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Game Time: June 5040
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Nation[?]: State of Vorona (Vorona)

Population[?]: 19,997,891

Delegates to the National Military Assembly[?]: 75

Notable cities[?]:


Area[?]: 184,200 km


Map of Paranden


View detailed political opinions.

These bars display the opinions of the inhabitants of Paranden. The black spot in the center of each bar shows the average value of each ideology in this region.

federalistImportance: tiny
Civil Rights[?]restrictive
permissiveImportance: tiny
environmentalistImportance: tiny
Foreign Relations[?]isolationist
internationalistImportance: tiny
Government Responsibilities[?]small government
big governmentImportance: vital
laissez-faireImportance: tiny
militaristImportance: tiny
progressiveImportance: tiny
religiousImportance: tiny


Labor Market[?]

Workforce[?] [between ages 15 and 65]: 62.06% of the population

Employment[?]: 0.00% of the workforce

Age Distribution[?]


Income Distribution[?]

Gini Coefficient[?]: 0.269797

The two numbers given on the graph are the mean incomes of the lowest and highest bracket.

Regional Income Distribution

Election History

May 5038
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Reconciliation Council (NRC)9,378,87699.87
 Frostian Liberties12,5780.13
May 5034
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Reconciliation Council (NRC)2,374,885100.00
May 5030
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Reconciliation Council (NRC)2,338,802100.00
May 5026
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Reconciliation Council (NRC)2,774,294100.00
March 5020
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party of Vorona7,228,21257.93
 Green Socialist Movement5,247,63942.06
 Social Democratic Party1,7390.01
March 5016
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Socialist Movement2,436,534100.00
March 5012
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Capitalist Movement6,155,62550.08
 Green Socialist Movement6,125,05349.83
 Proggang65 Party10,2220.08
March 5008
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Socialist Movement6,414,08351.48
 Vorona Capitalist Movement6,043,19948.50
 Lord Kendall Party2,7200.02
March 5006
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Capitalist Movement6,369,55350.26
 Green Socialist Movement6,295,93549.68
 Pharrell Party7,4730.06
March 5004
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Capitalist Movement7,007,68762.43
 Green Socialist Movement4,199,67837.42
 Radical Democratic Party9,7000.09
 Turion Party7,2770.06
March 5002
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist5,705,82550.05
 Green Socialist Movement5,682,19149.84
 Turion Party9,3030.08
 Radical Democratic Party3,4390.03
 Liberal Party of Verona1890.00
March 5000
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist11,599,08893.89
 Green Socialist Movement731,8305.92
 loud moun Party12,5440.10
 Modelbuses32 Party6,2440.05
 Liberal Party of Verona4,0840.03
March 4998
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist8,405,11670.14
 Green Socialist Movement3,561,20529.72
 Modelbuses32 Party14,6390.12
 loud moun Party1,5590.01
 Liberal Party of Verona3940.00
March 4996
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Socialist Movement5,577,98856.51
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist4,290,95143.47
 Modelbuses32 Party2,5360.03
 loud moun Party150.00
March 4994
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Socialist Movement5,730,23655.89
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist4,512,36444.01
 The New Conservatives5,0630.05
 Modelbuses32 Party3,8000.04
 loud moun Party8420.01
March 4992
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Socialist Movement5,644,66456.03
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist4,412,30643.80
 The New Conservatives9,7160.10
 Modelbuses32 Party7,8030.08
March 4990
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist4,725,73958.34
 Green Socialist Movement3,365,95541.55
 Modelbuses32 Party8,7880.11
 The New Conservatives4490.01
March 4988
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist2,265,57099.91
 Modelbuses32 Party1,9850.09
March 4986
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - ML3,307,36551.91
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist3,049,00747.86
 Modelbuses32 Party14,8640.23
March 4984
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - ML3,340,66552.22
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist3,042,58047.56
 Modelbuses32 Party14,4730.23
March 4982
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - ML3,677,30351.26
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist3,494,77548.72
 Modelbuses32 Party1,4240.02
March 4980
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - ML3,684,37750.32
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist3,628,05649.55
 Modelbuses32 Party9,2840.13
March 4978
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist3,830,42854.23
 Worker's Party of Vorona - ML3,230,76645.74
 Modelbuses32 Party1,7200.02
March 4976
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist3,999,40253.37
 Worker's Party of Vorona - ML3,486,68146.53
 Modelbuses32 Party8,0110.11
March 4974
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist4,918,74861.73
 Worker's Party of Vorona - ML3,046,72138.23
 Modelbuses32 Party3,3320.04
March 4972
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - ML3,310,71053.92
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist2,812,65345.81
 noot Party14,4650.24
 Modelbuses32 Party1,7920.03
March 4966
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist3,709,03375.24
 Worker's Party of Vorona - ML1,208,73724.52
 Prime Minister GR Party11,7440.24
December 4965
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist1,244,91754.73
 Worker's Party of Vorona - ML1,027,57645.17
 Prime Minister GR Party2,2840.10
March 4965
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Worker's Party of Vorona - ML878,22937.28
 Worker's Party of Vorona - Tedjist858,21336.43
 Prime Minister GR Party619,03526.28
March 4959
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronese Socialist Workers Party2,503,163100.00
March 4947
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona2,225,352100.00
March 4941
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona2,232,41399.19
 Jerry Party12,6050.56
 Okeygorandom Par5,6080.25
March 4935
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona2,371,298100.00
March 4929
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona2,072,352100.00
March 4923
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Most Regnal Order of the Seas6,805,71653.67
 Blue Party of Vorona5,870,60446.29
 Liberal Democratic Party5,2000.04
December 4919
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona2,196,436100.00
December 4913
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona2,346,309100.00
December 4907
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona2,263,545100.00
December 4901
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona6,921,33488.44
 United Vorona Party891,32511.39
 Saba4383 Party13,4220.17
June 4897
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Whig Party of Vorona6,707,85560.27
 Blue Party of Vorona4,420,98139.73
August 4895
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Balalian's Anticipation Team4,123,34236.92
 Blue Party of Vorona4,102,69636.74
 Whig Party of Vorona2,941,68526.34
August 4889
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona2,630,957100.00
August 4883
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona11,320,25799.98
 Team MG1,3780.01
 National Socialist Vorona1,2410.01
August 4877
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona11,141,03599.95
 Cothromach Equalist Party (CEP)5,4700.05
August 4876
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona2,324,84899.49
 Cothromach Equalist Party (CEP)12,0150.51
February 4874
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Most Regnal Order of the Seas6,579,46252.26
 Blue Party of Vorona5,987,93947.56
 kirillcross Party9,1150.07
 Central Party7,8540.06
 Grace of God Party4,0740.03
 hjb22 Party1,2080.01
February 4868
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Most Regnal Order of the Seas5,100,88051.00
 Blue Party of Vorona4,900,68249.00
February 4862
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Most Regnal Order of the Seas6,103,50655.21
 Blue Party of Vorona4,946,04144.74
 DEATHWISH863 Party5,8930.05
August 4858
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Most Regnal Order of the Seas6,137,99662.68
 Blue Party of Vorona3,654,45237.32
August 4857
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona11,597,15399.89
 Most Regnal Order of the Seas8,0030.07
 Antchapistan Party4,2810.04
December 4855
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona2,503,47599.44
 Antchapistan Party10,8580.43
 RickyChan Party3,1820.13
December 4849
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona2,910,95199.37
 JWest1984 Party14,7930.50
 jakegraff7 Party3,6510.12
October 4847
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona4,040,21653.70
 Vorona Purple Party3,467,18246.08
 JWest1984 Party11,2230.15
 HiZebra Party5,3530.07
October 4841
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Purple Party5,814,71550.33
 Blue Party of Vorona5,713,06849.45
 JWest1984 Party11,4920.10
 BOOMBOOM Party7,5060.06
 lukaw Party5,8950.05
October 4835
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party of Vorona7,133,67458.36
 Vorona Purple Party3,133,55025.64
 Country Party1,058,4558.66
 Blue Party of Vorona889,4367.28
 Constitution Party7,6490.06
February 4832
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Blue Party of Vorona6,675,22450.83
 Vorona Purple Party6,444,47549.07
 Federalist Party of Vorona10,7010.08
 New People's Party2,0570.02
June 4830
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Purple Party2,335,68999.98
 JoeJameson896 Party4040.02
February 4827
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sycoenis Party1,078,54237.01
 Jon68419 Party1,019,45434.98
 Green Party of Vorona816,14928.01
February 4821
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democrats of Vorona2,240,616100.00
February 4815
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Meta-Geo Party1,877,58260.71
 Social Democrats of Vorona1,203,26438.90
 Tamasa Party12,0710.39
February 4809
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 MorseNafiz Party2,154,627100.00
February 4803
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Birthday Party2,194,73399.52
 MorseNafiz Party10,4910.48
February 4797
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Homeland Party2,481,506100.00
August 4794
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party of Vorona2,343,018100.00
November 4792
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Bala Nationalist Party2,192,554100.00
November 4786
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 State Party of Vorona2,452,67199.74
 Vorona Conservative Party6,4660.26
November 4780
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 State Party of Vorona2,600,248100.00
January 4779
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 thezig Party2,557,134100.00
January 4775
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic conservative pary2,266,391100.00
January 4771
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 State Party of Vorona4,840,10070.29
 Democratic-Syndicalist Voronian Front2,045,44129.71
January 4767
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic-Syndicalist Voronian Front7,059,03899.86
 State Party of Vorona10,1840.14
January 4763
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic-Syndicalist Voronian Front2,032,347100.00
July 4761
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Communist Party2,451,101100.00
February 4758
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party of Vorona2,193,04499.97
 wondermite Party5630.03
February 4754
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party of Vorona3,870,38478.30
 Vorona National Party1,057,44121.39
 Stanski Party8,4170.17
 Voronan Reform Party4,4530.09
October 4750
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Party1,278,50455.13
 Green Party of Vorona1,019,07543.95
 Stefyesh123456 Party14,4910.62
 United Workers' Party6,8560.30
August 4749
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party of Vorona2,472,75999.40
 Shotshell12GA Party9,8810.40
 Vorona National Party4,0090.16
 Stefyesh123456 Party1,0980.04
April 4746
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party of Vorona2,091,47099.54
 Ariadne Vok Party6,8680.33
 Vorona National Party2,7580.13
April 4742
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party of Vorona2,592,307100.00
April 4738
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party of Vorona1,339,84952.03
 Liberal Conservative Union1,215,71047.21
 Darwinya Party7,0850.28
 Babababababanana Party6,7920.26
 hassanamjkhan Party5,7300.22
April 4734
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservative Union6,131,57678.42
 Socialist Party of Vorona887,44111.35
 Green Party of Vorona799,94310.23
March 4734
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservative Union4,484,19779.03
 Socialist Party of Vorona603,02810.63
 Green Party of Vorona587,08710.35
February 4727
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party of Vorona2,381,581100.00
February 4726
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party of Vorona2,383,112100.00
April 4720
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Labor Party of Vorona2,690,09199.56
 weeeeee Party11,9980.44
March 4718
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Action Front3,449,88350.80
 Socialist Labor Party of Vorona3,339,68349.17
 Sum1K1llM3N0w Party2,0460.03
March 4714
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party2,902,64135.55
 National Action Front2,816,29334.49
 Socialist Labor Party of Vorona2,445,43329.95
 nkeeter Party1,5500.02
March 4710
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal-Monarchists of Vorona6,673,50952.96
 Socialist Labor Party of Vorona2,292,18118.19
 National Action Front2,095,18616.63
 Liberty & Freedom Party of Vorona640,3155.08
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party397,5343.15
 Vorona Vanguard Coalition367,3902.92
 Vorona Prime Party134,5181.07
March 4706
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Action Front3,767,46130.48
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party3,187,90325.79
 Vorona Vanguard Coalition3,093,13125.02
 Socialist Labor Party of Vorona1,885,58915.25
 Liberty & Freedom Party of Vorona427,2733.46
 Liberal-Monarchists of Vorona10.00
March 4702
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Labor Party of Vorona2,346,798100.00
March 4698
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nationalist Conservative Party of Vorona1,615,67053.50
 Deltaria Nova's Royal Party1,404,53946.50
March 4694
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 [DA] Democratic Alliance 🕊2,610,570100.00
March 4688
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 [ONB] Orono Nationalist Bloc 🦅1,245,25055.77
 [DA] Democratic Alliance 🕊987,57144.23
March 4682
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 [DA] Democratic Alliance 🕊2,461,771100.00
October 4679
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 [ONB] Orono Nationalist Bloc 🦅4,268,89945.81
 [FPPO] First Peoples Party of Orono🗿2,804,00230.09
 [DA] Democratic Alliance 🕊2,245,48424.10
October 4673
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 [ONB] Orono Nationalist Bloc 🦅4,733,90547.09
 [FPPO] First Peoples Party of Orono🗿3,052,15130.36
 [DA] Democratic Alliance 🕊2,267,85922.56
October 4667
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 [ONB] Orono Nationalist Bloc 🦅5,862,67366.28
 [FPPO] First Peoples Party of Orono🗿2,638,09529.83
 [DA] Democratic Alliance 🕊344,3623.89
March 4662
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 [ONB] Orono Nationalist Bloc 🦅1,437,36450.92
 [DA] Democratic Alliance 🕊1,385,57549.08
August 4659
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hector1972 Party919,79738.55
 fritzchr Party893,75737.45
 Averydiamond Party572,69724.00
August 4654
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nationalist Democracy Party11,421,03899.98
 Republicans Party 20191,8540.02
February 4651
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nationalist Democracy Party12,373,38299.73
 Vernam Party10,9100.09
 Deltarian Liberty Party9,6260.08
 johnrhysvella Party6,0770.05
 National Party of Vorona2,6930.02
 United Party2,5870.02
 ikke129 Party1,6910.01
July 4648
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nationalist Democracy Party11,020,08799.78
 johnrhysvella Party11,7720.11
 ikke129 Party10,3410.09
 National Party of Vorona1,8340.02
November 4644
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nationalist Democracy Party2,273,58099.55
 ikke129 Party10,1820.45
December 4641
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nationalist Democracy Party2,252,20099.96
 Haku17 Party8040.04
June 4638
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nationalist Democracy Party2,473,92599.52
 Haku17 Party12,0440.48
March 4635
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nationalist Democracy Party3,520,64272.60
 The Northern Bavoria Unionist Party1,328,72227.40
March 4632
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Northern Bavoria Unionist Party6,820,22060.79
 Nationalist Democracy Party4,398,82339.21
September 4631
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nationalist Democracy Party5,310,76055.19
 Old Republic Party3,299,44834.29
 The Northern Bavoria Unionist Party1,011,91110.52
June 4630
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Old Republic Party2,359,363100.00
June 4627
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party10,559,90899.86
 Old Republic Party14,2840.14
December 4622
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Labour Party2,339,86068.55
 Vorona Party1,073,61531.45
December 4619
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Labour Party1,609,18559.66
 Vorona Party1,087,86240.34
December 4610
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party2,382,481100.00
October 4607
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party2,337,528100.00
October 4604
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party2,498,161100.00
April 4604
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party2,575,422100.00
April 4601
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party4,025,70951.81
 Akigan Patriot Partei3,744,09048.19
December 4598
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party4,476,36552.51
 Akigan Patriot Partei4,048,31547.49
December 4595
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Akigan Patriot Partei4,400,83651.80
 Green Party4,095,45148.20
August 4593
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party4,006,10655.48
 Akigan Patriot Partei3,214,96044.52
January 4590
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Akigan Patriot Partei4,805,82661.48
 Green Party3,010,73238.52
January 4586
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Unionist Party4,799,42338.43
 Green Party3,334,91926.70
 Akigan Patriot Partei2,888,63723.13
 National Fatherland First Party1,460,50911.69
 Reform-Centre Party5,3600.04
October 4582
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Unionist Party4,685,45338.87
 Akigan Patriot Partei2,584,56821.44
 National Fatherland First Party2,431,69620.17
 Green Party2,337,76819.40
 Reform-Centre Party13,8750.12
October 4578
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Reform-Centre Party4,411,24241.91
 National Fatherland First Party2,843,25527.01
 Green Party1,523,29214.47
 National Unionist Party1,102,23910.47
 Akigan Patriot Partei646,4896.14
October 4574
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communalist Party2,901,03927.59
 Reform-Centre Party2,163,01220.57
 National Fatherland First Party1,850,66617.60
 Akigan Patriot Partei1,392,58613.25
 National Unionist Party1,242,94311.82
 Green Party963,6509.17
April 4572
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communalist Party3,490,42934.60
 National Fatherland First Party1,873,31918.57
 Llafur Sosialaidd/Socialist Labour Party1,473,17514.60
 Green Party1,417,25214.05
 National Unionist Party1,009,21010.01
 Akigan Patriot Partei823,4548.16
September 4570
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Confederation of Labour2,891,87527.70
 Green Party2,017,11319.32
 National Fatherland First Party1,734,94316.62
 Llafur Sosialaidd/Socialist Labour Party1,465,25114.04
 Akigan Patriot Partei1,443,09713.82
 Communalist Party872,5278.36
 National Unionist Party13,7560.13
November 4567
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Centre Alliance4,307,21935.30
 National Fatherland First Party3,232,38226.49
 Llafur Sosialaidd/Socialist Labour Party1,798,69914.74
 National Confederation of Labour784,7396.43
 Green Party686,3525.62
 Communalist Party583,4364.78
 Manahune Party582,4354.77
 Akigan Patriot Partei226,7611.86
November 4563
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Akigan Patriot Partei11,104,56799.89
 House of Spencer11,9670.11
November 4559
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 yeojyeojo Party2,484,182100.00
November 4553
PartyVotesVotes (%)
March 4548
PartyVotesVotes (%)
January 4547
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Right-leaning Conservative Party2,598,278100.00
January 4541
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Right-leaning Conservative Party3,098,20974.13
 Voronan Socialist Revolution Party1,081,37525.87
September 4535
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Worker's Party2,473,20399.72
 Right-leaning Conservative Party6,9380.28
September 4529
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Worker's Party2,362,50699.42
 Deltarian Freedom13,7380.58
September 4523
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union of Weebs and Traps2,216,004100.00
September 4517
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,144,177100.00
April 4513
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,353,513100.00
March 4509
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party5,764,85971.31
 Communist Party2,318,92628.69
March 4503
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party12,951,70599.90
 People's Democratic Party13,0110.10
March 4497
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,180,590100.00
February 4494
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,300,97299.90
 Nationalist Party2,3680.10
September 4491
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,485,652100.00
September 4489
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,355,449100.00
July 4487
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,381,952100.00
August 4485
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,516,245100.00
August 4483
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,272,522100.00
June 4481
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,255,57699.44
 Alternative for Cynewise Farolandes12,7570.56
March 4479
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,387,95099.67
 Alternative for Cynewise Farolandes7,9960.33
March 4473
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,196,61099.80
 Alternative for Cynewise Farolandes4,4270.20
July 4471
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,404,21099.58
 Alternative for Cynewise Farolandes10,1270.42
November 4469
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,436,20899.46
 Alternative for Cynewise Farolandes13,1780.54
October 4467
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,426,79699.96
 Alternative for Cynewise Farolandes1,0060.04
October 4461
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party2,481,150100.00
April 4459
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Democratic Party6,027,93055.06
 The King's Guard4,920,93044.94
March 4459
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The King's Guard3,130,44871.86
 People's Democratic Party1,225,67528.14
March 4454
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Efnungrǣdlīċ Hēap11,476,85299.90
 The King's Guard6,5930.06
 People's Democratic Party5,0520.04
November 4450
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Efnungrǣdlīċ Hēap11,466,00799.93
 Duguð Mægð orgilde Voronona8,0060.07
July 4450
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Efnungrǣdlīċ Hēap11,379,37499.88
 Duguð Mægð orgilde Voronona13,3330.12
December 4448
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona2,287,347100.00
August 4445
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona2,710,144100.00
June 4445
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona2,368,580100.00
June 4441
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Unity Party2,374,704100.00
June 4437
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Efnungrǣdlīċ Hēap2,494,947100.00
June 4433
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Efnungrǣdlīċ Hēap2,358,621100.00
June 4429
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Efnungrǣdlīċ Hēap2,469,756100.00
June 4425
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Efnungrǣdlīċ Hēap2,183,933100.00
August 4423
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Conservative Party1,548,82754.11
 Efnungrǣdlīċ Hēap1,313,75645.89
April 4422
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union of National Bolsheviks Party1,111,23151.49
 Malpoet Party1,047,10548.51
April 4419
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Te Pāti Mātou (Mātou Party)6,932,27955.03
 Voronan Communist Party5,615,66244.58
 Malpoet Party14,7250.12
 Handof Party11,2030.09
 Democratic Alliance of Vorona8,6720.07
 Union of National Bolsheviks Party8720.01
April 4416
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Communist Party6,152,78046.90
 Classical Liberal Party3,925,81829.92
 Te Pāti Mātou (Mātou Party)2,990,04022.79
 Malpoet Party14,7980.11
 raginggamer19 Party12,4750.10
 Union of National Bolsheviks Party12,1270.09
 Minarchist Party9,7300.07
 Samtinker205 Party1,2440.01
April 4413
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Classical Liberal Party4,988,54037.55
 Voronan Communist Party4,894,67236.84
 Progressive Worker's Party1,916,91314.43
 Te Pāti Mātou (Mātou Party)1,483,78711.17
 Union of National Bolsheviks Party2,8810.02
April 4410
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Communist Party5,474,30341.96
 Classical Liberal Party5,361,53141.09
 Progressive Worker's Party801,7376.15
 Te Pāti Mātou (Mātou Party)797,9776.12
 The Iron Guard of Verona609,3164.67
 Union of National Bolsheviks Party1,9520.01
April 4407
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Communist Party4,948,29942.31
 Te Pāti Mātou (Mātou Party)4,118,12235.21
 Progressive Worker's Party1,464,73012.52
 The Iron Guard of Verona1,158,7419.91
 Union of National Bolsheviks Party5,7860.05
July 4405
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Te Pāti Mātou (Mātou Party)6,359,23249.66
 Voronan Communist Party4,714,29936.82
 Progressive Worker's Party880,8106.88
 The Iron Guard of Verona838,1936.55
 Union of National Bolsheviks Party9,1160.07
 Nik Palia Party2,6370.02
November 4402
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Te Pāti Mātou (Mātou Party)6,555,40451.07
 Voronan Communist Party4,548,85135.44
 Independent Party of Vorona655,7165.11
 Progressive Worker's Party626,9694.88
 The Iron Guard of Verona435,0253.39
 Vorona United10,8580.08
 Union of National Bolsheviks Party2,2830.02
 Santo Panza Party2580.00
November 4399
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Communist Party4,635,42335.61
 Te Pāti Mātou (Mātou Party)3,977,20030.56
 Independent Party of Vorona2,584,58919.86
 The Iron Guard of Verona1,190,7689.15
 Progressive Worker's Party618,8174.75
 Aayan Party9,0950.07
 Union of National Bolsheviks Party2510.00
November 4396
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Te Pāti Mātou (Mātou Party)6,829,79149.32
 Progressive Worker's Party4,562,20632.95
 Voronan Communist Party1,589,54411.48
 Independent Party of Vorona460,9963.33
 The Iron Guard of Verona379,0102.74
 Urmothafka Party13,6790.10
 Centrist Liberal Party6,2120.04
 Imperialist Party of Vorona5,2270.04
November 4393
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Independent Party of Vorona5,292,51039.63
 Voronan Communist Party4,267,27031.95
 Imperialist Party of Vorona2,337,67217.50
 The Iron Guard of Verona1,441,33610.79
 the regulators party11,0590.08
November 4390
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Communist Party4,440,02533.44
 Imperialist Party of Vorona3,401,62725.62
 Conservative Party of Vorona3,095,37723.31
 Independent Party of Vorona2,310,16717.40
 National Adder Party13,3030.10
 The Iron Guard of Verona7,0270.05
November 4387
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperialist Party of Vorona5,669,78244.22
 Independent Party of Vorona4,442,94634.65
 Conservative Party of Vorona2,685,06820.94
 Vorona Social Democrats14,7340.11
November 4384
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Independent Party of Vorona6,022,68648.56
 Conservative Party of Vorona4,281,35934.52
 Imperialist Party of Vorona2,072,61716.71
 New Democratic Party14,3700.12
 ahawes1 Party4,8950.04
 nush Party2,1880.02
 colm-2000 Party6850.01
November 4381
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Independent Party of Vorona6,048,04246.91
 Conservative Party of Vorona5,839,70645.30
 Imperialist Party of Vorona991,4397.69
 Conservative League5,2090.04
December 4379
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Trade Union and Socialist Coalition5,360,08440.53
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona4,893,56637.00
 Conservative Party of Vorona2,927,13422.13
 Consus Alexander Party14,4780.11
 nuspan Party14,3290.11
 Independent Party of Vorona7,9240.06
 Imperialist Party of Vorona3,0030.02
December 4376
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona5,806,31443.60
 Trade Union and Socialist Coalition5,712,24942.90
 Conservative Party of Vorona1,756,00313.19
 dks Party12,3230.09
 Imperialist Party of Vorona10,3090.08
 Courellian Party5,6800.04
 mikenewby Party4,9030.04
December 4373
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona6,171,14546.02
 Trade Union and Socialist Coalition5,663,63042.23
 Conservative Party of Vorona1,521,87111.35
 Christian Socialist Party of Vorona12,5810.09
 Imperialist Party of Vorona11,6330.09
 Independent Freeloader Party9,5600.07
 dks Party8,3390.06
May 4372
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona5,895,67646.79
 Trade Union and Socialist Coalition5,289,00341.98
 Conservative Party of Vorona1,387,73311.01
 Christian Socialist Party of Vorona10,9430.09
 Imperialist Party of Vorona2,3260.02
June 4369
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona5,560,51643.61
 Trade Union and Socialist Coalition3,759,82129.49
 Communist Party of Vorona2,127,62116.69
 Conservative Party of Vorona1,294,21310.15
 Devalex Party8,3180.07
May 4368
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Trade Union and Socialist Coalition3,639,15127.66
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona3,336,91025.37
 Zubkoviski Party3,089,89823.49
 Communist Party of Vorona1,954,38814.86
 Conservative Party of Vorona1,106,2988.41
 dingus magee Party13,0410.10
 Underestimated Fleas Party8,1710.06
 GrantJam Party7,6550.06
May 4365
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona6,279,05452.09
 Communist Party of Vorona2,807,10223.29
 Trade Union and Socialist Coalition2,339,99819.41
 Conservative Party of Vorona628,8695.22
May 4363
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona5,975,51146.94
 Communist Party of Vorona3,111,89424.45
 Conservative Party of Vorona2,091,45816.43
 Trade Union and Socialist Coalition1,540,14212.10
 stayinone Party5,6110.04
 Independent Party of Vorona3,7290.03
 CapBry Party1,2360.01
May 4360
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona6,581,39251.78
 Communist Party of Vorona4,485,58435.29
 Trade Union and Socialist Coalition1,621,73412.76
 Kalcho815 Party12,3920.10
 stayinone Party9,5640.08
May 4357
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona7,177,47853.94
 Communist Party of Vorona6,083,26045.71
 Jake1111 Party14,3190.11
 Trade Union and Socialist Coalition12,9020.10
 Moderate Demorcrats9,9990.08
 stf12 Party5,0630.04
 tjdaboss04 Party4,1420.03
November 4356
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Vorona6,189,13046.27
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona5,958,30344.55
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona1,196,0598.94
 Jake1111 Party14,9130.11
 Moderate Demorcrats9,0320.07
 Trade Union and Socialist Coalition8,0130.06
November 4353
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona5,460,83044.39
 Communist Party of Vorona5,429,18544.13
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona1,390,46711.30
 18chiappettaj Party9,3980.08
 Justice Party7,6180.06
 Eunha Party5,7650.05
November 4350
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Vorona5,075,75439.76
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona4,498,06035.24
 The Industrialist Party Of Vorona1,862,19814.59
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona1,316,54710.31
 pyro250 Party7,3020.06
 Vorona First4,8880.04
 Hambushka Party5750.00
November 4347
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Vorona5,508,57141.36
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona5,496,96441.27
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona1,641,07412.32
 The Industrialist Party Of Vorona642,7334.83
 Edisagenius Party11,4990.09
 QuoD Party11,2080.08
 Vorona First7,9680.06
November 4344
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona6,606,30949.27
 Communist Party of Vorona5,489,58940.94
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona1,296,0569.67
 The Industrialist Party Of Vorona9,9040.07
 Royalist Party of Vorona5,7370.04
July 4344
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona6,398,69049.59
 Communist Party of Vorona4,861,89437.68
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona1,162,8989.01
 Labour Party475,1653.68
 The Industrialist Party Of Vorona5,2510.04
April 4342
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona6,100,20246.71
 Communist Party of Vorona3,617,86927.70
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona1,103,3898.45
 Fascist Party Of Vorona (FPV)1,094,4828.38
 Labour Party813,0266.23
 Voronan Group of Progressives319,0242.44
 National Libertarian Party11,2800.09
April 4339
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona5,517,31142.56
 Fascist Party Of Vorona (FPV)4,543,44035.05
 Communist Party of Vorona1,859,64314.34
 Voronan Group of Progressives610,6214.71
 Labour Party398,8703.08
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona14,2970.11
 jmgia22 Party10,5990.08
 Soviet Bear Party9,7670.08
February 4337
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona5,511,05140.16
 Communist Party of Vorona3,392,97724.73
 Voronan Group of Progressives2,079,68415.16
 Fascist Party Of Vorona (FPV)1,725,65412.58
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona980,6257.15
 777 Party14,0240.10
 National Union13,0650.10
 Horonian Union Party4,8630.04
May 4336
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Vorona6,097,62644.73
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona5,500,96840.36
 Labour Party1,350,4589.91
 Voronan Group of Progressives655,8244.81
 Crown Federalist Party Of Vorona14,7340.11
 Horonian Union Party7,1610.05
 National Union4,3050.03
May 4333
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona5,416,51740.11
 Communist Party of Vorona3,954,54329.28
 Vorona Democratic Party2,064,75015.29
 Labour Party1,253,5439.28
 Voronan Group of Progressives796,4485.90
 National Union8,0310.06
 savageL01 Party7,7740.06
 Voronian Progressive Party2,9020.02
May 4330
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona5,742,21144.53
 Labour Party4,404,57034.15
 Voronan Group of Progressives2,720,22121.09
 Socialist Workers Party12,7240.10
 Communist Party of Vorona8,7770.07
 Coreyf Party7,8830.06
September 4328
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona5,912,98345.58
 Vorona Democratic Party5,511,14142.48
 Voronan Group of Progressives920,4827.09
 The Liberal Pariots607,0844.68
 J Morgan Party9,6630.07
 Communist Party of Vorona8,9030.07
 oiljps Party3,8770.03
September 4325
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona5,795,95347.12
 Vorona Democratic Party4,295,32434.92
 The Liberal Pariots1,495,84112.16
 Voronan Group of Progressives708,6135.76
 Aliyan Party4,8470.04
November 4322
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona6,256,99749.18
 Vorona Democratic Party4,408,79534.65
 Voronan Group of Progressives1,042,3758.19
 Labour Party1,010,0847.94
 Aliyan Party5,4560.04
November 4319
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Liberty Party of Vorona7,073,05657.10
 Vorona Democratic Party5,291,70242.72
 mgrappy Party10,9650.09
 Voronan Group of Progressives6,2870.05
 rwest_7 Party3,7880.03
 Euana Party7940.01
 JewGasser Party2750.00
November 4316
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democrat Party5,183,49542.05
 National Unity Party (NUP)3,691,36229.95
 Vorona Democratic Party3,433,43227.85
 gfgf Party10,7270.09
 Revanchismo Party7,7590.06
November 4313
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democrat Party6,624,98753.06
 National Unity Party (NUP)5,791,08946.39
 Vorona Democratic Party23,7560.19
 lil alaska Party14,9140.12
 Darshan Kumar Party10,3740.08
 NOT IN USE9,0760.07
 Revanchismo Party7,3190.06
 gfgf Party3,3140.03
January 4312
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democrat Party6,048,83155.75
 National Unity Party (NUP)4,756,24943.84
 lil alaska Party9,7280.09
 bayblade11 Party9,3550.09
 gfgf Party7,6610.07
 Mark_Grace Party6,4750.06
 Revanchismo Party5,9370.05
 Social Liberal Party5,3300.05
January 4309
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Populist Party of Vorona6,372,03147.79
 National Unity Party (NUP)4,306,57032.30
 Conservative Freedom Party1,724,38912.93
 Social Democrat Party885,5266.64
 gfgf Party13,2300.10
 Revanchismo Party11,9340.09
 National Democratic Party9,8780.07
 Revolutionary Workers' Party8,7700.07
January 4306
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Populist Party of Vorona5,981,25845.92
 National Unity Party (NUP)4,561,28035.02
 Social Democrat Party1,110,6738.53
 Conservative Freedom Party1,085,1108.33
 Socialist Party265,3842.04
 Fortitudo127 Party10,5670.08
 Dasage47 Party8,2970.06
 gfgf Party1,7110.01
June 4304
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Populist Party of Vorona6,193,19048.25
 National Unity Party (NUP)3,869,99230.15
 Conservative Freedom Party1,487,25911.59
 Social Democrat Party1,272,7689.92
 gfgf Party11,3300.09
March 4303
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Populist Party of Vorona6,350,29448.00
 National Unity Party (NUP)3,050,23923.06
 Independent Conservatives of Vorona1,809,93213.68
 Social Democrat Party1,062,6198.03
 Conservative Freedom Party939,3997.10
 The New Frontier8,2810.06
 gfgf Party6,7830.05
 November99 Party1,3600.01
March 4300
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Populist Party of Vorona5,986,50744.72
 National Unity Party (NUP)5,640,71542.14
 Social Democrat Party1,737,09912.98
 gfgf Party11,2870.08
 Conservative Freedom Party6,9590.05
 Hunterland Party4,3340.03
April 4298
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Populist Party of Vorona6,663,33354.30
 National Unity Party (NUP)4,006,66732.65
 Social Democrat Party1,582,88912.90
 alex_c Party11,3230.09
 Darius Danescu Party3,8990.03
 ION002 Party2,3130.02
 gfgf Party1,4110.01
October 4296
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democrat Party4,304,34333.68
 Vorona National Party (VNP)3,898,66030.51
 Vorona Socialist Party3,451,67627.01
 Populist Party of Vorona1,091,1668.54
 National Unity Party (NUP)14,5930.11
 alex_c Party12,8900.10
 gfgf Party5,9190.05
October 4294
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Populist Party of Vorona5,319,51140.01
 Vorona National Party (VNP)4,861,02536.56
 Social Democrat Party2,318,18017.44
 Vorona Socialist Party761,7965.73
 JoMari Party13,4170.10
 National Unity Party (NUP)10,9690.08
 gfgf Party5,8430.04
 Mr. President 5 Party3,6060.03
March 4294
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Party (VNP)4,879,77139.42
 Populist Party of Vorona4,710,10938.05
 Social Democrat Party2,209,38917.85
 Vorona Socialist Party571,3734.62
 gfgf Party7,9660.06
 Vorona Pacifist Party8110.01
 Mr. President 5 Party2890.00
March 4292
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Party (VNP)4,647,92036.53
 Social Democrat Party3,434,02526.99
 Vorona Pacifist Party1,577,66212.40
 Vorona Socialist Party1,556,36512.23
 Populist Party of Vorona1,499,05911.78
 timebob123 Party4,4650.04
 Zebrar Party2,7170.02
June 4291
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Party (VNP)4,629,22736.47
 Social Democrat Party3,172,35124.99
 Populist Party of Vorona1,543,16512.16
 Vorona Socialist Party1,439,59711.34
 Vorona Pacifist Party1,006,8837.93
 Vorona Centre Party877,7996.91
 timebob123 Party13,8900.11
 Zebrar Party11,8230.09
June 4289
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Party (VNP)3,995,84632.86
 Social Democrat Party2,003,56016.48
 Populist Party of Vorona1,652,16813.59
 Vorona Pacifist Party1,607,00713.22
 Vorona Centre Party1,584,14313.03
 Vorona Socialist Party1,302,46710.71
 noah.adkins24 Party14,4420.12
June 4288
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Socialist Party2,897,61722.12
 Vorona National Party (VNP)2,763,22321.09
 Social Democrat Party2,217,77416.93
 Vorona Centre Party2,008,22015.33
 Vorona Pacifist Party1,754,65313.39
 Populist Party of Vorona1,456,37011.12
 noah.adkins24 Party2,3890.02
 jryang17 Party1,3820.01
June 4286
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Party (VNP)4,711,24435.94
 Vorona Labour Party3,808,85429.06
 Populist Party of Vorona3,645,18627.81
 Vorona Socialist Party915,5506.98
 noah.adkins24 Party11,2800.09
 Vorona Centre Party9,3410.07
 Pepe1234 Party5,9620.05
June 4284
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Party (VNP)6,171,24147.74
 Populist Party of Vorona5,345,60041.35
 Vorona Socialist Party1,390,32210.76
 Pepe1234 Party12,1330.09
 Ancara Party6,1520.05
 noah.adkins24 Party1,4590.01
June 4282
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Populist Party of Vorona6,548,97257.86
 Vorona National Party (VNP)2,704,85723.90
 Vorona Socialist Party2,045,82018.08
 Vorona Nationalist Part6,3940.06
 Siddiqui 261 Party6,1340.05
 noah.adkins24 Party6,1110.05
June 4280
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Donald_Trump Party5,596,98259.75
 Vorona National Party (VNP)1,915,88520.45
 Vorona Socialist Party1,828,54619.52
 Siddiqui 261 Party13,7350.15
 noah.adkins24 Party11,4310.12
June 4278
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Socialist Party4,683,37354.67
 Vorona National Party (VNP)3,853,18044.98
 Siddiqui 261 Party11,2210.13
 Liberal Democrat Party10,0060.12
 noah.adkins24 Party8,6300.10
January 4276
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Party (VNP)4,326,01034.09
 Minarchist Party3,427,64127.01
 Vorona Socialist Party3,427,48127.01
 Liberty Freedom Front737,4225.81
 Partidul de Coroanei458,5483.61
 Centrist Libertarian Party301,4932.38
 noah.adkins24 Party10,7500.08
 Siddiqui 261 Party1,8490.01
January 4274
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Minarchist Party4,354,42333.81
 Vorona Socialist Party4,022,91631.24
 Liberty Freedom Front1,591,18112.36
 Centrist Libertarian Party1,564,69812.15
 Vorona National Party (VNP)1,322,31910.27
 noah.adkins24 Party11,3130.09
 Rey Person Party6,8010.05
 Siddiqui 261 Party4,6900.04
January 4272
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Socialist Party6,013,21048.93
 Minarchist Party3,752,44430.53
 Vorona National Party (VNP)1,230,03010.01
 Centrist Libertarian Party1,203,5979.79
 Liberty Freedom Front84,9130.69
 noah.adkins24 Party3,1390.03
 Siddiqui 261 Party2,1270.02
January 4270
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Party (VNP)4,623,75936.48
 Minarchist Party3,640,23028.72
 Green Libertarian Alliance3,193,57625.20
 Centrist Libertarian Party1,004,2957.92
 Liberty Freedom Front184,6061.46
 pd2905 Party14,4660.11
 noah.adkins24 Party9,6800.08
 Siddiqui 261 Party3,0890.02
February 4267
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Minarchist Party3,821,28432.45
 Centrist Libertarian Party2,244,83919.07
 Strong Workers' Party1,622,06513.78
 Left Syndicalist Party of Vorona1,530,54113.00
 Liberty Freedom Front1,452,49212.34
 Green Libertarian Alliance1,087,7899.24
 noah.adkins24 Party8,1250.07
 Citizens Party of Vorona7,3080.06
February 4263
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Party (VNP)2,856,86299.95
 noah.adkins24 Party1,3300.05
February 4257
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Party (VNP)2,672,09299.68
 noah.adkins24 Party8,7090.32
May 4256
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Party (VNP)2,203,14799.78
 noah.adkins24 Party4,8850.22
May 4253
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertarian Monarchist Party of Vorona5,939,72048.89
 Monarchist Party3,893,69132.05
 Vorona National Party (VNP)2,282,59018.79
 Bre Wirabumi Party6,9470.06
 Neo-Republican Party5,9830.05
 kevinus13 Party4,6500.04
May 4250
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchist Party2,563,996100.00
August 4249
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Evilman2011 Party2,386,46246.18
 The Libertarian Front2,035,70939.39
 Monarchist Party745,47314.43
May 4247
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 AnarchoDesmar Party1,125,74336.66
 National Democrats1,019,98533.22
 Monarchist Party924,70130.12
December 4244
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party2,278,33799.52
 mmsk12 Party10,9470.48
February 4241
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federalist Party5,985,32458.76
 Merela democratic Party4,190,94041.14
 Klatch Party10,2960.10
February 4235
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Merela democratic Party2,255,74299.81
 Royal Senate Congregation4,2580.19
June 4232
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Senate Congregation2,332,05699.56
 Merela democratic Party10,4080.44
December 4227
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Libertarian Party2,377,479100.00
April 4226
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Libertarian Party11,357,49599.92
 Socialist Vorona Worker's Party9,5260.08
May 4224
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Libertarian Party5,997,52064.15
 New Vorona3,351,57635.85
May 4218
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Vorona6,837,65159.18
 Partidul Libertății4,716,91040.82
May 4212
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Loialist6,342,77051.79
 Partidul Libertății4,235,35734.58
 New Vorona1,660,92913.56
 Vorona Republican Party7,4280.06
May 4206
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Loialist11,405,44499.90
 New Vorona11,7790.10
December 4204
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Loialist11,210,73399.76
 The Democratic Party14,0320.12
 doggerel Party11,0980.10
 New Vorona2,0320.02
July 4201
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 ✮Partidul Socialist al Muncitorilor✮3,616,24839.27
 Royal House of Crownland 👑3,570,99638.78
 Partidul Loialist2,021,20621.95
October 4199
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 ✮Partidul Socialist al Muncitorilor✮3,611,85239.43
 Royal House of Crownland 👑3,570,44238.98
 Partidul Loialist1,977,77721.59
October 4193
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 ✮Partidul Socialist al Muncitorilor✮5,412,45444.50
 Royal House of Crownland 👑4,995,83741.08
 Partidul Loialist913,9477.51
 Royal house of salvia824,0686.78
 ehise235 Party14,6180.12
 Spindad14 Party7450.01
October 4187
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal House of Crownland 👑5,981,02459.12
 Royal house of salvia4,113,00640.66
 People's Democratic Liberations Party13,4350.13
 ehise235 Party9,2790.09
May 4186
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Left Nationalist Party6,666,67783.95
 Royal House of Crownland 👑1,268,17215.97
 ehise235 Party4,9810.06
 People's Democratic Liberations Party1,6800.02
April 4183
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Left Nationalist Party6,856,29084.22
 Royal House of Crownland 👑1,279,53815.72
 ehise235 Party5,2630.06
February 4182
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Left Nationalist Party7,008,87085.52
 Royal House of Crownland 👑1,179,53214.39
 ehise235 Party6,9060.08
April 4179
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal House of Crownland 👑2,121,66898.55
 ehise235 Party14,8830.69
 Party of One10,6700.50
 Left Nationalist Party5,6870.26
December 4176
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal House of Crownland 👑2,396,04299.23
 efblanes Party14,2640.59
 ehise235 Party4,4210.18
February 4171
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal House of Crownland 👑4,551,53168.48
 Partidul Loialist2,094,65531.52
February 4165
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Loialist11,003,59494.33
 Royal House of Crownland 👑657,4515.64
 Partidul Iobăgiei Mari3,5190.03
February 4162
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Loialist6,219,80850.02
 Partidul Socialist Neo-National6,198,66249.85
 National Military Council9,6920.08
 Carter Johnson Party7,0120.06
February 4156
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Loialist11,215,32399.79
 Viri Ahnsem Party14,0860.13
 Partidul Socialist Neo-National9,9620.09
February 4150
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Loialist2,497,155100.00
February 4144
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Loialist2,173,87299.63
 Voronan Libertarian Party8,0350.37
July 4143
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberty League4,704,70481.53
 Partidul Loialist1,065,75018.47
July 4137
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberty League4,622,58070.32
 Partidul Loialist1,951,50629.68
July 4131
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Loialist2,085,673100.00
October 4130
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Loialist2,417,121100.00
July 4130
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Loialist2,650,809100.00
July 4126
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 ✮Partidul Socialist al Muncitorilor✮2,658,69799.74
 Kalininskaya Party6,9860.26
July 4122
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 ✮Partidul Socialist al Muncitorilor✮2,337,033100.00
May 4122
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 ✮Partidul Socialist al Muncitorilor✮5,289,90568.89
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator2,388,75531.11
May 4117
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator8,966,30699.94
 ✮Partidul Socialist al Muncitorilor✮5,1820.06
May 4116
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator8,794,71199.85
 ✮Partidul Socialist al Muncitorilor✮10,5810.12
 trent623 Party3,0460.03
December 4110
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator2,453,81399.94
 BenFrank Party1,4310.06
December 4104
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator2,425,003100.00
December 4098
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator11,148,40899.89
 Partidul Republican Progresiv10,0580.09
 AGamer Party2,2970.02
December 4092
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator2,278,374100.00
January 4092
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona's Social Democratic Party1,918,85550.82
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator1,856,62349.18
January 4086
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator2,472,769100.00
December 4083
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan People's Party5,909,90757.40
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator4,385,50042.60
February 4082
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan People's Party4,569,79757.41
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator3,390,06242.59
December 4077
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator2,429,26699.42
 Mh167713 Party13,5740.56
 National Anti-Marxist Party4960.02
December 4071
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator2,565,17599.66
 professormcg Party8,8050.34
December 4068
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partidul Monarhist Conservator2,205,951100.00
December 4065
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democratic Party11,548,78799.89
 The Victorian Party12,4670.11
December 4062
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democratic Party10,549,993100.00
 Libertarian Party of Vorona1890.00
October 4062
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democratic Party10,348,35299.94
 Libertarian Party of Vorona6,0410.06
October 4056
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Horrellian Party2,132,048100.00
July 4053
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democratic Party2,584,396100.00
July 4048
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democratic Party2,528,617100.00
December 4042
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 League of Social Democrats2,685,758100.00
December 4036
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Crown Loyalists Party2,811,03422.81
 League of Social Democrats2,366,71919.20
 Left Alternative Party2,096,21017.01
 Crown Socialist Party2,054,42316.67
 Popular Alliance for Change2,017,34916.37
 The Conservatives419,1763.40
 Liberal Democrats284,9122.31
 Liberal Party275,3632.23
December 4035
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 League of Social Democrats885,87614.46
 Crown Socialist Party854,10513.95
 Crown Loyalists Party846,01913.81
 Popular People's Platform804,28813.13
 Liberal Democrats760,07612.41
 Left Alternative Party689,67911.26
 Popular Alliance for Change669,07410.92
 Liberal Party615,54810.05
May 4026
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Interim Party of the Crown2,493,875100.00
May 4020
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Interim Party of the Crown13,569,35699.97
 The People's Movement of Fārona4,1200.03
December 4018
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Interim Party of the Crown1,577,21052.93
 The People's Movement of Fārona1,402,80347.07
February 4018
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Совет партии2,442,262100.00
February 4016
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party of Fārona2,411,235100.00
July 4014
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democratic Party1,575,28853.11
 The Radical Militants1,390,85646.89
July 4008
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ridu Party2,401,362100.00
July 4002
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Socialist Party of Farona2,405,997100.00
November 3998
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)2,415,649100.00
November 3992
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)2,403,40799.56
 jasard Party10,5710.44
November 3986
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Chris42544 Party1,719,61565.21
 Delic Party917,57834.79
November 3980
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)2,248,295100.00
November 3977
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)6,472,42786.29
July 3971
PartyVotesVotes (%)
February 3967
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Republican Party2,359,586100.00
February 3964
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 liftplus Party1,531,53461.87
 Democratic Conservative Party (DCP)943,86038.13
February 3958
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 dantheran77 Party2,441,364100.00
February 3955
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)2,388,565100.00
February 3952
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 janda Party2,383,138100.00
February 3949
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)2,246,411100.00
February 3946
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)2,505,438100.00
February 3943
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)2,334,736100.00
February 3940
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)2,500,700100.00
September 3938
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)2,506,238100.00
September 3935
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Partei (Liberal Party)2,331,209100.00
May 3933
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party2,195,548100.00
July 3926
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Unity2,482,802100.00
October 3925
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Advanced Liberalism1,557,72851.58
 National Unity1,462,45648.42
October 3922
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Co-operative Partei2,080,684100.00
May 3919
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rally For The Republic2,644,341100.00
May 3915
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rally For The Republic4,884,37464.23
 Voronan Democratic Movement Party2,720,16435.77
May 3911
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Democratic Movement Party2,609,434100.00
November 3910
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 couto Party1,485,22354.20
 Voronan Democratic Movement Party1,255,28645.80
May 3910
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona People's Party2,257,00599.36
 couto Party14,5480.64
November 3909
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona People's Party5,722,10351.42
 Communal Party of Vorona4,318,32238.80
 Gréne Gebéorscipe Sylf Vorona1,065,3269.57
 couto Party13,6360.12
 Chewr Party9,0510.08
November 3907
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communal Party of Vorona2,282,303100.00
October 3904
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party2,230,845100.00
October 3899
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party2,265,19898.80
 sis20dd01 Party11,1750.49
 Samuel.T.Joe Party8,9870.39
 Ambersmith1987 Party7,2970.32
April 3896
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party2,174,209100.00
July 3892
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Loyalist Party2,197,98160.01
 Royal Labour Party1,464,82539.99
October 3888
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Loyalist Party2,996,40670.48
 Royal Labour Party1,255,13129.52
January 3885
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Loyalist Party2,449,93361.27
 Royal Labour Party1,545,59138.65
 Luw11g Party3,1650.08
September 3882
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Loyalist Party1,757,79159.16
 Royal Labour Party1,213,34940.84
October 3880
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Party11,339,23299.81
 Wolfdon Party11,4430.10
 United Liberal Reform Party9,5750.08
January 3877
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Party11,344,90099.89
 People's Party12,0070.11
July 3869
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 World Party7,299,45957.65
 National Party5,356,15342.30
 chops Party4,6280.04
 formerland Party2,0060.02
October 3865
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 World Party6,378,84656.00
 National Party5,011,78944.00
January 3862
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 World Party6,662,90956.46
 National Party5,137,35843.54
April 3858
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 World Party6,647,52455.55
 National Party5,319,27544.45
July 3854
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 World Party7,407,57156.23
 National Party2,990,71422.70
 Vorona Progress Party2,773,32321.05
 National Dolphinate Party1,8680.01
 Centric Fortis Party4950.00
October 3850
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 World Party7,380,57656.49
 National Party3,053,07923.37
 Vorona Progress Party2,621,52820.06
 Centric Fortis Party10,0480.08
January 3847
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 World Party7,202,50358.03
 Vorona Progress Party5,209,29441.97
 Bricker Party7570.01
September 3845
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Progress Party5,878,72353.43
 World Party5,124,48946.57
 Bricker Party240.00
September 3839
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 World Party11,220,19899.92
 Vorona Progress Party8,7610.08
September 3833
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 World Party2,358,108100.00
September 3827
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Labour party10,970,68899.97
 National Socialist Deltari Workers Party3,1730.03
September 3821
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Labour party11,290,75699.95
 National Socialist Deltari Workers Party5,3830.05
September 3815
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Deltaria Nova Empire5,568,12382.75
 Labour party1,160,56217.25
September 3809
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Labour party2,271,082100.00
March 3805
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Labour party2,107,191100.00
January 3803
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Labour party2,454,625100.00
March 3800
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Labour party2,265,93199.54
 samadavies Party10,3640.46
January 3798
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Labour party2,334,867100.00
January 3792
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Justice Party2,429,03299.56
March 3784
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Conservative Party2,301,718100.00
January 3783
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Conservative Party4,101,07266.02
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party2,111,22833.98
May 3780
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party2,305,554100.00
March 3780
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Radical Alliance4,359,60239.12
 Vorona Conservative Party4,162,32037.35
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party2,621,35123.52
March 3778
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party3,894,20175.61
 Vorona Conservative Party1,256,04724.39
March 3776
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Conservative Party5,785,25155.20
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party4,695,05844.80
March 3774
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party6,086,48276.73
 Vorona Conservative Party1,273,12816.05
 Libertarian-Liberal Alliance572,6267.22
May 3772
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party5,802,62950.27
 Libertarian-Liberal Alliance3,636,84431.51
 Vorona Conservative Party2,103,45218.22
April 3770
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertarian-Liberal Alliance4,429,28034.47
 Vorona Left-Nationalist Party3,633,64828.28
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party3,526,94527.44
 Vorona Conservative Party1,261,1689.81
April 3767
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Conservative Party5,164,76846.43
 Libertarian-Liberal Alliance4,628,19241.60
 Vorona Left-Nationalist Party1,331,82411.97
April 3764
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertarian-Liberal Alliance6,109,82053.02
 Vorona Conservative Party5,405,07246.90
 Vorona Left-Nationalist Party5,6560.05
 Voronan Monarchist Party4,0190.03
April 3761
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 ashlay Party2,182,914100.00
April 3758
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party11,371,25999.94
 Peace of Liberty7,1180.06
April 3755
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party2,413,59099.64
 Vorona Royalist Party8,6570.36
April 3752
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party11,042,87999.66
 Conservative Popular Front14,3450.13
 Vorona Royalist Party11,9830.11
 Xander Party10,2070.09
 Stranka Zdravog Razuma1,4080.01
July 3749
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Power Congress4,490,99258.11
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party3,229,40841.78
 Stranka Zdravog Razuma7,7210.10
 Xander Party4200.01
 Vorona Royalist Party2770.00
July 3748
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party of Communists of Vorona3,754,01433.17
 Vorona'n democratic conservatives3,420,58130.23
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party2,463,49021.77
 Vorona Power Congress1,661,72714.68
 Xander Party14,4680.13
 Vorona Royalist Party2,3870.02
July 3744
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party of Communists of Vorona5,644,84257.45
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party2,856,75329.08
 Vorona'n democratic conservatives1,311,79713.35
 cappurser Party11,9950.12
July 3740
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona'n democratic conservatives4,509,43869.78
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party1,953,08430.22
January 3739
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Independent Conservative Party5,600,66364.62
 United Vorona3,054,26035.24
 Vorona'n democratic conservatives11,6090.13
February 3736
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Vorona2,207,94598.97
 jdb2 Party12,4160.56
 hoffmad08 Party10,4910.47
February 3732
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party Of Vorona2,435,12699.59
 TheGoldSamurai Party10,0440.41
February 3731
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party Of Vorona2,163,75099.45
 TheGoldSamurai Party11,8620.55
October 3728
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party Of Vorona2,328,19799.03
 Arrialthoriq Party13,7600.59
 allstar507 Party7,9200.34
 arka Party1,0840.05
September 3727
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party Of Vorona2,263,26899.53
 arka Party9,8570.43
 Arrialthoriq Party9200.04
May 3726
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party Of Vorona2,265,470100.00
July 3723
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Forþ Vorona3,259,02950.12
 Democratic Party Of Vorona3,243,40549.88
July 3719
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Forþ Vorona6,458,66457.74
 Democratic Party Of Vorona4,727,67342.26
May 3718
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party Of Vorona5,083,97242.11
 Liberal Coalition3,578,08929.64
 Forþ Vorona3,410,26228.25
February 3717
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party Of Vorona4,026,84037.13
 Forþ Vorona3,462,08631.92
 Liberal Coalition3,355,83030.94
April 3716
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party Of Vorona2,000,18599.75
 Forþ Vorona5,0800.25
February 3716
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party Of Vorona2,534,099100.00
December 3713
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party Of Vorona2,526,033100.00
December 3711
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party Of Vorona2,240,727100.00
July 3706
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei2,361,386100.00
July 3700
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei2,269,470100.00
October 3699
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei2,428,355100.00
August 3696
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 smith161098 Party1,391,15451.76
 Nobles Coalition Party1,296,35648.24
August 3691
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Folclic Onhebbunȝ2,667,060100.00
August 3686
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party of Vorona2,413,089100.00
August 3684
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union for the Principality2,314,963100.00
August 3679
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union for the Principality2,486,023100.00
August 3674
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union for the Principality2,601,554100.00
August 3669
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Vorona2,366,172100.00
August 3665
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist-Republicans of Deltaria Nova2,276,69199.00
 Manaarii Party11,7740.51
 kelewan Party8,6790.38
 Ewen06600 Party2,5400.11
November 3664
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist-Republicans of Deltaria Nova2,144,41299.08
 Trotsky's Party9,8790.46
 Manaarii Party9,8630.46
 Ewen06600 Party1730.01
November 3660
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressives of Vorona2,637,119100.00
November 3656
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressives of Vorona2,500,304100.00
November 3651
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Vorona2,130,675100.00
November 3646
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Vorona2,387,504100.00
November 3642
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Unitarian Party7,339,40158.56
 Conservative Party of Vorona5,194,32041.44
November 3638
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Unitarian Party8,180,00863.32
 Conservative Party of Vorona4,726,85336.59
 Vorona Queer Party11,5040.09
November 3634
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Vorona2,115,008100.00
December 3632
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Welfare Party5,738,90085.53
 Voronan Libertarian Party970,72014.47
December 3626
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Welfare Party7,836,84688.73
 Voronan Libertarian Party981,31111.11
 Golden Tiger Party14,3050.16
May 3626
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Voronan Green Party5,382,86443.28
 Voronan Libertarian Party4,662,31737.49
 Voronan Welfare Party2,380,64019.14
 Golden Tiger Party11,3510.09
May 3620
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Voronan Green Party3,854,55438.22
 Voronan Libertarian Party3,479,99434.51
 Liberal Democrats2,735,32927.12
 Lovetteprice Party14,3120.14
October 3614
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Voronan Green Party2,212,24999.34
 Lovetteprice Party14,6630.66
October 3608
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Voronan Green Party9,491,05799.88
 Liberal-Nationalist Party9,5570.10
 Voronian Social Democrats1,6350.02
October 3602
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party2,414,261100.00
October 3600
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party2,401,988100.00
October 3598
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party2,328,792100.00
October 3596
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party2,281,098100.00
March 3595
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party2,127,608100.00
March 3593
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party2,271,098100.00
May 3592
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party6,162,66099.92
 Federation party5,0190.08
June 3589
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Republican Party8,807,00899.92
 Centralist Right Party7,3870.08
June 3585
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronese Socialist Party2,732,88199.49
 MinerDaPro Party14,0830.51
December 3582
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party - Vorona First2,452,57399.81
 KCTheFish Party4,5810.19
February 3582
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party - Vorona First6,407,86755.11
 Offshore Dealings Angels5,206,68744.78
 KCTheFish Party12,2210.11
February 3579
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Offshore Dealings Angels13,345,63796.28
 Conservative Party - Vorona First513,2643.70
 Communist Union2,3120.02
February 3576
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Union2,076,007100.00
February 3573
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Union2,406,312100.00
February 3570
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Union2,376,270100.00
February 3568
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Jemaxia Party2,379,212100.00
February 3565
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The National Authortarian Party2,174,95898.88
 malone Party11,3140.51
 Party of the Free Men and Women of Voron6,7170.31
 mandheer Party6,6730.30
February 3562
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The National Authortarian Party2,124,84598.76
 Party of the Free Men and Women of Voron12,7140.59
 Skylar96 Party8,0550.37
 chrisrc3 Party5,9540.28
November 3561
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The National Authortarian Party2,039,46698.80
 chrisrc3 Party12,6520.61
 Skylar96 Party12,0840.59
November 3558
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The National Authortarian Party2,393,355100.00
November 3555
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Center-Green Movement6,608,55160.40
 The National Authortarian Party4,332,31439.60
May 3554
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The National Authortarian Party1,492,84351.29
 Center-Green Movement1,417,54248.71
August 3548
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Royalist Party2,556,720100.00
August 3542
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sé Burgealdor þegn2,220,710100.00
July 3539
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wassail Party2,598,920100.00
March 3538
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wassail Party2,308,675100.00
March 3535
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona National Liberation Party2,439,870100.00
July 3528
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grene-blæc Brǣdunȝ2,617,298100.00
July 3525
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Koalícia za Záchranu Vlasti2,086,316100.00
July 3522
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Koalícia za Záchranu Vlasti2,643,715100.00
July 3519
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Koalícia za Záchranu Vlasti2,471,189100.00
November 3517
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Folclic Brǣdunȝ4,754,66757.27
 Koalícia za Záchranu Vlasti2,979,18135.88
 Cāserlicist Ȝefērrǣden568,3116.85
November 3516
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Folclic Brǣdunȝ4,367,88852.55
 Cāserlicist Ȝefērrǣden2,490,91829.97
 Koalícia za Záchranu Vlasti1,453,84217.49
November 3513
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cāserlicist Ȝefērrǣden4,407,37650.75
 Folclic Brǣdunȝ2,637,37030.37
 Koalícia za Záchranu Vlasti1,640,17518.89
June 3512
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Brǣdunȝ4,933,58142.21
 Koalícia za Záchranu Vlasti4,562,10339.03
 Folclic Brǣdunȝ1,441,95512.34
 Cāserlicist Ȝefērrǣden749,9786.42
October 3511
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Brǣdunȝ4,848,50641.86
 Koalícia za Záchranu Vlasti2,870,32624.78
 Grēne Onhebbunȝ Nū!2,682,17223.15
 Folclic Brǣdunȝ602,0445.20
 Cāserlicist Ȝefērrǣden580,6885.01
September 3511
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Brǣdunȝ5,198,03146.62
 Grēne Onhebbunȝ Nū!2,584,80323.18
 Koalícia za Záchranu Vlasti2,460,63022.07
 Folclic Brǣdunȝ545,3714.89
 Cāserlicist Ȝefērrǣden360,6623.23
June 3509
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cāserlicist Ȝefērrǣden1,542,24559.02
 Folclic Brǣdunȝ1,071,05140.98
June 3508
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Royalist Party2,245,390100.00
February 3503
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 IETC Stabilisation Group2,423,098100.00
April 3501
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Æschere of þrymma Gástgeníðla2,214,759100.00
November 3494
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Federation Party2,252,834100.00
May 3491
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Federation Party1,478,74767.13
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei724,11932.87
November 3487
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ȝebrōðor Ƿræces2,448,068100.00
May 3484
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Federation Party3,902,27464.75
 Ȝebrōðor Ƿræces2,124,40935.25
November 3480
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ȝebrōðor Ƿræces1,835,707100.00
September 3477
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cystiȝ Brǣdunȝ2,219,922100.00
March 3476
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei1,897,451100.00
March 3470
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei1,784,06099.54
 johnmark13 Party8,2430.46
May 3469
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei1,862,90899.92
 johnmark13 Party1,4980.08
February 3468
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Democrats (GD)1,857,75099.67
 johnmark13 Party6,1780.33
February 3465
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Democrats (GD)2,058,12798.48
 Galsec Party12,7210.61
 Conservative Party of Vorona10,6110.51
 johnmark13 Party8,4430.40
February 3462
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Democrats (GD)2,093,90699.62
 johnmark13 Party7,9190.38
June 3460
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Democrats (GD)6,114,55054.53
 Democratic Party of Socialists5,085,51745.35
 johnmark13 Party10,1660.09
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,2300.03
June 3457
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)4,372,02551.55
 Green Democrats (GD)4,105,73748.41
 Democratic Party of Socialists3,3060.04
June 3454
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Democrats (GD)5,902,25489.18
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)714,15510.79
 National Science1,7650.03
June 3451
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,880,04560.67
 Green Democrats (GD)2,508,58939.22
 National Science7,0640.11
June 3448
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,172,63151.35
 Green Democrats (GD)2,990,47248.40
 iamkes Party8,6430.14
 Caneira Party6,7710.11
June 3447
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,366,88546.10
 Green Democrats (GD)1,994,97327.32
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,929,81626.43
 iamkes Party6,2070.08
 Caneira Party5,0030.07
June 3444
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)4,573,05845.28
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,813,53427.86
 Green Democrats (GD)2,694,93826.69
 Reasonable Compromise Party11,4300.11
 Caneira Party5,6240.06
June 3441
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)4,316,27947.80
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,393,01726.50
 Green Democrats (GD)2,306,02525.54
 Caneira Party9,3290.10
 National Democratic Party ( NDP )6,0820.07
June 3438
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)4,718,23051.99
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,232,42124.60
 Green Democrats (GD)2,114,20523.30
 National Democratic Party ( NDP )6,1410.07
 Caneira Party3,5260.04
June 3435
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,978,58440.15
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,830,88028.57
 Green Democrats (GD)2,113,02021.32
 Progress Party964,2399.73
 National Democratic Party ( NDP )18,1580.18
 National Conservative Party3,6630.04
 Caneira Party8400.01
June 3432
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)5,156,08649.81
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,842,48327.46
 Green Democrats (GD)2,308,64422.30
 Greatness Party11,2010.11
 National Conservative Party10,9990.11
 Progress Party10,7120.10
 Caneira Party10,4080.10
 National Democratic Party ( NDP )5930.01
July 3431
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)5,274,62252.34
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,696,28326.75
 Green Democrats (GD)2,081,68320.66
 National Conservative Party9,1870.09
 Greatness Party8,0350.08
 National Democratic Party ( NDP )7,4950.07
 Caneira Party9120.01
October 3429
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party7,001,60876.21
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,291,72814.06
 Green Democrats (GD)890,0099.69
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,4440.04
October 3426
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Party of Vorona3,554,55950.23
 Green Democrats (GD)3,516,75249.70
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)4,6620.07
October 3423
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Party of Vorona4,268,76650.32
 Green Democrats (GD)4,213,21449.66
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)1,9690.02
October 3420
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Party of Vorona3,269,18044.59
 Green Democrats (GD)3,104,09742.34
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)948,27112.93
 Nartoria Party10,1020.14
October 3417
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,388,14547.35
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,220,19031.02
 Green Democrats (GD)1,547,88621.63
October 3414
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,498,98746.55
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,385,38531.74
 Green Democrats (GD)1,631,94921.71
October 3411
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,875,39350.27
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,141,33627.77
 Green Democrats (GD)1,693,09921.96
October 3408
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,681,41748.70
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,543,05933.64
 Green Democrats (GD)1,320,96717.48
 Collin is Awesome Party8,9070.12
 albertreynaldo Party4,5430.06
October 3405
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,698,69749.10
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,382,36031.63
 Green Democrats (GD)1,443,26219.16
 sparty411 Party8,8120.12
October 3402
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,724,66744.93
 Voronian National Alliance2,715,28232.76
 United Socialist Party of Vorona997,17512.03
 Green Democrats (GD)852,38610.28
May 3401
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )3,586,81643.64
 United Socialist Party of Vorona3,164,02938.49
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)806,2869.81
 Green Democrats (GD)654,4777.96
 Voronian National Alliance7,8050.09
November 3399
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)4,065,16250.76
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,979,15837.20
 People's Party of Vorona526,0676.57
 Green Democrats (GD)438,7295.48
 Voronian National Alliance2400.00
August 3397
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)4,202,90645.41
 Green Democrats (GD)1,857,29220.07
 People's Party of Vorona1,335,18014.42
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,246,44213.47
 Progressive Federalists of Vorona602,3436.51
 acrouch Party6,0250.07
 Vorona Libertarian Front3,2610.04
 Republican Party ( RP )2,6490.03
March 3397
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,091,31536.20
 Green Democrats (GD)1,815,37421.26
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,186,54313.89
 People's Party of Vorona1,180,65413.83
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )821,5729.62
 Progressive Federalists of Vorona436,6465.11
 acrouch Party7,8240.09
April 3394
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,856,52233.43
 People's Party of Vorona2,368,48627.72
 Green Democrats (GD)1,920,90322.48
 The Consolidation468,6815.49
 United Socialist Party of Vorona437,3985.12
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )334,0663.91
 Progressive Federalists of Vorona147,8551.73
 acrouch Party9,7050.11
April 3391
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,985,78333.28
 Progressive Federalists of Vorona2,280,31825.42
 Green Democrats (GD)2,196,65424.48
 United Socialist Party of Vorona600,9196.70
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )499,5145.57
 The Consolidation401,9354.48
 People's Party of Vorona3,7200.04
 acrouch Party3,0800.03
April 3388
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,995,65335.65
 Progressive Federalists of Vorona2,310,39027.49
 Green Democrats (GD)1,907,50622.70
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )486,4805.79
 United Socialist Party of Vorona371,6484.42
 The Consolidation322,1473.83
 acrouch Party10,1370.12
April 3385
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,179,29628.08
 Green Democrats (GD)2,116,18527.26
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,591,99320.51
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )1,125,16514.50
 The Consolidation741,1919.55
 Progressive Federalists of Vorona7,6780.10
 acrouch Party3420.00
April 3382
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,117,84029.45
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,076,43628.87
 The Consolidation1,397,68019.44
 Green Democrats (GD)1,064,15914.80
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )517,2117.19
 Stetz Party9,7640.14
 acrouch Party8,0330.11
 biokid Party2810.00
April 3379
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,598,92434.73
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,284,09430.53
 The Consolidation1,291,84917.27
 Green Democrats (GD)861,73811.52
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )438,9755.87
 acrouch Party6,6930.09
April 3376
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,957,76538.25
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,242,90529.01
 The Consolidation1,344,01217.38
 Green Democrats (GD)709,3219.17
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )468,6446.06
 acrouch Party9,5490.12
April 3373
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Party of Vorona3,467,62443.49
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )2,690,72233.74
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)1,353,55316.97
 Green Democrats (GD)452,9405.68
 acrouch Party7,4990.09
 The Consolidation1,8890.02
April 3370
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Party of Vorona3,615,65044.80
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )2,988,70537.03
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)992,93212.30
 Green Democrats (GD)470,6445.83
 acrouch Party3,2860.04
April 3367
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Party of Vorona3,603,81744.57
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )3,116,06938.54
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)859,39110.63
 Green Democrats (GD)503,7906.23
 acrouch Party2,3290.03
April 3364
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,815,08549.69
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,848,26437.10
 Green Democrats (GD)1,006,87713.11
 acrouch Party7,9460.10
April 3361
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,943,05950.68
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,964,34938.10
 Green Democrats (GD)863,75511.10
 acrouch Party8,8620.11
April 3358
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,724,23744.75
 Green Democrats (GD)2,016,85933.13
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,343,01222.06
 acrouch Party3,1410.05
October 3356
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )3,289,82343.80
 Green Democrats (GD)2,186,57729.11
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,537,37220.47
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)487,2626.49
 acrouch Party8,6630.12
 Atcangel Party1,1000.01
March 3356
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )3,337,45344.85
 Green Democrats (GD)2,214,00629.75
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,419,68119.08
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)295,1993.97
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)161,2162.17
 acrouch Party9,0020.12
 Atcangel Party5,4230.07
March 3353
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Democrats (GD)2,179,26830.24
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )1,909,70426.50
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)1,256,81317.44
 United Socialist Party of Vorona772,08510.71
 Vorona National Party (VNP)743,24010.31
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)337,6644.69
 acrouch Party8,2270.11
March 3350
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Democrats (GD)2,394,40830.62
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )2,137,83127.34
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)1,405,59217.98
 United Socialist Party of Vorona822,99510.52
 Vorona National Party (VNP)723,7039.26
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)274,7043.51
 Communist Party of Vorona52,1420.67
 acrouch Party8,1450.10
March 3347
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Vorona2,989,82339.67
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)1,834,06124.33
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)654,4618.68
 Green Democrats (GD)623,1158.27
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )618,0488.20
 United Socialist Party of Vorona588,3687.81
 Vorona National Party (VNP)222,1442.95
 acrouch Party7,4530.10
March 3344
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,684,51350.03
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,452,32119.72
 Green Democrats (GD)1,374,46818.66
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)541,5487.35
 Vorona National Party (VNP)306,2854.16
 acrouch Party5,9560.08
March 3341
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,345,39647.88
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,582,23622.65
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)924,21013.23
 Green Democrats (GD)845,10012.10
 Vorona National Party (VNP)286,4444.10
 mousebot35 Party3,5340.05
March 3337
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,508,02948.24
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,898,79826.11
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)1,109,57215.26
 Green Democrats (GD)748,64210.29
 Liberal Democratic Party ( PD-L )3,8060.05
 Vorona National Party (VNP)3,6700.05
March 3333
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,356,84644.39
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,676,14435.39
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)870,07711.50
 Green Democrats (GD)648,7538.58
 Banned Party7,2410.10
 Vorona National Party (VNP)3,5530.05
March 3329
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,889,60946.94
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,348,79038.16
 Green Democrats (GD)504,8678.20
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)412,0666.69
March 3325
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,063,80147.87
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,465,81338.53
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)443,4386.93
 Green Democrats (GD)426,6506.67
May 3323
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,062,24148.17
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,655,65341.77
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)347,5365.47
 Green Democrats (GD)292,1424.60
May 3319
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,549,88640.25
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,410,51638.05
 Green Democrats (GD)896,73314.15
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)478,3147.55
May 3315
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,334,75439.16
 Green Democrats (GD)1,683,29428.23
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)1,098,27818.42
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)845,75214.19
May 3311
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Party of Vorona2,426,35638.68
 Green Democrats (GD)2,041,00032.53
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)1,024,19216.33
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)782,03612.47
July 3309
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Democrats (GD)2,548,54839.24
 Red Morning Brotherhood2,285,62835.19
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)733,20411.29
 United Socialist Party of Vorona471,5237.26
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)452,3656.97
 bigpig Party3,0200.05
July 3305
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,832,50332.12
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)1,692,96229.67
 Red Morning Brotherhood1,248,97721.89
 Green Democrats (GD)479,4578.40
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)451,7247.92
July 3301
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,688,38545.74
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)1,173,96519.97
 Green Democrats (GD)1,035,17817.61
 United Socialist Party of Vorona965,39716.43
 MichaelMJG Party7,4800.13
 hellborn1989 Party6,8370.12
March 3300
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,387,20741.05
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,215,25420.90
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)1,156,20819.88
 Green Democrats (GD)1,056,60818.17
 kissinger2 Party3020.01
May 3298
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,419,72839.96
 Vorona Independence Party (VIP)1,321,11621.82
 Green Democrats (GD)1,203,84919.88
 United Socialist Party of Vorona1,107,88418.30
 bnasty370 Party2,6610.04
April 3296
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Democrats (GD)2,173,59542.34
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)1,905,67237.12
 United Vorona Party1,054,03520.53
December 3293
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Democrats (GD)2,571,71749.12
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)1,821,51534.79
 United Vorona Party839,74116.04
 GaiusJulius175 Party2,6170.05
December 3289
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,405,10042.71
 United Vorona Party1,668,12429.62
 Green Democrats (GD)1,557,65127.66
July 3285
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)3,343,61458.31
 Green Party of Vorona1,434,54825.02
 United Vorona Party956,19816.67
July 3281
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party of Vorona2,758,22643.34
 Vorona Conservative Party2,286,39835.93
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)1,315,29220.67
 Socialist Party2,3390.04
 United Vorona Party1,5470.02
June 3280
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party of Vorona2,999,96748.05
 Communist Party1,735,48827.80
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)1,060,13716.98
 Vorona Conservative Party442,4387.09
 United Vorona Party5,0990.08
July 3279
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Party of Vorona2,961,81946.48
 Communist Party1,778,78227.92
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)1,146,81418.00
 Vorona Conservative Party481,8757.56
 United Vorona Party2,6380.04
March 3278
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Vorona Party2,360,04038.56
 Communist Party2,108,66234.45
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)1,096,64817.92
 Vorona Conservative Party555,3959.07
March 3274
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,408,35546.69
 Communist Party2,334,96045.27
 Vorona Conservative Party414,6438.04
March 3270
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)5,056,96299.89
 Vorona Conservative Party5,5000.11
March 3266
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,973,72452.58
 Democratic Vorona Party2,678,07047.35
 Vorona Conservative Party3,7080.07
March 3261
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,615,63543.63
 Democratic Vorona Party1,725,74628.78
 Liberal Alliance1,646,23827.46
 Vorona Conservative Party6,1130.10
 Buffalo Party1,7260.03
November 3256
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance1,874,47346.46
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)754,67918.70
 Democratic Vorona Party754,34318.70
 People's Party649,29916.09
 Democratic Populist Party2,1460.05
October 3255
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party2,018,23346.72
 Liberal Alliance1,809,27741.88
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)481,91911.16
 Democratic Vorona Party5,5070.13
 Democratic Populist Party5,0060.12
September 3251
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,993,97651.26
 Democratic Vorona's Party2,839,13848.61
 Vorona Republican Party3,7760.06
 Voronate Republic3,1870.05
 Democratic Vorona Party3690.01
August 3249
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Liberal Party of Vorona (SLP)2,300,55764.81
 Democratic Vorona's Party1,249,02735.19
August 3243
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Vorona's Party1,019,152100.00
November 3240
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Vorona's Party948,590100.00
November 3234
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance1,633,12768.48
 Monarchic National Front747,90431.36
 MocaCola Party3,8180.16
November 3228
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchic National Front925,86599.49
 People's Party of Vorona4,7330.51
June 3224
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchic National Front942,379100.00
May 3221
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchic National Front1,661,23942.63
 Liberal Alliance1,331,32634.17
 Gréne Gebéorscipe Sylf Vorona898,51423.06
 y7 Party5,5440.14
May 3217
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance1,807,45646.60
 Monarchic National Front1,233,83231.81
 Gréne Gebéorscipe Sylf Vorona837,70921.60
May 3215
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance1,833,74248.20
 Monarchic National Front1,126,94729.62
 Gréne Gebéorscipe Sylf Vorona844,10422.19
May 3211
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 twista Party1,966,30452.37
 Liberal Alliance730,16019.45
 Monarchic National Front580,60515.46
 Gréne Gebéorscipe Sylf Vorona477,53812.72
May 3208
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Democrats1,726,19837.42
 twista Party1,125,79924.41
 Monarchic National Front781,29916.94
 Gréne Gebéorscipe Sylf Vorona559,51512.13
 Liberal Alliance419,8519.10
May 3204
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchic National Front1,317,99933.79
 Gréne Gebéorscipe Sylf Vorona1,077,25027.61
 Liberal Alliance1,042,23426.72
 twista Party463,61411.88
May 3200
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchic National Front1,616,08840.77
 Liberal Alliance1,157,91629.21
 Gréne Gebéorscipe Sylf Vorona793,05620.01
 twista Party393,6329.93
 Libertarian Party2,3870.06
 antoine100 Party9510.02
May 3196
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchic National Front2,314,24651.77
 Liberal Alliance1,668,68937.33
 twista Party474,97910.63
 antoine100 Party4,8200.11
 Gréne Gebéorscipe Sylf Vorona4,4490.10
 cb627cb627 Party2,8630.06
May 3192
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchic National Front2,041,88054.56
 Liberal Alliance1,255,25633.54
 twista Party440,66011.78
 antoine100 Party4,3630.12
May 3188
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 twista Party2,090,83051.23
 Liberal Alliance1,988,31848.72
 Monarchic National Front1,9220.05
May 3184
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 twista Party2,301,94554.63
 Liberal Alliance1,906,95845.26
 Social Democrats4,6910.11
May 3180
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance4,420,75299.89
 twista Party2,6700.06
 Bosch Party2,1740.05
May 3176
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 twista Party1,629,27751.77
 Liberal Alliance1,518,09048.23
May 3172
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 twista Party1,673,33951.55
 Liberal Alliance1,570,96848.39
 SootySanchez Party2,0430.06
May 3168
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance1,596,52338.74
 National Socialist Voronan Party1,548,44937.57
 twista Party976,22523.69
 FSS Party3620.01
May 3164
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance2,158,57151.50
 National Socialist Voronan Party2,026,20748.35
 WJ12P Party4,7060.11
 DIC Party1,5650.04
May 3160
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance2,498,10555.82
 National Socialist Voronan Party1,976,04344.16
 Social Democratic Party1,0220.02
May 3156
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Socialist Voronan Party1,846,43257.10
 Liberal Alliance1,387,25842.90
May 3152
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance2,189,03550.97
 Vorona Conservative Party2,103,17448.97
 rorobe Party1,1930.03
 Burkean Party8490.02
 National Socialist Voronan Party3100.01
May 3148
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Conservative Party1,865,83865.30
 Liberal Alliance991,42034.70
May 3144
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance785,77299.56
 Kerrrrr Party3,4450.44
 arc185 Party380.00
May 3140
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance691,47499.56
 Technocratic Party of Vorona3,0870.44
May 3136
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance1,692,48752.55
 Preservative Party1,527,35947.42
 aabramo3 Party7410.02
May 3132
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance1,751,81551.48
 Preservative Party1,649,71548.48
 aabramo3 Party1,1590.03
May 3128
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Preservative Party1,103,08454.49
 Liberal Alliance917,04345.30
 aabramo3 Party2,1910.11
 liberation Party2,1040.10
May 3124
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance1,586,56155.52
 Preservative Party1,266,36544.31
 aabramo3 Party2,6610.09
 Republican Party2,0640.07
May 3120
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Preservative Party1,843,27899.92
 aabramo3 Party1,3580.07
 Liberal Alliance1160.01
May 3116
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Civic Forum3,410,32099.89
 Sanctuary for All Party2,6410.08
 aabramo3 Party1,1420.03
May 3112
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Civic Forum705,81599.72
 Labour Party1,5570.22
 aabramo3 Party4490.06
May 3108
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Civic Forum673,07099.32
 DanBRK Party3,6460.54
 kikidotrock Party9330.14
May 3104
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Vorona Civic Forum645,692100.00
March 3100
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party3,190,40099.96
 National Freedom Party1,3240.04
September 3099
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party3,110,97999.96
 National Freedom Party1,1790.04
December 3096
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party621,397100.00
September 3094
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party624,986100.00
September 3088
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party632,097100.00
September 3082
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party661,139100.00
September 3076
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party666,885100.00
November 3075
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party648,596100.00
June 3074
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party1,110,31551.46
 Centrist Party of Deltaria Nova1,047,31848.54
June 3072
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Centrist Party of Deltaria Nova1,126,05350.58
 Communist Party1,100,05249.42
June 3070
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Centrist Party of Deltaria Nova1,133,18351.36
 Communist Party1,073,37348.64
June 3068
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Centrist Party of Deltaria Nova1,169,38751.17
 Communist Party1,115,95348.83
June 3066
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Centrist Party of Deltaria Nova1,265,28853.80
 Communist Party1,086,46646.20
June 3064
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party1,234,67352.61
 Centrist Party of Deltaria Nova1,112,13347.39
June 3062
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Centrist Party of Deltaria Nova1,493,47869.19
 Communist Party665,16630.81
April 3061
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party554,88699.58
 Centrist Party of Deltaria Nova2,3410.42
May 3060
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party1,198,31660.07
 Communist Party796,56539.93
November 3055
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei581,613100.00
November 3049
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei626,763100.00
November 3043
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei571,369100.00
November 3037
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei2,509,02699.89
 Forþ Vorona2,7440.11
February 3033
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei2,538,33199.90
 Forþ Vorona2,6270.10
February 3027
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei526,801100.00
February 3021
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei544,114100.00
February 3015
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei491,44999.80
 Rambunctious Tittletattle Party9950.20
February 3009
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei2,928,80699.97
 United Independent Party7630.03
February 3007
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Independent Party535,654100.00
February 3005
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Independent Party554,79754.23
 Voronan Pacifist Party468,15545.77
February 3003
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Pacifist Party623,12467.02
 United Independent Party306,69632.98
February 3001
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Independent Party441,630100.00
February 2999
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservatives486,443100.00
February 2997
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)705,13576.53
 Liberal Conservatives216,21423.47
February 2995
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)816,43176.01
 Liberal Conservatives257,62823.99
February 2993
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)1,077,15682.58
 Liberal Conservatives226,72517.38
 vd12 Party4270.03
August 2991
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservatives506,95599.75
 vd12 Party1,2930.25
August 2989
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservatives474,40199.90
 Libertarian Party4580.10
March 2988
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservatives480,65599.61
 BelgianAdmiral Party1,6960.35
 Libertarian Party1680.03
March 2986
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservatives447,41999.45
 Libertarian Party2,4800.55
March 2984
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservatives473,065100.00
June 2982
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservatives917,24851.46
 People's Party865,04848.54
June 2979
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservatives714,07165.01
 People's Party383,77534.94
 Somerville Leblanc Party5570.05
March 2978
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party2,018,19798.23
 Liberal Conservatives35,4111.72
 Somerville Leblanc Party9890.05
July 2975
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservatives423,25599.94
 Somerville Leblanc Party2480.06
November 2972
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Moderate Party623,27072.85
 Liberal Conservatives232,28727.15
March 2971
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservatives1,198,04755.93
 Moderate Party943,88944.06
 Luciferian Party1190.01
March 2969
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party704,92343.56
 Liberal Conservatives583,04836.03
 Moderate Party330,28820.41
March 2967
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party695,95942.06
 Liberal Conservatives617,16137.30
 Moderate Party340,13420.56
 Axiot Party1,4910.09
March 2965
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party733,39245.34
 Liberal Conservatives569,05635.18
 Moderate Party313,53519.38
 The Labour Party1,5130.09
March 2963
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party491,76029.48
 Liberal Conservatives433,36725.98
 Moderate Party418,65125.10
 Alliance/Workers Party324,26319.44
March 2961
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party470,19329.07
 Moderate Party458,76528.36
 Liberal Conservatives401,98824.85
 Alliance/Workers Party286,49817.71
March 2959
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party547,29631.82
 Liberal Conservatives466,29327.11
 Moderate Party403,11923.44
 Alliance/Workers Party303,00317.62
March 2957
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party508,89930.63
 Moderate Party443,88726.72
 Liberal Conservatives385,40623.20
 Alliance/Workers Party321,36319.34
 hitfactory Party1,9140.12
March 2955
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party542,61932.10
 Moderate Party437,36325.88
 Liberal Conservatives431,71025.54
 Alliance/Workers Party276,02916.33
 Ted_bg Party2,5580.15
January 2954
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservatives406,14522.80
 Moderate Party390,24721.91
 Anti-RP Party365,92120.54
 People's Party348,08819.54
 Alliance/Workers Party270,12215.17
 Ted_bg Party6170.03
August 2953
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservatives438,65323.95
 Moderate Party436,56523.83
 Anti-RP Party358,01219.54
 Alliance/Workers Party311,03716.98
 People's Party287,55915.70
August 2951
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party468,78627.32
 People's Party409,41623.86
 Moderate Party294,70417.18
 Alliance/Workers Party285,90816.66
 Liberal Conservatives255,69714.90
 mooseseatto Party1,1930.07
August 2949
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party493,84229.17
 Alliance/Workers Party490,64628.98
 People's Party389,47023.01
 Liberal Conservatives317,44518.75
 DPitman85 Party1,3610.08
August 2947
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party883,28845.98
 Alliance/Workers Party805,39341.92
 Liberal Conservatives230,09411.98
 Moderate Party2,2860.12
August 2945
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party895,68045.78
 Alliance/Workers Party854,62243.68
 Liberal Conservatives206,28310.54
August 2943
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party1,092,16650.74
 Alliance/Workers Party1,057,92249.15
 Liberal Conservatives2,3780.11
August 2941
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party963,99248.86
 Alliance/Workers Party782,15239.64
 Republican Party226,93211.50
August 2939
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party937,69450.56
 Alliance/Workers Party507,53627.37
 Republican Party409,32122.07
June 2939
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party649,33932.84
 Alliance/Workers Party543,55527.49
 People's Party474,90824.02
 Republican Party309,53415.65
January 2939
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party609,88931.54
 Alliance/Workers Party526,04427.20
 People's Party494,06225.55
 Republican Party303,72715.71
November 2938
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party613,89631.16
 People's Party521,54826.47
 Alliance/Workers Party490,98624.92
 Republican Party343,96717.46
June 2937
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alliance/Workers Party721,08940.51
 Anti-RP Party567,24231.87
 People's Party491,78227.63
June 2935
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party714,31438.12
 Alliance/Workers Party515,71927.52
 Brotherhood of the Illumination378,98120.23
 People's Party264,69914.13
August 2933
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Anti-RP Party963,61047.97
 Brotherhood of the Illumination420,52120.94
 Alliance/Workers Party352,47517.55
 People's Party270,14313.45
 ConorMK Party1,8840.09
August 2931
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Tea Party853,48744.77
 Alliance/Workers Party832,79543.69
 Anti-RP Party220,01211.54
August 2929
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Tea Party928,93147.44
 Alliance/Workers Party817,04741.72
 Anti-RP Party212,21010.84
August 2927
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Tea Party1,119,20954.25
 Alliance/Workers Party942,32945.68
 Anti-RP Party1,5790.08
August 2925
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Tea Party776,24054.68
 Alliance/Workers Party643,47245.32
May 2924
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party641,59932.29
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)636,78932.05
 Alliance/Workers Party481,14224.22
 Tea Party227,29711.44
May 2922
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party713,89638.65
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)647,70435.06
 Alliance/Workers Party379,14320.53
 Tea Party106,4455.76
May 2920
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Tea Party992,55353.24
 Alliance/Workers Party870,68646.70
 National Syndicalist Party1,1280.06
May 2918
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Tea Party943,19759.71
 Alliance/Workers Party635,26340.22
 National Syndicalist Party1,1340.07
May 2916
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alliance/Workers Party1,779,06399.99
 Tea Party1660.01
May 2914
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alliance/Workers Party1,730,10499.92
 Tea Party1,4680.08
May 2912
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alliance/Workers Party1,777,84399.98
 Tea Party4410.02
May 2911
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alliance/Workers Party366,824100.00
May 2909
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alliance/Workers Party402,90899.88
 Libertarian Party of Vorona4790.12
May 2907
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Action Party927,12351.63
 Alliance/Workers Party868,57748.37
May 2905
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Action Party949,37152.24
 Alliance/Workers Party867,03447.71
 Zhanson Party1,0080.06
May 2903
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Action Party920,39667.52
 Alliance/Workers Party442,72132.48
May 2901
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Party921,65967.90
 Alliance/Workers Party435,63632.10
September 2898
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alliance/Workers Party1,078,51868.91
 Republican Coalition486,53331.09
July 2893
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Coalition315,423100.00
November 2890
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Coalition317,56899.60
 Classical Liberal Party1,2820.40
January 2890
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Coalition321,489100.00
May 2887
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Coalition328,67799.86
 teozz Party4720.14
September 2884
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Coalition1,569,70799.80
 Dan2010 Party2,0140.13
 Conservative Underground1,1610.07
January 2882
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Coalition1,610,07999.74
 The Guilloists2,0480.13
 People's National Front1,3560.08
 Pangaic Ascendant Party7600.05
January 2880
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Coalition1,555,94899.71
 The Guilloists1,8850.12
 Pangaic Ascendant Party1,8260.12
 People's National Front7890.05
February 2875
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei921,81074.93
 Republican Coalition308,34025.07
February 2872
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei323,791100.00
February 2866
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei1,443,49799.93
 The Unity Party1,0070.07
November 2862
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei1,337,57099.72
 National Party1,9630.15
 The Unity Party1,7690.13
May 2861
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei1,397,34099.93
 The Unity Party5710.04
 National Party3810.03
May 2855
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan People's Party332,585100.00
May 2849
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan People's Party278,782100.00
May 2843
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan People's Party878,67357.65
 Freedom Party644,18942.27
 Partei der Jesuiten Ursache1,1590.08
May 2837
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)746,34453.52
 Voronan People's Party647,63046.44
 Freedom Party5080.04
May 2832
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)305,810100.00
May 2826
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)323,824100.00
May 2820
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)288,023100.00
May 2814
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)277,302100.00
October 2812
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Revolutionary Party412,41570.96
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)168,76329.04
October 2806
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Revolutionary Party616,61881.04
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)144,24218.96
July 2803
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)669,07555.45
 Communist Party336,08427.85
 New Revolutionary Party201,51316.70
July 2797
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)748,40970.86
 Communist Party307,73329.14
July 2791
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party733,41397.44
 FreedomParty Of Vorona19,2442.56
August 2790
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei684,02060.64
 Communist Party412,71636.59
 FreedomParty Of Vorona31,1992.77
February 2790
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party635,85588.12
 FreedomParty Of Vorona85,68911.88
July 2786
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party296,78799.62
 FreedomParty Of Vorona1,1290.38
December 2782
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei586,96354.80
 Communist Party484,14545.20
December 2776
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party252,933100.00
June 2774
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party650,20362.73
 Freedom and Democracy Front386,32737.27
May 2772
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party713,02167.85
 Freedom and Democracy Front337,80232.15
November 2769
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party578,56953.11
 Freedom and Democracy Front268,77224.67
 Republican Populist Party242,06422.22
November 2766
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Populist Party524,46955.66
 Freedom and Democracy Front417,66844.32
 Communist Party1740.02
November 2763
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom and Democracy Front286,08665.08
 Republican Populist Party153,49834.92
November 2760
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Populist Party719,86559.98
 Freedom and Democracy Front478,97839.91
 Labour Party1,3320.11
November 2757
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Monarchist Movement694,44054.85
 Freedom and Democracy Front361,93628.59
 Republican Populist Party208,39216.46
 Labour Party1,3970.11
November 2754
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Monarchist Movement361,01434.16
 Freedom and Democracy Front322,25530.49
 Radical Party of the Right Front194,35618.39
 Republican Populist Party113,20310.71
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)66,1446.26
November 2751
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Radical Party of the Right Front343,12131.54
 Freedom and Democracy Front267,05224.55
 Voronan Monarchist Movement209,56119.26
 Catholic Movement of Vorona146,84813.50
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)121,26311.15
December 2748
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Monarchist Movement410,14640.99
 Republican Populist Party345,42834.52
 Order of Saint Rumegius (IA)243,03924.29
 Freedom and Democracy Front1,1360.11
 Catholic Movement of Vorona7820.08
December 2745
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Monarchist Movement216,090100.00
December 2742
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Monarchist Movement244,886100.00
December 2739
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Monarchist Movement216,98199.00
 Technological Advancement Party1,2620.58
 People's Selucian Party9370.43
December 2736
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Monarchist Movement566,23268.71
 Union Party257,90931.29
April 2735
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union Party457,00258.95
 Voronan Monarchist Movement318,24741.05
March 2732
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Monarchist Movement226,802100.00
February 2731
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei438,89757.46
 Voronan Monarchist Movement324,95742.54
February 2725
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Voronan Monarchist Movement213,374100.00
May 2721
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Radical Party of the Right Front880,51699.63
 protestant peoples party1,2570.14
 fianna caitliceach Party1,1300.13
 Voronan Monarchist Movement5510.06
 Pat Buckley Party2940.03
June 2720
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Monarchist Movement Party97,48424.14
 Radical Party of the Right Front89,86122.25
 protestant peoples party89,57922.18
 fianna caitliceach Party69,27017.15
 Voronan Monarchist Movement57,68114.28
June 2714
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New National Fascist Party884,99599.86
 Radical Reform Party1,2170.14
June 2708
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New National Fascist Party211,357100.00
June 2702
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei223,812100.00
June 2696
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Deltaria Nova462,66481.56
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei104,60618.44
November 2691
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei846,51498.18
 Republican Party15,6491.82
March 2689
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei479,42353.46
 Front of Christian order265,08229.56
 Republican Party152,21816.97
September 2685
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front of Christian order582,18458.52
 Republican Party342,43934.42
 Rīcisc Bīgang ēac Ferðgeweald Partei69,5346.99
 Urban Militia of the Voroñan Motherland6330.06
March 2682
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front of Christian order195,859100.00
November 2679
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front of Christian order498,39164.18
 Liberation theology278,15035.82
May 2676
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front of Christian order476,53461.24
 Liberation theology301,65938.76
November 2672
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front of Christian order503,14672.09
 Liberation theology194,79327.91
May 2669
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberation theology285,50857.74
 Front of Christian order208,11642.09
 Christian Party of Sancta Sedes6530.13
 alyssavis Party1420.03
 Christian Progressive Alliance600.01
November 2665
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberation theology179,75799.51
 Christian Progressive Alliance8920.49
May 2662
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Christian Socialist Alliance375,61663.99
 Liberation theology210,63035.88
 Aqualad Party7230.12
November 2658
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Christian Socialist Alliance302,56853.57
 Liberation theology262,23746.43
May 2655
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Christian Socialist Alliance280,72155.12
 Liberation theology228,57544.88
November 2651
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberation theology280,91350.31
 Christian Socialist Alliance277,46849.69
June 2649
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Christian Socialist Alliance353,18540.80
 Dirty Carl's 'HIV for Everybody' Crusade315,28536.42
 Liberation theology197,22722.78
July 2645
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Christian Socialist Alliance324,03034.50
 Dirty Carl's 'HIV for Everybody' Crusade315,54433.59
 Liberation theology201,81221.48
 Centrist Christian Alliance96,86810.31
 Party of the High Order of Lord Thoth1,0710.11
January 2642
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Dirty Carl's 'HIV for Everybody' Crusade304,92834.78
 Liberation theology297,34433.92
 Party of the High Order of Lord Thoth181,67020.72
 Voronian Party49,8965.69
 Centrist Christian Alliance42,8294.89
July 2638
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberation theology359,04239.82
 Dirty Carl's 'HIV for Everybody' Crusade353,11639.16
 Voronian Party188,94620.95
 Party of the High Order of Lord Thoth6620.07
January 2635
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Dirty Carl's 'HIV for Everybody' Crusade268,99432.42
 Voronian Party268,83732.40
 Liberation theology220,69526.60
 Party of Islamic Emigres71,1528.58
July 2631
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberation theology452,00856.87
 Dirty Carl's 'HIV for Everybody' Crusade342,62743.11
 Party of Islamic Emigres1520.02
January 2628
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberation theology345,41838.15
 Fascist Party345,20038.12
 Dirty Carl's 'HIV for Everybody' Crusade213,51723.58
 Republican Party8090.09
 Ridderniets Party3850.04
 Nobility of Vorona1640.02
May 2627
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberation theology329,31239.22
 Fascist Party314,61237.47
 Dirty Carl's 'HIV for Everybody' Crusade194,64823.18
 Nobility of Vorona7840.09
 Republican Party3590.04
January 2623
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona179,157100.00
January 2618
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona142,023100.00
January 2613
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona154,576100.00
April 2609
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona156,459100.00
April 2604
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona145,208100.00
April 2599
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona139,830100.00
April 2594
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona131,882100.00
April 2589
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona141,098100.00
April 2584
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona128,678100.00
April 2579
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona133,368100.00
April 2574
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona152,573100.00
April 2569
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona139,350100.00
April 2564
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona130,370100.00
April 2559
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona118,232100.00
April 2554
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona119,608100.00
April 2549
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona129,814100.00
April 2544
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona129,720100.00
September 2539
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona131,649100.00
September 2529
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona123,146100.00
September 2524
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona102,923100.00
September 2514
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona116,098100.00
September 2509
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona101,137100.00
September 2504
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona110,395100.00
September 2499
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona118,504100.00
September 2494
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona107,096100.00
September 2489
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona108,018100.00
September 2484
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 House Korolevsky118,80068.48
 Nobility of Vorona54,68131.52
September 2479
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 House Korolevsky108,63067.28
 Nobility of Vorona52,81932.72
September 2474
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 House Korolevsky176,50877.55
 Nobility of Vorona51,08822.45
September 2469
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona105,88899.58
 House Korolevsky4510.42
September 2464
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona104,704100.00
September 2459
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona105,309100.00
September 2454
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona93,485100.00
September 2449
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona85,483100.00
September 2444
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona87,657100.00
September 2439
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona88,088100.00
September 2434
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona89,041100.00
September 2429
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona94,012100.00
December 2425
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona82,747100.00
December 2420
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona97,227100.00
December 2415
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona83,472100.00
December 2410
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona85,984100.00
December 2405
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona82,583100.00
December 2400
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona92,080100.00
December 2395
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona82,271100.00
December 2390
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona78,588100.00
October 2388
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona76,134100.00
October 2382
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona72,391100.00
October 2376
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona81,293100.00
October 2370
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona75,328100.00
October 2368
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona73,732100.00
October 2366
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona76,905100.00
October 2364
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona78,231100.00
October 2362
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona77,851100.00
October 2360
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona73,273100.00
October 2358
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona83,678100.00
October 2356
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona77,278100.00
October 2354
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona73,794100.00
October 2352
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona72,342100.00
October 2350
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona73,306100.00
October 2348
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona81,184100.00
October 2346
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona72,741100.00
October 2344
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona69,583100.00
October 2342
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona72,104100.00
October 2340
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona71,495100.00
October 2338
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona74,104100.00
October 2336
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona71,706100.00
October 2334
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona69,095100.00
October 2332
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona69,291100.00
October 2330
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona61,671100.00
October 2328
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona67,968100.00
October 2326
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona69,085100.00
October 2324
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona61,511100.00
October 2322
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona68,566100.00
October 2320
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona70,887100.00
October 2318
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona65,656100.00
October 2316
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona68,288100.00
October 2314
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona71,717100.00
February 2312
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona65,322100.00
February 2308
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nobility of Vorona57,963100.00

Random fact: In order for a Cabinet bill to pass, more than half of the legislature must vote for it and all of the parties included in the proposed Cabinet must support it. If your nation has a Head of State who is also the Head of Government, then the party controlling this character must also vote for the bill, since the Head of Government is also a member of the Cabinet. If any of these requirements are not met, the bill will not pass.

Random quote: "I'm not an environmentalist. I'm an earth warrior." - Darryl Cherney

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