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Game Time: August 4459
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Nation[?]: Federal Socialist Republic of Malivia

Population[?]: 19,948,403

Delegates to the Popular Soviet of Malivia[?]: 150

Notable cities[?]:


Area[?]: 205,200 km


Map of Washebar


View detailed political opinions.

These bars display the opinions of the inhabitants of Washebar. The black spot in the center of each bar shows the average value of each ideology in this region.

federalistImportance: tiny
Civil Rights[?]restrictive
permissiveImportance: tiny
environmentalistImportance: tiny
Foreign Relations[?]isolationist
internationalistImportance: vital
Government Responsibilities[?]small government
big governmentImportance: tiny
laissez-faireImportance: tiny
militaristImportance: tiny
progressiveImportance: tiny
religiousImportance: tiny


Labor Market[?]

Workforce[?] [between ages 15 and 65]: 60.29% of the population

Employment[?]: 95.25% of the workforce

Age Distribution[?]


Income Distribution[?]

Gini Coefficient[?]: 0.225577

The two numbers given on the graph are the mean incomes of the lowest and highest bracket.

Regional Income Distribution

Election History

April 4458
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,772,44142.84
 THE LEFT4,129,35030.64
 Fatherland Front3,559,53926.41
 Pirate Party10,1160.08
 National Alternative2,7970.02
 Green - Rainbow party1,5680.01
April 4456
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,862,79747.49
 THE LEFT3,352,68527.16
 Fatherland Front3,102,21925.13
 Pirate Party10,7050.09
 Green - Rainbow party10,4680.08
 National Alternative6,6330.05
 Rassatiya Janmot Party7740.01
April 4454
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,515,05243.66
 THE LEFT3,768,67929.83
 Fatherland Front3,304,08026.15
 National Alternative14,6480.12
 Green - Rainbow party13,0890.10
 People Party of Changes9,6500.08
 Pirate Party7,9270.06
April 4452
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,420,17543.89
 THE LEFT3,653,88129.59
 Fatherland Front3,252,51826.34
 Pirate Party8,3460.07
 Green - Rainbow party7,4360.06
 National Alternative6,7790.05
April 4450
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change2,924,50436.75
 THE LEFT2,547,32332.01
 Fatherland Front2,459,15730.90
 Izaiah001 Party11,6610.15
 Green - Rainbow party8,5260.11
 Pirate Party6,1270.08
April 4448
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,783,78443.35
 THE LEFT4,009,10830.05
 Fatherland Front3,514,89926.35
 Hosian Theocratic Party12,7750.10
 Green - Rainbow party12,4900.09
 Pirate Party8,2960.06
April 4446
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,808,92542.80
 Hosian National Party3,168,74323.35
 Fatherland Front2,975,87721.92
 THE LEFT1,594,67211.75
 Pirate Party12,9590.10
 Green - Rainbow party6,7470.05
 Hosian Theocratic Party5,2770.04
April 4444
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change4,413,18741.80
 Hosian National Party3,379,32432.01
 Fatherland Front1,687,36115.98
 Malivia Solidarity Party373,9033.54
 Independent Coalition of Malivia367,2853.48
 THE LEFT320,4233.03
 Pirate Party12,1920.12
 Green - Rainbow party4,2520.04
April 4442
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,126,07038.53
 Hosian National Party4,614,41934.69
 Fatherland Front1,868,62914.05
 Independent Coalition of Malivia1,103,4148.29
 THE LEFT313,7602.36
 Malivia Solidarity Party262,5851.97
 Pirate Party12,2040.09
 Green - Rainbow party2,2060.02
April 4440
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,935,20343.36
 Hosian National Party4,915,13935.90
 THE LEFT1,738,68312.70
 Fatherland Front1,064,8947.78
 Malivia Solidarity Party12,4980.09
 Pirate Party11,8970.09
 Green - Rainbow party7,7660.06
 Independent Coalition of Malivia3,3910.02
April 4438
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,350,62545.85
 Fatherland Front3,214,19027.54
 THE LEFT3,092,58826.50
 Green - Rainbow party12,4640.11
 Markath Party3660.00
 United Socialist Party700.00
April 4436
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,703,43843.50
 Malivian Alternative Party5,456,03241.61
 THE LEFT1,436,27310.95
 Fatherland Front494,5463.77
 sherk-tac-u-lar Party14,3580.11
 Markath Party2,9550.02
 Green - Rainbow party2,5760.02
 United Socialist Party2,1550.02
April 4432
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hosian National Party4,965,26638.21
 Wind of Change3,634,38027.97
 THE LEFT3,376,15225.98
 Green - Rainbow party1,015,2477.81
 Fatherland Front3,3600.03
April 4428
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change4,040,05532.82
 Hosian National Party3,096,41825.16
 THE LEFT3,023,04924.56
 One Nation1,941,98615.78
 Green - Rainbow party194,2141.58
 Fatherland Front4,3810.04
April 4424
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change3,849,91329.22
 Hosian National Party3,304,38125.08
 THE LEFT3,121,66923.69
 One Nation2,021,28515.34
 Green - Rainbow party860,3906.53
 Independent Democratic Party (IDP)10,2850.08
 United for Peace4,8400.04
 Fatherland Front2,3260.02
April 4420
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change4,159,20536.63
 Hosian National Party4,079,99835.93
 THE LEFT1,892,77416.67
 Fatherland Front1,192,27110.50
 One Nation14,1580.12
 United for Peace13,8090.12
 Green - Rainbow party3,6560.03
November 4418
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hosian National Party4,157,27934.66
 Wind of Change3,815,79931.81
 THE LEFT2,384,74819.88
 Fatherland Front919,0337.66
 Feminism for Malivia417,2573.48
 One Nation289,8202.42
 United for Peace11,3340.09
 Green - Rainbow party5540.00
November 4414
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change4,396,62235.03
 Hosian National Party4,027,35632.08
 THE LEFT2,700,38121.51
 Feminism for Malivia694,0325.53
 Green - Rainbow party677,9805.40
 Fatherland Front41,1700.33
 United for Peace9,6590.08
 One Nation5,0140.04
November 4410
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hosian National Party4,005,37034.32
 Wind of Change3,632,12531.12
 THE LEFT2,873,28624.62
 Unity Labour Party950,5018.14
 Fatherland Front200,6081.72
 Green - Rainbow party5,0130.04
 United for Peace2,8970.02
November 4408
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change4,116,66135.06
 Hosian National Party4,069,97534.67
 THE LEFT2,471,49621.05
 Unity Labour Party918,2847.82
 Fatherland Front142,2181.21
 Movement for change11,6440.10
 Green - Rainbow party8,5580.07
 United for Peace1,4210.01
November 4404
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hosian National Party3,992,14833.25
 THE LEFT3,774,76931.44
 Wind of Change2,560,68521.33
 Unity Labour Party1,024,6348.53
 Green - Rainbow party522,2294.35
 Fatherland Front109,1020.91
 United for Peace13,3750.11
 Movement for change8,9050.07
October 4402
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hosian National Party4,364,80733.96
 THE LEFT3,489,17927.15
 Wind of Change2,695,32320.97
 Fatherland Front2,256,77817.56
 Unity Labour Party31,1180.24
 United for Peace13,2250.10
 Movement for change2,3480.02
 Green - Rainbow party9510.01
October 4398
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hosian National Party4,610,05234.12
 THE LEFT3,357,68424.85
 Fatherland Front2,881,03721.32
 Wind of Change2,624,98219.43
 Green - Rainbow party13,7360.10
 Unity Labour Party12,5610.09
 Movement for change11,8960.09
 United for Peace2740.00
October 4394
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hosian National Party4,574,67734.64
 THE LEFT2,905,89922.00
 Fatherland Front2,814,97321.31
 Wind of Change2,279,10317.26
 Progressive League599,1144.54
 Unity Labour Party25,8870.20
 Green - Rainbow party6,5970.05
 United for Peace1,9020.01
October 4390
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hosian National Party4,806,77735.12
 THE LEFT3,150,90123.02
 Fatherland Front2,903,93221.21
 Wind of Change2,287,86816.71
 Progressive League520,3273.80
 Unity Labour Party7,7330.06
 United for Peace7,0400.05
 Green - Rainbow party3,8000.03
October 4386
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hosian National Party4,043,54430.99
 Fatherland Front3,093,90323.71
 THE LEFT2,928,98322.45
 Wind of Change1,614,99912.38
 Progressive League887,5986.80
 Unity Labour Party468,9863.59
 Green - Rainbow party10,6180.08
November 4384
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hosian National Party3,372,02424.51
 THE LEFT3,335,47224.24
 Fatherland Front2,104,41315.29
 National Conservative Party1,900,19813.81
 Wind of Change1,758,02812.78
 Progressive League902,5026.56
 Unity Labour Party370,5432.69
 Green - Rainbow party11,8430.09
 Conservative Party4,7940.03
November 4380
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,983,28344.14
 Hosian National Party2,621,59019.34
 Fatherland Front2,229,37116.45
 THE LEFT1,679,26512.39
 Unity Labour Party1,026,5967.57
 BigMoneySalvia69 Party8,5740.06
 Progressive League6,9870.05
September 4379
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change6,060,87745.34
 Hosian National Party2,806,50921.00
 Fatherland Front1,883,32114.09
 THE LEFT1,435,06110.74
 Unity Labour Party1,150,4278.61
 Progressive League10,3030.08
 Democratic Party2,8410.02
September 4375
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change6,181,10744.81
 Hosian National Party2,973,77821.56
 Fatherland Front1,991,56314.44
 THE LEFT1,579,10211.45
 Unity Labour Party1,055,8397.65
 Mohd Party9,1240.07
 Green Left3,2700.02
 Au nom du pople1860.00
September 4371
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change7,415,88256.14
 Unity Labour Party4,097,01431.01
 Fatherland Front1,642,14512.43
 Hosian National Party41,5280.31
 THE LEFT13,9340.11
September 4367
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,143,87437.43
 Wind of Change5,090,24637.04
 Fatherland Front3,486,75225.37
 horvat00 Party5,8860.04
 THE LEFT5,5080.04
 People's Revolutionary Party4,7480.03
 Hosian National Party3,9930.03
 Imperialist Malivia´s Party2,6130.02
September 4363
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,517,53139.96
 Wind of Change5,440,28939.40
 Fatherland Front2,840,85320.57
 The Owl Party3,5880.03
 People's Revolutionary Party3,3840.02
 Hosian National Party1,8500.01
 THE LEFT1,5610.01
September 4359
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,550,01740.44
 Wind of Change4,887,02835.61
 Fatherland Front3,263,03923.78
 People's Revolutionary Party12,7810.09
 THE LEFT6,8680.05
 Party of Absolutism2,3390.02
 Hosian National Party1,8680.01
September 4355
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,610,43340.67
 Wind of Change4,879,94535.38
 Fatherland Front3,278,24123.76
 Green Party of Malivia11,3490.08
 THE LEFT9,8330.07
 Hosian National Party4,0500.03
 People's Revolutionary Party8850.01
September 4351
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,671,82641.21
 Wind of Change4,525,09532.88
 Fatherland Front3,552,19625.81
 Green Party of Malivia6,9730.05
 THE LEFT5,9670.04
 People's Revolutionary Party2820.00
September 4347
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Fatherland Front5,451,63540.12
 Unity Labour Party5,197,28438.25
 Wind of Change2,185,01716.08
 Malivians Folk734,9805.41
 Jaatshantanuz Party14,1300.10
 People's Revolutionary Party3,6220.03
 THE LEFT6290.00
September 4343
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,686,26441.44
 Wind of Change4,809,68335.05
 Fatherland Front2,731,44819.91
 Malivians Folk465,4383.39
 Malivian Centrist Party14,2310.10
 THE LEFT12,2620.09
 National Unity Party(NUP)3,0730.02
September 4339
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,654,15641.45
 Wind of Change4,973,46836.46
 Fatherland Front2,519,21818.47
 Malivians Folk461,7733.39
 Malivia National Party(MNP)13,3980.10
 National Unity Party(NUP)12,1570.09
 THE LEFT5,5620.04
September 4335
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,500,61443.28
 Wind of Change4,677,25536.80
 Fatherland Front2,167,11817.05
 Malivians Folk362,9462.86
 Cogitate Party1,2120.01
September 4331
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change7,350,55756.18
 Fatherland Front5,699,47743.56
 Unity Labour Party13,7560.11
 National Conservative Party7,1640.05
 excist Party5,6190.04
 Malivians Folk5,3680.04
 DiggyDoober Party1,4290.01
September 4327
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change7,488,82155.94
 Fatherland Front4,204,54231.41
 Unity Labour Party1,677,87512.53
 Liberal Party10,0410.08
 Malivians Folk5,3720.04
September 4323
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change7,160,21355.82
 Fatherland Front3,533,54527.55
 Unity Labour Party2,050,37415.98
 Greater Malivia Party80,4010.63
 Liberal Party3,2310.03
 Dominik Smith Party2360.00
September 4319
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change7,405,89555.05
 Greater Malivia Party3,429,74625.49
 Fatherland Front2,534,39818.84
 Unity Labour Party49,9230.37
 yosho Party12,2310.09
 Malivian Workers Commune11,4420.09
 Liberal Party9,9830.07
September 4315
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,762,76842.11
 Malivian Fascist Party2,810,01420.53
 Liberal Party1,839,95713.45
 Fatherland Front1,718,52312.56
 Greater Malivia Party1,518,46511.10
 sweinberger Party13,0900.10
 Unity Labour Party11,2070.08
 Democratic Party6,5930.05
 Malivian Workers Commune3,8730.03
September 4311
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change7,038,91652.29
 Fatherland Front2,732,53320.30
 Democratic Party2,496,54318.55
 People's Party(Janata Party)990,2587.36
 Unity Labour Party195,7341.45
 Greater Malivia Party5,8990.04
 Austino Party2010.00
September 4307
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change6,400,88549.27
 Fatherland Front3,660,43928.18
 Unity Labour Party2,903,52422.35
 boom7777 Party12,7900.10
 avatarbeta02 Party11,8660.09
 Malivian National Party1,7510.01
 United Malivia1250.00
June 4304
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change6,316,76851.98
 Fatherland Front2,936,99124.17
 Unity Labour Party1,947,93016.03
 Malivian National Party931,5297.67
 Snowball Party11,3280.09
 Free Conservatives Party7,9030.07
June 4300
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,751,23642.46
 Fatherland Front3,967,20829.29
 Unity Labour Party3,774,24827.87
 United Malivia13,8790.10
 Thaller Movement12,5300.09
 Red Thallerist Party10,8130.08
 Snowball Party6,9840.05
 Malivian National Party6,9240.05
December 4296
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance6,332,78051.91
 Fatherland Front3,020,22424.76
 Unity Labour Party1,368,81311.22
 Wind of Change741,6816.08
 United Malivia14,0620.12
 Davenwgg Party13,3560.11
 Freedom National Forum3,3440.03
June 4293
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance3,929,60530.35
 Fatherland Front3,578,01427.63
 Social Liberal Centre Party (SLCP)2,752,42521.26
 Unity Labour Party1,351,42610.44
 Wind of Change665,1015.14
 United Malivia8,9230.07
 Progressive Party1,4000.01
December 4290
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Alliance3,558,13228.25
 Social Liberal Centre Party (SLCP)3,031,92424.08
 Fatherland Front2,993,08523.77
 Wind of Change1,136,1739.02
 Unity Labour Party1,043,8498.29
 Alisha Party3,9490.03
 United Malivia9570.01
June 4287
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Fatherland Front4,879,44238.99
 Social Liberal Centre Party (SLCP)4,554,17736.39
 Unity Labour Party1,631,25613.04
 Wind of Change1,439,23111.50
 The National Help Party8,0880.06
 union alliance for Malivia1,8260.01
December 4283
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Fascist Party4,492,66934.07
 Liberal Alliance3,145,50323.85
 Fatherland Front2,153,63616.33
 Social Liberal Centre Party (SLCP)1,829,56413.87
 Wind of Change990,6727.51
 Unity Labour Party575,9594.37
December 4279
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Fatherland Front4,607,97633.95
 People's Progressive Party3,240,15823.87
 Unity Labour Party2,941,49421.67
 Wind of Change2,734,21420.14
 Liberal Alliance14,8820.11
 Social Liberal Centre Party (SLCP)13,3560.10
 the Right Party10,8100.08
 Anarchy Revolution10,1890.08
December 4275
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Fascist Party4,524,91533.58
 Unity Labour Party3,500,81125.98
 Wind of Change3,396,83325.21
 Fatherland Front1,179,4068.75
 Liberal Alliance14,9170.11
 People's Progressive Party12,7090.09
 Social Liberal Centre Party (SLCP)2,6690.02
December 4271
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change4,952,22841.27
 Unity Labour Party3,072,95425.61
 Fatherland Front2,584,09321.53
 Malivian Fascist Party1,0150.01
December 4267
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change6,202,63454.74
 Fatherland Front3,004,70626.52
 Unity Labour Party1,019,9739.00
December 4263
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change6,791,30160.28
 Fatherland Front2,969,81126.36
 Unity Labour Party1,505,66113.36
December 4259
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Fatherland Front3,418,25726.48
 Wind of Change3,071,63223.80
 Unity Labour Party2,037,17015.78
 Malivia in movement13,5660.11
December 4255
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Fatherland Front3,354,43329.52
 Wind of Change2,353,88320.71
 Unity Labour Party1,667,61014.67
 Malivia in movement4,6570.04
December 4251
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party4,276,25932.31
 Fatherland Front2,488,18618.80
 Wind of Change1,494,74711.29
 Malivia in movement9,1960.07
December 4247
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Fatherland Front5,298,25440.12
 Wind of Change5,023,36238.04
 Unity Labour Party2,869,82121.73
 Malivia in movement6,6960.05
December 4243
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,158,80940.09
 Fatherland Front5,137,34539.92
 Unity Labour Party2,553,91119.85
 National Party4,3450.03
 LiberalBrit Party1,6830.01
December 4239
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Fatherland Front4,508,31140.28
 Wind of Change4,480,91340.04
 Unity Labour Party2,202,77919.68
December 4235
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Wind of Change5,173,20640.54
 Fatherland Front4,390,19134.40
 Feminism for Malivia2,245,99117.60
 Unity Labour Party943,9457.40
 Liberal union party7,9860.06
December 4231
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,266,91041.62
 Fatherland Front2,745,35121.69
 Central Unionist Party1,886,15614.90
 Feminism for Malivia1,503,39111.88
 Wind of Change1,248,4439.86
 Socialist Party5,7330.05
December 4227
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,116,54039.42
 Fatherland Front3,093,94523.84
 Feminism for Malivia1,776,77913.69
 Central Unionist Party1,663,54412.82
 Wind of Change1,324,19110.20
 Cosmopolitan Party5,6550.04
December 4223
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party4,897,19837.53
 Fatherland Front3,332,91725.54
 Cosmopolitan Party2,687,45620.59
 Wind of Change2,104,61416.13
 Tastytaco123 Party10,5560.08
 Legend27 Party7,8580.06
 iloveducks Party6,9830.05
 Feminism for Malivia2,5960.02
December 4219
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party4,485,72833.92
 Fatherland Front3,561,83426.93
 Cosmopolitan Party2,889,76221.85
 Wind of Change2,276,62117.22
 People's Revolutionary Party5,2480.04
 democration party3,5970.03
 Amcfad2 Party1,3440.01
December 4215
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party9,300,51569.85
 Fatherland Front3,989,96629.97
 Cosmopolitan Party11,7340.09
 democration party9,0920.07
 Wind of Change3,6190.03
December 4211
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party7,962,97560.00
 Fatherland Front38,8810.29
 Democratic Party of Malivia11,0250.08
 Wind of Change10,8310.08
 Cosmopolitan Party9,3760.07
 mhart.10 Party1,9550.01
December 4207
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party7,386,27757.95
 ChristianMomsAgainstDabbing Party4,4050.03
 Wind of Change5690.00
 sgmjqb Party5410.00
December 4203
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party6,526,67453.25
 Libertarian Party4,612,41837.63
 Siva Party6,7270.05
 Wind of Change2,6240.02
 stankdawg Party5450.00
January 4201
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party6,195,49549.07
 Libertarian Party4,570,67436.20
 Free People United Front14,1390.11
 hardikjain2312 Party3,5770.03
 Wind of Change3,3780.03
January 4197
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,767,41451.22
 Libertarian Party4,447,25139.49
August 4193
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party6,428,72353.04
 Libertarian Party4,825,74839.82
 ibalazs Party14,5330.12
 People's Party for Justice8,0790.07
August 4189
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party6,581,44851.19
 Libertarian Party5,284,21241.10
 People's Party for Justice4,7030.04
 Democratic party of malivia1,0750.01
January 4186
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party7,561,03456.44
 Libertarian Party3,198,58023.88
 Malivian Front2,588,20519.32
 The Independant Party13,6980.10
 Elecan Party11,4600.09
 Democratic party of malivia11,0610.08
 Liberal Party7,9090.06
 The Moderate Party3,7550.03
February 4185
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party6,849,18554.16
 Malivian Front2,802,29722.16
 Libertarian Party2,553,64920.19
 Party of Free Malivians415,7133.29
 Liberal Party10,1330.08
 Democratic party of malivia8,8120.07
 The Independant Party2,9130.02
 Elecan Party2,4450.02
February 4181
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party6,986,92954.72
 Malivian Front3,297,43025.82
 Libertarian Party1,865,48614.61
 Party of Free Malivians591,3084.63
 ravnman Party12,0900.09
 The Yellow Party10,4070.08
 Nnadozie Party5,7050.04
February 4177
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party7,183,23956.93
 Malivian Front2,982,44923.64
 Libertarian Party2,176,22717.25
 Party of Free Malivians247,7151.96
 Shooganips Party14,5630.12
 Malivian Socialist Party (MSP)11,4440.09
 pineconesthree Party1,4210.01
February 4173
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,727,61144.96
 Malivian Front2,863,53922.48
 Libertarian Party2,166,87017.01
 Malivian People's Party1,525,66111.98
 Party of Free Malivians443,1873.48
 Democratic Party12,0050.09
February 4169
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party6,723,69655.88
 Malivian People's Party2,062,65117.14
 Malivian Front1,584,04913.17
 Libertarian Party13,5670.11
 Justice and Liberty Party7,8560.07
 Democratic Party7,6820.06
 InVias24 Party2,7390.02
July 4166
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party3,816,45330.36
 Malivian People's Party2,746,51121.85
 Reformed Liberal Democratic Party1,897,31315.09
 Malivian Front1,553,95612.36
 Malivian Socialist Party224,3431.78
 benbenius Party7,7100.06
 Msweet151 Party3,8350.03
July 4163
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party8,568,89164.56
 BabeRuth303 Party12,0060.09
 Malivian People's Party11,4730.09
 Liberal Party11,4130.09
 Malivian Front10,5000.08
 Conservative Unionist Party7,7040.06
June 4160
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party1,493,09526.96
 PackFan775 Party11,2450.20
 Romal Party10,1130.18
July 4157
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Reformed Liberal Democratic Party5,167,13957.28
 Unity Labour Party3,818,52742.33
 PackFan775 Party11,4220.13
 campalec Party9,0760.10
 griffintok Party8,6870.10
July 4153
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Reformed Liberal Democratic Party5,128,87852.54
 Unity Labour Party4,614,14547.26
 owenperkins1999 Party13,6850.14
 User1 Party5,5830.06
September 4150
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Reformed Liberal Democratic Party6,031,39849.98
 Unity Labour Party6,024,66049.93
 Christian Nationalist Union (CNU)10,5720.09
August 4146
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Unity Labour Party5,958,55068.19
 Reformed Liberal Democratic Party1,794,73720.54
 Republican Party984,63211.27
July 4144
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Reformed Liberal Democratic Party7,395,92599.67
 joey Party11,4220.15
 CowboyHooah Party8,5390.12
 Unity Labour Party4,2810.06
June 4143
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Reform Party12,179,55499.74
 joey Party10,4970.09
 Paleo Party7,3960.06
 16thropes Party6,1840.05
 Reformed Liberal Democratic Party5,6670.05
 CowboyHooah Party1,5090.01
June 4137
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Reform Party12,732,66299.79
 TheFederalist Party12,4760.10
 Malivia's Conservative Party5,8610.05
 Reformed Liberal Democratic Party4,7420.04
 Political Enlightenment Project3,4000.03
June 4131
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Reform Party7,914,08062.21
 National Republican Party4,785,97337.62
 FuffinMaster Party7,2820.06
 Reformed Liberal Democratic Party6,6430.05
 Malivian People's Congress4,5720.04
 ainur Party2,2550.02
 Independentist Party1,5230.01
June 4125
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Reform Party6,859,16163.30
 National Republican Party3,932,41436.29
 Reformed Liberal Democratic Party12,4300.11
 National Capitalist Party11,3570.10
 Zaven Party9,5170.09
 tyraews Party2,2310.02
 ppap1102002 Party6970.01
June 4119
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Republican Party2,537,42962.37
 Malivian Reform Party1,510,89537.14
 SigniferLux Party8,2870.20
 cyberiansosa Party5,9110.15
 blutal Party3,3180.08
 MalcolmD Party2,3130.06
June 4113
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Democratic Party5,537,94266.39
 National Republican Party2,202,37526.40
 Malivian Reform Party593,4207.11
 Pompeius Party7,6350.09
June 4107
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Republican Party1,985,72557.20
 Malivian Reform Party1,439,01741.45
 National Right Wing Coalition46,6791.34
June 4101
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Republican Party2,125,63860.35
 Malivian Reform Party1,299,71736.90
August 4090
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Kansyrvicha Partya2,332,785100.00
August 4086
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Monarchist Party2,201,165100.00
July 4085
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Monarchist Party2,068,945100.00
July 4074
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Patriotic Alliance of Citizens2,597,55399.49
 Social democratic party13,4030.51
July 4068
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Patriotic Alliance of Citizens2,555,606100.00
April 4066
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republic's Progress Party2,673,429100.00
April 4060
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,432,023100.00
April 4054
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,518,930100.00
April 4048
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia5,968,94199.64
 Kinmarr Party12,7180.21
 Libertarian Party of Malivia9,0740.15
April 4042
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia5,782,51399.89
 American Conservative Party6,3720.11
April 4036
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,261,481100.00
April 4030
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,195,88199.66
 cware Party7,4700.34
April 4024
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,502,668100.00
March 4023
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,541,113100.00
March 4017
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,286,16199.94
 elijahcoug Party1,4060.06
March 4011
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,354,848100.00
March 4005
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia10,148,11099.94
 Workers' Party of Malivia6,5070.06
March 3999
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,122,265100.00
March 3993
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party2,312,29068.29
 Conservative Party of Malivia1,069,56931.59
 Caleb Neo Party4,0410.12
March 3987
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party3,778,89773.29
 Conservative Party of Malivia1,377,09126.71
August 3986
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,303,132100.00
December 3983
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia3,821,67354.73
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party3,146,75045.07
 People's Party13,9820.20
July 3981
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party3,657,05755.20
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,968,19044.80
August 3975
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia4,585,58945.60
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party3,677,20836.56
 Libertarian Party1,785,38717.75
 Social Justice Party8,9820.09
August 3969
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party5,008,51045.98
 Libertarian Party3,552,70532.61
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,332,73021.41
August 3963
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party5,343,07247.61
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,970,40926.47
 Libertarian Party2,909,30825.92
August 3957
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party3,765,72537.86
 Conservative Party of Malivia3,653,55136.74
 Libertarian Party2,526,28125.40
March 3954
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia4,760,75950.99
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party4,575,84049.01
June 3948
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Maliwa Bersatu4,357,78136.05
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party3,905,91132.31
 Conservative Party of Malivia3,806,08831.49
 Nationalist Democratic Socialist Party10,4520.09
 Fajar Sosialis6,8100.06
September 3945
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia3,819,36635.92
 Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Maliwa Bersatu3,428,28432.25
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party3,378,12431.77
 TheManOfSteel Party6,1030.06
September 3941
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia4,058,25939.51
 Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Maliwa Bersatu3,809,26737.09
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party2,403,56123.40
September 3937
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party9,707,52799.87
 Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Maliwa Bersatu9,1060.09
 Conservative Party of Malivia3,0820.03
September 3932
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Maliwa Bersatu2,463,460100.00
September 3927
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Maliwa Bersatu2,545,492100.00
September 3922
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Maliwa Bersatu2,303,295100.00
September 3917
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Maliwa Bersatu2,132,507100.00
August 3916
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Independence Party of Malivia1,454,89252.09
 Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Maliwa Bersatu1,338,24247.91
May 3913
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Cosmian Papacy2,229,902100.00
November 3909
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National-Republican Party2,181,135100.00
November 3904
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Party2,326,981100.00
November 3899
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Party2,467,560100.00
November 3894
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Party2,562,125100.00
November 3890
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 True Libertarian Party2,177,424100.00
November 3886
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 True Libertarian Party2,664,129100.00
January 3883
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saamyavadi Dal ka Malivia1,969,462100.00
January 3879
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saamyavadi Dal ka Malivia2,516,762100.00
January 3875
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saamyavadi Dal ka Malivia2,139,079100.00
January 3871
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saamyavadi Dal ka Malivia2,401,692100.00
January 3867
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saamyavadi Dal ka Malivia2,533,588100.00
May 3864
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saamyavadi Dal ka Malivia2,273,358100.00
May 3860
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saamyavadi Dal ka Malivia2,361,536100.00
May 3856
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saamyavadi Dal ka Malivia2,287,066100.00
May 3852
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saamyavadi Dal ka Malivia2,318,475100.00
May 3848
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saamyavadi Dal ka Malivia2,334,710100.00
May 3844
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saamyavadi Dal ka Malivia2,528,876100.00
June 3841
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Saamyavadi Dal ka Malivia2,230,649100.00
August 3837
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad2,543,620100.00
August 3833
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad2,383,646100.00
August 3829
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad2,219,565100.00
May 3827
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Srama Parishad3,691,47873.49
 Geraja Janata Parishad1,331,62426.51
December 3824
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rashtriya Janata Dal2,439,98144.27
 Geraja Srama Parishad1,903,95034.55
 Geraja Janata Parishad1,164,04121.12
 afia Party3,2770.06
February 3821
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rashtriya Janata Dal2,674,53446.66
 Geraja Srama Parishad1,728,68430.16
 Geraja Janata Parishad1,329,30923.19
June 3820
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad5,663,22450.95
 Geraja Srama Parishad1,955,96217.60
 Rashtriya Janata Dal1,869,45316.82
 National Socialist Malivia Workers Party1,625,92214.63
August 3815
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad4,396,33056.85
 National Socialist Malivia Workers Party3,337,32243.15
August 3809
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad5,491,41952.31
 Malivian Labour Party3,061,21029.16
 National Socialist Malivia Workers Party1,945,75618.53
August 3803
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad4,265,61944.45
 Malivian Labour Party3,418,06135.62
 National Socialist Malivia Workers Party1,912,37119.93
April 3798
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad5,777,76849.67
 Fatherland Front3,602,24530.97
 National Socialist Malivia Workers Party2,251,99419.36
April 3792
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad8,303,61970.69
 Fatherland Front3,443,26429.31
April 3786
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad9,456,21175.52
 Fatherland Front3,064,63324.48
April 3780
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad3,680,36651.92
 Fatherland Front3,408,63848.08
April 3777
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad2,471,321100.00
April 3774
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad2,419,868100.00
April 3771
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad2,673,777100.00
April 3768
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad2,596,01099.78
 kingbreed Party5,8510.22
January 3766
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad2,299,20699.63
 kingbreed Party8,5520.37
October 3763
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geraja Janata Parishad2,506,576100.00
December 3761
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Evil Pro-Life Communist Party11,150,72399.91
 Geraja Janata Parishad10,6000.09
September 3759
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Evil Pro-Life Communist Party11,084,17399.75
 J99 Party11,1290.10
 mwatson83 Party9,7820.09
 Winston Party6,3900.06
June 3757
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Evil Pro-Life Communist Party2,204,122100.00
September 3754
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democrat Party2,204,399100.00
May 3753
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democrat Party2,317,211100.00
October 3750
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The FSD Party2,211,117100.00
October 3745
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The FSD Party2,622,535100.00
October 3740
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Kongres Kebangsaan Malivia2,138,176100.00
October 3734
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Hosian Nationalist Front5,738,23276.82
 Fatherland Front1,731,52523.18
October 3728
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Fatherland Front2,406,48699.51
 Conservative Republican Union8,0790.33
 stewart96 Party3,7470.15
December 3725
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia10,012,64699.94
 Fatherland Front6,2420.06
December 3719
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,533,979100.00
December 3713
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia12,362,71499.99
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia1,7410.01
February 3707
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia6,963,22590.16
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia749,4589.70
 Mālīvīya Janatā Pārṭī10,6680.14
October 3706
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party5,509,75859.86
 Conservative Party of Malivia1,974,07221.45
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia1,708,93218.56
 Mālīvīya Janatā Pārṭī12,3970.13
October 3700
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party5,161,92255.45
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia2,138,63822.97
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,008,37221.57
October 3694
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party6,871,69168.22
 Conservative Party of Malivia3,143,61331.21
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia58,1560.58
October 3688
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party6,772,73263.77
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,618,39824.65
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia1,229,22111.57
October 3682
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party7,356,30865.09
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,703,41223.92
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia1,242,41310.99
March 3682
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party5,096,94143.19
 Malivian Independence Party3,546,44130.05
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,351,32519.92
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia806,7376.84
April 3681
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Independence Party3,420,20844.25
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,419,97931.31
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia1,888,48924.43
September 3676
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party4,178,18541.50
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,768,70927.50
 Malivian Independence Party2,449,19524.33
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia670,7286.66
August 3674
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Independence Party4,102,09437.09
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party3,732,43733.75
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,559,94823.14
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia338,2543.06
 National Party of Malivia327,8002.96
August 3668
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party5,070,08144.88
 National Party of Malivia3,441,92330.47
 Conservative Party of Malivia1,972,74917.46
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia808,0557.15
 Zelkon Party4,9680.04
August 3662
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party7,028,12764.38
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,313,62421.19
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia1,575,46614.43
August 3656
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party8,060,23765.12
 Conservative Party of Malivia3,588,78829.00
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia721,4035.83
 Holy Conservative Party6,6410.05
August 3650
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party6,279,61253.47
 Conservative Party of Malivia5,463,17646.52
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia1,2790.01
July 3645
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party4,865,75454.43
 Conservative Party of Malivia3,851,60543.08
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia221,6232.48
 Malivian Communist Party5990.01
June 3640
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party6,960,99757.47
 Conservative Party of Malivia5,150,13242.52
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia1,0940.01
June 3634
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party6,418,09058.54
 Conservative Party of Malivia4,502,16941.06
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia43,3940.40
July 3632
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party3,458,46759.46
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,213,60938.06
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia144,0852.48
July 3627
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Reform Party7,794,36872.53
 Conservative Party of Malivia1,622,01115.09
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party1,307,48312.17
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia22,0320.21
June 3625
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia3,669,19930.88
 Malivian Socialist Party3,130,09326.34
 New Reform Party2,386,77820.09
 Conservative Party of Malivia1,568,04513.20
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party1,116,8829.40
 kostadinovic Party10,4990.09
June 3619
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Socialist Party7,753,15467.83
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,231,54719.52
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party1,440,85812.61
 Patriarchal Federalist Party of Malivia2,8640.03
 Malivian Nationalist Party1,0670.01
October 3615
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Socialist Party8,714,03769.94
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,281,40018.31
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party1,452,13511.65
 Malivian Nationalist Party12,3350.10
October 3609
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party5,981,60252.69
 Conservative Party of Malivia5,366,71547.28
 Malivian Socialist Party3,2850.03
July 3604
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party3,989,56776.79
 Conservative Party of Malivia1,206,15723.21
July 3598
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia3,454,38950.68
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party3,354,78149.22
 Kuri Party6,7230.10
July 3592
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Malivia3,424,66554.75
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party2,822,53445.13
 bgtodd01 Party7,3370.12
May 3588
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party7,046,00270.42
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,959,31429.58
May 3582
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party5,033,65954.32
 Conservative Party of Malivia2,768,83829.88
 Communist Party of Malivia1,464,47915.80
May 3576
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Malivia11,050,95199.84
 Royal Malivian Freedom Party10,0770.09
 Conservative Party of Malivia7,1750.06
May 3568
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 jesus is king Party2,319,736100.00
May 3564
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 jesus is king Party1,278,20958.37
 becool255 Party911,76141.63
May 3560
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 jesus is king Party2,151,028100.00
May 3556
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 In Memoriam Party2,102,28499.48
 smashencoo Party10,9410.52
May 3552
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 In Memoriam Party5,475,12062.87
 Front for Abolitionism and Socialism1,718,39319.73
 Children of the Wrath1,515,47317.40
May 3548
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 In Memoriam Party6,375,24261.68
 Front for Abolitionism and Socialism2,350,32322.74
 Children of the Wrath1,610,79515.58
May 3544
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath4,077,11861.59
 Front for Abolitionism and Socialism2,542,71938.41
May 3540
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front for Abolitionism and Socialism3,554,56964.90
 Children of the Wrath1,922,20735.10
May 3536
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath11,277,42399.90
 Front for Abolitionism and Socialism11,1120.10
February 3536
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath11,093,82899.97
 Front for Abolitionism and Socialism3,1910.03
October 3535
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath11,467,57199.92
 Front for Abolitionism and Socialism9,4150.08
September 3535
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath11,556,50399.92
 Front for Abolitionism and Socialism9,0140.08
April 3535
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath11,328,35799.98
 Front for Abolitionism and Socialism2,0380.02
April 3529
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,490,057100.00
April 3523
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,423,67899.73
 Freedom Party6,5680.27
April 3517
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,532,718100.00
April 3511
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,457,809100.00
April 3505
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,292,634100.00
January 3504
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,445,92099.73
 Demitreist Party of Malivia6,6350.27
October 3501
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Mālavī Mukti Sāmanē2,117,890100.00
February 3497
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Peace and Concord Union2,303,293100.00
April 3493
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Front1,940,795100.00
April 3490
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sozial Demokraten Malivias4,300,63261.55
 Malivian Front2,687,11238.45
April 3487
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Front2,393,288100.00
April 3484
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Front2,111,568100.00
April 3481
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Front2,620,118100.00
April 3478
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Front2,478,363100.00
April 3475
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Front2,314,354100.00
May 3471
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath9,424,50099.87
 Malivian Front12,4090.13
May 3465
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,440,299100.00
May 3459
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,405,856100.00
May 3453
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,375,107100.00
May 3449
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Party13,359,51799.93
 Children of the Wrath9,0930.07
May 3443
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,624,055100.00
May 3437
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,196,170100.00
May 3431
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,347,309100.00
May 3425
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,679,770100.00
May 3423
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath4,556,35578.00
 Malivian Crimson Crusade1,285,10122.00
January 3418
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Crimson Crusade2,507,839100.00
March 3414
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,416,396100.00
March 3408
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath4,113,87350.97
 House of Herbert3,957,09649.03
March 3402
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath4,095,55652.13
 House of Herbert3,760,74847.87
March 3396
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath4,097,62858.08
 House of Herbert2,957,26341.92
March 3390
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath4,186,50560.90
 House of Herbert2,687,89939.10
March 3384
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 House of Herbert4,345,29165.19
 Children of the Wrath2,319,96334.81
March 3378
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath9,060,96399.88
 Federal Party11,3110.12
October 3372
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath10,012,42899.90
 Federal Party10,3660.10
September 3370
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,146,389100.00
September 3364
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,348,415100.00
September 3358
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,527,226100.00
September 3352
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath10,429,61299.95
 Commune of Star-Travelers5,2330.05
October 3351
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,240,652100.00
October 3345
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,270,483100.00
July 3345
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath1,986,580100.00
July 3339
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,392,987100.00
July 3333
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,589,599100.00
July 3327
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath7,894,71999.94
 Freedom, Justice, and Reform Party5,0440.06
July 3321
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,456,292100.00
July 3315
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,328,320100.00
December 3313
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,496,670100.00
December 3307
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,200,139100.00
December 3301
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,330,761100.00
December 3295
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,676,473100.00
December 3289
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,498,585100.00
January 3283
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,438,459100.00
April 3280
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath3,701,79773.81
 Working Man Party1,313,25226.19
April 3274
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,217,29666.56
 Working Man Party1,113,97633.44
April 3268
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath9,262,34999.88
 Working Man Party10,9920.12
April 3262
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath10,122,09399.87
 Working Man Party13,0320.13
April 3256
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,161,825100.00
April 3250
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,436,467100.00
April 3244
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,417,245100.00
April 3238
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,114,218100.00
April 3232
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,429,717100.00
April 3226
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,358,351100.00
April 3220
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,246,574100.00
April 3214
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,609,479100.00
April 3208
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath3,658,82676.98
 पीपुल्स पार्टी1,093,95123.02
April 3202
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath8,350,32599.90
 पीपुल्स पार्टी8,0650.10
April 3196
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,364,542100.00
April 3190
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,405,206100.00
April 3184
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,227,248100.00
April 3178
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath8,195,11899.92
 Imperial Party6,7980.08
April 3172
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath9,504,68099.92
 Imperial Party7,7430.08
April 3166
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,261,342100.00
April 3160
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,043,460100.00
April 3154
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,350,260100.00
April 3148
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,291,440100.00
April 3142
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath2,472,457100.00
April 3136
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geradschanische Monarchistischen Partei3,253,57350.63
 Children of the Wrath3,172,89449.37
April 3130
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geradschanische Monarchistischen Partei3,727,07460.98
 Children of the Wrath2,384,71639.02
March 3129
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Großmalivische Reichspartei3,235,75936.93
 Geradschanische Monarchistischen Partei2,993,43534.16
 Children of the Wrath2,533,24628.91
March 3123
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geradschanische Monarchistischen Partei5,194,96454.76
 Children of the Wrath4,291,49645.24
March 3117
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geradschanische Monarchistischen Partei8,107,66853.29
 Children of the Wrath7,105,47546.71
November 3112
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Geradschanische Monarchistischen Partei8,208,74751.70
 Children of the Wrath7,668,15048.30
November 3106
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath13,664,41253.95
 Geradschanische Monarchistischen Partei11,665,72446.05
May 3105
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath13,578,53668.49
 Geradschanische Monarchistischen Partei6,246,08631.51
July 3104
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath39,718,84399.99
 Geradschanische Monarchistischen Partei5,0970.01
April 3104
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath38,835,10399.94
 Geradschanische Monarchistischen Partei23,9000.06
January 3103
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath43,255,94699.88
 Geradschanische Monarchistischen Partei50,5240.12
October 3102
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath43,489,47699.92
 Geradschanische Monarchistischen Partei36,2010.08
October 3096
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath61,048,26599.83
 Sozialdemokratische Party33,1130.05
September 3091
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath18,266,02999.54
 Margolotta von Uberwald Party83,8250.46
June 3090
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath16,593,37799.41
 Margolotta von Uberwald Party98,9500.59
April 3089
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath36,781,83450.78
 Konservative Partei Malivia35,645,86349.21
 Margolotta von Uberwald Party11,5970.02
April 3084
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath41,810,71053.72
 Sozialliberale Partei der Demokraten18,574,49623.86
 Konservative Partei Malivia17,375,19422.32
 Margolotta von Uberwald Party71,5970.09
April 3079
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath43,555,74354.07
 Sozialliberale Partei der Demokraten19,838,26324.63
 Konservative Partei Malivia17,158,58221.30
April 3074
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath38,714,98051.09
 Sozialliberale Partei der Demokraten22,113,17329.18
 Konservative Partei Malivia14,951,00219.73
April 3069
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath36,396,30649.39
 Sozialliberale Partei der Demokraten22,821,81130.97
 Konservative Partei Malivia14,430,19519.58
 Emmaliee Party41,8090.06
April 3064
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sozialliberale Partei der Demokraten26,706,91940.07
 Children of the Wrath24,784,21737.19
 Konservative Partei Malivia15,154,31122.74
October 3059
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath33,748,81348.45
 Sozialliberale Partei der Demokraten25,614,48936.77
 Konservative Partei Malivia10,294,51114.78
April 3059
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sozialliberale Partei der Demokraten28,135,61740.43
 Children of the Wrath23,609,93733.92
 Sozial Demokraten Malivias9,703,20713.94
 Konservative Partei Malivia8,148,26811.71
April 3054
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia24,083,15233.33
 Children of the Wrath20,675,49928.61
 Sozial Demokraten Malivias19,599,57427.12
 Sozialliberale Partei der Demokraten7,899,37310.93
April 3049
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sozial Demokraten Malivias22,645,91030.16
 Konservative Partei Malivia21,278,15528.33
 Children of the Wrath19,946,59126.56
 Sozialliberale Partei der Demokraten11,225,88114.95
April 3044
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sozial Demokraten Malivias23,433,10834.70
 Konservative Partei Malivia21,294,55431.53
 Children of the Wrath12,557,81118.60
 Sozialliberale Partei der Demokraten10,246,41215.17
April 3042
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia26,297,59940.37
 Sozial Demokraten Malivias20,456,15131.40
 Großmalivische Reichspartei8,486,24913.03
 Sozialliberale Partei der Demokraten5,291,7788.12
 Children of the Wrath4,611,8057.08
April 3037
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia29,861,35941.23
 Sozial Demokraten Malivias27,849,92338.45
 Children of the Wrath14,721,26320.32
April 3032
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath27,795,01450.58
 Konservative Partei Malivia27,161,01549.42
June 3029
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia21,455,71035.91
 Children of the Wrath21,407,82335.83
 BeerBearer Party16,883,61328.26
June 3024
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia19,450,05137.22
 BeerBearer Party16,445,42831.47
 Children of the Wrath16,363,56631.31
June 3019
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath22,145,96441.31
 Konservative Partei Malivia18,622,59734.74
 BeerBearer Party12,840,52223.95
June 3014
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia25,713,32042.46
 Children of the Wrath22,347,67136.91
 BeerBearer Party12,490,98820.63
June 3009
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia26,657,82952.02
 Children of the Wrath24,575,84447.96
 BeerBearer Party10,8400.02
December 3007
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia27,516,85748.25
 Children of the Wrath25,104,53744.02
 BeerBearer Party4,408,2777.73
December 3002
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia24,657,43550.79
 Children of the Wrath23,890,25449.21
December 2997
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia25,260,55651.69
 Children of the Wrath23,605,95748.31
November 2996
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Children of the Wrath27,931,79569.01
 Konservative Partei Malivia12,541,95430.99
November 2992
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia11,430,690100.00
November 2988
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia13,781,113100.00
November 2984
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia11,891,757100.00
November 2980
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia12,087,998100.00
November 2976
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia12,447,000100.00
November 2972
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia10,753,648100.00
November 2968
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia47,464,98799.99
 Malivia Volkspartei5,7830.01
March 2965
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia9,353,539100.00
March 2961
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia40,230,06493.21
 Social Democrats (PSD)2,931,5356.79
March 2959
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democrats (PSD)12,033,017100.00
March 2957
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democrats (PSD)11,550,375100.00
March 2955
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democrats (PSD)46,898,88499.94
 National Worker's Party of Malivia26,0660.06
March 2953
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democrats (PSD)59,121,91499.90
 National Worker's Party of Malivia58,7340.10
March 2952
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democrats (PSD)29,500,82499.77
 National Worker's Party of Malivia69,1590.23
January 2949
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Sadauker Party11,487,442100.00
January 2943
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Großmalivische Reichspartei9,959,388100.00
July 2940
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Großmalivische Reichspartei19,497,26089.41
 Malivia National Party2,265,51410.39
 kuda sithole Party42,9460.20
August 2934
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Council11,357,121100.00
August 2928
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Council10,464,501100.00
August 2927
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Council9,237,41457.86
 Provisional Revolutionary Government6,727,69642.14
March 2924
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia10,347,37299.89
 People's Socialist Union Party11,3970.11
March 2919
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia10,590,14699.88
 People's Socialist Union Party12,6310.12
March 2914
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia9,338,444100.00
March 2909
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Liberal Action Party18,276,53750.61
 Konservative Partei Malivia17,833,96649.39
March 2905
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia15,660,25650.00
 People's Liberal Action Party15,658,16650.00
March 2901
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Liberal Action Party18,940,12451.90
 Konservative Partei Malivia17,552,31848.10
March 2897
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Liberal Action Party20,064,15052.09
 Konservative Partei Malivia18,424,45447.83
 BAM81 Party31,5740.08
March 2893
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia18,028,47451.04
 People's Liberal Action Party17,283,77248.93
 John Antoine Dechamps Party7,9970.02
February 2890
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia20,424,64860.95
 People's Liberal Action Party13,026,63138.88
 John Antoine Dechamps Party56,6080.17
February 2886
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Liberal Action Party18,545,69159.94
 Konservative Partei Malivia12,382,56640.02
 John Antoine Dechamps Party12,9520.04
June 2883
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia14,659,60376.71
 People's Liberal Action Party4,443,20223.25
 John Antoine Dechamps Party7,2980.04
June 2879
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia11,053,45671.88
 People's Liberal Action Party4,268,67027.76
 John Antoine Dechamps Party55,2970.36
June 2875
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Socialist Reform Party18,362,14947.11
 Konservative Partei Malivia12,835,29632.93
 People's Liberal Action Party7,755,60819.90
 John Antoine Dechamps Party27,1290.07
September 2873
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia18,287,91539.05
 Conservative Party17,884,30638.19
 People's Liberal Action Party10,628,11222.69
 John Antoine Dechamps Party25,1030.05
 Free Socialist Reform Party6,1490.01
November 2869
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party25,912,27569.62
 People's Liberal Action Party11,296,05130.35
 John Antoine Dechamps Party10,2630.03
November 2865
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Liberal Action Party8,818,69999.78
 Conservative Party19,6020.22
September 2865
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Liberal Action Party8,983,06499.52
 Conservative Party43,7250.48
February 2864
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Civic Forum8,392,386100.00
October 2861
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Civic Forum8,488,303100.00
March 2859
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia7,558,886100.00
March 2855
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia8,774,157100.00
March 2851
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia8,267,771100.00
July 2847
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia8,999,547100.00
January 2843
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia7,141,693100.00
May 2842
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia8,711,413100.00
April 2839
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Kommunist Party (IP)14,201,91742.29
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)8,489,67525.28
 Konservative Partei Malivia6,129,06418.25
 Barack's Freedom Riders4,758,79514.17
April 2833
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Konservative Partei Malivia19,628,61186.61
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)3,011,96113.29
 Malivian Kommunist Party (IP)22,3650.10
June 2827
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)37,258,27099.92
 Konservative Partei Malivia29,5240.08
October 2826
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)36,059,20099.89
 Konservative Partei Malivia39,7860.11
April 2826
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)7,944,26899.94
 Konservative Partei Malivia4,7720.06
July 2825
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)8,170,225100.00
April 2821
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)7,122,110100.00
December 2816
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)7,507,781100.00
September 2815
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,932,320100.00
April 2814
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)8,007,376100.00
October 2812
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)8,250,336100.00
April 2811
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,297,296100.00
June 2809
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)7,074,12399.53
 Vampyre Party33,3710.47
October 2808
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)7,801,23399.93
 Vampyre Party5,6270.07
January 2806
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)22,807,95499.99
January 2800
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)31,840,35499.89
January 2794
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)32,806,00399.90
November 2791
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)32,721,65199.93
May 2789
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,984,840100.00
January 2789
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Kommunist Party5,268,14953.16
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)4,642,02946.84
January 2783
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Kommunist Party8,148,75563.78
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)4,628,53736.22
January 2777
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)12,443,77356.30
 Malivian Kommunist Party5,274,29723.86
 Royal Party4,385,29219.84
January 2771
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)7,544,86138.17
 Royal Party6,412,05432.44
 Malivian Kommunist Party5,807,56629.38
September 2768
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Left Coalition7,451,66539.72
 Malivian Kommunist Party4,571,58424.37
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)3,372,71217.98
 Royal Party3,363,55217.93
 Democratic Socialist Party2,0650.01
October 2767
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,266,97533.56
 Malivian Kommunist Party5,714,09930.60
 Royal Party4,020,91221.53
 United Left Coalition2,631,55814.09
 Democratic Socialist Party38,1980.20
October 2761
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivian Kommunist Party5,845,17230.50
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)5,683,57729.66
 Royal Party4,835,45225.23
 United Left Coalition2,796,68114.59
 Democratic Socialist Party1,4670.01
October 2758
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)8,092,31734.79
 Malivian Kommunist Party6,863,27629.50
 Royal Party5,230,22722.48
 United Left Coalition3,060,50313.16
 Democratic Socialist Party16,7400.07
May 2757
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)7,878,62635.89
 Malivian Kommunist Party7,771,16635.40
 Royal Party3,277,84914.93
 United Left Coalition3,023,43213.77
April 2755
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)10,379,53741.81
 Malivian Kommunist Party8,469,48534.12
 Royal Party3,484,78014.04
 United Left Coalition2,491,09310.03
April 2749
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Left Coalition8,379,06638.06
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)8,302,76237.71
 Royal Party5,333,31324.22
 Malivian Kommunist Party2,3100.01
April 2743
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Party9,368,84758.45
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,659,08741.55
April 2737
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)16,007,78599.96
 Royal Party5,9800.04
April 2731
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)5,446,772100.00
May 2730
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)5,825,898100.00
June 2727
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Gerajan Peoples Party22,826,21599.98
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)4,3310.02
June 2721
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Gerajan Peoples Party26,423,99799.98
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,4630.02
June 2715
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Gerajan Peoples Party19,547,41995.95
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)824,2594.05
June 2709
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)14,124,47752.45
 Gerajan Peoples Party12,759,91347.39
 Samsara Party22,8680.08
 Blue Republic Party20,0630.07
June 2703
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)13,360,21652.64
 Gerajan Peoples Party11,988,45047.24
 Samsara Party27,0210.11
 Blue Republic Party4,2020.02
June 2697
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,077,09227.22
 Blue Republic Party5,632,05625.23
 Gerajan Peoples Party4,429,19919.84
 Samsara Party3,567,14615.98
 Apocalypse Party2,617,98811.73
June 2691
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)13,051,05653.89
 Gerajan Peoples Party11,129,22945.96
 Republican Democrats - RD27,7620.11
 Blue Republic Party7,2450.03
 Samsara Party5460.00
June 2685
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)12,907,09158.58
 Gerajan Peoples Party9,117,32641.38
 Republican Democrats - RD8,4810.04
June 2679
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)8,191,04652.65
 Gerajan Peoples Party7,344,18147.21
 Republican Democrats - RD20,9690.13
June 2673
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Gerajan Peoples Party7,250,11252.18
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,624,24347.67
 Kébé Front20,9590.15
June 2667
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Gerajan Peoples Party7,230,55342.81
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)5,451,29632.28
 One-Voice Party (IP)4,207,30724.91
June 2661
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,126,80738.08
 Gerajan Peoples Party5,028,17731.25
 One-Voice Party (IP)4,935,47230.67
June 2655
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One-Voice Party (IP)5,923,82337.90
 Gerajan Peoples Party4,875,90231.20
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)4,830,57730.91
June 2649
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One-Voice Party (IP)9,254,01754.69
 Gerajan Peoples Party4,111,49624.30
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)3,554,64221.01
May 2643
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One-Voice Party (IP)7,028,10344.27
 Gerajan Peoples Party5,156,88132.48
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)3,691,86823.25
May 2637
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One-Voice Party (IP)8,323,25762.59
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)4,974,20237.41
May 2631
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One-Voice Party (IP)8,072,21860.89
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)5,184,82439.11
May 2625
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One-Voice Party (IP)10,946,66156.98
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)8,249,98142.94
 Inner Peace Party14,9000.08
May 2619
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One-Voice Party (IP)11,833,16958.63
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)8,313,41141.19
 Inner Peace Party17,9920.09
May 2613
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One-Voice Party (IP)12,381,85060.31
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)8,105,23839.48
 Left Oligarchist Consortium20,7950.10
 Inner Peace Party5,1430.03
May 2607
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One-Voice Party (IP)9,464,92362.92
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)5,577,52837.08
August 2604
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 One-Voice Party (IP)7,441,52438.50
 Conservative Party5,972,67230.90
 National Labor Party2,901,32615.01
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,894,4089.80
 Silly Hats Party1,120,1405.79
August 2600
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Malivia8,587,56847.53
 National Labor Party5,039,48227.90
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)2,815,40115.58
 Silly Hats Party1,623,3928.99
August 2596
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Malivia9,486,01350.73
 National Labor Party5,351,51228.62
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)2,439,72613.05
 Silly Hats Party1,422,1987.61
August 2592
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Malivia5,544,42630.99
 Marxist-Leninist Revival4,858,37427.16
 National Labor Party3,340,74218.67
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)3,144,60917.58
 Silly Hats Party1,001,9685.60
March 2591
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Marxist-Leninist Revival6,520,51935.24
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)5,860,55231.67
 Communist Party of Malivia2,745,15214.84
 National Labor Party2,395,12712.94
 Silly Hats Party982,1115.31
January 2590
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Malivia5,475,79032.91
 National Labor Party5,265,75631.65
 Silly Hats Party3,916,84723.54
 Communist Party of Malivia1,179,5977.09
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)801,7394.82
February 2584
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Malivia6,623,35233.36
 National Anti-Communist Front6,620,47433.34
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,572,25933.10
 Communist Party of Malivia20,3540.10
 National Labor Party19,6420.10
June 2581
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Malivia5,283,77538.35
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)4,655,13633.78
 National Anti-Communist Front3,840,22227.87
December 2580
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)5,557,69233.42
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)5,048,94830.36
 United Malivia3,565,68621.44
 National Anti-Communist Front2,459,33014.79
December 2577
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)7,069,09238.11
 Malivia Democratic Party6,371,59934.35
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,901,79110.25
 United Malivia1,697,7619.15
 National Anti-Communist Front1,508,2038.13
August 2575
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party5,047,78230.07
 United Malivia4,347,77025.90
 National Anti-Communist Front4,076,47124.28
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,798,54510.71
 Militarist Party1,518,4399.04
July 2574
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party4,106,39924.10
 United Malivia3,893,26522.85
 National Anti-Communist Front3,872,98722.73
 New Conservative Party of Malivia2,330,97413.68
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,457,0218.55
 Militarist Party1,375,3428.07
July 2571
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Malivia6,216,54737.22
 Militarist Party2,726,56016.32
 Malivia Democratic Party2,452,91914.69
 National Anti-Communist Front2,179,71313.05
 New Conservative Party of Malivia1,998,80311.97
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,128,0376.75
July 2568
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Malivia7,595,61342.28
 New Conservative Party of Malivia2,890,14216.09
 Malivia Democratic Party2,683,57414.94
 National Anti-Communist Front2,041,60511.36
 Militarist Party1,898,35310.57
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)855,8264.76
July 2565
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Malivia7,919,17344.27
 New Conservative Party of Malivia3,271,70918.29
 Malivia Democratic Party2,232,67012.48
 National Anti-Communist Front1,965,80410.99
 Militarist Party1,925,51010.76
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)573,8343.21
July 2562
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Malivia8,027,81746.11
 New Conservative Party of Malivia3,281,44918.85
 Malivia Democratic Party2,374,90313.64
 Militarist Party1,348,5657.75
 National Anti-Communist Front1,335,7547.67
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,042,5005.99
July 2559
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Malivia8,114,62045.90
 New Conservative Party of Malivia3,580,68420.25
 Malivia Democratic Party2,428,84913.74
 Militarist Party1,191,8836.74
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,183,8906.70
 National Anti-Communist Front1,180,7836.68
July 2556
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party4,768,09730.67
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)4,458,81628.68
 National Anti-Communist Front4,345,72627.95
 New Conservative Party of Malivia979,8646.30
 Malivia Democratic Party977,7326.29
 United Malivia17,0810.11
October 2554
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Anti-Communist Front4,642,08330.68
 Militarist Party4,617,92030.52
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)4,112,20527.18
 Malivia Democratic Party1,195,7847.90
 New Conservative Party of Malivia561,4063.71
October 2551
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)9,361,01356.46
 Militarist Party2,854,07017.21
 New Conservative Party of Malivia2,132,42312.86
 National Anti-Communist Front1,247,5127.52
 Malivia Democratic Party986,1965.95
December 2550
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)5,695,18034.92
 Militarist Party3,166,82819.42
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)2,856,19217.51
 New Conservative Party of Malivia2,211,60813.56
 National Anti-Communist Front1,624,7379.96
 Malivia Democratic Party753,3754.62
December 2547
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)7,834,52960.64
 Malivia Democratic Party2,110,68716.34
 Militarist Party1,357,57910.51
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)984,9577.62
 New Conservative Party of Malivia632,4394.89
August 2546
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)6,672,28644.98
 Malivia Democratic Party3,512,13823.68
 Militarist Party2,187,57014.75
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,464,3649.87
 New Conservative Party of Malivia997,6136.73
December 2545
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)6,611,38344.02
 Malivia Democratic Party3,826,56925.48
 Militarist Party2,049,47113.65
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,472,3169.80
 New Conservative Party of Malivia1,059,3987.05
December 2542
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Traditionalist Party4,758,64029.79
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)4,593,64928.76
 Malivia Democratic Party4,036,25425.27
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,114,7556.98
 Militarist Party1,042,7416.53
 New Conservative Party of Malivia426,8902.67
April 2542
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)4,971,38929.41
 Traditionalist Party4,356,16725.77
 People Party3,570,59121.13
 Malivia Democratic Party2,175,32912.87
 Militarist Party883,2905.23
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)623,2373.69
 New Conservative Party of Malivia321,2931.90
April 2539
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)7,528,51744.60
 People Party5,170,43630.63
 Militarist Party1,418,5428.40
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)945,0185.60
 Malivia Democratic Party879,5835.21
 New Conservative Party of Malivia581,6723.45
 Traditionalist Party355,8462.11
April 2536
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)7,045,31141.62
 People Party5,773,02534.10
 Militarist Party1,627,5809.61
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,388,1978.20
 New Conservative Party of Malivia1,093,7606.46
 Traditionalist Party1,5920.01
April 2533
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)5,397,83034.42
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)4,090,00226.08
 Traditionalist Party2,741,24717.48
 New Conservative Party of Malivia2,386,99515.22
 Moderate Centrist Party1,064,7086.79
 Militarist Party4520.00
April 2530
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,874,50640.92
 Moderate Centrist Party5,969,25535.53
 New Conservative Party of Malivia3,936,99023.43
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)14,9690.09
 Militarist Party3,7160.02
 Traditionalist Party1,6270.01
April 2527
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,833,15041.78
 Moderate Centrist Party5,726,46435.01
 New Conservative Party of Malivia3,767,87023.04
 Unity - Pentecostal Party14,0560.09
 Soviet Party (Trotskyist)9,7110.06
 Traditionalist Party3,5750.02
October 2525
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)4,558,00730.67
 Free Peoples Revolutionary Front4,416,23329.72
 New Conservative Party of Malivia3,365,10322.65
 Moderate Centrist Party2,504,67916.86
 Unity - Pentecostal Party15,0540.10
October 2522
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)5,824,98242.01
 Free Peoples Revolutionary Front4,038,17829.12
 New Conservative Party of Malivia3,998,06428.83
 Moderate Centrist Party3,6100.03
 The Federalist Party9130.01
April 2521
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)6,022,45241.16
 Kaitite Movement3,525,77024.09
 Free Peoples Revolutionary Front3,237,53722.12
 New Conservative Party of Malivia1,847,18312.62
 The Federalist Party4520.00
April 2518
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Nationalist Front4,987,12632.89
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)3,155,32820.81
 Kaitite Movement2,415,92315.93
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,230,97214.71
 Free Peoples Revolutionary Front1,156,3357.63
 New Conservative Party of Malivia982,3446.48
 The Federalist Party229,3861.51
 Trader's Faction4,8180.03
April 2515
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Nationalist Front4,021,14426.35
 The Federalist Party3,174,41920.80
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)2,442,76416.01
 Kaitite Movement2,117,56613.87
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party1,978,01512.96
 New Conservative Party of Malivia1,002,2446.57
 Free Peoples Revolutionary Front510,5693.35
 Trader's Faction15,6900.10
April 2512
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Nationalist Front4,246,03627.53
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)2,582,64016.74
 The Federalist Party2,236,92714.50
 Kaitite Movement1,582,25810.26
 Free Peoples Revolutionary Front1,490,5969.66
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party1,228,8217.97
 National Anti-Communist Front1,077,0716.98
 New Conservative Party of Malivia979,8686.35
April 2509
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Nationalist Front4,431,94828.90
 The Federalist Party3,589,07923.40
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)2,664,42017.37
 Kaitite Movement1,286,2858.39
 National Anti-Communist Front1,282,7618.36
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party1,086,5667.08
 New Conservative Party of Malivia937,2546.11
 Free Peoples Revolutionary Front59,5220.39
April 2506
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Nationalist Front4,130,69327.06
 Kaitite Movement3,723,39524.39
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)3,682,15524.12
 National Anti-Communist Front1,408,5739.23
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party1,371,3128.98
 New Conservative Party of Malivia929,7916.09
 FianNyong Party15,4780.10
 The Federalist Party4,0320.03
April 2503
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Nationalist Front5,177,16033.37
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)3,614,34623.30
 Kaitite Movement2,788,65517.98
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party1,889,25712.18
 National Anti-Communist Front1,145,4407.38
 New Conservative Party of Malivia865,0325.58
 The Federalist Party16,7920.11
 FianNyong Party16,2240.10
April 2500
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Nationalist Front5,034,18233.70
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)3,464,61023.19
 Kaitite Movement1,563,67110.47
 Radical Labor Confederation1,288,2068.62
 National Anti-Communist Front1,227,9028.22
 New Conservative Party of Malivia1,214,7288.13
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party1,132,6527.58
 Cas Party12,9930.09
April 2497
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Nationalist Front5,192,88235.17
 Radical Labor Confederation2,231,22415.11
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,799,20312.18
 National Anti-Communist Front1,595,30310.80
 New Conservative Party of Malivia1,410,2429.55
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party866,3325.87
 Kaitite Movement859,1085.82
 Gerajan Imperial Party812,3405.50
April 2494
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Nationalist Front3,990,67527.23
 Radical Labor Confederation2,839,73419.38
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)2,032,36813.87
 New Conservative Party of Malivia1,648,02011.24
 Kaitite Movement1,306,8088.92
 Gerajan Imperial Party1,198,1978.18
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party1,091,1047.44
 National Anti-Communist Front549,1523.75
April 2491
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Nationalist Front4,865,11434.24
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,583,38518.18
 Gerajan Imperial Party2,228,95915.69
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,604,93011.29
 Radical Labor Confederation1,414,1049.95
 National Anti-Communist Front977,7026.88
 New Conservative Party of Malivia530,0793.73
 Popular Uprising5,0930.04
April 2488
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)2,963,47120.71
 Radical Labor Confederation2,587,58418.08
 New Conservative Party of Malivia2,520,28117.61
 Gerajan Imperial Party2,519,44917.61
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party1,959,27113.69
 National Anti-Communist Front1,294,3369.05
 Popular Uprising275,7041.93
 Conservative Nationalist Front189,0801.32
April 2485
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)4,018,90727.77
 Radical Labor Confederation2,679,24218.51
 Malivi Revolutionary Front2,679,21218.51
 New Conservative Party of Malivia2,123,16414.67
 National Anti-Communist Front1,704,10411.78
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party1,247,0678.62
 The Democratic Front10,7890.07
 Gerajan Imperial Party8,6100.06
November 2483
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Radical Labor Confederation3,007,39220.47
 Malivi Revolutionary Front2,849,51719.39
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)2,454,74916.71
 Militarist Party2,230,49515.18
 New Conservative Party of Malivia1,745,68811.88
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party1,219,9788.30
 National Anti-Communist Front1,179,7948.03
 Civic Platform6,1370.04
November 2480
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)3,349,18424.57
 Radical Labor Confederation2,116,24515.52
 Militarist Party2,029,69914.89
 Malivi Revolutionary Front1,963,40714.40
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party1,811,52713.29
 National Anti-Communist Front1,451,78110.65
 New Conservative Party of Malivia895,6006.57
 Malivian Conservative Party15,4770.11
November 2477
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party3,238,41024.20
 Malivi Revolutionary Front2,523,93418.86
 Radical Labor Confederation2,421,83818.10
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,284,13417.07
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,422,95410.63
 New Conservative Party of Malivia796,8945.95
 National Anti-Communist Front693,9335.19
November 2474
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party4,174,51531.08
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,248,46116.74
 Radical Labor Confederation1,974,70114.70
 Malivi Revolutionary Front1,552,43411.56
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,539,80211.47
 New Conservative Party of Malivia1,181,0428.79
 National Anti-Communist Front751,7525.60
 Iwam Uona Party7,2970.05
November 2471
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party4,588,10934.40
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,115,58015.86
 Malivi Revolutionary Front1,793,88313.45
 Radical Labor Confederation1,769,36713.27
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,487,03211.15
 New Conservative Party of Malivia889,3076.67
 National Anti-Communist Front693,0525.20
November 2468
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party4,441,95432.70
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,147,33415.81
 Radical Labor Confederation1,659,69212.22
 Malivi Revolutionary Front1,650,61812.15
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,474,04610.85
 National Anti-Communist Front1,228,2189.04
 New Conservative Party of Malivia974,9907.18
 michaelstick Party5,6650.04
November 2465
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party4,477,15834.36
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,089,32516.04
 Malivi Revolutionary Front1,692,18912.99
 Radical Labor Confederation1,559,56811.97
 National Anti-Communist Front1,179,2479.05
 New Conservative Party of Malivia1,022,8107.85
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,009,1827.75
November 2462
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party4,884,29538.29
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,058,97616.14
 Radical Labor Confederation1,375,70210.79
 Malivi Revolutionary Front1,286,16910.08
 National Anti-Communist Front1,023,0268.02
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)905,8267.10
 New Conservative Party of Malivia662,9685.20
 Malivian National Unity Front558,3474.38
October 2460
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party5,214,03239.85
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,491,23619.04
 Malivi Revolutionary Front1,187,3239.07
 Radical Labor Confederation969,6867.41
 Malivian National Unity Front782,9955.98
 National Anti-Communist Front711,5255.44
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)637,2094.87
 Protectorate Party616,3334.71
 New Conservative Party of Malivia474,0833.62
October 2457
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party4,686,50536.02
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,902,80522.31
 Malivi Revolutionary Front1,175,8979.04
 Malivian National Unity Front1,097,0518.43
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)802,4426.17
 Radical Labor Confederation685,0165.27
 National Anti-Communist Front659,4835.07
 New Conservative Party of Malivia536,0324.12
 Protectorate Party464,6883.57
October 2453
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party5,072,80040.16
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,483,09419.66
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,122,4528.89
 Malivi Revolutionary Front808,7556.40
 Malivian National Unity Front802,4396.35
 Protectorate Party798,4326.32
 New Conservative Party of Malivia633,3125.01
 National Anti-Communist Front489,6193.88
 Radical Labor Confederation421,8243.34
October 2449
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party4,587,47135.15
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party3,105,36923.79
 National Anti-Communist Front1,647,35712.62
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,163,3418.91
 Protectorate Party1,132,9528.68
 New Conservative Party of Malivia995,4827.63
 Malivian National Unity Front406,1793.11
 Malivi Revolutionary Front13,6350.10
October 2445
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Militarist Party3,927,24131.87
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,729,73822.15
 National Anti-Communist Front1,226,7449.95
 United Malivia1,099,4618.92
 Protectorate Party844,5406.85
 Peoples Movement for an Obedient Society721,9115.86
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)654,4115.31
 Malivian National Unity Front586,8054.76
 New Conservative Party of Malivia533,0804.33
October 2441
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Anti-Communist Front2,496,73318.89
 Militarist Party2,320,28317.55
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party2,078,79115.72
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,864,85614.11
 Protectorate Party1,329,61210.06
 United Malivia1,109,5518.39
 Malivian National Unity Front1,019,7297.71
 Radical Labor Confederation971,2817.35
 Someonespecial Party12,1490.09
 New Conservative Party of Malivia9,9890.08
 Peoples Movement for an Obedient Society7,6460.06
June 2439
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Anti-Communist Front4,643,90041.44
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)2,305,51820.57
 Protectorate Party1,642,84214.66
 Radical Labor Confederation888,4297.93
 United Malivia867,2637.74
 Malivian National Unity Front831,2097.42
 St. George's Xtreme Coalition Party14,2410.13
 Yakult Party12,5650.11
November 2437
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Party of Malivia3,642,77132.75
 National Anti-Communist Front2,040,65218.35
 Protectorate Party1,426,97212.83
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,158,79110.42
 United Malivia1,130,45210.16
 Radical Labor Confederation1,040,8839.36
 Malivian National Unity Front682,4906.14
 Yakult Party3650.00
November 2433
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Party of Malivia3,780,64432.92
 Malivian National Unity Front1,560,48913.59
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)1,326,06311.55
 National Anti-Communist Front1,320,75111.50
 Protectorate Party1,197,74610.43
 United Malivia1,187,07710.34
 Radical Labor Confederation1,112,3019.68
November 2428
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Party of Malivia7,094,24456.81
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)2,974,87523.82
 Protectorate Party2,400,52819.22
 National Anti-Communist Front5,4070.04
 United Malivia4,5560.04
 Malivian National Unity Front4,2120.03
 Militarist Party2,6520.02
 Radical Labor Confederation8600.01
November 2422
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party11,757,49299.77
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)11,9100.10
 Social Democratic Party11,8090.10
 Liberal Party of Malivia3,8050.03
November 2420
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party9,070,53299.77
 scipian Party11,4260.13
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)9,8410.11
October 2418
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party10,342,95099.89
 los verdes Party5,8010.06
 partido comunista de espaa Party4,6550.04
 Supporters of Science in Design (IP)9290.01
March 2416
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Gerajan Peoples Party2,126,69899.40
 partido comunista de espaa Party6,6650.31
 los verdes Party6,2460.29
April 2414
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Gerajan Peoples Party5,396,07850.61
 Protectorate Party5,234,75149.10
 Socialist Alliance12,3760.12
 partido comunista de espaa Party6,8050.06
 los verdes Party5,2490.05
 partido comunista de espaa Party3,4510.03
 partido comunista de espaa Party2,6200.02
April 2411
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Gerajan Peoples Party3,485,90553.76
 Protectorate Party2,988,51546.09
 Liberty Party4,8550.07
 stormshield Party4,3920.07
March 2408
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party3,920,58961.99
 Gerajan Peoples Party2,391,14737.81
 Liberty Party12,7880.20
December 2404
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Gerajan Peoples Party2,629,88868.37
 Protectorate Party1,194,09731.04
 New Conservative Party of Malivia12,7370.33
 John Galt Party6,3280.16
 Liberty Party3,5750.09
October 2402
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Gerajan Peoples Party2,098,44766.08
 Protectorate Party1,077,09433.92
October 2396
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Modern Peace Party3,406,40345.81
 Gerajan Peoples Party2,837,98538.17
 Protectorate Party1,191,64416.03
March 2391
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Gerajan Peoples Party1,336,40736.53
 Protectorate Party1,287,48135.19
 Modern Peace Party1,034,75628.28
April 2387
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,601,30337.14
 Gerajan Peoples Party1,395,02532.36
 Modern Peace Party1,306,99730.31
 ThisWillBePaintedRed Party8,0930.19
January 2386
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Modern Peace Party1,372,50141.40
 Protectorate Party1,090,76732.90
 Gerajan Peoples Party852,18025.70
January 2380
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,808,91498.91
 Gerajan Peoples Party10,5420.58
 Modern Peace Party9,4820.52
January 2378
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,857,761100.00
January 2376
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,788,691100.00
January 2374
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party9,581,72999.78
 People's Party11,3700.12
 Malivia Labor Party9,6190.10
January 2372
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,874,48899.50
 People's Party9,5030.50
January 2370
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party2,066,82399.70
 People's Party6,2710.30
January 2368
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party4,062,44585.46
 Progressive Labour Party684,25714.39
 People's Party6,9890.15
January 2366
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party4,203,79383.82
 Progressive Labour Party806,59416.08
 Cheyenne Party4,9880.10
 People's Party1480.00
January 2364
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party4,988,89088.68
 Progressive Labour Party627,90611.16
 People's Party8,9770.16
January 2362
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party6,392,19068.41
 Progressive Labour Party2,941,57231.48
 People's Party6,1060.07
 National Liberal Party3,6850.04
January 2360
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party6,128,77864.27
 Progressive Labour Party3,392,90535.58
 National Liberal Party10,0360.11
 People's Party3,8110.04
January 2358
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Labour Party10,093,79599.88
 National Liberal Party9,2380.09
 LoopyFishMonkey Party1,3900.01
 People's Party1,2860.01
 Socialist Party of Malivia2070.00
January 2356
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Labour Party10,275,04399.73
 LoopyFishMonkey Party9,6120.09
 National Liberal Party8,3060.08
 Canguri Pelosi7,6960.07
 People's Party2,5730.02
January 2354
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Labour Party9,939,29099.84
 Radical Chic Party5,9800.06
 Canguri Pelosi5,7220.06
 National Liberal Party2,3520.02
 People's Party2,1550.02
January 2352
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party4,819,82153.47
 Progressive Labour Party4,174,40846.31
 National Liberal Party8,7840.10
 Radical Chic Party7,8790.09
 corie Party2,9870.03
January 2350
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party5,074,52056.91
 Progressive Labour Party3,831,81942.98
 Radical Chic Party5,8420.07
 National Liberal Party3,9660.04
January 2348
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party4,808,85350.32
 Progressive Labour Party2,371,55124.82
 Leviathan Party2,357,16624.66
 Nationalist Reformist Party8,7380.09
 National Liberal Party6,4740.07
 Radical Chic Party4,0780.04
January 2346
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party3,844,03854.00
 Leviathan Party1,116,04315.68
 Malivia Democratic Party1,096,66015.41
 Progressive Labour Party1,061,53514.91
January 2344
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party4,523,34964.92
 Malivia Democratic Party1,307,45218.76
 Leviathan Party1,132,98616.26
 Cives Party3,9630.06
January 2342
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party5,040,96664.72
 Malivia Democratic Party1,990,49325.55
 Leviathan Party757,7279.73
January 2340
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party4,166,19756.23
 Malivia Democratic Party1,916,13225.86
 Malivia Whig Party802,14610.83
 Leviathan Party524,1897.08
January 2338
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party3,447,28049.81
 Malivia Democratic Party1,769,08025.56
 Malivia Whig Party1,159,24516.75
 Leviathan Party545,0217.88
January 2336
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party3,072,69749.65
 Leviathan Party1,170,09818.91
 Malivia Democratic Party1,086,72917.56
 Malivia Whig Party859,40213.89
January 2334
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Faithful Believers Of Malivia4,256,12755.69
 Malivia Democratic Party1,708,53022.36
 Leviathan Party732,1639.58
 Protectorate Party484,7076.34
 Malivia Whig Party461,0366.03
January 2332
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Faithful Believers Of Malivia4,845,70057.15
 Malivia Democratic Party1,661,36919.59
 Leviathan Party823,9189.72
 Protectorate Party613,1667.23
 Malivia Whig Party534,7226.31
January 2330
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Faithful Believers Of Malivia4,052,42048.29
 Malivia Democratic Party1,450,65317.29
 Malivia Whig Party1,051,80312.53
 Leviathan Party669,0467.97
 Leftsocialist Party599,0047.14
 Protectorate Party568,0826.77
January 2328
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Faithful Believers Of Malivia4,914,30563.79
 Leftsocialist Party1,586,31220.59
 Protectorate Party609,6957.91
 Malivia Democratic Party336,8784.37
 Leviathan Party243,9363.17
 Malivia Whig Party9,6250.12
 damiengaze Party3,1950.04
January 2326
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Faithful Believers Of Malivia4,098,80750.92
 Leftsocialist Party1,943,14324.14
 Protectorate Party1,285,72115.97
 Leviathan Party494,0826.14
 Malivia Democratic Party227,3002.82
January 2324
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Faithful Believers Of Malivia3,381,76443.19
 Leftsocialist Party2,398,67330.63
 Protectorate Party1,715,78221.91
 Leviathan Party324,3174.14
 Malivia Democratic Party10,1700.13
January 2322
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party3,228,31937.47
 Leftsocialist Party2,795,14832.44
 Leviathan Party2,588,76230.05
 Dark Brotherhood1,6740.02
 Faithful Believers Of Malivia1,3940.02
January 2320
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party5,385,43066.64
 Leftsocialist Party2,681,07333.18
 Dark Brotherhood7,7900.10
 Faithful Believers Of Malivia6,5110.08
January 2318
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party5,447,52366.58
 Leftsocialist Party2,728,37533.34
 Dark Brotherhood5,6820.07
 Faithful Believers Of Malivia7810.01
January 2315
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party5,210,03670.26
 Leftsocialist Party2,204,71229.73
 Faithful Believers Of Malivia8700.01
January 2312
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party2,803,85856.63
 Leftsocialist Party2,141,27643.24
 Faithful Believers Of Malivia6,3700.13
January 2309
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party7,157,01799.94
 Leftsocialist Party4,1980.06
January 2306
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party6,327,64999.90
 Socialist Party of Darnussia and Malivia6,2660.10
January 2303
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party6,223,12199.90
 Socialist Party of Darnussia and Malivia6,2800.10
January 2300
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party6,796,07499.90
 Socialist Party of Darnussia and Malivia6,9120.10
January 2297
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party6,614,36299.94
 Socialist Party of Darnussia and Malivia2,0940.03
 The Utterly Mediocre Centrist Party1,7050.03
January 2294
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party5,208,69896.55
 Socialist Party of Darnussia and Malivia182,1263.38
 Malivia Labour Party4,2190.08
January 2291
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party5,374,46499.76
 Socialist Party of Darnussia and Malivia8,5190.16
 Malivia Labour Party4,6210.09
January 2288
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party7,842,23599.71
 Socialist Party of Darnussia and Malivia8,0210.10
 Malivia Labour Party5,1440.07
 Malivian Conservative Union4,9010.06
 Fascist Greens AM4,8980.06
January 2285
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party6,606,04799.79
 Malivia Labour Party8,8720.13
 Fascist Greens AM5,3040.08
January 2282
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party6,085,89099.99
 Fascist Greens AM9000.01
April 2279
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party6,845,65799.99
 Fascist Greens AM3880.01
April 2276
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,366,529100.00
April 2273
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party2,189,14950.01
 Malivia Democratic Party2,180,67249.81
 Meritocratic Progressive Union7,9510.18
April 2270
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party4,099,28557.91
 Malivia Democratic Party2,974,25342.02
 Meritocratic Progressive Union3,8640.05
 Progressive Democratic Front1,0810.02
April 2267
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party3,656,43752.82
 Protectorate Party3,262,98347.13
 Progressive Democratic Front2,8330.04
 Meritocratic Progressive Union6610.01
April 2264
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party2,502,70157.93
 Protectorate Party1,814,89142.01
 Meritocratic Progressive Union2,3370.05
April 2261
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Conservative Party4,009,29256.81
 Malivia Democratic Party1,790,97125.38
 Protectorate Party1,240,76717.58
 Full Metal Jacket Party5,8200.08
 Malivian Freedom Party4,9550.07
 Meritocratic Progressive Union2,9900.04
 New Shea Party2,5860.04
April 2258
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Patriotic National Front3,349,76546.65
 Malivia Democratic Party1,928,51426.86
 United Conservative Party995,00613.86
 Protectorate Party899,52912.53
 Meritocratic Progressive Union4,0030.06
 Malivian Freedom Party3,2990.05
April 2255
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party3,473,45853.11
 Protectorate Party3,019,21846.17
 United Conservative Party43,9000.67
 Malivian Freedom Party3,0950.05
 Patriotic National Front3730.01
April 2252
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party4,117,15957.30
 Protectorate Party3,056,24242.53
 United Conservative Party6,7270.09
 Meritocratic Progressive Union3,1890.04
 Malivian Freedom Party2,1610.03
April 2249
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party2,736,24740.98
 Meritocratic Progressive Union2,018,69230.23
 Protectorate Party1,921,39428.77
 United Conservative Party1,4370.02
April 2246
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party1,655,31331.83
 Malivia Liberals1,363,30426.21
 Protectorate Party1,117,59321.49
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,058,71020.36
 Socialist Worker's Party4,9880.10
 Malivia Democratic Party9520.02
April 2243
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party1,583,00230.10
 Malivia Liberals1,526,27829.02
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,083,20520.60
 Protectorate Party1,057,24020.10
 Socialist Worker's Party4,8670.09
 Malivia Democratic Party4,0300.08
April 2240
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Liberals1,462,30728.46
 Malivia Democratic Party1,324,14225.77
 Protectorate Party1,152,93722.44
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,134,24822.08
 Malivia Democratic Party56,4461.10
 Socialist Worker's Party7,6590.15
April 2237
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party1,413,45826.24
 Malivia Liberals1,379,90725.62
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,094,40620.32
 Protectorate Party871,26716.17
 Malivia Democratic Party627,30211.65
 Socialist Worker's Party4400.01
April 2234
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,469,00026.19
 Malivia Liberals1,331,45423.74
 Malivia Democratic Party1,089,17819.42
 Meritocratic Progressive Union946,96616.88
 Malivia Democratic Party771,89813.76
 Socialist Worker's Party5570.01
December 2231
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,893,71036.37
 Malivia Democratic Party1,672,13132.11
 Malivia Liberals1,633,93831.38
 Socialist Worker's Party7,4470.14
September 2229
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,335,51422.62
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,048,49317.76
 Federalist Party986,89516.71
 Malivia Liberals964,35916.33
 Malivia Democratic Party785,37213.30
 Free Progress Alliance783,76113.27
January 2229
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Black Shadow1,170,63518.47
 Malivia Democratic Party808,76212.76
 Protectorate Party787,08012.42
 Free Progress Alliance752,33211.87
 Malivia Liberals737,53911.63
 Malivianese Militarist Party629,7389.93
 Federalist Party589,4029.30
 Meritocratic Progressive Union449,1757.09
 Ministerial Party414,9796.55
January 2226
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Black Shadow1,685,41424.93
 Protectorate Party1,328,88919.66
 Malivia Democratic Party879,10313.00
 Free Progress Alliance749,76111.09
 Malivia Liberals669,5219.90
 Malivianese Militarist Party656,4729.71
 Meritocratic Progressive Union438,5346.49
 Ministerial Party351,4515.20
 Federalist Party1,3680.02
January 2223
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party1,793,33926.75
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,337,84919.96
 Ministerial Party1,324,93819.77
 Malivianese Militarist Party1,074,23716.03
 Protectorate Party661,3289.87
 Free Progress Alliance502,9487.50
 Black Shadow7,0010.10
 Federalist Party1,4720.02
January 2220
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party1,662,65425.33
 Ministerial Party1,630,21224.84
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,480,36522.55
 Malivianese Militarist Party854,13813.01
 Free Progress Alliance493,8947.52
 Protectorate Party429,0026.54
 Social Responsibility Party7,3160.11
 Federalist Party6,2610.10
January 2217
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party1,861,80829.25
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,384,96821.76
 Malivianese Militarist Party993,00215.60
 Protectorate Party867,59313.63
 Social Democrat League800,99912.58
 Free Progress Alliance449,0717.06
 Social Responsibility Party7,0160.11
 Federalist Party8250.01
January 2214
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party1,420,77524.12
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,163,55819.75
 Malivianese Militarist Party878,70914.92
 Protectorate Party729,03312.38
 Social Democrat League656,48511.14
 Malivia Democratic Party538,3959.14
 Free Progress Alliance499,9758.49
 victor3 Party3,6530.06
January 2211
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party1,483,93224.70
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,117,79418.61
 Malivianese Militarist Party1,073,62717.87
 Protectorate Party689,67611.48
 Social Democrat League660,14910.99
 Free Progress Alliance577,7519.62
 Malivia Democratic Party398,2076.63
 victor3 Party5,9560.10
January 2208
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party1,011,50221.79
 Malivianese Militarist Party958,67120.66
 Meritocratic Progressive Union866,43818.67
 Social Democrat League571,53612.31
 Protectorate Party570,89312.30
 Malivia Democratic Party394,1758.49
 Free Progress Alliance267,1585.76
 Malavian Logician's League7990.02
January 2205
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,151,24723.51
 Malivianese Militarist Party802,38116.39
 Free Progress Alliance687,83314.05
 Protectorate Party677,44813.84
 Malivia Democratic Party600,99712.28
 Social Democrat League533,21910.89
 Malivia Democratic Party442,7679.04
January 2202
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,193,25020.77
 Malivianese Militarist Party1,022,86417.80
 Free Progress Alliance870,57115.15
 Protectorate Party813,97414.17
 Malivia Democratic Party688,62011.99
 Malivia Democratic Party577,82610.06
 Social Democrat League576,80110.04
 Christian Democrats1,4970.03
January 2199
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,202,10122.61
 Malivianese Militarist Party1,078,40920.28
 Protectorate Party859,01616.16
 Free Progress Alliance669,56812.59
 Malivia Democratic Party626,88511.79
 Malivia Democratic Party511,2009.62
 Social Democrat League368,8656.94
 Christian Democrats6190.01
January 2196
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,310,59021.88
 Protectorate Party1,197,69020.00
 Malivianese Militarist Party1,150,89419.21
 Malivia Democratic Party810,99013.54
 Free Progress Alliance797,78113.32
 Social Democrat League710,88711.87
 Christian Democrats6,0610.10
 The Malivian Peoples Party4,9040.08
January 2193
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,092,53118.47
 Free Progress Alliance1,058,15217.89
 Malivia Democratic Party766,07012.95
 Malivia Democratic Party712,50812.05
 Protectorate Party681,52311.52
 Imperial Malivian Party623,16810.54
 Malivianese Militarist Party564,5099.54
 Social Democrat League415,5097.02
 Christian Democrats1,1920.02
January 2190
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Meritocratic Progressive Union1,432,46626.11
 Free Progress Alliance944,89817.23
 Imperial Malivian Party786,83914.34
 Malivia Democratic Party735,23613.40
 Protectorate Party681,19112.42
 Malivianese Militarist Party583,97410.65
 Social Democrat League318,4505.81
 Christian Democrats2,2910.04
January 2187
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivianese Militarist Party1,255,99321.89
 Social Democrat League1,042,42318.17
 Malivia Democratic Party989,06017.24
 Imperial Malivian Party928,89816.19
 Free Progress Alliance891,43415.54
 Protectorate Party625,80610.91
 Meritocratic Progressive Union4,2210.07
January 2184
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party3,246,24955.95
 Malivia Democratic Party1,391,87923.99
 Protectorate Party1,147,66919.78
 Social Democrat League6,5870.11
 Meritocratic Progressive Union5,0340.09
 Kitsune Party2,5880.04
 Malivianese Militarist Party1,1960.02
 Free Progress Alliance1,1380.02
October 2180
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party2,023,20534.42
 Peoples Front of Malivia1,396,17023.75
 Protectorate Party1,021,24417.37
 United Labour Party735,89712.52
 Malivia Democratic Party691,14411.76
 Party of the Government4,3190.07
October 2177
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party2,028,29436.76
 Malivia Liberals945,23217.13
 Protectorate Party821,85614.89
 Peoples Front of Malivia644,73111.68
 Malivia Democratic Party556,53810.09
 United Labour Party519,0369.41
 Internationalist Liberal Party2,6370.05
October 2174
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party1,789,04638.58
 Malivia Liberals816,05917.60
 Protectorate Party731,21615.77
 Peoples Front of Malivia505,19510.89
 Malivia Democratic Party462,9439.98
 United Labour Party329,5567.11
 Larks Party3,6780.08
October 2171
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party2,222,41345.40
 Protectorate Party773,18815.80
 Malivia Liberals498,52110.18
 Peoples Front of Malivia438,5868.96
 Progressive Labour Party376,5127.69
 Malivia Democratic Party321,2786.56
 United Labour Party263,2165.38
 Libertarian Jingoist Party1,2300.03
October 2167
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Peoples Front of Malivia1,213,74825.41
 Malivia Liberals1,031,37521.59
 Protectorate Party713,89514.94
 Malivia Democratic Party673,84414.11
 Progressive Labour Party449,2999.41
 Malivia Democratic Party413,5048.66
 United Labour Party278,2175.82
 Libertarian Jingoist Party2,9480.06
October 2165
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Peoples Front of Malivia1,172,63422.94
 Protectorate Party990,42219.37
 Malivia Democratic Party829,42316.22
 Malivia Liberals790,88415.47
 Imperial Malivian Party487,3159.53
 Progressive Labour Party315,2796.17
 Malivia Democratic Party311,9216.10
 United Labour Party214,2244.19
October 2163
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Peoples Front of Malivia1,205,69623.42
 Malivia Liberals859,80816.70
 Malivia Democratic Party838,62416.29
 Protectorate Party653,55712.69
 Imperial Malivian Party575,29711.17
 United Labour Party347,7706.75
 Progressive Labour Party338,2926.57
 Malivia Democratic Party330,1236.41
October 2161
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Peoples Front of Malivia1,303,96325.59
 Protectorate Party761,36114.94
 Malivia Democratic Party757,94914.87
 Malivia Liberals604,37511.86
 Imperial Malivian Party586,48311.51
 United Labour Party509,53610.00
 Malivia Democratic Party304,5255.98
 Progressive Labour Party267,6655.25
October 2159
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Liberals1,235,48722.98
 Imperial Malivian Party1,000,77318.62
 Malivia Democratic Party778,36514.48
 Progressive Labour Party642,74911.96
 Protectorate Party599,46711.15
 Malivia Democratic Party568,59810.58
 United Labour Party549,81310.23
 Peoples Front of Malivia00.00
October 2157
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party1,260,61424.49
 Malivia Democratic Party1,034,17220.09
 Protectorate Party985,52719.15
 Progressive Labour Party722,42914.03
 United Labour Party648,82212.60
 Malivia Democratic Party495,7829.63
 Aranoi Party00.00
 Malivia Liberals00.00
October 2155
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party907,74923.54
 Malivia Democratic Party851,65622.08
 United Labour Party777,32920.16
 Protectorate Party572,08014.83
 Progressive Labour Party392,21210.17
 Malivia Democratic Party355,0029.21
 Aranoi Party4590.01
October 2153
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Labour Party978,34624.64
 Imperial Malivian Party910,30122.93
 Malivia Democratic Party687,31217.31
 Protectorate Party569,79614.35
 Malivia Democratic Party421,66310.62
 Progressive Labour Party402,78610.14
 loserpunk Party5360.01
 Bolscevic Party130.00
October 2151
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party1,113,84930.05
 Protectorate Party861,32723.24
 United Labour Party688,71118.58
 Progressive Labour Party547,98214.78
 Malivia Democratic Party492,91313.30
 Bolscevic Party9150.02
 Malivia Democratic Party7090.02
 loserpunk Party3080.01
October 2149
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party1,225,78031.79
 LibCom Party664,50717.23
 United Labour Party586,00215.20
 Protectorate Party506,53113.14
 Progressive Labour Party487,64012.65
 Malivia Democratic Party384,8629.98
 Denis Party6250.02
 danmayo Party00.00
October 2147
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party979,31828.10
 Progressive Labour Party532,71315.29
 Protectorate Party513,90314.75
 LibCom Party496,06314.24
 United Provinces Political Party489,90114.06
 Malivia Democratic Party278,2377.98
 United Labour Party193,7965.56
 danmayo Party6210.02
October 2145
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party668,78222.28
 United Provinces Political Party512,26817.06
 Ministerial Party428,19314.26
 Progressive Labour Party391,28213.03
 Protectorate Party385,66012.85
 LibCom Party325,72710.85
 Malivia Democratic Party175,2575.84
 United Labour Party114,9103.83
June 2145
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 LibCom Party00.00
 Imperial Malivian Party00.00
 Ministerial Party00.00
 Progressive Labour Party00.00
 United Labour Party00.00
 United Provinces Political Party00.00
 Protectorate Party00.00
 Malivia Democratic Party00.00
June 2143
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party947,42723.41
 Protectorate Party816,65220.18
 Ministerial Party703,41317.38
 Progressive Labour Party571,82814.13
 LibCom Party458,63011.33
 Malivia Democratic Party364,2139.00
 United Labour Party185,3314.58
 United Provinces Political Party2480.01
June 2141
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party1,039,25825.21
 Protectorate Party807,10719.58
 Ministerial Party789,91119.16
 Progressive Labour Party534,57512.97
 LibCom Party368,6478.94
 Malivia Democratic Party351,1078.52
 United Labour Party231,9845.63
 arnie Party2130.01
June 2139
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party1,194,81829.54
 Protectorate Party852,93921.09
 Ministerial Party570,93014.11
 Progressive Labour Party517,95312.80
 LibCom Party483,27411.95
 Malivia Democratic Party282,7276.99
 United Labour Party141,5813.50
 arnie Party7260.02
June 2137
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party1,111,56130.05
 Protectorate Party818,80422.13
 Ministerial Party667,07618.03
 Malivia Democratic Party451,22012.20
 LibCom Party357,4219.66
 United Labour Party292,4137.90
 LarkLadyInn Party7230.02
 Progressive Labour Party2100.01
June 2135
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party1,219,04233.57
 Ministerial Party650,02617.90
 Protectorate Party621,71617.12
 Malivia Democratic Party464,68612.80
 LibCom Party406,72611.20
 United Labour Party267,4517.36
 GRM Party9580.03
 LarkLadyInn Party8270.02
June 2133
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party1,146,15228.09
 Ministerial Party881,25621.60
 Protectorate Party771,77118.92
 Malivia Democratic Party547,87413.43
 LibCom Party380,8859.34
 United Labour Party351,2958.61
 Social and Labour Reform Party4380.01
 GRM Party900.00
June 2131
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party950,40124.69
 Protectorate Party652,67616.96
 Ministerial Party595,59115.47
 Malivia Democratic Party498,29912.95
 Social and Labour Reform Party349,7769.09
 LibCom Party332,1848.63
 Social Republican Party246,8576.41
 United Labour Party223,1915.80
May 2129
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Malivian Party915,52823.39
 Ministerial Party756,30419.32
 Protectorate Party682,22217.43
 Malivia Democratic Party557,66614.25
 Social Republican Party284,2277.26
 LibCom Party244,7186.25
 United Labour Party239,5396.12
 Social and Labour Reform Party233,5085.97
May 2127
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party821,19323.04
 Malivia Democratic Party798,27922.40
 LibCom Party555,50815.59
 Social Republican Party549,44415.42
 Social and Labour Reform Party498,12113.98
 United Labour Party339,8599.54
 Ministerial Party9700.03
 Imperial Malivian Party4090.01
May 2125
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Malivia Democratic Party1,205,58027.49
 Protectorate Party992,01222.62
 Social Republican Party643,01714.66
 LibCom Party524,73511.96
 Social and Labour Reform Party518,45311.82
 United Labour Party501,83911.44
 Joker Larome Party2570.01
 Independent Combat Weapons Party410.00
May 2123
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party707,70220.47
 Independent Combat Weapons Party590,62117.08
 Malivia Democratic Party567,47216.41
 Social and Labour Reform Party472,70113.67
 Social Republican Party466,69813.50
 United Labour Party376,45810.89
 LibCom Party275,9117.98
 Joker Larome Party5260.02
May 2121
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,062,83028.87
 Independent Combat Weapons Party851,52223.13
 LibCom Party685,01218.61
 Social Republican Party628,98617.08
 United Labour Party373,23710.14
 Social and Labour Reform Party78,3892.13
 Social Democratic Party9480.03
 Malivia Democratic Party6390.02
May 2119
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,038,61130.54
 Independent Combat Weapons Party762,93922.43
 LibCom Party624,17818.35
 Social Republican Party596,71117.54
 United Labour Party376,43211.07
 Malivia Democratic Party9810.03
 Social and Labour Reform Party9270.03
 Social Democratic Party5460.02
May 2117
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,004,75729.55
 LibCom Party714,11821.00
 Social Republican Party648,28819.07
 Independent Combat Weapons Party559,79016.46
 United Labour Party472,70213.90
 Malivia Democratic Party3670.01
 Social Democratic Party1040.00
 Social and Labour Reform Party470.00
May 2115
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party762,15922.92
 LibCom Party658,07919.79
 Independent Combat Weapons Party526,44415.83
 Social Republican Party499,31115.02
 Leviathan Party444,70713.37
 United Labour Party433,59313.04
 Social Democratic Party3550.01
 Social and Labour Reform Party3060.01
May 2113
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party849,05424.52
 LibCom Party724,27120.91
 Social Republican Party571,52616.50
 Independent Combat Weapons Party533,54215.41
 United Labour Party392,58311.34
 Leviathan Party391,86511.32
 Social Democratic Party2920.01
 Social and Labour Reform Party280.00
May 2111
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,134,91730.24
 LibCom Party865,07823.05
 Social Republican Party529,89714.12
 Independent Combat Weapons Party459,87812.25
 United Labour Party416,35111.09
 Leviathan Party346,3909.23
 Social and Labour Reform Party2600.01
May 2109
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,092,72632.06
 LibCom Party691,07820.28
 Social Republican Party460,62713.52
 United Labour Party364,33110.69
 Independent Combat Weapons Party305,4058.96
 Leviathan Party294,8118.65
 United Socialist Party198,3505.82
 Super Socialist II Turbo Party3440.01
 Social and Labour Reform Party3080.01
May 2107
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,064,65835.54
 LibCom Party670,66322.39
 Social Republican Party378,40212.63
 United Labour Party303,38210.13
 Independent Combat Weapons Party224,4557.49
 Leviathan Party202,6836.77
 United Socialist Party149,7325.00
 Social and Labour Reform Party9260.03
 Super Socialist II Turbo Party7260.02
May 2105
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,209,07634.44
 United Socialist Party543,82015.49
 United Labour Party469,90313.38
 Social Republican Party438,22412.48
 Leviathan Party427,66412.18
 Independent Combat Weapons Party385,42610.98
 Social and Labour Reform Party31,6780.90
 Super Socialist II Turbo Party5,2790.15
May 2103
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party604,18424.57
 Leviathan Party572,66123.29
 Social Republican Party514,86920.94
 United Labour Party246,92710.04
 United Socialist Party220,6588.97
 Super Socialist II Turbo Party168,1206.84
 Independent Combat Weapons Party131,3445.34
 Social and Labour Reform Party00.00
May 2101
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Leviathan Party553,95021.72
 Social Republican Party533,04620.90
 Protectorate Party391,94515.37
 LibCom Party386,71915.16
 Super Socialist II Turbo Party235,1679.22
 United Labour Party224,7158.81
 United Socialist Party209,0378.20
 Social and Labour Reform Party15,6770.61
May 2099
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party646,25123.40
 Social Republican Party630,61622.83
 Leviathan Party505,53518.30
 LibCom Party463,84116.79
 Super Socialist II Turbo Party208,4687.55
 United Labour Party171,9866.23
 United Socialist Party109,4453.96
 Independent Combat Weapons Party26,0580.94
April 2098
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party935,47927.02
 LibCom Party711,81220.56
 United Labour Party565,89216.34
 Social Republican Party423,37712.23
 Independent Combat Weapons Party295,4658.53
 Leviathan Party223,9156.47
 Super Socialist II Turbo Party175,3735.06
 United Socialist Party131,1663.79
 SDke Party90.00
April 2096
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 LibCom Party1,079,87437.36
 Leviathan Party582,41520.15
 Protectorate Party441,11115.26
 Super Socialist II Turbo Party304,64910.54
 United Labour Party197,2186.82
 United Socialist Party165,2785.72
 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Party119,7154.14
 SDke Party240.00
April 2094
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Leviathan Party1,089,50837.62
 LibCom Party758,95326.21
 Protectorate Party413,41214.28
 United Socialist Party221,8157.66
 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Party167,1925.77
 Independent Combat Weapons Party126,2794.36
 Super Socialist II Turbo Party81,2182.80
 United Labour Party37,3451.29
April 2092
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party757,07624.34
 Leviathan Party686,37122.07
 United Socialist Party583,97618.77
 LibCom Party421,96113.57
 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Party333,58110.72
 Independent Combat Weapons Party297,9209.58
 Super Socialist II Turbo Party29,5890.95
April 2090
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party779,36921.98
 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Party691,29219.49
 Social Republican Party556,78915.70
 United Socialist Party499,05314.07
 Independent Combat Weapons Party400,25911.29
 LibCom Party338,5149.55
 Leviathan Party280,8447.92
April 2088
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Reform Coalition (FRP)1,197,21835.75
 Protectorate Party803,48323.99
 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Party524,20315.65
 Independent Combat Weapons Party381,49611.39
 Social Republican Party224,0096.69
 LibCom Party110,0383.29
 Leviathan Party68,2452.04
 Savar Party40,2621.20
April 2086
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 LibCom Party1,217,37035.51
 Leviathan Party864,05725.20
 Free Reform Coalition (FRP)522,11915.23
 Social Republican Party358,21010.45
 Independent Combat Weapons Party221,1536.45
 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Party146,4184.27
 Protectorate Party99,0172.89
April 2084
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Republican Party1,177,21934.70
 LibCom Party808,30123.82
 Leviathan Party544,31416.04
 Protectorate Party372,44510.98
 Independent Combat Weapons Party240,6057.09
 Free Reform Coalition (FRP)151,8854.48
 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Party98,0362.89
April 2082
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Republican Party1,257,17236.05
 LibCom Party773,68222.18
 Free Reform Coalition (FRP)542,52715.56
 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Party334,1369.58
 Leviathan Party235,5436.75
 Independent Combat Weapons Party163,2734.68
 Protectorate Party108,4603.11
 Radical Centrists72,6732.08
April 2080
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Reform Coalition (FRP)1,273,18936.19
 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Party831,98523.65
 Social Republican Party497,59214.14
 Protectorate Party363,18210.32
 LibCom Party232,7256.62
 Leviathan Party151,0704.29
 Independent Combat Weapons Party105,3572.99
 Radical Centrists62,8501.79
April 2078
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Protectorate Party1,087,35933.28
 Free Reform Coalition (FRP)787,38824.10
 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Party496,57015.20
 Social Republican Party337,68510.33
 LibCom Party217,9516.67
 Independent Combat Weapons Party165,9845.08
 Leviathan Party72,2472.21
 Radical Centrists44,8091.37
 Labour Party31,8330.97
 Red-Eye Party25,9220.79
April 2076
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Republican Party1,075,86334.53
 Free Reform Coalition (FRP)754,45124.22
 Independent Combat Weapons Party481,60815.46
 Protectorate Party357,66811.48
 LibCom Party232,8697.47
 Leviathan Party71,1422.28
 Labour Party44,8841.44
 Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Party37,7811.21
 Radical Centrists33,3271.07
 Red-Eye Party25,9520.83
April 2074
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Republican Party1,023,57133.76
 Free Reform Coalition (FRP)592,53819.54
 Protectorate Party376,69312.42
 Independent Combat Weapons Party253,8288.37
 Labour Party209,0756.90
 LibCom Party205,3376.77
 Leviathan Party196,9636.50
 Radical Centrists163,7355.40
 Social and Labour Reform Party10,2500.34
 JF Party190.00
April 2072
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 LibCom Party1,141,54137.03
 Social Republican Party527,06317.10
 Leviathan Party369,19611.98
 Independent Combat Weapons Party242,8187.88
 Protectorate Party206,3916.69
 Free Reform Coalition (FRP)193,4656.28
 Labour Party175,6305.70
 Radical Centrists173,3915.62
 Social and Labour Reform Party53,2781.73
 JF Party170.00
April 2070
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 LibCom Party1,160,22039.16
 Social Republican Party533,57818.01
 Leviathan Party333,99411.27
 Free Reform Coalition (FRP)220,0587.43
 Protectorate Party219,3477.40
 Radical Centrists214,9907.26
 Labour Party205,7416.94
 Independent Combat Weapons Party74,9532.53
 Random Party190.00
April 2068
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 LibCom Party1,037,64135.72
 Social Republican Party646,04322.24
 Leviathan Party335,89311.56
 Radical Centrists239,0978.23
 Labour Party193,6596.67
 Protectorate Party191,6146.60
 Free Reform Coalition (FRP)191,6056.60
 Independent Combat Weapons Party69,0962.38
 Mike Littwin Party210.00

Random fact: In cases where players have failed to clearly and accurately reference their nation's RP laws in the "Bills under debate" section, Moderation will rule them invalid if a challenge is made to their validity.

Random quote: "The trouble with Communism is the Communists, just as the trouble with Christianity is the Christians" Henry Louis Mencken

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