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Nation[?]: Jumhiriyyat Badariya d-Dimuqratiyya (Democratic Republic of Badara)

Population[?]: 19,945,591

Delegates to the al-Niami al-Badara (Al-Badara Terra National assembly Of Badara)[?]: 150

Notable cities[?]:


Area[?]: 99,900 km


Map of Marakesh


View detailed political opinions.

These bars display the opinions of the inhabitants of Marakesh. The black spot in the center of each bar shows the average value of each ideology in this region.

federalistImportance: tiny
Civil Rights[?]restrictive
permissiveImportance: strong
environmentalistImportance: tiny
Foreign Relations[?]isolationist
internationalistImportance: tiny
Government Responsibilities[?]small government
big governmentImportance: tiny
laissez-faireImportance: tiny
militaristImportance: vital
progressiveImportance: tiny
religiousImportance: vital


Labor Market[?]

Workforce[?] [between ages 15 and 65]: 61.77% of the population

Employment[?]: 95.02% of the workforce

Age Distribution[?]


Income Distribution[?]

Gini Coefficient[?]: 0.202539

The two numbers given on the graph are the mean incomes of the lowest and highest bracket.

Regional Income Distribution

Election History

February 4439
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party(P.D.P)3,171,35872.10
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)1,226,97327.90
February 4433
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)6,762,08756.47
 People's Democratic Party(P.D.P)5,181,94343.27
 Don Ghaston Party12,7650.11
 Katsur Party12,5200.10
 Quwwat Almuhafizin Almutahida6,2670.05
December 4430
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)6,994,23459.14
 People's Democratic Party(P.D.P)4,815,04840.71
 The Shitposter's Party of Black7,5570.06
 Katsur Party5,8660.05
 Don Ghaston Party2,1660.02
 Quwwat Almuhafizin Almutahida8620.01
 doctorjacky Party6990.01
December 4424
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party(P.D.P)2,669,40166.78
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)1,327,96833.22
November 4424
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party(P.D.P)4,243,10778.96
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)1,130,70721.04
December 4423
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,231,861100.00
October 4423
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)4,858,50350.78
 New Tyranist Party4,710,17549.22
August 4423
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Tyranist Party2,628,78468.70
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)1,197,62131.30
December 4419
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Tyranist Party2,186,65199.90
 letmetry Party1,2530.06
 FauverJBF Party8380.04
October 4414
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Tyranist Party6,689,33367.32
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,243,33832.64
 AdamAdam1234 Party2,3820.02
 sgmjqb50 Party9500.01
 mylesfinn0709 Party7860.01
December 4413
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ahmadist Liberation Front (ALF)5,250,91047.60
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,492,61331.66
 New Tyranist Party2,275,53420.63
 Socialist Vanguard Front4,9620.04
 sgmjqb50 Party3,7920.03
 AdamAdam1234 Party2,6740.02
 mylesfinn0709 Party6420.01
December 4407
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)6,611,80896.48
 Ahmadist Liberation Front (ALF)213,9263.12
 Abrik Deda Party11,2120.16
 AdamAdam1234 Party9,6870.14
 Ryan8989 Party4,5490.07
 jaden bussell Party1,6500.02
December 4401
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)11,362,39299.85
 Neo Dustour10,8700.10
 Ahmadist Liberation Front (ALF)4,1480.04
 AdamAdam1234 Party1,5620.01
December 4395
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,501,03399.96
 John the humanist Party1,0350.04
April 4394
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,617,089100.00
May 4393
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,844,02953.46
 Reformed Militarist Party3,345,03846.52
 verycreativenickname Party1,5180.02
November 4392
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,715,09337.92
 Reformed Militarist Party2,318,07532.37
 Almuatinin Min Ealim2,116,27529.55
 verycreativenickname Party11,0780.15
November 4390
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Almuatinin Min Ealim11,579,47099.75
 Reformed Militarist Party14,7160.13
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)13,9530.12
October 4389
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Almuatinin Min Ealim2,422,14699.49
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)12,5090.51
October 4383
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,548,48698.83
 Redarmygamer24 Party14,2880.55
 gabyu Party11,6110.45
 Libertarian Party4,3880.17
October 4377
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,278,42299.56
 Maldives Party6,3670.28
 Celln Party3,7550.16
October 4371
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,573,93099.94
 Eolwijne Party1,6420.06
October 4365
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,590,15597.57
 saif Party14,8770.56
 Abu Musa Party13,1940.50
 ping4lyf Party12,6940.48
 Ruling Party Of The FRoB Party10,6800.40
 ritik sharma Party9,1490.34
 brayden Party3,9400.15
October 4359
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,215,60799.48
 saif Party11,6000.52
October 4353
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,636,03699.16
 Zachdaconqueror Party14,5550.55
 Saudiboy151 Party3,1860.12
 ITZ___AIDAN Party3,0100.11
 saif Party1,6920.06
October 4347
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,332,61798.91
 LucasP Party14,8070.63
 Jahat Mubat Party10,9300.46
July 4345
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Baader Party3,904,13551.70
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,647,13348.29
 Haveluna55 Party5170.01
October 4341
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Baader Party7,158,82767.07
 Badaran Solidarity Party3,511,68432.90
 creedon Party3,3950.03
October 4335
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Badaran Liberty Party4,504,52140.97
 Baader Party4,001,45636.40
 Badaran Solidarity Party2,456,42922.34
 Avvs Party14,7180.13
 The people's communist party8,2250.07
 Jack Lupo Party5,4800.05
 Populist Party Party3,3510.03
October 4329
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Baader Party5,192,44653.42
 Badaran Solidarity Party4,497,91446.28
 al-Hizb al-Maʻatranī al-Dimuqratī29,1140.30
October 4323
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Working Class Party 👷6,544,45852.53
 Royalist Party3,916,53631.44
 Badaran Solidarity Party1,963,32715.76
 Baic Party14,7970.12
 Supreme Leader: Chase H. Party8,2100.07
 Sen.Bowman Party5,9170.05
 Baader Party5,7780.05
May 4319
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Working Class Party 👷6,599,26958.83
 Royalist Party4,589,37140.91
 thomashodgson14 Party9,7960.09
 Supreme Leader: Chase H. Party7,9890.07
 Baic Party6,1400.05
 martin1981 Party3,8210.03
 Yeetboi Party1,5920.01
June 4317
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party4,238,48548.40
 Social Working Class Party 👷3,025,41934.55
 Northi Party1,462,39316.70
 Gurudos Giluk Party14,1790.16
 Supreme Leader: Chase H. Party5,9760.07
 Ang Lunco Party5,4170.06
 Baic Party3,7620.04
 Obdormias Party2,0670.02
June 4311
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Working Class Party 👷2,265,32298.27
 Supreme Leader: Chase H. Party13,9230.60
 Badaran Communist Party13,7730.60
 junandia Party10,6010.46
 Calman55 Party1,5640.07
June 4305
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Working Class Party 👷11,160,21599.89
 Hizbakim (حزب أكيم)11,9920.11
June 4299
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara11,421,40499.70
 Jade-161 Party13,4750.12
 Benjamin71228 Party10,7220.09
 Atheist Economy5,8790.05
 iamfood? Party2,9300.03
 Unified Baathist Party Party1,6330.01
December 4296
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara11,400,46699.50
 Benjamin71228 Party13,4220.12
 iamfood? Party12,5550.11
 Atheist Economy11,1000.10
 AntyCrist Party7,5660.07
 Jade-161 Party6,5080.06
 Freedom for Everyone Party5,0780.04
 Unified Baathist Party Party1,2150.01
December 4290
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara2,349,10898.10
 vickaya Party12,5400.52
 Unified Baathist Party Party12,4010.52
 Jade-161 Party9,8510.41
 Ben71228 Party5,0920.21
 iamfood? Party4,4990.19
 Benjamin71228 Party1,1130.05
December 4287
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara7,926,46664.57
 Ahmadi Socialist Party4,323,08235.22
 Jade-161 Party10,3520.08
 Unified Baathist Party Party6,8530.06
 National Democratic Union6,4840.05
 iamfood? Party1,5990.01
October 4287
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara8,291,83767.99
 Ahmadi Socialist Party3,864,75431.69
 National Democratic Union12,5490.10
 iamfood? Party8,8790.07
 SNP Party8,5990.07
 Jade-161 Party7,0560.06
 Unified Baathist Party Party1,1600.01
July 4285
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ahmadi Socialist Party10,797,31399.65
 iamfood? Party12,9000.12
 National Democratic Union11,6870.11
 Jade-161 Party10,0910.09
 Hrstar Party3,0940.03
July 4279
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara6,757,96657.41
 Quwwat Almuhafizin Almutahida4,993,08342.42
 Chartism Party10,7350.09
 Jade-161 Party5,3450.05
 National Democratic Union4,7570.04
April 4276
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara5,322,12968.39
 Quwwat Almuhafizin Almutahida2,439,99731.36
 Nick_Milano Party14,7840.19
 Jade-161 Party4,6520.06
December 4270
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara5,250,27165.65
 Quwwat Almuhafizin Almutahida2,726,80434.09
 jk345 Party13,6530.17
 Jade-161 Party7,2360.09
December 4264
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara5,317,59756.60
 Quwwat Almuhafizin Almutahida4,076,70043.40
April 4260
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara6,929,21183.37
 Quwwat Almuhafizin Almutahida1,367,95816.46
 Revolution Party of JATMB (RFSRB)6,4720.08
 Xo.Josie.oX Party4,9030.06
 shsh Party3,1600.04
July 4258
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Quwwat Almuhafizin Almutahida2,577,37099.36
 Xo.Josie.oX Party11,0040.42
 Revolution Party of JATMB (RFSRB)5,4970.21
July 4255
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Quwwat Almuhafizin Almutahida10,190,95899.86
 lexilacey27 Party10,1030.10
 Liberal Party4,0460.04
July 4251
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara2,669,70999.61
 Quwwat Almuhafizin Almutahida10,3440.39
July 4247
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara2,412,945100.00
May 4246
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 King of mankind Party3,805,08251.04
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara3,649,41948.96
December 4244
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 King of mankind Party11,604,84399.88
 al-Hizb al-Shaeb al-Badara13,8710.12
March 4243
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Faith and Equality Movement2,810,07337.03
 King of mankind Party2,545,22933.54
January 4242
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Al'Baharia National Front11,495,30499.82
 Faith and Equality Movement13,5460.12
 King of mankind Party6,7610.06
September 4240
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party7,776,84861.32
 Al'Baharia National Front4,891,70338.57
 KeADILan Rakyat2,7450.02
September 4236
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party7,107,04959.88
 Al'Baharia National Front4,755,57440.06
 Freedomist Party6,4650.05
 revilo321 Party6460.01
September 4232
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party12,564,74199.82
 Al'Baharia National Front12,5740.10
 p1g4u Party7,9480.06
 Demokratia Socialisma Unio1,5390.01
July 4231
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party9,285,78770.57
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,854,62029.29
 p1g4u Party11,9100.09
 Demokratia Socialisma Unio5,8910.04
 Ahmadi Brotherhood1560.00
July 4227
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party9,292,21570.92
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,760,82428.70
 Demokratia Socialisma Unio13,6180.10
 Stiggdog Party11,7420.09
 Free Majatran Party10,1140.08
 Bakla Party6,2870.05
 President618 Party4,7820.04
 dilly Party3,6330.03
July 4223
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party8,106,08068.12
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,728,19431.33
 dilly Party14,7950.12
 awood Party14,5530.12
 President618 Party13,9900.12
 Free Majatran Party9,2550.08
 narnia01 Party8,0540.07
 Stiggdog Party4,9350.04
July 4219
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party8,725,33168.28
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)4,037,75031.60
 PineappleCrusher_ Party9,5000.07
 Communist People Party3,2720.03
 President618 Party2,8120.02
July 4215
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party4,213,48340.62
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,197,96430.83
 United Dragonord Peoples Party2,939,57828.34
 JerryThompson Party11,7380.11
 All around5,9270.06
 Bill Friedman Party4,1850.04
July 4212
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Dragonord Peoples Party3,217,01535.73
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,013,45033.47
 Progressive Party2,747,75930.52
 The Salaam Party13,1120.15
 AbuBakr Party8,4370.09
 Samjam306 Party4,6700.05
July 4208
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Dragonord Peoples Party3,686,97037.45
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,579,61336.36
 Progressive Party2,574,36226.15
 CASMAR EYES Party4,1500.04
July 4204
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertarian Socialist Party3,706,20033.55
 Progressive Party2,984,82727.02
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,324,09121.04
 Tayyār as-Salām wa al-Dimuqrātiya1,101,7899.97
 United Dragonord Peoples Party909,8568.24
 username1 Party11,3010.10
 Classical Liberal Party8,4970.08
July 4200
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Dragonord Peoples Party6,988,04854.81
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,626,77028.45
 Progressive Party1,159,7269.10
 Tayyār as-Salām wa al-Dimuqrātiya954,6087.49
 Husaination Party11,5960.09
July 4196
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Tayyār as-Salām wa al-Dimuqrātiya3,913,84732.28
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,429,04928.28
 Progressive Party3,351,67127.65
 Freedom Party1,420,88211.72
 United Dragonord Peoples Party8,1550.07
 brandonwaldron Party1140.00
September 4195
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Tayyār as-Salām wa al-Dimuqrātiya4,173,45434.52
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,495,05028.91
 Progressive Party2,798,42223.15
 Freedom Party1,620,20913.40
 brandonwaldron Party1,3170.01
September 4191
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom Party4,255,14835.47
 Tayyār as-Salām wa al-Dimuqrātiya3,274,10827.29
 Hizb Rmady3,261,23027.19
 Progressive Party1,185,4029.88
 RJ Arun Party12,3960.10
 Seppe De Meulder Party7,2070.06
September 4187
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom Party4,149,13235.03
 Tayyār as-Salām wa al-Dimuqrātiya3,485,07429.43
 Hizb Rmady2,939,76724.82
 Progressive Party1,231,14410.40
 DallmannT Party14,9010.13
 CRWatt Party12,9260.11
 Svalbardian Rights Party9,9020.08
September 4183
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Rmady6,129,86849.78
 Freedom Party3,079,72625.01
 Tayyār as-Salām wa al-Dimuqrātiya1,198,4709.73
 Progressive Party1,101,1448.94
 NeoFascist Party of Badara790,3526.42
 Duskiepon3 Party11,7120.10
 The People`s democratic league1,8100.01
July 4181
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Rmady6,905,66457.43
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,319,33627.61
 Freedom Party770,1726.41
 Progressive Party711,2405.92
 NeoFascist Party of Badara302,9192.52
 batman Party9,4270.08
 NafizzMorsalin Party3,8030.03
 rt56y Party1,2690.01
January 4179
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Rmady7,968,89262.61
 Progressive Party1,653,32012.99
 NeoFascist Party of Badara1,615,16412.69
 Communist Party of Badara1,468,29711.54
 NafizzMorsalin Party14,4410.11
 batman Party7,5640.06
 Matthew DAngelo Party6640.01
January 4175
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party5,427,49244.65
 NeoFascist Party of Badara3,827,62931.49
 Hizb Rmady2,863,52123.56
 National Patriot's Party11,7680.10
 Ishank Party8,1270.07
 Industrialist Party6,5950.05
 batman Party5,4810.05
 SocialistSam123 Party5,0890.04
January 4171
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party8,688,90465.53
 NeoFascist Party of Badara4,547,36634.29
 Hizb Rmady11,6930.09
 Neutralist Party9,1880.07
 batman Party3,1650.02
January 4167
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party8,283,84065.83
 NeoFascist Party of Badara4,265,22633.90
 Tychonos Party11,8540.09
 batman Party10,7750.09
 Liberty Party8,3290.07
 Hizb Rmady3,4830.03
January 4163
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party12,135,58699.22
 Libertarian Socialist Party68,5940.56
 Kingman242 Party12,5390.10
 Democratic National Party8,4510.07
 coolman93 Party5,5760.05
January 4159
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,382,15799.42
 Sebastianicus Party13,8910.58
January 4155
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,195,65799.88
 tazman Party2,6240.12
February 4152
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party7,816,45663.45
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)4,501,76836.55
February 4148
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party6,550,54048.91
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)4,746,77735.44
 ICM - Ittihad Citizens movement2,080,97715.54
 alttaharruri hizb alddimuqratiat alaijti9,8140.07
 Peoples Populist Front4,8850.04
February 4144
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party12,766,21499.62
 zaytovan4 Party13,5850.11
 Progressive Democratic Party12,3580.10
 JohnBerlac Party10,4550.08
 alttaharruri hizb alddimuqratiat alaijti6,3580.05
 shre_sudh_97 Party5,7480.04
February 4140
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party7,589,87264.92
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,251,79027.82
 Hizb Alnnahda848,7177.26
February 4136
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party7,361,12163.88
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)2,916,38425.31
 Hizb Alnnahda1,246,41810.82
February 4132
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party6,807,73460.96
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)3,590,22432.15
 Hizb Alnnahda753,1496.74
 harry_e Party11,9540.11
 SairolC Party5,1650.05
February 4128
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party8,913,72969.08
 Hizb Alnnahda3,983,43430.87
 smith556 Party5,1190.04
 United Al-badaria Democratic Party(UAE)1,1590.01
 Freedom party8070.01
February 4124
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party5,599,49148.05
 Hizb Alnnahda3,650,20031.33
 hizb almuhafizin (Conservative Party)2,392,05920.53
 Jeremia Party6,2000.05
February 4120
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party3,747,34732.40
 Hizb Alnnahda2,951,60325.52
 hizb almuhafizin (Conservative Party)2,547,29422.02
 Ahmadism brotherhood Party1,273,47311.01
 National Freedom Party1,047,0349.05
February 4116
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 hizb almuhafizin (Conservative Party)3,340,84527.83
 Progressive Party2,626,37021.88
 Hizb Alnnahda2,389,63219.91
 National Freedom Party1,817,15915.14
 Ahmadist Proletarian Workers Party1,691,60314.09
 Ahmadism brotherhood Party128,4991.07
 scipio_37 Party10,6450.09
February 4112
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Freedom Party5,142,28839.43
 Hizb Alnnahda3,978,88930.51
 hizb almuhafizin (Conservative Party)2,063,21415.82
 Ahmadism brotherhood Party1,857,41314.24
February 4108
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Alnnahda5,035,74983.97
 hizb almuhafizin (Conservative Party)947,84415.80
 Aquinas Blocked My Account for No Reason4,8000.08
 Vizier Party3,9910.07
 Ahmadism brotherhood Party3,1280.05
 TenshiS Party1,7550.03
February 4104
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Jackiebiles Party2,175,406100.00
February 4100
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ahmadic Workers Party2,377,592100.00
February 4096
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Left Laicist Democrats2,408,72099.89
 ERICK Party2,7660.11
February 4092
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Atheist Party2,098,62699.45
 Eugene Debs Party6,6450.31
 tomspinner Party4,8840.23
February 4088
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Atheist Party11,496,26299.91
 pagosabk Party9,9690.09
February 4084
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Atheist Party2,053,531100.00
February 4080
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Left Laicist Democrats2,590,94954.18
 National Atheist Party2,183,15945.66
 DokBar Party4,2700.09
 jrs863 Party3,1860.07
 GeneralSlim Party2410.01
February 4076
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Left Laicist Democrats5,068,39756.60
 National Atheist Party3,885,81043.40
February 4072
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Left Laicist Democrats3,349,29366.74
 National Atheist Party1,669,46733.26
November 4070
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Atheist Party2,409,38999.89
 looo Party2,6980.11
November 4066
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Bickel Party2,403,243100.00
November 4060
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 al-Harakah al-Wataniyah1,591,96251.25
 fegegg Party1,514,55948.75
August 4058
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 الحزب الثوري(alhizb alththaw)2,729,286100.00
May 4057
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alexandra22 Party2,238,002100.00
May 4053
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Green Party2,124,62099.00
 AlexandarA Party11,4700.53
 JONNON Party9,9820.47
May 4049
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Green Party12,669,30099.94
 Federal Democratic party4,2280.03
 Nationalist Libertarian Bloc1,8890.01
 Worker's Party of Badara1,7320.01
January 4049
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Green Party6,906,57261.91
 Royalist Party4,235,40137.96
 Worker's Party of Badara7,2900.07
 Federal Democratic party7,0300.06
January 4045
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Green Party2,528,612100.00
January 4044
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party2,317,731100.00
July 4040
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party7,248,23465.13
 Alttahaluf Alaishtiraki3,881,32234.87
July 4038
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party8,793,19366.99
 Alttahaluf Alaishtiraki2,733,74020.83
 Eabd Allah Kizb1,587,23912.09
 حزب الله God's party11,7470.09
January 4035
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Eabd Allah Kizb7,141,21977.01
 Alttahaluf Alaishtiraki2,126,74022.93
 hafid Party5,6460.06
July 4031
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alttahaluf Alaishtiraki2,357,35199.45
 yayaheryadi Party13,0390.55
January 4028
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alttahaluf Alaishtiraki2,386,49799.46
 derite4 Party12,9300.54
July 4024
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alttahaluf Alaishtiraki2,123,047100.00
July 4022
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Justice Party2,133,57799.86
 I_Am_Kiss Party3,0320.14
July 4020
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party2,318,141100.00
July 4018
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Justice Party2,424,982100.00
July 4016
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party2,815,406100.00
December 4011
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Northi Party6,282,91574.61
 جيش أكيم (Army of Akim)2,137,72925.39
June 4008
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party11,950,73199.90
 The Grand Sultanate of Maharashtra and W11,3730.10
 Northi Party1110.00
June 4002
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party11,016,99397.46
 Majatrani Socialist Ba'ath Party277,2252.45
 Northi Party9,7250.09
July 4000
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Movement2,247,038100.00
January 3996
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 House of Al Azahari2,612,88199.67
 321waq Party8,6760.33
January 3990
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 House of Al Azahari2,287,171100.00
February 3989
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nazi Party2,398,28299.81
 albanya Party4,6300.19
July 3986
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 andree Party1,465,33254.03
 Nazi Party1,246,94045.97
July 3984
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 DawnsAngau Party2,373,876100.00
July 3978
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party3,719,85875.17
 Katā’ib al-Jazīri1,216,22824.58
 Presidential Party12,7480.26
July 3972
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Katā’ib al-Jazīri2,469,442100.00
February 3961
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Ba'th al-Ma'atraniyyah al-Qawmi11,205,81099.88
 Omar Al-Paki Party13,9900.12
February 3955
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Ba'th al-Ma'atraniyyah al-Qawmi2,188,33499.08
 vetanam Party11,8700.54
 Savalaia Party8,3790.38
August 3952
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party1,888,77878.15
 Hizb al-Ba'th al-Ma'atraniyyah al-Qawmi527,98721.85
 The Brotherhood110.00
August 3946
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party2,687,179100.00
November 3944
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party2,891,638100.00
October 3941
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party11,447,39099.87
 Ba'ath Party14,3900.13
 Union Party of Socialists7020.01
October 3935
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party2,403,40498.84
 Duke Azor Party14,5770.60
 xKruntz Party13,6560.56
October 3929
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party2,380,54099.66
 danial shaikh Party7,6790.32
 LionelCheah Party4130.02
October 3923
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party2,488,510100.00
July 3922
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party2,573,23099.85
 Wasya Party3,8720.15
July 3916
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Capitalist Party2,351,434100.00
May 3914
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Laila Party1,459,82857.42
 Capitalist Party1,082,62942.58
May 3908
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 romanking11 Party2,387,296100.00
May 3896
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 hornby123 Party1,320,28157.32
 The Centre Right Party982,91642.68
November 3892
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Ba'th al-Ma'atraniyyah al-Qawmi11,066,79699.73
 Populist Party10,9740.10
 diltarget13 Party9,6120.09
 Bob wong Party8,9000.08
November 3886
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Ba'th al-Ma'atraniyyah al-Qawmi2,296,55299.65
 drobdrob Party7,9830.35
June 3881
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Ba'th al-Ma'atraniyyah al-Qawmi2,465,327100.00
June 3875
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Ba'th al-Ma'atraniyyah al-Qawmi9,848,53899.78
 Communist party of Leninism13,3190.13
 Maulidan Party8,3690.08
June 3869
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Ba'th al-Ma'atraniyyah al-Qawmi2,348,740100.00
June 3863
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Ba'th al-Ma'atraniyyah al-Qawmi1,993,715100.00
June 3861
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Ba'th al-Ma'atraniyyah al-Qawmi13,542,21099.90
 Karth Party7,2110.05
 Hizb Gazeratan Badaraiyah Al-Tala'īy6,6400.05
June 3855
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Gazeratan Badaraiyah Al-Tala'īy9,700,54899.52
 True Caliphate Party11,7910.12
 AcidFreak Party10,4620.11
 Party of Labour of Badaran-Majatran8,5480.09
 mclark35 Party8,1730.08
 Marlowe Party5,3480.05
 Albatore Babaneaux Party2,8790.03
June 3849
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Gazeratan Badaraiyah Al-Tala'īy2,117,091100.00
June 3843
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Gazeratan Badaraiyah Al-Tala'īy2,283,066100.00
April 3839
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Gazeratan Badaraiyah Al-Tala'īy2,457,486100.00
February 3835
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Gazeratan Badaraiyah Al-Tala'īy2,653,146100.00
December 3830
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Gazeratan Badaraiyah Al-Tala'īy2,422,65399.59
 KwingDoctor Party10,0450.41
October 3826
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Gazeratan Badaraiyah Al-Tala'īy2,344,14299.47
 KwingDoctor Party12,4280.53
August 3822
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Gazeratan Badaraiyah Al-Tala'īy2,484,69699.25
 MFG Party10,4240.42
 KwingDoctor Party6,8570.27
 National Socialists-Communists1,4590.06
June 3818
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb Gazeratan Badaraiyah Al-Tala'īy2,258,27499.11
 KwingDoctor Party10,2270.45
 abhishek Party10,1600.45
April 3814
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party2,363,80599.45
 KwingDoctor Party8,5220.36
 AlexTheLiberal Party4,5890.19
February 3813
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party2,205,426100.00
October 3811
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party11,633,93599.99
 The Democrats1,5510.01
August 3810
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party11,715,00099.88
 The Democrats13,8460.12
August 3807
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party11,672,69299.99
 al-Qiedah al-Aliyah al-Jihad Wedharir1,0570.01
August 3804
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party2,097,504100.00
June 3800
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party11,735,30899.89
 Savlem Party8,4630.07
 sonialaveena Party4,8480.04
April 3796
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party2,544,654100.00
March 3795
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party6,988,18480.34
 The Good Old Party997,52111.47
 Women's Association of Liberals and Love697,1998.02
 comradegeneral Party14,9390.17
February 3794
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party7,040,34679.84
 Women's Association of Liberals and Love921,71010.45
 The Good Old Party850,6509.65
 comradegeneral Party5,0960.06
August 3793
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party7,088,70880.52
 The Good Old Party992,33911.27
 Women's Association of Liberals and Love722,6078.21
August 3792
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party7,689,74581.53
 The Good Old Party882,5869.36
 Women's Association of Liberals and Love859,6399.11
March 3792
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party7,073,54567.50
 Women's Association of Liberals and Love1,745,12716.65
 The Good Old Party1,659,92715.84
June 3791
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party7,841,36779.67
 The Good Old Party1,062,50010.80
 Women's Association of Liberals and Love938,0749.53
March 3791
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party7,264,93666.72
 Women's Association of Liberals and Love2,048,94718.82
 The Good Old Party1,575,09514.47
April 3790
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party8,338,26180.07
 Women's Association of Liberals and Love1,128,77810.84
 The Good Old Party946,9119.09
April 3784
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Badaran Women for Peace Party5,238,95350.40
 The Good Old Party3,287,27031.62
 Women's Association of Liberals and Love1,864,86217.94
 Freddy Fazbear Party3,6580.04
August 3781
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Badaran Women for Peace Party2,900,38472.41
 The Good Old Party1,104,91827.59
September 3778
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Badaran Women for Peace Party3,085,82991.84
 Rally For The Sultanate274,0048.16
September 3772
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Haqq al-Ahmadi13,028,78199.89
 Rally For The Sultanate6,2160.05
 Equality Party4,6300.04
 Badaran Women for Peace Party3,7160.03
September 3766
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Haqq al-Ahmadi12,749,46799.87
 Al'Nassar Party7,3570.06
 Vision Party6,6060.05
 m.seidel Party1,8430.01
 Center Party1,1050.01
September 3760
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Haqq al-Ahmadi2,424,49999.67
 National Anarchist party7,9710.33
September 3754
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hizb al-Haqq al-Ahmadi2,598,330100.00
June 3753
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Majatran Vanguard Party2,509,63499.76
 Hizb al-Haqq al-Ahmadi5,9510.24
June 3747
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party11,560,24099.77
 Bruh Party14,4650.12
 Kin Il Un Party6,7800.06
 Chickun Party5,4410.05
 Anarchist Front3130.00
June 3741
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party7,534,27062.94
 Badara Munnetra Kazhagam {BMK}4,398,46736.74
 QiUCthpABq4eR4h Party14,8450.12
 Bruh Party11,4860.10
 United Social Front8,3040.07
 vikrammech Party2,0090.02
 whatfudge Party1,3630.01
June 3739
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party6,847,08454.74
 Badara Munnetra Kazhagam {BMK}5,647,06945.14
 United Social Front10,2440.08
 Bruh Party2,5740.02
 QiUCthpABq4eR4h Party2,3390.02
 The Al'Badara Brotherhood250.00
March 3738
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Badara Munnetra Kazhagam {BMK}11,576,50691.28
 The Al'Badara Brotherhood1,069,1398.43
 al-Qiedah al-Aliyah al-Jihad Wedharir12,9360.10
 United Social Front10,3470.08
 QiUCthpABq4eR4h Party7,9400.06
 Bruh Party5,4490.04
March 3732
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party13,244,35099.48
 United Social Front14,6480.11
 The Party for Conformity and Reality14,5370.11
 QiUCthpABq4eR4h Party12,4000.09
 kfc1314 Party12,3520.09
 The Al'Badara Brotherhood9,2900.07
 Bruh Party6,6390.05
March 3726
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party7,536,21599.60
 QiUCthpABq4eR4h Party13,2390.17
 Bruh Party12,0500.16
 United Social Front5,1830.07
March 3720
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party2,707,42299.85
 Scrockett84 Party4,0040.15
February 3719
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party2,452,23399.51
 Scrockett84 Party12,1230.49
September 3717
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party2,426,210100.00
November 3714
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party2,201,40599.95
 Jamcad01 Party1,0640.05
December 3713
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party2,373,14699.69
 Jamcad01 Party7,2830.31
December 3711
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royalist Party7,530,15883.15
 الحزب الإمبراطوري1,512,02216.70
 sad Party13,3920.15
March 3702
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 الحزب الإمبراطوري2,389,761100.00
July 3699
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 الحزب الإمبراطوري2,325,963