38,441,74947.43
 United Democratic Movement59,6390.07
November 3013
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Christian Republican Party70,365,76499.93
 United Democratic Movement46,6650.07
March 3011
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Christian Republican Party14,880,21793.28
 New Frontier Party1,071,1666.72
July 3008
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Christian Republican Party15,145,73299.58
 People's Party64,4600.42
January 3006
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party12,616,18058.88
 United Christian Republican Party8,733,54440.76
 People's Party77,6090.36
May 3003
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party14,740,35899.22
 People's Party72,5870.49
 United Christian Republican Party42,6740.29
September 3000
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party15,708,863100.00
January 2998
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party14,918,31699.79
 statho Party31,1090.21
May 2995
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party14,835,495100.00
September 2992
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party12,772,947100.00
January 2990
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party56,048,91698.02
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)1,132,1171.98
May 2987
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-Revolutionary Party54,818,33190.80
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)5,552,4819.20
September 2984
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)51,371,27899.91
 Corporate Socialist Party44,0590.09
January 2982
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)14,458,671100.00
May 2979
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)14,492,536100.00
September 2976
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)14,816,654100.00
January 2974
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)14,820,52899.51
 The people's party73,7210.49
May 2971
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)14,579,413100.00
September 2968
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)16,030,218100.00
January 2966
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)13,639,963100.00
January 2962
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)50,800,75399.86
 Conservative Democratic Party69,1770.14
July 2959
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)56,000,72599.88
 Conservative Democratic Party48,2170.09
 Democratic-Republican Party19,4440.03
January 2956
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party65,162,25399.88
 Democratic-Republican Party77,1220.12
January 2952
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Scientific Socialist Party23,102,08654.26
 Republican Party19,478,31245.74
January 2948
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party22,437,37851.31
 Scientific Socialist Party21,289,91748.69
January 2944
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Scientific Socialist Party33,047,47581.90
 Republican Party7,305,98218.10
January 2940
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party56,476,51099.88
 Scientific Socialist Party67,6180.12
January 2936
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party50,715,12499.87
 United People's Front65,5580.13
January 2932
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party71,839,50199.88
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)43,9290.06
 Democratic Socialists of Saridani43,6960.06
January 2928
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)11,547,67699.47
 Democratic Socialists of Saridani61,1170.53
September 2927
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)60,819,92499.91
 Democratic Socialists of Saridani29,4310.05
 United Democratic Movement25,7670.04
September 2923
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)57,794,14299.90
 United Democratic Movement30,5510.05
 Democratic Socialists of Saridani26,7590.05
September 2919
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)59,546,72299.96
 United Democratic Movement25,7380.04
September 2915
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)61,884,97999.91
 United Democratic Movement56,0960.09
September 2911
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)38,665,15057.12
 The Saridani Nazis28,991,45842.83
 United Democratic Movement30,8220.05
September 2907
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement56,232,84399.92
 The Saridani Nazis42,2030.07
 Federalist Party of Saridan (IOC)1,0580.00
September 2903
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement11,485,772100.00
September 2899
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement10,512,357100.00
September 2895
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement11,389,42599.53
 Civil Liberty Party53,2220.47
September 2891
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement59,079,55399.91
 Monster raving loony party33,4980.06
 Partido De Communista20,8220.04
March 2890
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement53,318,747100.00
 Partido De Communista5440.00
March 2886
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement57,415,54099.92
 National Saridani Socialist Workers Par.39,6610.07
 Solidarity Party6,5490.01
March 2882
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 International Development Party (IDP)27,304,35552.27
 United Democratic Movement24,814,80247.50
 National Saridani Socialist Workers Par.48,3380.09
 George1 Party36,6360.07
 adads123 Party34,8800.07
September 2879
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Saridani Party27,761,85059.72
 United Democratic Movement11,669,84125.10
 International Development Party (IDP)7,039,33215.14
 Traditionalist Party15,2650.03
 Free Market Conservative Party4,0310.01
September 2875
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Saridani Party26,926,80157.92
 United Democratic Movement13,819,51129.73
 International Development Party (IDP)5,741,65612.35
September 2871
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Saridani Party28,879,56560.05
 United Democratic Movement13,976,71229.06
 International Development Party (IDP)5,233,34810.88
March 2871
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Saridani Party18,333,87034.77
 United Democratic Movement14,520,84527.54
 Union of Real Politics14,118,63626.77
 International Development Party (IDP)5,757,66710.92
August 2869
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Saridani Party20,932,97238.02
 United Democratic Movement15,180,66627.58
 Union of Real Politics13,036,36223.68
 International Development Party (IDP)5,893,85310.71
 Saridanian Social Democratic Party7,7290.01
August 2868
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Saridani Party15,006,67528.36
 Saridan Nationalist Party13,256,89825.05
 United Democratic Movement13,031,72824.62
 International Development Party (IDP)6,182,42011.68
 Saridanian Social Democratic Party5,390,24810.19
 Union of Real Politics53,4360.10
August 2864
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Nationalist Party22,127,92040.81
 United Democratic Movement19,635,83836.21
 Free Saridani Party12,440,58622.94
 International Development Party (IDP)16,6930.03
April 2861
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement27,324,01454.75
 Party One22,521,62445.13
 Free Saridani Party29,5870.06
 Saridan Nationalist Party28,6750.06
November 2857
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement17,529,75361.40
 Party One11,019,32638.60
July 2856
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertarian Party21,741,49646.29
 Party One10,347,13222.03
 Neo-Rational Populist Party9,307,95619.82
 United Democratic Movement5,567,59611.85
July 2852
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertarian Party16,327,89937.44
 Neo-Rational Populist Party11,563,50526.52
 United Democratic Movement6,475,05014.85
 Party One5,295,35312.14
 Saridani Progressive Alliance3,944,8439.05
July 2848
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertarian Party15,038,90736.57
 Neo-Rational Populist Party7,545,02818.35
 Saridani Progressive Alliance7,334,97917.84
 United Democratic Movement5,695,34713.85
 Party One5,505,69513.39
July 2844
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Neo-Rational Populist Party15,200,70641.30
 Libertarian Party7,319,64619.89
 Party One4,943,89913.43
 Saridani Progressive Alliance4,698,80912.77
 United Democratic Movement4,645,00512.62
July 2840
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Revolutionary Populist Party14,992,29233.45
 Neo-Rational Populist Party12,017,12326.82
 Saridani Progressive Alliance7,262,84616.21
 United Democratic Movement3,909,2558.72
 Libertarian Party3,415,7477.62
 Party One3,216,1297.18
September 2836
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Revolutionary Populist Party13,096,45328.36
 Libertarian Party8,191,23817.74
 Neo-Rational Populist Party7,066,42315.30
 Saridani Progressive Alliance4,995,05410.82
 Party One4,597,6419.96
 Golemian Oligarchy Party4,393,9709.52
 United Democratic Movement3,808,4128.25
 One Government Party26,6140.06
April 2834
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Neo-Rational Populist Party12,061,55426.90
 Golemian Oligarchy Party8,507,31218.97
 Saridani Progressive Alliance8,168,29018.22
 Libertarian Party5,779,41112.89
 United Democratic Movement5,161,06611.51
 Party One5,149,77511.49
 One Government Party8,7650.02
April 2830
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Golemian Oligarchy Party10,070,69622.21
 Party One9,408,10920.74
 Neo-Rational Populist Party8,805,20319.41
 Libertarian Party7,082,90915.62
 United Democratic Movement6,027,36713.29
 Saridani Progressive Alliance3,958,7098.73
October 2829
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Golemian Oligarchy Party11,850,07023.55
 Party One10,493,36120.85
 Neo-Rational Populist Party9,386,68418.65
 Libertarian Party7,954,90215.81
 United Democratic Movement6,629,71413.18
 Saridani Progressive Alliance3,993,1787.94
 Independent Democrats of Saridani9,6680.02
October 2825
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertarian Party16,634,94038.97
 Golemian Oligarchy Party10,933,28225.61
 United Democratic Movement9,065,95521.24
 Saridani Progressive Alliance6,055,20114.18
November 2824
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertarian Party16,174,84837.71
 Golemian Oligarchy Party10,859,84225.32
 Party One6,596,18415.38
 Saridani Progressive Alliance4,899,26411.42
 United Democratic Movement4,365,79410.18
November 2820
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani Progressive Alliance16,054,32134.31
 Libertarian Party14,577,29931.15
 Party One11,725,93825.06
 United Democratic Movement4,407,7989.42
 Golemian Oligarchy Party33,1150.07
August 2818
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertarian Party19,886,10649.86
 Democratic Workers Union7,581,39119.01
 Saridani Progressive Alliance5,314,78413.32
 Party One4,128,84210.35
 United Democratic Movement2,961,5757.42
 Aristocratic Genius Movement14,1250.04
September 2816
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Workers Union11,488,95827.51
 Saridani War Party10,761,74225.77
 Party One7,320,53217.53
 United Democratic Movement6,863,41316.44
 Libertarian Party5,322,69112.75
August 2815
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridani War Party10,778,80727.12
 Libertarian Party10,192,72625.64
 Democratic Workers Union8,874,25722.33
 United Democratic Movement5,091,02512.81
 Party One4,812,82512.11
July 2813
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Workers Union12,050,13033.53
 Libertarian Party11,122,33430.95
 Party One6,990,39619.45
 United Democratic Movement5,767,00616.05
 Saridani War Party11,5740.03
March 2809
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Workers Union10,437,59136.67
 Libertarian Party9,023,96431.70
 United Democratic Movement9,004,24031.63
November 2804
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement15,865,28055.18
 Libertarian Party11,585,41840.29
 Democratic Workers Union1,183,4714.12
 Big Brother Party119,7730.42
July 2800
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement33,262,59891.49
 Libertarian Party3,030,8848.34
 Kingman Party49,3890.14
 Democratic Workers Union14,0810.04
November 2796
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Movement25,023,61259.56
 National Patriots Party16,846,58640.10
 Libertarian Party107,4480.26
 Democratic Workers Union34,4470.08
September 2792
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Patriots Party16,084,49738.65
 DemocraticRepublican Party13,620,21632.73
 United Democratic Movement11,880,72228.55
 Libertarian Party29,3990.07
May 2788
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Patriots Party13,828,80840.27
 DemocraticRepublican Party11,440,48233.32
 United Democratic Movement9,069,04326.41
December 2786
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Patriots Party14,646,62537.41
 Republican Party11,624,55929.69
 United Democratic Movement10,999,65228.09
 DemocraticRepublican Party1,883,9744.81
March 2785
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Patriots Party10,505,65326.29
 Peace and Freedom Party9,225,68523.09
 DemocraticRepublican Party7,881,66719.72
 Republican Party6,662,61216.67
 United Democratic Movement5,683,74014.22
November 2780
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Peace and Freedom Party8,327,02819.86
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C7,552,42018.01
 Republican Party6,834,85816.30
 DemocraticRepublican Party5,969,69514.24
 National Patriots Party4,784,27711.41
 United Democratic Movement4,432,89310.57
 Big Brother Party4,027,6159.61
July 2776
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Peace and Freedom Party13,932,53432.35
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C8,913,86420.69
 United Democratic Movement8,147,65518.92
 National Patriots Party6,172,93414.33
 Republican Party5,340,98512.40
 DemocraticRepublican Party551,3251.28
 Big Brother Party15,1190.04
March 2772
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Patriots Party13,501,04230.66
 Peace and Freedom Party11,534,36926.20
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C9,607,04321.82
 Republican Party9,355,98421.25
 Big Brother Party22,5960.05
 DemocraticRepublican Party10,3620.02
October 2769
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Patriots Party10,979,06626.36
 Peace and Freedom Party10,478,25125.15
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C9,319,99322.37
 Republican Party5,897,61314.16
 Freedom Party4,933,02211.84
 Big Brother Party48,6630.12
June 2765
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Patriots Party10,978,77827.76
 Freedom Party6,822,26517.25
 Peace and Freedom Party6,410,21016.21
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C6,097,68515.42
 Republican Party5,074,84412.83
 Christian Democratic Appeal4,161,81810.52
February 2761
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom Party9,722,46324.86
 Republican Party9,420,25024.08
 National Patriots Party6,588,86216.84
 Christian Democratic Appeal5,781,20214.78
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,110,52610.51
 Peace and Freedom Party3,492,7258.93
October 2756
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C19,573,26951.39
 Freedom Party18,471,67748.50
 Christian Democratic Appeal23,7820.06
 Republican Party17,8870.05
June 2752
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C19,387,56351.80
 Freedom Party18,008,55048.12
 Republican Party31,0780.08
February 2748
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C21,002,11956.98
 Freedom Party15,654,13142.47
 Republican Party173,5150.47
 Party for a Bright Future31,4410.09
October 2743
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C13,793,41037.86
 Freedom Party11,470,26631.49
 Republican Party6,463,52217.74
 Saradani Beat4,701,96612.91
June 2739
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom Party16,237,36143.15
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C10,995,51929.22
 Saradani Beat10,371,57527.56
 Republican Party21,5920.06
February 2735
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom Party17,529,97246.73
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C10,654,37328.40
 Saradani Beat9,304,35324.80
 Liberal Socialist Party - Saridani Union21,5460.06
October 2730
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saradani Beat10,523,86242.19
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C9,886,39639.64
 Freedom Party4,531,38918.17
April 2727
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saradani Beat10,891,11837.02
 New National Party5,447,99618.52
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,998,81616.99
 Freedom Party4,564,85815.52
 Democratic Party of Saridani Liberty3,514,18211.95
June 2723
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saradani Beat12,420,47334.05
 Democratic Party of Saridani Liberty7,237,60419.84
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C7,173,67419.67
 New National Party5,227,75514.33
 Freedom Party4,375,45512.00
 sinn fein Party38,9760.11
February 2719
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom Party10,785,08634.85
 Saradani Beat7,521,56824.31
 Democratic Party of Saridani Liberty4,427,37714.31
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,356,16714.08
 New National Party3,853,27912.45
October 2714
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom Party12,276,15339.15
 New National Party9,416,00830.03
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C6,779,32321.62
 Saradani Beat2,863,5689.13
 OmegaChaos Party22,4720.07
October 2710
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saradani Beat8,734,03942.10
 Freedom Party6,145,33929.62
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C5,868,80928.29
October 2706
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom Party9,338,68054.97
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C5,647,74533.24
 Saradani Beat2,003,11811.79
January 2704
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C9,661,44928.32
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan8,972,50226.30
 Saradani Beat8,851,78125.95
 Freedom Party6,625,79819.42
 National Liberation Front3,1630.01
January 2700
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saradani Beat6,853,80225.03
 Freedom Party6,140,49522.43
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan5,521,80120.17
 People's Socialist Party5,054,91718.46
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,808,17713.91
January 2696
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saradani Beat6,364,24824.25
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan5,982,92322.80
 Freedom Party4,863,77118.53
 People's Socialist Party4,690,77417.88
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,339,74016.54
January 2692
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Socialist Party8,468,48232.34
 Freedom Party7,620,04829.10
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan6,095,43423.27
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,998,94415.27
 Saradani Beat5,8740.02
January 2688
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C7,026,36230.10
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan6,096,64626.12
 Freedom Party5,398,27523.13
 People's Socialist Party4,811,06020.61
 Saradani Beat10,9130.05
January 2684
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan5,374,31323.97
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C5,271,47823.51
 Freedom Party4,463,58919.91
 People's Socialist Party3,706,96916.53
 Party One3,607,11816.09
January 2680
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C8,964,97329.41
 People's Socialist Party6,488,85421.28
 Party One5,157,29216.92
 Freedom Party5,008,65416.43
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan4,847,86915.90
 The Peoples Liberal Movement19,1700.06
January 2676
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C10,372,00133.24
 People's Socialist Party6,504,18820.85
 Freedom Party5,340,71717.12
 Party One4,856,63515.57
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan4,093,61613.12
 The Peoples Liberal Movement34,7820.11
January 2672
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C10,454,67140.18
 Party One6,003,27223.07
 Freedom Party4,973,73019.11
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan4,589,64517.64
January 2668
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C10,886,57241.03
 Freedom Party5,867,65322.11
 Party One5,550,40520.92
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan4,230,52315.94
January 2664
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C7,514,46927.64
 Communist Party of Saridan5,294,72019.48
 Freedom Party5,173,55419.03
 Party One4,812,92117.70
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan4,391,44016.15
January 2660
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan5,960,57223.39
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C5,906,33923.18
 Freedom Party5,507,21721.61
 Party One4,395,45917.25
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan3,709,85914.56
January 2656
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C6,560,73824.98
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan5,570,28721.21
 Freedom Party5,241,71219.96
 Communist Party of Saridan4,531,76517.26
 Party One4,357,35116.59
January 2652
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan15,361,74251.02
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C14,709,65048.86
 Freedom Party18,5070.06
 National Farmer's Union of Saridan17,8150.06
 Saridan Monarchy Party3620.00
December 2647
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Party11,080,12739.74
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C9,760,75335.01
 Communist Party of Saridan7,028,00925.21
 Saridan Monarchy Party12,3440.04
December 2641
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Party10,911,16538.64
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C9,653,64934.18
 Communist Party of Saridan7,666,06927.15
 The Conservative Way8,8640.03
December 2638
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan7,313,96631.45
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C6,439,77427.69
December 2635
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan7,572,70831.55
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C6,737,56028.07
December 2632
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan7,808,58232.07
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C7,412,88530.44
June 2630
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan13,856,15448.40
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C18,4060.06
June 2627
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,999,533100.00
June 2624
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C18,867,44799.68
 People Liberation Party30,9220.16
 Conservative Knights27,1290.14
 christian crusader party2,0150.01
June 2621
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,749,53299.91
 conservative crusade party4,2440.09
June 2618
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C16,876,05768.08
 National Party of Saridan7,898,69531.86
 Party of Evil10,9120.04
 conservative crusade party4,0040.02
June 2615
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C18,295,51168.12
 National Party of Saridan8,552,07831.84
 Party of Evil8,2800.03
June 2612
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C16,044,38764.26
 National Party of Saridan8,921,75835.73
 Socialist Worker's Party6030.00
June 2610
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C7,509,60034.76
 People's Socialist Party5,709,63826.43
 National Party of Saridan4,820,58922.31
 Socialist Worker's Party3,564,35516.50
December 2606
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Socialist Party9,655,27837.14
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C7,685,33329.57
 Socialist Worker's Party4,816,50018.53
 National Party of Saridan3,817,00014.68
 Monarchist Party of Saridan20,5020.08
June 2603
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Socialist Party11,029,96947.08
 New Socialist Party5,127,90221.89
 Socialist Worker's Party4,196,28117.91
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,073,23813.12
December 2599
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Socialist Party6,054,16224.91
 Voter Apathy Party5,839,10924.02
 People's Socialist Party4,941,38620.33
 Socialist Worker's Party4,747,43319.53
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,724,22711.21
June 2596
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party9,134,65234.84
 Socialist Worker's Party7,174,73027.36
 People's Socialist Party5,191,32019.80
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,690,88617.89
 New Socialist Party16,2330.06
 monkey Party9,3080.04
 United Progressive Party of Saridan1,5360.01
December 2592
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party7,686,21832.90
 Socialist Worker's Party6,441,67727.58
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,349,37718.62
 People's Socialist Party3,961,20616.96
 United Progressive Party of Saridan897,6903.84
 Constitutional Republicans22,8250.10
June 2589
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party8,994,94634.16
 People's Socialist Party5,586,68021.22
 Socialist Worker's Party4,579,37317.39
 Revolutionary Republican Socialist Party4,479,69217.01
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,671,84010.15
 United Progressive Party of Saridan14,4460.05
 The Conservative Party6,4810.02
December 2585
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party8,405,57338.34
 Socialist Worker's Party4,793,95721.87
 Revolutionary Republican Socialist Party4,312,91919.67
 People's Socialist Party2,612,43111.92
 United Progressive Party of Saridan1,782,5438.13
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C16,5430.08
June 2582
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party8,890,69338.88
 Socialist Worker's Party8,410,61036.78
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,675,84320.45
 Revolutionary Republican Socialist Party801,1863.50
 People's Socialist Party24,2050.11
 Capitalistic Liberal Front21,9930.10
 United Radical Party20,6080.09
 United Progressive Party of Saridan20,0300.09
December 2578
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party8,428,69535.84
 Voter Apathy Party8,199,58634.86
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C6,762,37428.75
 Capitalistic Liberal Front76,9900.33
 United Freedom Party24,9570.11
 Revolutionary Republican Socialist Party23,0870.10
 People's Socialist Party3,3860.01
June 2575
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party7,640,25530.91
 Socialist Worker's Party4,489,05618.16
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,450,39718.00
 Capitalistic Liberal Front4,108,24516.62
 United Freedom Party4,012,20316.23
 Revolutionary Republican Socialist Party17,4160.07
 Human Ecology Party of Saridan2,3600.01
November 2571
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party6,090,39833.38
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,892,13521.33
 Socialist Worker's Party3,593,66019.70
 United Freedom Party2,586,22114.18
 Capitalistic Liberal Front2,082,25411.41
May 2568
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,900,62023.51
 Voter Apathy Party3,796,03918.21
 Christian Falangist Party3,282,85015.75
 United Freedom Party2,850,82113.67
 Socialist Worker's Party2,336,30311.21
 Academics Party2,231,96110.71
 Capitalistic Liberal Front1,444,4556.93
 General Boatman Party5,4050.03
November 2564
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Workers' Party5,472,16425.16
 Voter Apathy Party3,899,83017.93
 Christian Falangist Party3,819,02017.56
 Academics Party2,330,34910.72
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,041,2519.39
 United Freedom Party1,999,0319.19
 Socialist Worker's Party1,742,6698.01
 Capitalistic Liberal Front443,3732.04
May 2561
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Workers' Party5,218,86024.09
 Voter Apathy Party4,700,70021.70
 Christian Falangist Party2,777,98412.82
 Socialist Worker's Party2,225,92310.27
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C1,861,4088.59
 United Freedom Party1,772,4568.18
 Academics Party1,690,1587.80
 Capitalistic Liberal Front1,416,1816.54
November 2557
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Workers' Party6,427,37929.91
 Voter Apathy Party4,852,31722.58
 Christian Falangist Party2,828,20013.16
 United Freedom Party2,026,2179.43
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C1,573,2197.32
 Academics Party1,484,0486.91
 Socialist Worker's Party1,437,9506.69
 Capitalistic Liberal Front858,3503.99
May 2554
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party4,990,53325.40
 United Freedom Party3,877,00719.74
 Socialist Worker's Party3,469,22517.66
 Capitalistic Liberal Front3,342,64417.02
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,881,72814.67
 Academics Party1,057,2005.38
 United Revolutionary Socialist Party26,6460.14
November 2550
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party6,077,00726.16
 United Freedom Party5,186,54422.33
 Socialist Worker's Party4,103,29617.66
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,247,90213.98
 Capitalistic Liberal Front2,898,13112.48
 Academics Party1,671,4827.20
 Political Association of Grammatically I24,5660.11
 The Green Soviet Olancho Party21,4540.09
May 2547
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party5,385,19027.65
 United Freedom Party4,288,95122.02
 Socialist Worker's Party3,297,60216.93
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,679,87713.76
 Ingram Party1,477,7497.59
 Capitalistic Liberal Front1,461,3357.50
 Academics Party885,7384.55
November 2543
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Freedom Party4,502,74024.07
 Voter Apathy Party4,287,25022.92
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,712,48319.84
 Socialist Worker's Party2,471,18313.21
 Ingram Party1,595,5508.53
 Capitalistic Liberal Front1,208,2736.46
 Academics Party929,8924.97
 minimanes345 Party5110.00
May 2540
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,109,23225.39
 Socialist Worker's Party3,190,09019.71
 Voter Apathy Party2,823,08917.44
 Capitalistic Liberal Front2,640,59416.32
 Academics Party1,931,05411.93
 Monarchist Movement1,479,5029.14
 Ingram Party9,3490.06
November 2536
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C5,634,76826.91
 Socialist Worker's Party3,895,11318.60
 Voter Apathy Party3,708,25217.71
 Academics Party2,743,12813.10
 Monarchist Movement2,544,50912.15
 Capitalistic Liberal Front2,403,53511.48
 Ingram Party8,4410.04
 Party of Ura2,9450.01
May 2533
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C6,521,80730.22
 Monarchist Movement4,075,80818.89
 Voter Apathy Party3,182,87714.75
 Socialist Worker's Party3,118,35514.45
 Party of Ura2,270,67910.52
 Academics Party1,251,0575.80
 Capitalistic Liberal Front1,141,1095.29
 Yoyokid Party19,4830.09
November 2529
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ligue Reformiste4,433,25621.85
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,094,70320.18
 Monarchist Movement3,621,88817.85
 Party of Ura2,280,58211.24
 Socialist Worker's Party2,002,4689.87
 Voter Apathy Party1,880,0509.27
 Academics Party1,058,7015.22
 Capitalistic Liberal Front914,5104.51
May 2526
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ligue Reformiste4,082,19922.61
 Monarchist Movement4,051,85022.44
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,950,73721.88
 Socialist Worker's Party2,319,87512.85
 Voter Apathy Party2,026,77111.23
 Party of Ura1,610,5058.92
 Academics Party9,6560.05
 Capitalistic Liberal Front1,4900.01
November 2522
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ligue Reformiste4,088,24929.61
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,557,99425.77
 Voter Apathy Party3,241,69923.48
 Parti Aldumoriste1,580,26111.44
 Socialist Worker's Party1,335,1879.67
 Future Faction Party4,6340.03
May 2520
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ligue Reformiste5,965,70433.86
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,265,45624.21
 Monarchist Movement2,283,85412.96
 Socialist Worker's Party1,919,13910.89
 Voter Apathy Party1,881,49010.68
 Saridan Progressive Party715,6964.06
 Parti Aldumoriste578,3693.28
 Imperial Party11,0160.06
July 2518
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ligue Reformiste4,675,47728.39
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,124,69225.05
 Monarchist Movement2,704,56716.42
 Socialist Worker's Party1,582,3619.61
 Voter Apathy Party1,573,3429.55
 Parti Aldumoriste1,113,6786.76
 Saridan Progressive Party670,1964.07
 Imperial Party23,1140.14
January 2515
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C5,789,40028.67
 Saridan Liberal Party4,663,69623.10
 Monarchist Movement3,060,08715.16
 Socialist Worker's Party2,312,18211.45
 Saridan Progressive Party2,188,08010.84
 Parti Aldumoriste2,154,50710.67
 Ligue Reformiste22,8200.11
July 2511
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Liberal Party4,966,37524.15
 Saridan Progressive Party3,810,91618.53
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,355,88116.32
 Monarchist Movement3,155,05015.34
 Socialist Worker's Party2,688,09813.07
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan2,181,64510.61
 Parti Aldumoriste392,5911.91
 Robotic Nationalist Party12,7900.06
January 2508
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Liberal Party5,569,76028.20
 Saridan Progressive Party3,673,73118.60
 Monarchist Movement2,788,88614.12
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,263,23411.46
 Partido Comunista de Saridan2,054,05910.40
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan1,791,0479.07
 Socialist Worker's Party1,608,8588.15
 Saradin Populist Party2,3610.01
July 2504
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Liberal Party5,438,06730.11
 Monarchist Movement3,096,53617.15
 Saridan Progressive Party3,000,27716.61
 Partido Comunista de Saridan1,798,1279.96
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C1,654,5599.16
 Socialist Worker's Party1,636,7889.06
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan1,419,9837.86
 Dark Dude Party13,3970.07
January 2501
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Liberal Party4,833,61427.20
 Saridan Progressive Party2,791,12215.71
 Monarchist Movement2,561,55214.42
 Partido Comunista de Saridan2,270,09412.78
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan1,356,3877.63
 Socialist Worker's Party1,335,9487.52
 Saridan Identitary Party1,332,4657.50
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C1,287,5557.25
July 2497
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Liberal Party3,965,19522.14
 Monarchist Movement3,237,59318.07
 Saridan Progressive Party2,863,88115.99
 Saridan Identitary Party2,535,88814.16
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C1,709,6029.54
 Socialist Worker's Party1,688,9859.43
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan1,572,2978.78
 Partido Comunista de Saridan339,1951.89
January 2494
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Progressive Party5,891,90834.68
 Monarchist Movement2,553,38615.03
 Socialist Worker's Party2,176,76412.81
 Saridan Identitary Party2,168,36212.76
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan1,787,82610.52
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C1,438,1868.47
 Partido Comunista de Saridan968,8355.70
 ngalvin Party2,6110.02
July 2490
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Progressive Party3,164,63019.11
 Saridan Identitary Party3,146,97819.00
 Socialist Worker's Party3,047,37318.40
 Monarchist Movement2,536,79715.32
 Partido Comunista de Saridan1,454,0008.78
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C1,138,6976.88
 PPS - Parti Progressiste du Saridan1,060,5616.40
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan1,013,3096.12
January 2487
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Progressive Party3,246,56020.15
 PPS - Parti Progressiste du Saridan3,063,78219.01
 Monarchist Movement2,863,18017.77
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan2,061,41212.79
 Socialist Worker's Party1,652,10210.25
 Partido Comunista de Saridan1,239,1347.69
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C1,121,3656.96
 The People's Revolutionary Party866,5405.38
July 2483
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 PPS - Parti Progressiste du Saridan4,575,89627.53
 Saridan Progressive Party2,776,13216.70
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan1,973,24111.87
 Monarchist Movement1,853,60011.15
 Socialist Worker's Party1,832,24411.02
 Partido Comunista de Saridan1,478,7058.90
 Party One1,169,9977.04
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C961,0925.78
January 2480
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Progressive Party3,998,13921.65
 Monarchist Movement3,733,15220.22
 Socialist Worker's Party2,911,34915.77
 Social Democratic Party of Saridan2,390,27812.95
 Partido Comunista de Saridan2,081,10711.27
 Party One1,929,13310.45
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C1,403,5207.60
 Imperialist of Sardian17,8400.10
July 2476
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party7,930,44042.42
 Monarchist Movement4,035,73121.59
 Saridan Progressive Party3,491,43818.68
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,217,29617.21
 Party One11,0650.06
 Partido Comunista de Saridan4,2850.02
 Clinch Imperial Party3,5620.02
January 2473
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Progressive Party5,605,11231.04
 Socialist Worker's Party5,033,69227.87
 Monarchist Movement3,975,71722.01
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,437,34219.03
 Clinch Imperial Party6,8170.04
 Party One1,6210.01
July 2469
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party5,793,19731.89
 Saridan Progressive Party5,092,71428.03
 Monarchist Movement4,055,47622.32
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,208,81717.66
 National Liberty Party12,8620.07
 Happy Liberty Party4,5700.03
December 2467
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party5,467,73029.25
 Saridan Progressive Party4,475,31423.94
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,194,08617.09
 Monarchist Movement2,437,95513.04
 Ligue d'Ecclésiastiques Catholique1,855,7349.93
 Pashuran Valley Independence Party1,246,7116.67
 National Liberty Party6,9020.04
 Saridan Liberal Party5,8260.03
June 2464
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party4,385,49726.83
 Saridan Progressive Party4,381,24526.80
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,549,48121.71
 Monarchist Movement2,064,94312.63
 Ligue d'Ecclésiastiques Catholique1,452,4448.88
 Pashuran Valley Independence Party505,4863.09
 National Liberty Party8,3910.05
June 2462
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Progressive Party4,319,43225.30
 Socialist Worker's Party3,964,43623.22
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,648,51721.37
 Monarchist Movement1,688,4339.89
 Pashuran Valley Independence Party1,493,7398.75
 Ligue d'Ecclésiastiques Catholique1,385,4338.11
 Peasants League560,3503.28
 National Liberty Party15,7900.09
June 2460
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party3,640,21423.18
 Saridan Progressive Party3,453,66922.00
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,747,44617.50
 Ligue d'Ecclésiastiques Catholique2,119,03313.50
 Pashuran Valley Independence Party1,539,5829.81
 Monarchist Movement1,007,4486.42
 Peasants League967,2556.16
 People's Party of Saridan227,2261.45
June 2458
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party4,383,73225.47
 Saridan Progressive Party3,695,63521.47
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,820,95616.39
 Monarchist Movement2,468,58914.34
 Pashuran Valley Independence Party1,882,75310.94
 People's Party of Saridan1,038,8456.04
 Ligue d'Ecclésiastiques Catholique918,9085.34
June 2456
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party4,245,93525.22
 Saridan Progressive Party2,875,29717.08
 Pashuran Valley Independence Party2,351,88413.97
 Conservative Nationalist Party1,970,05211.70
 People's Party of Saridan1,824,23810.84
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C1,717,00510.20
 Monarchist Movement1,386,9808.24
 Parti Aldumoriste456,1622.71
 lonewolf Party5,2140.03
June 2454
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Progressive Party6,011,78235.38
 Elba and St. Helena Democratic Party2,805,69116.51
 People's Party of Saridan2,273,93313.38
 Monarchist Movement1,894,55911.15
 Conservative Nationalist Party1,621,0349.54
 Socialist Worker's Party1,244,3117.32
 Parti Aldumoriste1,140,4776.71
 lonewolf Party1,2200.01
June 2452
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Progressive Party5,293,45831.02
 People's Party of Saridan3,023,83917.72
 Elba and St. Helena Democratic Party2,392,37314.02
 Conservative Nationalist Party2,071,02512.14
 Monarchist Movement1,762,21210.33
 Socialist Worker's Party1,695,8749.94
 Parti Aldumoriste821,0244.81
 lonewolf Party5,4010.03
June 2450
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Progressive Party4,857,68728.31
 People's Party of Saridan4,255,01024.80
 Conservative Nationalist Party1,975,66511.51
 Socialist Worker's Party1,804,00110.51
 Monarchist Movement1,613,9729.41
 Elba and St. Helena Democratic Party1,333,8147.77
 Parti Aldumoriste1,305,4497.61
 lonewolf Party14,4900.08
June 2448
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saridan Progressive Party3,507,28220.60
 People's Party of Saridan3,480,66320.44
 Rhinocerous Party2,992,32917.57
 Parti Aldumoriste1,804,87610.60
 Conservative Nationalist Party1,769,80410.39
 Monarchist Movement1,523,0608.94
 Socialist Worker's Party1,133,2056.66
 Elba and St. Helena Democratic Party816,3984.79
June 2446
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party of Saridan3,545,99822.22
 Saridan Progressive Party3,098,63019.42
 Conservative Nationalist Party1,933,80312.12
 Rhinocerous Party1,893,14611.86
 Parti Aldumoriste1,680,85410.53
 Monarchist Movement1,396,3108.75
 Elba and St. Helena Democratic Party1,212,3777.60
 Socialist Worker's Party1,197,7197.51
May 2444
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party of Saridan4,780,32128.37
 Saridan Progressive Party3,000,12117.80
 Socialist Worker's Party2,270,46513.47
 Conservative Nationalist Party2,039,37912.10
 Elba and St. Helena Democratic Party1,674,5669.94
 Monarchist Movement1,356,4908.05
 Rhinocerous Party901,9475.35
 Parti Aldumoriste829,4874.92
November 2441
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party of Saridan6,675,30640.87
 Socialist Worker's Party2,989,19718.30
 Conservative Nationalist Party1,763,43910.80
 Elba and St. Helena Democratic Party1,756,62410.75
 Monarchist Movement1,625,4099.95
 Beer, Booze and Barflies Party981,9936.01
 Parti Aldumoriste524,8103.21
 Saridan Progressive Party18,2110.11
November 2439
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party10,220,07962.16
 Parti Aldumoriste2,611,53015.88
 Monarchist Movement1,787,96810.87
 Conservative Nationalist Party1,779,19410.82
 Mildly Cynical Satirist Movement14,9090.09
 Elba and St. Helena Democratic Party14,6490.09
 butterfree Party11,4110.07
 Timur the Great Party2,5360.02
April 2438
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party7,105,35743.72
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C5,653,87634.79
 Monarchist Movement1,843,84511.35
 Conservative Nationalist Party1,618,2469.96
 Mildly Cynical Satirist Movement18,3500.11
 Timur the Great Party5,3860.03
 Parti Aldumoriste3,5840.02
 butterfree Party1,6830.01
April 2436
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party6,447,97439.66
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C5,998,80336.90
 Monarchist Movement2,893,24217.79
 Conservative Nationalist Party914,2545.62
 Democratic Socialist Party4,8200.03
April 2434
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party6,807,92441.86
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C5,753,49435.38
 Monarchist Movement3,382,30620.80
 Conservative Nationalist Party317,4371.95
 Democratic Socialist Party4530.00
April 2432
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party6,748,68841.63
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C5,690,10835.10
 Monarchist Movement3,762,32223.21
 Conservative Nationalist Party7,1500.04
 Democratic Socialist Party2,2370.01
April 2430
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party5,796,75642.02
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,974,42336.06
 Monarchist Movement3,025,56121.93
August 2428
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party5,456,15439.34
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,775,64634.44
 Monarchist Movement2,533,87618.27
 Fascist Party1,102,6757.95
August 2426
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C6,471,73544.03
 Socialist Worker's Party4,178,71428.43
 Monarchist Movement2,509,33317.07
 Fascist Party1,524,48410.37
 Freedom and Objectivity Party14,6050.10
August 2424
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,728,27132.29
 Monarchist Movement3,113,07621.26
 Freedom and Objectivity Party2,373,31816.21
 Socialist Worker's Party2,333,57815.93
 Neo-Rational Populist Party1,469,31610.03
 Freedom and Liberty Party626,9424.28
August 2422
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,666,98632.18
 Monarchist Movement3,445,76523.76
 Freedom and Objectivity Party2,181,48515.04
 Socialist Worker's Party2,091,88014.42
 Neo-Rational Populist Party1,542,51710.64
 Freedom and Liberty Party574,8413.96
August 2420
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,448,19030.16
 Monarchist Movement3,635,78024.65
 Socialist Worker's Party3,287,36522.29
 Neo-Rational Populist Party1,752,22311.88
 Freedom and Liberty Party1,616,30710.96
 Freedom and Objectivity Party8,7770.06
August 2418
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,274,84832.84
 Socialist Worker's Party3,643,25527.99
 Monarchist Movement3,203,92624.61
 Neo-Rational Populist Party1,433,15211.01
 Freedom and Liberty Party449,0693.45
 Miguel Barbosa Party12,9250.10
August 2416
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,902,76633.34
 Socialist Worker's Party3,210,87327.43
 Neo-Rational Populist Party2,341,92620.01
 Monarchist Movement2,249,20019.21
 Miguel Barbosa Party1,9290.02
August 2413
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,999,37133.74
 Socialist Worker's Party4,131,89727.89
 Monarchist Movement3,316,97322.39
 Neo-Rational Populist Party2,352,74815.88
 Grand Old Party14,7960.10
February 2411
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,995,35030.65
 Socialist Worker's Party3,595,02127.57
 Fascist Party3,069,50323.54
 Saridani Liberal Peasants1,827,87214.02
 Anti-Fascist Expressionist Movement549,5694.22
January 2411
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,272,04332.19
 Socialist Worker's Party3,459,73626.07
 Fascist Party3,072,71523.15
 Saridani Liberal Peasants1,874,24314.12
 Anti-Fascist Expressionist Movement591,5304.46
January 2408
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,996,38929.95
 Socialist Worker's Party3,933,35929.47
 Fascist Party2,704,51920.27
 Saridani Liberal Peasants2,025,87715.18
 Anti-Fascist Expressionist Movement679,1915.09
 sebastian23 Party6,0080.05
March 2405
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party3,584,38829.92
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,578,30929.87
 Fascist Party2,366,45019.75
 Saridani Liberal Peasants1,391,38211.61
 Anti-Fascist Expressionist Movement1,059,2168.84
July 2402
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,893,08934.85
 Socialist Worker's Party3,430,96930.71
 Saridani Socialist Workers (SCP)3,347,21529.96
 Saridani Liberal Peasants499,8504.47
July 2399
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C8,147,74260.26
 Socialist Worker's Party5,368,85739.70
 Saridani Liberal Peasants5,3420.04
July 2396
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,114,84354.22
 Socialist Worker's Party3,475,01745.78
July 2393
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C6,455,20055.73
 Socialist Worker's Party2,927,00525.27
 Monarchist Movement2,201,03119.00
July 2390
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C5,306,51651.98
 Monarchist Movement2,664,51826.10
 Socialist Worker's Party2,237,77921.92
July 2387
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,831,68262.73
 Socialist Worker's Party2,857,56837.10
 Democratic Christian Party of Saridan13,3370.17
July 2386
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C6,191,02654.70
 Monarchist Movement3,016,62226.65
 Socialist Worker's Party2,101,99218.57
 Democratic Christian Party of Saridan7,7460.07
 Protestant Action5630.00
July 2383
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement5,033,44837.10
 Socialist Worker's Party4,928,99336.33
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,574,63626.35
 Democratic Christian Party of Saridan11,5900.09
 Sardian Democrats10,2470.08
 Protestant Action7,7620.06
July 2380
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party4,858,28236.46
 Monarchist Movement4,701,51235.29
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,750,24928.15
 Democratic Christian Party of Saridan13,6080.10
 Sardian Democrats5710.00
January 2378
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party4,885,30936.86
 Monarchist Movement4,245,35032.03
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,086,91730.83
 Antifascist Party14,5900.11
 Sardian Democrats12,4250.09
 Democratic Christian Party of Saridan10,0420.08
December 2374
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement4,599,28034.98
 Socialist Worker's Party4,296,89732.68
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,205,43931.98
 Sardian Democrats15,7710.12
 Antifascist Party12,8480.10
 Democratic Christian Party of Saridan7,2140.05
December 2371
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement4,732,54436.48
 Socialist Worker's Party4,218,72632.52
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,000,12330.83
 Antifascist Party14,1470.11
 Sardian Democrats7,1770.06
 Davidge Party4860.00
December 2368
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement3,636,40034.56
 Socialist Worker's Party3,587,34634.10
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,283,73531.21
 Central Democratic Union Sovereigns13,4620.13
January 2367
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party3,623,91334.39
 Monarchist Movement3,614,22934.30
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,300,02331.31
January 2364
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Worker's Party3,687,62436.00
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,602,91035.17
 Monarchist Movement2,939,65228.70
 beau Party13,0400.13
April 2361
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement3,652,05233.63
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,875,07226.48
 Socialist Worker's Party2,456,18922.62
 Communist Party of Saridan1,875,11117.27
 Party for a better Saridani9980.01
February 2360
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement4,076,49736.61
 Classical Liberal Party2,994,64126.89
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,171,07519.50
 Socialist Worker's Party1,886,21816.94
 Party for a better Saridani6,9730.06
January 2359
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement4,181,00337.00
 Classical Liberal Party3,022,04326.74
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,241,44219.84
 Socialist Worker's Party1,855,82916.42
August 2356
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Classical Liberal Party3,643,95431.68
 Monarchist Movement3,586,51431.18
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,612,22922.71
 Socialist Worker's Party1,660,69814.44
February 2356
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement5,781,93848.23
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,582,86929.89
 Socialist Worker's Party2,619,87821.85
 Free State Party3,3670.03
February 2353
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement4,545,33644.30
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,458,14033.70
 Socialist Worker's Party2,254,55921.97
 National Party of USSR (Soviet Party)2,6570.03
January 2352
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement4,461,42242.55
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,500,06533.38
 Communist Party of Saridan1,460,12913.93
 Socialist Worker's Party1,050,64310.02
 National Party of USSR (Soviet Party)11,8180.11
February 2349
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement3,274,87332.36
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,471,78324.42
 Communist Party of Saridan2,323,87122.96
 Socialist Worker's Party2,051,03820.26
February 2346
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement3,173,18033.91
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,424,84025.92
 Adamastor Party1,397,93514.94
 Socialist Worker's Party1,295,74013.85
 Communist Party of Saridan1,064,62511.38
February 2343
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement4,619,84141.27
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,676,09923.91
 Adamastor Party2,073,28718.52
 Socialist Worker's Party1,821,06716.27
 Communist Party of Saridan2,8430.03
February 2340
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Movement4,141,59141.20
 Socialist Worker's Party2,296,36422.84
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,271,79322.60
 Adamastor Party1,343,36913.36
September 2339
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Classical Liberal Party3,479,71931.16
 Monarchist Movement2,656,33623.79
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,306,08720.65
 Socialist Worker's Party1,788,18716.01
 Adamastor Party937,7118.40
September 2336
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Classical Liberal Party4,619,20038.06
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,234,19726.65
 Monarchist Movement2,629,78621.67
 Adamastor Party1,641,36113.52
 Sean Party6,5350.05
 Socialist Worker's Party5,6190.05
October 2335
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Classical Liberal Party4,155,55733.96
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,576,08821.05
 Monarchist Movement2,547,98120.82
 Adamastor Party2,243,38818.33
 Communist-Nationalist Party708,2325.79
 Libertarian Socialist Party3,4590.03
 Socialist Party2,3420.02
October 2332
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Classical Liberal Party2,811,78926.19
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,338,16621.78
 Adamastor Party2,145,66619.99
 Monarchist Movement2,036,70318.97
 Communist-Nationalist Party1,402,40213.06
October 2329
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Adamastor Party5,421,87649.60
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,408,73831.19
 Communist-Nationalist Party2,090,16419.12
 Monarchist Movement9,7070.09
October 2326
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Adamastor Party4,206,69548.07
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,025,14534.56
 Communist-Nationalist Party1,520,21517.37
October 2323
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Adamastor Party2,775,10031.27
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,474,05027.88
 Neo-Rational Populist Party2,328,18426.24
 Communist-Nationalist Party1,296,40914.61
October 2320
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,033,54345.90
 Adamastor Party3,478,44439.58
 Communist-Nationalist Party1,275,53014.52
October 2317
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C3,169,59729.00
 Adamastor Party2,951,12827.00
 Neo-Rational Populist Party2,336,92921.38
 Communist-Nationalist Party1,346,93012.32
 Socialist Cristians Party1,105,27810.11
 APChips Party12,5900.12
 Communist Party of Saridan8,4910.08
October 2314
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Neo-Rational Populist Party2,668,31026.31
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C2,632,70425.96
 Adamastor Party2,544,74325.09
 Socialist Cristians Party1,282,57912.65
 Communist-Nationalist Party995,5739.82
 Communist Party of Saridan15,6500.15
 Liberamente Women Party1,4460.01
October 2313
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Neo-Rational Populist Party2,538,15023.90
 Adamastor Party2,315,93021.80
 Communist Revolutionary League2,001,33418.84
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C1,379,50212.99
 Socialist Cristians Party915,7068.62
 Anti-Revolutionary Party668,7756.30
 Communist-Nationalist Party590,9945.56
 Communist Party of Saridan205,9501.94
 Liberamente Women Party5,6840.05
October 2310
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Adamastor Party2,203,03921.68
 Neo-Rational Populist Party1,784,87417.56
 Communist Revolutionary League1,476,55114.53
 Comunist Party986,0219.70
 Communist Party of Saridan982,1059.66
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C919,4369.05
 Anti-Revolutionary Party694,2176.83
 Socialist Cristians Party680,7266.70
 Communist-Nationalist Party427,4434.21
 Liberamente Women Party8,9660.09
October 2307
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Neo-Rational Populist Party2,199,35122.57
 Communist Revolutionary League2,179,05822.36
 Adamastor Party1,853,60219.02
 Comunist Party1,406,86314.44
 Socialist Cristians Party1,372,98614.09
 Communist-Nationalist Party733,7227.53
October 2304
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Revolutionary League2,389,74623.23
 Adamastor Party2,387,86723.21
 Neo-Rational Populist Party1,713,69316.66
 Comunist Party1,485,31314.44
 Socialist Cristians Party945,2459.19
 Communist Party of Saridan571,9815.56
 Communist-Nationalist Party473,2044.60
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C319,3123.10
October 2301
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Revolutionary League2,519,35925.47
 Adamastor Party2,414,00924.41
 Neo-Rational Populist Party1,513,37915.30
 Comunist Party1,297,36113.12
 Communist Party of Saridan1,112,95411.25
 Socialist Cristians Party1,021,00710.32
 Communist-Nationalist Party8,0200.08
 Sinistra Europea Communist Party - P.R.C4,6910.05
October 2298
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan2,424,81724.88
 Adamastor Party2,206,23222.64
 Neo-Rational Populist Party2,106,25321.61
 Socialist Cristians Party1,154,72011.85
 Comunist Party1,039,55910.67
 Communist Revolutionary League814,4258.36
October 2295
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Neo-Rational Populist Party4,555,28542.07
 Communist Party of Saridan3,942,49436.41
 Adamastor Party2,310,94121.34
 Independant Liberal Party6,2410.06
 Socialist Cristians Party3,7220.03
 Comunist Party3,1310.03
 Communist Revolutionary League3,0580.03
 Max_Milano Party2,9640.03
October 2292
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Neo-Rational Populist Party3,916,53748.23
 Communist Party of Saridan2,791,88334.38
 Adamastor Party1,412,44617.39
October 2289
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Neo-Rational Populist Party3,802,33840.90
 Communist Party of Saridan3,076,27833.09
 Christian Left Party2,417,91126.01
 Adamastor Party1,0550.01
October 2286
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,396,00937.55
 Neo-Rational Populist Party2,868,12031.71
 Christian Left Party2,774,59430.68
 Adamastor Party5,3130.06
October 2283
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan4,369,10144.16
 Christian Left Party3,643,58236.83
 Neo-Rational Populist Party1,873,56018.94
 Adamastor Party7,4930.08
October 2280
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan4,769,44945.24
 Christian Left Party3,944,58437.41
 Neo-Rational Populist Party1,824,90317.31
 Adamastor Party3,1970.03
 Saridan Economic Union8180.01
October 2277
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,748,05643.51
 Christian Left Party2,945,13334.19
 Neo-Rational Populist Party1,921,25222.30
October 2274
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan4,077,24444.16
 Christian Left Party2,140,93723.19
 Voter Apathy Party1,966,67321.30
 Neo-Rational Populist Party1,048,60311.36
October 2271
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan4,574,06048.24
 Voter Apathy Party2,197,52523.17
 Christian Left Party1,903,85120.08
 Neo-Rational Populist Party806,9238.51
October 2268
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan4,511,32545.33
 Voter Apathy Party2,606,54126.19
 Christian Left Party1,610,32316.18
 Neo-Rational Populist Party656,1266.59
 Pro Freedom Party567,1055.70
October 2265
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan4,105,30642.71
 Voter Apathy Party1,686,61617.55
 Christian Left Party1,472,21115.32
 Pro Freedom Party1,472,12615.32
 Neo-Rational Populist Party875,8369.11
June 2265
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,716,81239.41
 Voter Apathy Party1,605,42617.02
 Pro Freedom Party1,360,72414.43
 Christian Left Party1,185,61112.57
 Neo-Rational Populist Party961,72310.20
 Socialist Revolutionary Party600,6536.37
June 2262
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,747,91742.63
 Pro Freedom Party1,394,33015.86
 Voter Apathy Party1,295,51014.74
 Christian Left Party892,01710.15
 Neo-Rational Populist Party699,1407.95
 For the Division of Cheesecake Party394,1604.48
 Socialist Revolutionary Party368,0994.19
June 2259
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,044,29632.05
 Pro Freedom Party1,526,92616.08
 Voter Apathy Party1,455,86815.33
 Christian Left Party1,171,95112.34
 For the Division of Cheesecake Party871,7589.18
 Neo-Rational Populist Party539,3195.68
 Socialist Revolutionary Party326,8093.44
June 2256
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,274,44535.32
 Voter Apathy Party1,984,37221.41
 Pro Freedom Party1,233,89913.31
 Christian Left Party985,73110.63
 Neo-Rational Populist Party434,7574.69
 For the Division of Cheesecake Party361,2343.90
 Anti-Revolutionary Party338,0883.65
June 2253
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,169,95934.83
 Voter Apathy Party1,829,01220.09
 Christian Left Party1,410,87315.50
 Pro Freedom Party1,015,06311.15
 For the Division of Cheesecake Party744,3788.18
 Neo-Rational Populist Party397,9424.37
June 2250
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan2,656,19730.13
 Voter Apathy Party1,853,70821.03
 Pro Freedom Party1,167,00113.24
 Christian Left Party1,057,84112.00
 For the Division of Cheesecake Party550,7666.25
 Free State Restoration Party421,9864.79
 Neo-Rational Populist Party399,9734.54
June 2247
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party2,051,38423.05
 Communist Party of Saridan1,571,14217.65
 For the Division of Cheesecake Party1,511,02416.98
 Pro Freedom Party1,277,08314.35
 Christian Left Party1,211,86913.61
 Free State Restoration Party742,7478.34
 Neo-Rational Populist Party535,7956.02
June 2244
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan2,647,77631.47
 Voter Apathy Party1,546,01018.38
 Anti-Revolutionary Party1,074,36612.77
 For the Division of Cheesecake Party1,046,95112.44
 Christian Left Party835,0829.93
 Pro Freedom Party736,8948.76
 Neo-Rational Populist Party279,5453.32
 People's Municipal Mercenary Army246,4322.93
June 2241
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party1,579,54319.39
 For the Division of Cheesecake Party1,499,92518.41
 Communist Party of Saridan1,297,00415.92
 Pro Freedom Party1,197,96514.70
 Christian Left Party1,120,65413.75
 Anti-Revolutionary Party795,9809.77
 People's Municipal Mercenary Army348,9244.28
 Neo-Rational Populist Party307,2963.77
June 2238
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party2,167,00624.36
 For the Division of Cheesecake Party1,634,18718.37
 Pro Freedom Party1,539,89517.31
 Communist Party of Saridan1,305,81514.68
 Anti-Revolutionary Party957,92210.77
 Christian Left Party570,3236.41
 People's Municipal Mercenary Army459,1435.16
 Neo-Rational Populist Party262,2182.95
June 2235
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party1,976,16222.83
 Communist Party of Saridan1,689,28619.51
 For the Division of Cheesecake Party1,472,27817.01
 Anti-Revolutionary Party1,402,04316.19
 Pro Freedom Party1,225,75714.16
 Neo-Rational Populist Party464,4445.36
 People's Municipal Mercenary Army418,5644.83
 Pink Tiger Party8,8170.10
June 2232
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan2,795,39431.11
 For the Division of Cheesecake Party1,608,45517.90
 Anti-Revolutionary Party1,166,35012.98
 Voter Apathy Party1,158,44212.89
 Pro Freedom Party1,057,83711.77
 Pink Tiger Party884,4489.84
 People's Municipal Mercenary Army183,7952.05
 Neo-Rational Populist Party130,0251.45
June 2229
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,447,65239.21
 Anti-Revolutionary Party1,821,19320.71
 Voter Apathy Party1,404,86115.98
 Pro Freedom Party1,398,77815.91
 For the Division of Cheesecake Party720,8428.20
June 2226
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan4,014,23245.34
 Voter Apathy Party1,621,65918.31
 Anti-Revolutionary Party1,257,89814.21
 Liberty Party880,9639.95
 Pro Freedom Party610,6346.90
 Progressive Democrats465,4615.26
 bongolongo Party3,5690.04
June 2223
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,746,18546.98
 Voter Apathy Party2,693,52733.78
 Liberty Party1,318,87316.54
 Progressive Democrats202,7732.54
 Pro Freedom Party8,0410.10
 bingolongo Party3,1890.04
 marcusjohnson442 Party1,9090.02
 bongolongo Party2230.00
January 2223
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,433,30245.04
 Voter Apathy Party1,773,64623.27
 Peasants League1,200,44615.75
 Liberty Party1,183,22815.52
 Progressive Democrats29,3840.39
 marcusjohnson442 Party2,7830.04
January 2220
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan2,558,66531.41
 Voter Apathy Party1,830,36522.47
 Peasants League1,613,52619.81
 Liberty Party857,43610.52
 Social Democratic Centrists798,4709.80
 Christian Left Party488,3625.99
January 2217
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan2,958,55835.04
 Peasants League2,117,22825.07
 Voter Apathy Party1,336,29615.82
 Social Democratic Centrists988,19611.70
 Christian Left Party554,8666.57
 Liberty Party479,5795.68
 artful Party5,5470.07
 Okami Party4,1080.05
January 2214
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan2,808,28533.35
 Voter Apathy Party2,510,55229.82
 Peasants League1,276,16315.16
 Social Democratic Centrists1,079,82612.82
 Liberty Party597,3907.09
 Christian Left Party131,5301.56
 Okami Party9,7260.12
 artful Party6,7510.08
January 2211
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,120,00438.47
 Voter Apathy Party2,554,53031.50
 Peasants League842,54410.39
 Social Democratic Centrists805,8889.94
 Christian Left Party420,3965.18
 Liberty Party344,5964.25
 Unknown party15,8440.20
 Libertarian Party6,3910.08
January 2208
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,343,93441.19
 Voter Apathy Party2,433,83529.98
 Christian Left Party901,21611.10
 Social Democratic Centrists748,5929.22
 Liberty Party361,4804.45
 Unknown party320,1303.94
 Libertarian Party8,9320.11
 Socrev Party5810.01
January 2205
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,831,80944.37
 Voter Apathy Party2,374,76427.50
 Christian Left Party1,679,37819.45
 Social Democratic Centrists736,4388.53
 The Technocratic Humanist Alliance6,0010.07
 Liberty Party4,4280.05
 Socrev Party3,5460.04
 Unknown party1340.00
January 2202
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,592,91744.21
 Voter Apathy Party1,943,80623.92
 Christian Left Party1,206,13414.84
 Caleb Party845,74010.41
 Social Democratic Centrists531,2866.54
 The Technocratic Humanist Alliance7,3520.09
January 2199
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,363,96341.34
 Voter Apathy Party1,539,97318.92
 Christian Left Party1,301,78516.00
 Caleb Party1,116,43713.72
 Social Democratic Centrists801,9569.85
 bowman Party7,4490.09
 The Technocratic Humanist Alliance3,9990.05
 Dramera Party2,0010.02
January 2196
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,610,11646.40
 Caleb Party1,383,58417.78
 Christian Left Party1,243,26815.98
 Voter Apathy Party1,027,74913.21
 Social Democratic Centrists507,9576.53
 Pineapple Party8,3390.11
January 2193
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,492,84143.37
 Caleb Party1,573,11619.53
 Christian Left Party1,158,17114.38
 Voter Apathy Party827,89310.28
 Amalgam Party734,6039.12
 The Green Hornet Party137,2421.70
 Social Democratic Centrists126,0691.57
 Pineapple Party2,9010.04
January 2190
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,777,14047.50
 Christian Left Party1,368,22117.21
 Voter Apathy Party1,211,26015.23
 Caleb Party862,33310.85
 Amalgam Party533,1196.70
 The Green Hornet Party197,8142.49
 Conservative Communitarian Party9430.01
 Social Democratic Centrists3760.00
December 2186
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan3,802,72848.06
 Christian Left Party1,551,50819.61
 Voter Apathy Party937,34411.85
 Caleb Party714,3179.03
 The Green Hornet Party453,8425.74
 Amalgam Party443,1285.60
 New Order Party6,3970.08
 happy_go_lucky Party3,3100.04
December 2183
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan2,045,90230.07
 Voter Apathy Party1,514,51522.26
 Caleb Party1,231,85418.11
 Christian Left Party1,151,34016.92
 The Green Hornet Party460,4436.77
 Amalgam Party398,9205.86
July 2180
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan1,647,55423.26
 Now And Zen Party1,327,44818.74
 Caleb Party883,65012.48
 New Path Socialist Party875,14012.36
 Voter Apathy Party751,23010.61
 Christian Left Party728,42610.28
 The Green Hornet Party512,1097.23
 Amalgam Party357,3715.05
May 2177
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Caleb Party1,331,21519.19
 Communist Party of Saridan1,206,18817.39
 Now And Zen Party1,117,53316.11
 New Path Socialist Party1,040,07814.99
 Christian Left Party780,05211.24
 Voter Apathy Party759,46810.95
 The Green Hornet Party446,0066.43
 Amalgam Party256,4663.70
May 2173
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan1,904,24527.46
 Caleb Party1,282,80918.50
 Now And Zen Party970,77914.00
 New Path Socialist Party845,35912.19
 The Green Hornet Party552,9987.98
 Amalgam Party489,9077.07
 Voter Apathy Party469,6316.77
 Christian Left Party418,2286.03
April 2169
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Saridan2,302,86532.51
 Now And Zen Party1,492,81221.07
 Christian Left Party1,226,68517.32
 Caleb Party818,31011.55
 Voter Apathy Party715,40910.10
 The Green Hornet Party520,0867.34
 Commercial Freedom5,6270.08
 swarfliam Party2,1910.03
April 2165
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voter Apathy Party2,021,94538.22
 Common Sense1,341,45825.36
 The Green Hornet Party1,142,37521.59
 Now And Zen Party784,62314.83
 Caleb Party70.00
October 2161
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Commercial Freedom6,930,74499.63
 Now And Zen Party7,0030.10
 Caleb Party5,0920.07
 Voter Apathy Party4,1270.06
 Indipendent Mind Party3,8210.05
 Ivanrock Party3,1250.04
 Nobrain Party2,4990.04
 Modern Socialist Party810.00
October 2157
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Commercial Freedom7,847,345100.00
 Modern Socialist Party00.00
 Ivanrock Party00.00
 Saridan State Party00.00
 United Front of Saridan00.00
 Conservative Greens Party00.00
 Tory Federation00.00
 Now And Zen Party00.00
October 2153
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Moderate Conservative1,676,45065.98
 Commercial Freedom706,42027.80
 New Scotialist Alliance156,4146.16
 The Socialist Movement Party5920.02
 Free Liberal Democrats4380.02
 Saridan State Party3380.01
 Modern Socialist Party1200.00
 Tory Federation40.00
October 2149
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Commercial Freedom5,990,24281.40
 Moderate Conservative1,365,78218.56
 Tory Federation9730.01
 Liberal Idealist Party6390.01
 Modern Socialist Party5570.01
 Saridan State Party2780.00
 freedom party2730.00
 New Scotialist Alliance1650.00
 The Socialist Movement Party1470.00
October 2145
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 freedom party00.00
 Modern Socialist Party00.00
 The Socialist Movement Party00.00
 Saridan State Party00.00
 Liberal Idealist Party00.00
 New Scotialist Alliance00.00
 Commercial Freedom00.00
 Tory Federation00.00
January 2143
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 freedom party2,437,95949.66
 Commercial Freedom1,330,66927.10
 Moderate Conservative1,139,23623.20
 Tory Federation7440.02
 New Scotialist Alliance4700.01
 SouthernTasmania Party2360.00
 The Socialist Movement Party2000.00
 Liberal Idealist Party980.00
January 2139
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 freedom party2,827,40643.71
 Commercial Freedom2,040,44131.54
 Moderate Conservative1,598,88124.72
 New Frontier Party9390.01
 New Scotialist Alliance5140.01
 Tory Federation4770.01
 The Socialist Movement Party3530.01
 Liberal Idealist Party1350.00
January 2135
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Commercial Freedom2,281,81153.92
 freedom party1,009,30523.85
 New Frontier Party939,74222.20
 Liberal Idealist Party5720.01
 Moderate Conservative5060.01
 New Scotialist Alliance1740.00
 The Socialist Movement Party940.00
 GNL crew190.00
January 2131
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Commercial Freedom1,648,14037.74
 freedom party1,378,53431.56
 New Frontier Party1,255,23028.74
 Mecanita Party85,3551.95
 The Socialist Movement Party3650.01
 Moderate Conservative400.00
January 2127
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Commercial Freedom2,156,01849.98
 New Frontier Party1,188,64927.55
 freedom party967,23522.42
 JediMaster Party6420.01
 Davist Party5250.01
 Mecanita Party2990.01
 Moderate Conservative2380.01
 Liberty Party of Saridan1820.00
January 2123
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Commercial Freedom2,053,03038.17
 freedom party1,729,66432.16
 New Frontier Party1,594,52029.64
 Liberty Party of Saridan5920.01
 Mecanita Party5210.01
 Self Righteous Libertarian Democrats4920.01
January 2119
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Commercial Freedom2,238,41840.49
 freedom party1,757,99631.80
 New Frontier Party1,529,73327.67
 static6 Party6810.01
 Self Righteous Libertarian Democrats6160.01
 Enlightened Socialist Party3600.01
 Mecanita Party1600.00
 Jeianga Party30.00
January 2115
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Frontier Party1,652,49830.82
 Commercial Freedom1,456,59827.17
 freedom party1,368,72025.53
 Enlightened Socialist Party881,11516.43
 Self Righteous Libertarian Democrats9120.02
 Progressive Conservatives Party8300.02
 Mecanita Party5450.01
 dragon236 Party3410.01
January 2111
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 freedom party1,441,99830.76
 New Frontier Party1,406,46130.00
 Commercial Freedom1,045,18922.29
 Enlightened Socialist Party786,18616.77
 Progressive Conservatives Party7,9830.17
 Self Righteous Libertarian Democrats1920.00
 Null Party1810.00
January 2107
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 freedom party1,115,95527.88
 New Frontier Party1,023,88125.58
 Commercial Freedom803,80820.08
 Enlightened Socialist Party611,30615.27
 United Libertarian-Conservatives227,3855.68
 Progressive Conservatives Party220,3165.50
 Saridan First Party1990.00
January 2103
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 freedom party1,004,08024.83
 Commercial Freedom716,19717.71
 Enlightened Socialist Party603,85214.93
 New Frontier Party568,74414.06
 United Libertarian-Conservatives498,52912.33
 Progressive Conservatives Party379,1639.38
 Liberty Party of Saridan273,8406.77
 MoROmeTe Party00.00
January 2099
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Libertarian-Conservatives693,63816.56
 New Frontier Party638,14715.23
 Enlightened Socialist Party631,21015.07
 Liberty Party of Saridan547,97413.08
 freedom party547,97413.08
 Commercial Freedom409,2469.77
 Libertarian Party374,5648.94
 Progressive Conservatives Party346,8198.28
 Unio Popola Social00.00
January 2095
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertarian Party1,392,65033.69
 United Libertarian-Conservatives963,61123.31
 New Frontier Party576,87113.95
 Liberty Party of Saridan431,38110.44
 Commercial Freedom317,4717.68
 Enlightened Socialist Party229,1945.54
 freedom party172,9764.18
 Progressive Conservatives Party49,7541.20
January 2091
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Commercial Freedom1,145,85536.67
 Liberty Party of Saridan566,13618.12
 freedom party445,49914.26
 Enlightened Socialist Party394,27412.62
 Libertarian Party228,7907.32
 New Frontier Party159,6455.11
October 2088
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Commercial Freedom1,560,68257.23
 Liberty Party of Saridan299,49210.98
 Libertarian Party282,01310.34
 LCS Liberal Republican Union134,8064.94
 New Frontier Party121,4994.46
 Enlightened Socialist Party94,0043.45
 freedom party53,1251.95
November 2084
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Commercial Freedom1,696,77741.22
 LCS Christian Libertarian Party1,090,20726.49
 United Democratic Alliance467,67911.36
 Liberty Party of Saridan321,8087.82
 Enlightened Socialist Party215,0025.22
 freedom party193,5214.70
 LCS Liberal Republican Union131,0363.18
June 2082
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Commercial Freedom1,560,76439.91
 LCS Christian Libertarian Party1,055,55626.99
 United Democratic Alliance489,66912.52
 Enlightened Socialist Party337,3358.63
 Slytherius Party192,0134.91
 Liberty Party of Saridan139,2923.56
 LCS Liberal Republican Union86,6662.22
 freedom party49,5471.27
May 2079
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 LCS Christian Libertarian Party1,483,02336.63
 United Democratic Alliance984,08624.31
 Progressive Futurist Party738,23318.23
 Unio Popola Social316,6727.82
 Liberty Party of Saridan217,2945.37
 Commercial Freedom118,8222.93
 LCS Liberal Republican Union91,0552.25
 Enlightened Socialist Party62,1621.54
 Social Humanist Union37,2880.92
May 2075
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 LCS Christian Libertarian Party1,523,06240.61
 Progressive Futurist Party1,075,27228.67
 Unio Popola Social653,27617.42
 LCS Liberal Republican Union217,0195.79
 United Democratic Alliance132,0213.52
 Liberty Party of Saridan61,5871.64
 Enlightened Socialist Party44,0411.17
 Commercial Freedom23,6460.63
 jozef slavik Party20,4070.54
 Social Humanist Union470.00
May 2071
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 LCS Christian Libertarian Party1,261,53641.95
 Progressive Futurist Party675,81622.47
 Enlightened Socialist Party277,9309.24
 United Democratic Alliance236,3407.86
 LCS Liberal Republican Union234,5627.80
 Liberty Party of Saridan214,3857.13
 Unio Popola Social73,6162.45
 Commercial Freedom32,9451.10
 peerke Party370.00
 National Saridan Conservative Party220.00

Random fact: By default, the Head of Government is the ultimate figure of authority in the Cabinet/government. By convention, Heads of Government are expected to consult with and gain the approval of Cabinet colleagues (including those from other parties) for their actions, but they remain ultimately responsible for what the government does. Cabinet Ministers who disagree seriously enough with the Head of Government would usually be expected to resign, although of course their respective parties can manoeuvre to replace the Head of Government by proposing a new Cabinet bill or triggering an early election. The Head of Government may dismiss a Cabinet Minister and replace them with a chosen temporary replacement. In practical terms it may not always be possible to arrange this through the game mechanics, but the dismissal and replacement will be recognised under the Game Rules if the player controlling the Head of Government simply puts forward a bill, announcing the change.

Random quote: ‘I took the initiative in creating the internet.’ � Al Gore

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