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Game Time: August 4459
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| Demographics | Geography | Opinions | Economics | Election History |



Nation[?]: Fédération de Canrille, Lourenne

Population[?]: 19,964,874

Delegates to the L'Assemblée Royale[?]: 40

Notable cities[?]:


Area[?]: 0 km


Map of Outannais


View detailed political opinions.

These bars display the opinions of the inhabitants of Outannais. The black spot in the center of each bar shows the average value of each ideology in this region.

federalistImportance: tiny
Civil Rights[?]restrictive
permissiveImportance: tiny
environmentalistImportance: tiny
Foreign Relations[?]isolationist
internationalistImportance: strong
Government Responsibilities[?]small government
big governmentImportance: tiny
laissez-faireImportance: tiny
militaristImportance: tiny
progressiveImportance: vital
religiousImportance: tiny


Labor Market[?]

Workforce[?] [between ages 15 and 65]: 61.07% of the population

Employment[?]: 0.00% of the workforce

Age Distribution[?]


Income Distribution[?]

Gini Coefficient[?]: 0.326035

The two numbers given on the graph are the mean incomes of the lowest and highest bracket.

Regional Income Distribution

Election History

August 4458
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Liberals of Lourenne4,484,51946.96
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)3,028,18731.71
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,033,89921.30
 coltman143 Party2,7420.03
 Royal Conservative Party1,0050.01
August 4456
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Liberals of Lourenne4,809,55648.49
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)3,130,96031.56
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,979,15019.95
August 4454
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Liberals of Lourenne4,847,47648.62
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)3,249,84332.59
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,873,78018.79
August 4452
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Liberals of Lourenne5,139,67654.50
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,740,94229.06
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,549,95816.44
August 4450
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Liberals of Lourenne4,264,96147.72
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,597,14029.06
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,076,09623.23
August 4448
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Liberals of Lourenne3,990,72745.77
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,506,58028.75
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,221,19525.48
August 4446
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Liberals of Lourenne4,219,10745.23
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,863,50530.70
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,246,08624.08
April 4444
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Free Liberals of Lourenne4,574,67649.24
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,644,66328.46
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,071,60022.30
April 4441
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)3,123,72337.06
 Free Liberals of Lourenne2,723,76832.32
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,580,82330.62
April 4438
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pour la Justice!3,648,05140.07
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,061,09822.64
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)1,878,70120.64
 Free Liberals of Lourenne1,516,44316.66
April 4435
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pour la Justice!4,005,77243.69
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,045,02022.30
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)1,885,62620.57
 Free Liberals of Lourenne1,232,43213.44
January 4433
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pour la Justice!4,165,65235.34
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,685,62822.79
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,652,68422.51
 Free Liberals of Lourenne2,276,05419.31
 Parti des Citoyens et Nationalistes6,4880.06
January 4430
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pour la Justice!5,806,19245.93
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,779,79021.99
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,319,06218.34
 Free Liberals of Lourenne1,726,18013.65
 Parti des Citoyens et Nationalistes10,9380.09
January 4427
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)6,529,87450.38
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)6,415,84949.50
 Free Liberals of Lourenne11,6560.09
 Union Démocratique Libérale (UDL)3,8500.03
January 4425
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)7,147,57755.19
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)5,773,67844.58
 Free Liberals of Lourenne14,8320.11
 Pour la Justice!11,3780.09
 Fronts Monarchiste dè Royaume Lourenne3,4220.03
March 4424
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale4,574,03234.92
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,463,38834.08
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)4,032,70130.79
 Fronts Monarchiste dè Royaume Lourenne13,5380.10
 Free Liberals of Lourenne10,9910.08
 Pour la Justice!2,7040.02
March 4422
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale4,777,82735.98
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)4,250,11932.01
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,212,96831.73
 Fronts Monarchiste dè Royaume Lourenne13,9840.11
 Pour la Justice!11,1430.08
 Parti la Façon de Gouverner8,1960.06
 Free Liberals of Lourenne3,4320.03
March 4420
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale4,657,02135.28
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)4,416,87233.46
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,099,49631.06
 Free Liberals of Lourenne13,4800.10
 Pour la Justice!7,4630.06
 Parti la Façon de Gouverner4,6070.03
March 4418
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale4,769,91737.01
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)4,294,06333.32
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)3,807,83129.55
 Free Liberals of Lourenne11,1610.09
 Parti la Façon de Gouverner4,0130.03
 Pour la Justice!1,2130.01
March 4416
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale4,544,85734.69
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,485,52034.24
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)4,056,11830.96
 Parti la Façon de Gouverner7,2850.06
 Pour la Justice!4,7680.04
 Free Liberals of Lourenne1,6840.01
January 4415
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,773,33136.74
 Insurrection Sociale4,533,10034.89
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)3,672,15628.26
 Free Liberals of Lourenne13,4530.10
 Pour la Justice!5230.00
January 4413
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale3,416,82136.76
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)3,326,51435.79
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,551,62027.45
January 4411
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale3,315,91536.42
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,958,90532.50
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,829,40831.08
January 4409
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)3,308,52738.47
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,674,67631.10
 Insurrection Sociale2,616,68430.43
May 4407
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Uni Centriste (L.P)3,008,40631.79
 Insurrection Sociale2,625,98727.75
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,559,71327.05
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,270,16213.42
November 4406
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Fasciste5,623,53547.13
 Insurrection Sociale2,545,97621.34
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)1,924,44316.13
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)914,1367.66
 Parti Uni Centriste (L.P)913,4747.66
 Hippolyta Party9,8180.08
November 4404
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)3,016,83524.23
 Parti Uni Centriste (L.P)2,764,61122.21
 Insurrection Sociale2,281,94118.33
 Parti Republicain Populaire (L.P.)2,280,23918.32
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,103,10916.89
 Parti Fasciste1,9450.02
November 4402
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,260,15922.33
 Parti Uni Centriste (L.P)2,195,59921.69
 Insurrection Sociale2,002,41619.78
 Parti Republicain Populaire (L.P.)1,971,24019.48
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)1,687,40516.67
 English Nationalist Party5,0050.05
November 4400
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Uni Centriste (L.P)3,855,61834.87
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)3,124,12328.25
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)1,597,70214.45
 Parti Republicain Populaire (L.P.)1,392,68212.59
 Insurrection Sociale1,088,0009.84
November 4398
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)3,761,60436.94
 Parti Republicain Populaire (L.P.)3,476,07934.14
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)1,422,76513.97
 Insurrection Sociale1,271,77712.49
 Parti Uni Centriste (L.P)249,5392.45
November 4396
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,186,37138.99
 Parti Republicain Populaire (L.P.)2,714,57725.28
 En Liberté!2,103,57919.59
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)1,724,93616.07
 Parti Uni Centriste (L.P)7,3460.07
November 4394
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,642,16838.17
 Parti Republicain Populaire (L.P.)3,206,55126.37
 En Liberté!2,531,77120.82
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)1,775,11314.60
 Fédération Communiste Libertaire (FCL)6,1270.05
November 4392
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,684,59242.05
 En Liberté!3,562,18531.98
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,887,83525.92
 Parti Republicain Populaire (L.P.)5,4050.05
 Parti De La Libération Sociale2580.00
November 4390
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)5,622,80251.43
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)5,299,80048.47
 Parti De La Libération Sociale6,0640.06
 En Liberté!4,5530.04
November 4388
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)5,576,07345.31
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)3,950,15532.10
 Parti De La Libération Sociale2,770,99022.52
 En Liberté!8,7310.07
November 4386
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)3,971,57443.69
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,860,74231.47
 Parti De La Libération Sociale2,258,05224.84
May 4386
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,017,01237.29
 Parti Libertaire (PL)3,379,32031.37
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)1,821,00916.90
 Parti De La Libération Sociale1,554,68314.43
May 4384
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,659,81441.96
 Parti Libertaire (PL)2,820,71725.40
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,127,10319.15
 Parti De La Libération Sociale1,498,43113.49
May 4382
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti De La Libération Sociale3,375,56834.41
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)3,235,01832.98
 Parti Libertaire (PL)3,199,89932.62
June 4380
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)5,907,89651.06
 Parti Libertaire (PL)5,662,90848.94
 Parti De La Libération Sociale4190.00
December 4378
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Libertaire (PL)5,819,47955.07
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)4,740,86844.87
 Parti De La Libération Sociale6,3650.06
December 4376
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)11,348,19899.94
 Parti Libertaire (PL)5,7060.05
 Parti De La Libération Sociale1,3300.01
December 4374
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)11,212,92299.94
 Parti Libertaire (PL)4,5100.04
 Parti De La Libération Sociale2,7030.02
December 4372
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union Lourrainne (UNL)3,008,98050.99
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,882,91148.85
 Parti Libertaire (PL)9,4330.16
December 4370
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)6,142,48899.00
 Union Lourrainne (UNL)60,9400.98
 Parti Libertaire (PL)8500.01
December 4368
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)10,108,98699.88
 Union Lourrainne (UNL)12,1140.12
December 4366
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)11,447,95999.96
 Union Lourrainne (UNL)4,9100.04
December 4365
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)11,443,63399.97
 Parti du Peuple Lourennais3,7940.03
December 4363
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)11,670,71599.88
 Parti du Peuple Lourennais13,4720.12
December 4361
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,492,108100.00
May 4361
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)4,265,91154.48
 Parti Populaire Démocratique3,564,10045.52
May 4359
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)4,113,03251.65
 Parti Populaire Démocratique3,850,60748.35
May 4357
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)4,430,19053.81
 Parti Populaire Démocratique3,802,24246.19
May 4355
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)4,932,79755.11
 Parti Populaire Démocratique4,017,34844.89
May 4353
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)4,384,49650.65
 Parti Populaire Démocratique4,271,85449.35
May 4351
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)10,023,18298.70
 Parti Populaire Démocratique131,8571.30
January 4349
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)10,353,14699.95
 Parti Populaire Démocratique5,5990.05
April 4348
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)6,039,11756.16
 Front National des Travailleurs (FNT)4,703,12343.73
 Parti Populaire Démocratique11,7560.11
September 4346
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)3,931,60054.58
 Front National des Travailleurs (FNT)3,272,11245.42
May 4344
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)4,191,97454.19
 Front National des Travailleurs (FNT)3,543,25845.81
December 4342
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)5,199,91451.79
 Front National des Travailleurs (FNT)4,837,73348.19
 Parti Démocratique de Pitomio Mura1,8880.02
August 4340
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,231,800100.00
April 4338
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,441,498100.00
December 4335
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,436,772100.00
April 4335
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)11,168,81299.88
 Parti Démocrate de Lourenne13,4970.12
April 4333
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)12,780,73899.97
 Parti Démocrate de Lourenne4,2740.03
June 4331
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,161,75399.67
 Parti Démocrate de Lourenne7,1490.33
June 4329
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,472,51999.43
 Arkams Party10,6280.43
 Parti Démocrate de Lourenne3,4320.14
June 4327
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,375,451100.00
June 4325
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,575,773100.00
June 4323
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,673,453100.00
June 4321
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,388,091100.00
June 4319
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,238,946100.00
June 4317
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,262,95699.34
 Koby1 Party9,6370.42
 killenqtor Party5,3820.24
June 4315
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,361,964100.00
April 4315
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,771,770100.00
April 4313
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,364,124100.00
April 4311
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)11,331,75499.95
 Parti Socialiste5,8490.05
April 4309
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)11,155,35099.98
 Alliance Rouge de Lourenne (ARL)2,3860.02
April 4307
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)10,873,40399.90
 Alliance Rouge de Lourenne (ARL)7,6090.07
 Paolo Oliva Party3,7120.03
April 4305
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)10,721,06599.96
 Alliance Rouge de Lourenne (ARL)4,3190.04
April 4303
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)11,343,24199.98
 Alliance Rouge de Lourenne (ARL)2,5360.02
December 4302
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)5,193,84269.40
 Rénovation Nationale2,290,61130.60
June 4301
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rénovation Nationale2,517,802100.00
June 4299
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rénovation Nationale11,326,30099.98
 Ligue Conservatrice2,1150.02
June 4297
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rénovation Nationale10,962,39899.92
 Ligue Conservatrice9,1730.08
June 4295
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rénovation Nationale2,324,684100.00
June 4293
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rénovation Nationale2,673,483100.00
October 4291
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,312,947100.00
December 4290
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,191,587100.00
September 4288
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,684,604100.00
June 4286
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2,545,23999.94
 Sloss Party1,5980.06
April 4286
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)3,759,38176.11
 Union Républicaine Démocratique1,166,25023.61
 Sloss Party13,5720.27
April 4283
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)9,286,62198.64
 Union Républicaine Démocratique128,1321.36
July 4280
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Travailliste de Lourennais5,413,62451.47
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)5,102,01648.50
 Union Républicaine Démocratique3,3670.03
July 4277
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Travailliste de Lourennais7,724,320100.00
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)2660.00
November 4274
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Travailliste de Lourennais6,516,95493.55
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)435,5866.25
 La République En Marche13,7460.20
June 4273
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Libertaire Conservateur Royale1,317,00635.65
 Parti Travailliste de Lourennais1,208,01632.70
 Parti Royaliste Lourennais - LV(👑)1,168,77431.64
June 4271
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Aube Bleue2,240,075100.00
April 4269
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Révolution Rouge2,404,65899.64
 La République En Marche8,6840.36
April 4266
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Révolution Rouge2,487,580100.00
July 4265
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Révolution Rouge11,421,73999.89
 Union Républicaine Démocratique12,0160.11
July 4262
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Révolution Rouge11,732,72699.90
 Union Républicaine Démocratique12,2740.10
July 4259
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Révolution Rouge10,926,59799.94
 Union Républicaine Démocratique7,0600.06
July 4256
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Révolution Rouge2,255,84698.87
 Louvain Dupont Republique14,6200.64
 gazerac Party11,1720.49
July 4253
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Révolution Rouge2,454,569100.00
July 4250
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Révolution Rouge2,402,859100.00
July 4248
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Front Libéral5,570,24763.94
 Révolution Rouge3,141,95536.06
July 4245
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Front Libéral5,795,00763.47
 Révolution Rouge3,334,81636.53
November 4244
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Front Libéral5,065,84747.97
 Révolution Rouge2,813,51226.64
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais2,668,00725.26
 William Sampson Party12,8380.12
November 4241
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Front Libéral4,633,15445.42
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais2,786,50227.32
 Révolution Rouge2,781,42527.27
November 4238
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Front Libéral6,520,20153.86
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais5,571,53746.03
 Les Republicains13,3440.11
November 4235
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Front Libéral5,110,47851.22
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais4,662,73346.73
 Révolution Rouge204,2872.05
January 4233
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Réformiste4,323,37336.58
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais4,188,29235.44
 Grand Front Libéral3,305,59727.97
 Révolution Rouge1890.00
October 4232
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Réformiste3,905,81834.52
 Parti d'Aube Dorée3,784,13733.45
 Grand Front Libéral3,619,73931.99
 Révolution Rouge4,6840.04
May 4231
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti d'Aube Dorée3,185,02127.25
 Grand Front Libéral2,638,40922.57
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire2,416,13020.67
 Parti Réformiste2,219,81118.99
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,221,79310.45
 Révolution Rouge7,7690.07
May 4228
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire3,579,96429.07
 Parti d'Aube Dorée3,014,99524.49
 Grand Front Libéral2,248,98418.26
 Parti Réformiste1,596,06512.96
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,396,46511.34
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais476,6833.87
May 4225
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire3,896,37733.40
 Parti d'Aube Dorée2,638,88022.62
 Parti Réformiste1,790,84915.35
 Grand Front Libéral1,586,71513.60
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,142,5709.79
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais610,0065.23
August 4222
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire3,851,93434.50
 Parti Réformiste2,351,55521.06
 Grand Front Libéral1,375,79812.32
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,260,58811.29
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais1,207,15510.81
 Parti d'Aube Dorée1,118,83810.02
January 4222
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire3,862,32333.16
 Parti Réformiste2,408,08020.68
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais1,382,12211.87
 Parti d'Aube Dorée1,377,09411.82
 Grand Front Libéral1,364,65211.72
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,251,92410.75
July 4219
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire4,165,18036.52
 Grand Front Libéral2,391,90220.97
 Parti Réformiste2,130,41918.68
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais965,6548.47
 Parti d'Aube Dorée908,1117.96
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)845,1227.41
July 4216
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire3,002,56426.13
 Parti Réformiste2,417,46421.04
 Grand Front Libéral2,198,11519.13
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais1,857,67416.16
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,330,93011.58
 Parti d'Aube Dorée684,4925.96
 Ligue Conservatrice Nationale7390.01
July 4213
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire4,011,98141.14
 Parti Réformiste2,373,72624.34
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,284,23613.17
 Les Social-Progressives1,226,37412.57
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais856,8048.78
January 4213
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire4,480,03238.65
 Parti Réformiste3,227,98227.85
 Les Social-Progressives2,328,47420.09
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais1,554,07713.41
January 4210
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire4,879,39038.63
 Les Social-Progressives3,797,19430.06
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais2,027,18216.05
 Parti Réformiste1,915,03615.16
 Lourenne Ligue Patriotique12,6230.10
July 4207
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire5,911,58745.74
 Les Social-Progressives2,582,90819.98
 Alliance Radicale2,401,58518.58
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais1,997,81715.46
 HayforAmerica Party14,0970.11
 Lourenne Ligue Patriotique10,6140.08
 § Parti Fasciste de Lourenne6,6580.05
July 4204
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire5,091,08651.64
 Alliance Radicale2,219,88122.52
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais1,516,74815.38
 Les Social-Progressives1,031,73310.46
December 4202
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire4,991,22442.84
 Alliance Radicale2,923,48425.09
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais2,173,95718.66
 Les Social-Progressives1,559,16313.38
 Ratio Party2,6300.02
December 4199
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire5,659,48345.11
 Alliance Radicale4,687,04537.36
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais2,195,84517.50
 Les Social-Progressives2,9370.02
July 4197
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alliance Radicale6,359,99850.19
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire6,298,46549.70
 Les Social-Progressives8,2480.07
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais5,2650.04
October 4195
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire2,381,648100.00
October 4192
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 ✊Independent Workers Party8,149,21999.90
 Parti Conservateur Libertaire7,9720.10
April 4191
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais2,377,290100.00
February 4190
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais2,228,621100.00
April 4189
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais2,346,629100.00
January 4188
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 JombaJimba Party1,403,94853.48
 Parti Démocratique National Lourennais1,221,16546.52
July 4186
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Socialiste11,298,57899.79
 Conservative Traditionalists14,4060.13
 Chancellor Reingardt Party9,5660.08
July 4183
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Socialiste2,162,05999.21
 Chancellor Reingardt Party9,6480.44
 Frudkin Party6,1620.28
 Le Parti Democratique1,3790.06
July 4180
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Socialiste4,813,29846.85
 Parti populaire des Lourenne2,793,90427.19
 Parti Réformiste2,653,24025.83
 La Coeur de Lourennais11,6520.11
 Chancellor Reingardt Party1,6010.02
July 4177
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Socialiste5,088,00447.02
 Parti Réformiste3,021,15227.92
 Parti populaire des Lourenne2,703,32224.98
 Chancellor Reingardt Party9,0530.08
March 4176
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Socialiste4,092,35035.02
 Parti Réformiste2,733,56923.39
 Parti populaire des Lourenne2,634,42922.54
 Parti Libératif2,215,55618.96
 Chancellor Reingardt Party10,2510.09
March 4173
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Réformiste3,580,51333.44
 Parti Socialiste3,224,22730.11
 Parti Libératif2,232,93720.85
 Parti populaire des Lourenne1,669,40815.59
 Chancellor Reingardt Party7670.01
March 4170
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs3,122,30832.07
 Parti Réformiste3,019,40231.01
 Parti National-Socialiste Progressiste1,947,64620.00
 Parti Libératif1,617,54816.61
 Parti Ouvrier de Lourennais11,4920.12
 Chancellor Reingardt Party10,8310.11
 Nicky6Fingers Party8,1060.08
March 4167
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs4,371,84545.03
 Parti Réformiste3,228,03433.25
 Parti Libératif2,083,13821.46
 BigLG Party11,5030.12
 Parti National-Socialiste Progressiste9,9430.10
 Chancellor Reingardt Party3,6170.04
March 4164
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs5,465,50844.64
 Parti Réformiste3,743,33430.57
 Parti Libératif2,997,60424.48
 Parti National-Socialiste Progressiste26,6110.22
 Suprême Front National11,7040.10
March 4161
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Réformiste6,321,12650.57
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs6,155,15949.24
 Parti Libératif14,3110.11
 Parti National-Socialiste Progressiste5,7370.05
 Parti National Démocratique Socialiste 3,8980.03
January 4160
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Réformiste4,495,99838.16
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs4,225,69835.86
 Parti des Frères Lourenne3,032,40025.74
 Parti National Démocratique Socialiste 13,5140.11
 Parti National-Socialiste Progressiste10,9160.09
 Parti Libératif3,8030.03
January 4157
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs5,312,60441.89
 Parti Réformiste4,135,15732.61
 Parti des Frères Lourenne3,210,57425.32
 Parti Libératif20,1700.16
 Parti Populaire Lourennais3,1020.02
January 4154
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Réformiste4,416,78035.36
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs4,374,82335.03
 Parti des Frères Lourenne2,284,05518.29
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,405,26411.25
 Parti Libératif9,1650.07
January 4151
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs5,437,20760.83
 Parti des Frères Lourenne3,496,41339.11
 Parti Libératif5,2660.06
November 4148
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs7,330,39258.84
 Parti des Frères Lourenne3,173,47225.47
 Parti de l'unité Populaire1,944,87115.61
 Parti Communiste10,0780.08
November 4145
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs6,859,42254.83
 Parti des Frères Lourenne2,967,53623.72
 Parti de l'unité Populaire2,671,05121.35
 Parti Socialiste de Lourennais (PSL)11,5970.09
November 4142
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs7,207,51555.96
 Parti des Frères Lourenne3,128,51224.29
 Parti de l'unité Populaire2,516,89119.54
 Andy89 Party13,8220.11
 Parti Socialiste de Lourennais (PSL)12,7370.10
 Union Gauchiste7390.01
November 4139
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs5,864,88152.44
 Parti des Frères Lourenne2,844,19025.43
 Parti de l'unité Populaire2,468,14722.07
 Union Gauchiste7,4300.07
November 4136
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs4,599,37643.40
 Parti des Frères Lourenne3,269,41230.85
 Parti de l'unité Populaire2,729,18725.75
March 4134
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs5,974,98550.98
 Parti des Frères Lourenne3,089,41426.36
 Parti de l'unité Populaire1,727,88214.74
 Parti Démocratique-Socialiste924,6127.89
 WBMSMYGB Party4,4590.04
July 4131
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti des Frères Lourenne5,799,47743.81
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs4,452,38833.63
 Parti Démocratique-Socialiste2,968,79122.42
 Parti National-Socialiste12,3680.09
 Parti de l'unité Populaire6,0400.05
November 4128
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti des Frères Lourenne4,783,33645.53
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs3,521,80333.52
 Parti Démocratique-Socialiste2,200,86120.95
March 4126
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs5,127,22958.37
 Parti des Frères Lourenne3,656,70041.63
March 4122
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs7,356,76867.99
 Parti des Frères Lourenne3,464,31932.01
March 4118
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti des Frères Lourenne3,805,00572.18
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs1,466,35627.82
February 4116
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs7,848,70565.19
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,438,29520.25
 Parti des Frères Lourenne1,753,37114.56
February 4112
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs8,221,37371.54
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)3,256,61028.34
 Parti des Frères Lourenne12,8760.11
 Parti National Démocratique Socialiste 1,8840.02
February 4108
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs7,516,74767.47
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)3,614,92632.45
 Parti Social Démocrate Lourennais8,5990.08
January 4103
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs6,953,80758.47
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,922,83541.39
 Parti Social Démocrate Lourennais12,6190.11
 Parti Internationale4,0990.03
January 4102
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs5,948,42248.50
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,310,00035.14
 Parti Réformiste1,999,40616.30
 Parti Internationale7,3140.06
April 4101
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs6,058,36950.21
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,232,99835.08
 Parti Réformiste1,771,16914.68
 Parti Internationale4,0400.03
August 4099
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)6,330,87252.47
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs5,722,85647.43
 Parti Internationale12,5930.10
October 4094
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs2,569,862100.00
January 4094
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs2,247,482100.00
February 4093
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs2,428,484100.00
May 4087
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Unifié des Travailleurs2,166,881100.00
July 4084
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Order of the gods2,500,655100.00
July 4082
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rassemblement Populaire (RP)2,395,404100.00
July 4080
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rassemblement Populaire (RP)2,670,535100.00
May 4079
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Lourennais (PCL)2,191,290100.00
May 4077
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Lourennais (PCL)2,736,461100.00
May 4075
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Lourennais (PCL)2,492,097100.00
May 4073
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Lourennais (PCL)2,519,036100.00
May 4071
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Lourennais (PCL)2,529,38899.67
 Progressive0701 Party8,2530.33
May 4069
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Lourennais (PCL)2,521,544100.00
May 4067
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Lourennais (PCL)2,461,133100.00
January 4067
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Réformiste4,635,20850.03
 Parti Conservateur Lourennais (PCL)4,629,03849.97
January 4065
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Réformiste5,449,85854.54
 Parti Conservateur Lourennais (PCL)4,541,88945.46
December 4064
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Lourennais (PCL)4,293,46740.76
 Parti Réformiste4,080,89938.74
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,159,09120.50
April 4063
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Lourennais (PCL)3,753,35833.76
 Parti Réformiste3,295,39029.64
 Union Communiste (UC)2,087,89018.78
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,981,20717.82
February 4061
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Lourennais (PCL)3,864,24237.12
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)3,424,07632.89
 Union Communiste (UC)1,899,29618.24
 Parti Réformiste1,223,68911.75
February 4058
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)11,274,65999.96
 Parti Social-Démocrate (SDP)4,8900.04
February 4055
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)10,633,82999.92
 Parti Republicain Populaire8,2530.08
September 4053
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)10,188,06299.94
 Parti Republicain Populaire5,9810.06
September 4050
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,702,88199.60
 Lourenne Traditionalist Party10,9020.40
December 4047
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)11,610,11199.99
 The Worker's Progressive Party1,2220.01
December 4044
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,516,372100.00
December 4041
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,082,603100.00
December 4038
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,642,283100.00
December 4035
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,360,487100.00
December 4032
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,399,951100.00
December 4029
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)11,195,90499.90
 Nouveau Front Populaire11,3230.10
December 4026
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)2,545,223100.00
December 4023
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Communiste Lourennais2,145,59899.79
 Dukelloyd Party4,4740.21
May 4021
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Communiste Lourennais3,849,73751.28
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)3,657,73748.72
May 4018
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Communiste Lourennais3,904,81550.31
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)3,856,11649.69
May 4015
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,726,37853.02
 Parti Communiste Lourennais4,178,14746.87
 Parti Republicain Populaire9,9880.11
May 4012
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)5,162,28271.06
 Parti Communiste Lourennais2,093,67028.82
 Parti Republicain Populaire8,3460.11
July 4011
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)5,018,05756.03
 Parti Communiste Lourennais3,937,97243.97
July 4007
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)4,023,53550.62
 Parti Communiste Lourennais3,924,98449.38
July 4002
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)10,806,14199.93
 Parti Communiste Lourennais7,5950.07
July 3997
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)6,886,00998.75
 Parti Socialiste Démocratique87,1651.25
March 3995
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Le Front Populaire Républicain1,984,55842.69
 Parti Socialiste Démocratique1,345,84128.95
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,318,74028.37
January 3995
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Le Front Populaire Républicain1,989,75836.12
 Parti Socialiste Démocratique1,827,29833.17
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,691,59030.71
September 3994
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 La Gauche/Les Verts (LV)1,411,72453.08
 Parti Socialiste Démocratique1,247,78446.92
February 3991
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party2,320,160100.00
February 3986
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party2,305,765100.00
July 3984
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party2,489,759100.00
July 3979
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party2,185,648100.00
July 3974
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party2,644,607100.00
July 3963
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Or2,309,850100.00
September 3962
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Or1,593,97154.30
 Les Républicains1,341,26245.70
July 3953
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alliance Royale2,065,425100.00
July 3948
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Socialiste Imperial2,481,48499.70
 michiganesttrescool Party7,3440.30
July 3938
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Mouvement d'urgence de l'Armée2,160,066100.00
May 3936
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Mouvement d'urgence de l'Armée2,310,89899.80
 Iver003 Party4,6030.20
May 3931
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Mouvement d'urgence de l'Armée2,386,734100.00
September 3928
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Valmont15 Party2,307,998100.00
September 3920
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne National Party (LNP)2,220,427100.00
September 3916
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Socialiste de Travail2,252,636100.00
September 3912
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Alternative Presence2,407,247100.00
September 3908
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Alternative Presence2,286,260100.00
September 3904
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Alternative Presence2,303,893100.00
September 3900
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Alternative Presence2,147,87399.75
 independent lourenne5,3820.25
July 3898
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Pacifists2,116,905100.00
July 3894
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Pacifists2,132,065100.00
July 3890
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Socialist Union (DSU)2,425,01399.97
 Conservative Pacifists7790.03
July 3886
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Lourenne4,440,00660.39
 Democratic Socialist Union (DSU)2,912,68739.61
July 3882
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Socialist Union (DSU)8,783,50999.95
 Conservative Party of Lourenne3,9830.05
July 3878
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Socialist Union (DSU)2,413,068100.00
July 3874
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Socialist Union (DSU)2,530,957100.00
July 3870
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral du Lourenne2,397,521100.00
July 3866
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral du Lourenne2,357,796100.00
July 3862
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral du Lourenne2,549,553100.00
May 3860
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral du Lourenne5,153,65452.14
 Action Lourennaise3,491,48635.33
 New Reaction1,229,14912.44
 hico526 Party9,3760.09
May 3854
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Reaction2,316,48899.68
 feyfay Party7,3620.32
May 3848
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Reaction2,471,34899.74
 feyfay Party6,5200.26
May 3842
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Reaction2,359,64199.55
 feyfay Party10,5880.45
May 3836
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Reaction2,143,90299.60
 LouisThePouis Party8,5680.40
May 3830
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Reaction2,322,976100.00
May 3824
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Conservatives2,418,942100.00
May 3822
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Royalist Party9,603,75999.92
 Economic Booster Party7,8640.08
May 3820
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Royalist Party2,294,459100.00
May 3818
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Royalist Party2,355,477100.00
May 3816
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Kravenist Party2,100,994100.00
May 3814
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne Federalé Parti2,340,92299.67
 Kravenist Party7,8670.33
June 3813
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne Federalé Parti2,095,84599.55
 chris25 Party7,9700.38
 Kravenist Party1,5520.07
December 3810
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Socialiste Républicain2,426,75599.46
 Kravenist Party13,1090.54
June 3808
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Socialiste Républicain2,630,66599.51
 Kravenist Party12,8300.49
June 3805
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Socialiste Républicain2,297,87699.39
 Kravenist Party14,0990.61
March 3804
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Socialiste Républicain2,506,07299.73
 Kravenist Party6,8340.27
March 3801
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Socialiste Républicain11,367,31899.99
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne (PML)7090.01
March 3798
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Socialiste Républicain2,266,581100.00
August 3796
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Socialiste Républicain6,208,36067.86
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique2,940,91832.14
February 3794
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique2,198,640100.00
October 3792
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique3,427,18730.59
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)3,073,96527.44
 Independent Republic Party1,654,15314.76
 Republican Party of Victory 21,547,64213.81
 Lourenne Independent Party1,487,64013.28
 National Party11,0050.10
 gamer123 Party2,3870.02
October 3790
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique3,004,31428.33
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)1,894,43717.86
 Lourenne Independent Party1,419,94813.39
 Independent Republic Party1,106,65210.43
 Republican Party of Victory 21,037,3219.78
 National Party865,4218.16
 the Libreal party of lourenne768,2447.24
 Freedom Party of Lourenne508,8724.80
October 3788
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique3,030,89827.74
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)1,716,33315.71
 Republican Party of Victory 21,687,83615.45
 National Party1,253,08111.47
 Independent Republic Party1,078,4329.87
 Freedom Party of Lourenne848,3697.76
 the Libreal party of lourenne659,1276.03
 Lourenne Independent Party653,4635.98
October 3786
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique6,230,26552.59
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)5,591,65147.20
 Republican Party of Victory 212,3380.10
 the Libreal party of lourenne9,1070.08
 Lourenne Independent Party4,5910.04
October 3784
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique4,034,83945.51
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)3,410,03138.47
 the Libreal party of lourenne1,382,05715.59
 Guinness Man Party13,3540.15
 Lykos Party11,7030.13
 Republican Party of Victory 26,5000.07
 gamer123 Party6,4520.07
November 3783
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique8,085,17267.99
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)3,777,40731.77
 Liberal party of Lourenne11,7880.10
 the Libreal party of lourenne10,2810.09
 Republican Party of Victory 24,8240.04
 Lykos Party2,1250.02
November 3782
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique4,818,21665.81
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)2,492,70334.05
 the Libreal party of lourenne9,1880.13
 Lykos Party1,1500.02
December 3780
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique4,697,96864.61
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)2,499,29234.37
 the Libreal party of lourenne71,3040.98
 Lykos Party2,7790.04
December 3778
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique3,647,43643.53
 the Libreal party of lourenne3,215,12938.37
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)1,510,65318.03
 Lykos Party5,0750.06
December 3776
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique4,734,44347.98
 the Libreal party of lourenne2,403,77424.36
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)1,482,10115.02
 Republican Lourenne Party of Victory1,205,87612.22
 PinnavariaClan Party13,7030.14
 Freedom Party of Lourenne10,6370.11
 Lykos Party10,0660.10
 TheBacon Party6,5380.07
December 3774
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique3,882,03339.02
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)3,616,74636.35
 Republican Lourenne Party of Victory2,425,53224.38
 the Libreal party of lourenne10,9520.11
 Freedom Party of Lourenne9,7090.10
 Lykos Party4,6710.05
July 3774
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique3,651,83037.64
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)3,512,98836.20
 Republican Lourenne Party of Victory2,504,89825.82
 Lykos Party13,4610.14
 the Libreal party of lourenne13,3560.14
 Freedom Party of Lourenne6,6290.07
July 3772
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne3,438,71932.85
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique3,319,66631.72
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)2,303,86822.01
 Republican Lourenne Party of Victory1,388,68013.27
 Lykos Party10,6460.10
 the Libreal party of lourenne5,3980.05
July 3770
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique3,839,84535.69
 Imperial Party of Lourenne3,264,63930.34
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)2,063,13619.18
 Republican Lourenne Party of Victory1,571,59814.61
 Lykos Party14,0620.13
 the Libreal party of lourenne5,9760.06
December 3768
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne3,121,50129.39
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)2,800,06426.37
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique2,569,49324.20
 Republican Lourenne Party of Victory2,112,29919.89
 the Libreal party of lourenne14,5850.14
 Lykos Party1,6180.02
June 3766
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne3,516,91335.43
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique3,469,53134.96
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)2,237,40822.54
 Republican Lourenne Party of Victory674,8116.80
 Lykos Party14,9240.15
 the Libreal party of lourenne11,7620.12
June 3763
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique5,727,75455.44
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)4,564,39944.18
 Republican Lourenne Party of Victory23,1080.22
 Lykos Party11,4740.11
 Vernoncoleman Party5,3240.05
 the Libreal party of lourenne1400.00
December 3761
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique5,207,87346.04
 Populi Factio (Peoples Party)3,622,93732.03
 Republican Lourenne Party of Victory2,449,54321.66
 Vernoncoleman Party12,5670.11
 Tea Party Patriots of Lourenne12,0680.11
 Lykos Party5,6110.05
December 3755
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne National Party (LNP)9,945,06599.98
 Parti Conservateur Démocratique2,2700.02
December 3749
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne National Party (LNP)2,557,914100.00
December 3743
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Army's Own Party8,934,15999.69
 Allendageneres Party12,0890.13
 Peoples Patriotic Union10,7230.12
 Lourenne National Party (LNP)4,8880.05
December 3737
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Allendageneres Party2,500,190100.00
December 3731
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Allendageneres Party1,526,12855.46
 Democratic Party1,225,77644.54
December 3725
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperialist Party1,121,03250.32
 Allendageneres Party1,106,94349.68
December 3719
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperialist Party1,205,06454.00
 Allendageneres Party1,026,65146.00
December 3713
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,653,46199.47
 Allendageneres Party14,0120.53
December 3711
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,594,25099.91
 Allendageneres Party2,2560.09
July 3703
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,403,819100.00
May 3703
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,653,596100.00
March 3702
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Ajwaral Tzokopij Mulanik2,568,965100.00
March 3701
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Armée Populaire de2,356,152100.00
February 3700
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Armée Populaire de2,049,651100.00
October 3698
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Armée Populaire de2,404,999100.00
October 3693
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,245,130100.00
October 3688
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,348,459100.00
August 3686
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,374,427100.00
September 3685
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,227,700100.00
December 3684
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Liberal-Socialist Party1,385,88355.39
 Imperial Party of Lourenne1,116,07844.61
December 3679
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Liberal-Socialist Party2,058,85499.94
 nabokov20 Party1,2490.06
December 3674
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Vert Démocratique2,319,532100.00
December 3669
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne National Party2,511,283100.00
December 3664
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne National Party2,327,978100.00
December 3659
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne National Party2,321,457100.00
December 3654
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne National Party2,335,71399.58
 yofiwijaya Party9,8450.42
March 3653
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne13,569,69699.83
 Lourenne Independence Party13,2450.10
 Lourenne National Party10,2360.08
June 3651
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne National Party1,463,15857.15
 Lourenne Independence Party1,097,13842.85
June 3646
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Dreyfus Party2,698,134100.00
June 3641
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Communiste Lourennais2,710,671100.00
June 3636
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Communiste Lourennais2,733,789100.00
June 3631
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Communiste Lourennais2,002,723100.00
June 3627
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,260,681100.00
June 3623
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,303,815100.00
May 3620
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,535,264100.00
July 3614
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Junte de Salut National2,239,61199.67
 Parti Socialiste7,5060.33
July 3610
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Junte de Salut National2,308,317100.00
July 3606
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Junte de Salut National2,434,926100.00
July 3602
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Junte de Salut National2,432,897100.00
April 3600
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Alliance des Réformistes3,637,96971.62
 Junte de Salut National1,441,77928.38
April 3596
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Junte de Salut National11,822,81299.98
 Alliance des Réformistes1,8220.02
May 3594
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Junte de Salut National2,659,845100.00
May 3590
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Renewal Alliance2,206,22699.65
 Reform Progressive Party7,8540.35
May 3586
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Renewal Alliance2,400,055100.00
November 3583
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Democratic Party of Lourenne11,583,27699.94
 National Renewal Alliance6,8390.06
November 3579
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Democratic Party of Lourenne2,379,152100.00
November 3575
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Democratic Party of Lourenne10,712,85399.91
 Liberal Imperialists Party9,1850.09
February 3573
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne10,967,24396.88
 Liberal Democratic Party of Lourenne329,9512.91
 Liberal Imperialists Party14,7180.13
 Jerecools Party5,0930.04
 easyaspieify Party3,5410.03
December 3570
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne11,494,79799.80
 Liberal Imperialists Party14,2260.12
 Liberal Democratic Party of Lourenne8,7790.08
August 3568
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,196,23699.71
 Liberal Democratic Party of Lourenne6,2880.29
February 3567
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,693,42699.52
 Liberal Democratic Party of Lourenne13,0360.48
February 3565
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,484,232100.00
July 3563
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,317,918100.00
July 3561
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,313,87399.89
 jdowner876 Party2,5930.11
July 3559
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Merrlock Party1,099,28228.22
 jdowner876 Party1,089,95927.98
 Thomas Hall1 Party1,077,32427.66
 Communist Party of Lourenne Party628,54016.14
July 3557
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Thomas Hall1 Party2,258,78068.26
 Communist Party of Lourenne Party1,050,19031.74
July 3555
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Thomas Hall1 Party2,966,06770.11
 Communist Party of Lourenne Party1,264,35129.89
July 3553
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Communist Party of Lourenne Party2,347,086100.00
July 3551
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral démocrate12,176,18299.84
 ilsapo Party8,4490.07
 Communist Party of Lourenne Party7,3900.06
 Imperial Republic Party3,1570.03
July 3549
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral démocrate12,254,20499.90
 Imperial Republic Party6,3140.05
 Communist Party of Lourenne Party6,2120.05
July 3547
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral démocrate12,143,82999.85
 Imperial Republic Party12,7310.10
 Communist Party of Lourenne Party4,9190.04
July 3545
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral démocrate12,238,74099.82
 Communist Party of Lourenne Party11,5520.09
 Imperial Republic Party8,7800.07
 thehawks22 Party1,3680.01
July 3543
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral démocrate10,946,75699.99
 Imperial Republic Party1,1700.01
July 3541
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral démocrate1,981,344100.00
July 3539
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral démocrate2,408,30599.91
 tikusmagnus Party2,2610.09
July 3537
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral démocrate2,555,217100.00
July 3535
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral démocrate2,311,228100.00
January 3535
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral démocrate1,104,57146.11
 Imperial Party of Lourenne796,18633.23
January 3533
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral démocrate1,562,55366.89
January 3531
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral démocrate2,266,112100.00
January 3530
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne1,524,20456.15
 Parti libéral démocrate1,190,28743.85
April 3529
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne5,366,49861.12
 Mouvement Progressiste2,132,71724.29
 Parti libéral démocrate1,269,85014.46
 Front Nationale10,8100.12
April 3527
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne5,474,22063.12
 Mouvement Progressiste1,696,07519.56
 Parti libéral démocrate1,067,68712.31
 Front Nationale434,6995.01
October 3525
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne4,816,37665.18
 Mouvement Progressiste1,447,70519.59
 Front Nationale1,087,06614.71
 Parti libéral démocrate30,0180.41
 JJOD Party8,6980.12
November 3523
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne5,232,20768.83
 Front Nationale1,234,86816.24
 Mouvement Progressiste1,120,17214.74
 Parti libéral démocrate14,3830.19
November 3521
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne6,999,89257.01
 Mouvement Progressiste4,745,08938.65
 Front Nationale507,3104.13
 United Nationalists Party13,7090.11
 james101devil23 Party6,2500.05
 Parti libéral démocrate5,1400.04
October 3520
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne6,675,18173.88
 Mouvement Progressiste2,357,79726.10
 Front Nationale1,9590.02
March 3517
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,187,575100.00
March 3515
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,153,444100.00
March 3513
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,326,83799.99
 stackjanley Party1470.01
March 3511
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,356,176100.00
March 3509
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne11,581,65099.96
 Welshman Party4,4370.04
March 3507
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,342,334100.00
January 3504
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Democratic Party of the Empire1,354,69150.99
 Marq Party1,302,30749.01
January 3502
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,051,04299.94
 Imperial Democratic Party of the Empire1,3260.06
July 3500
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,498,65499.72
 Imperial Democratic Party of the Empire6,9840.28
January 3500
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne5,827,97550.08
 Grand Liberal-Socialist Party5,796,69249.82
 Social Liberal Alliance7,5080.06
 Imperial Democratic Party of the Empire4,1580.04
January 3498
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne5,834,26850.95
 Grand Liberal-Socialist Party5,608,57848.98
 Social Liberal Alliance7,0470.06
January 3496
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Grand Liberal-Socialist Party6,275,42551.27
 Imperial Party of Lourenne5,955,04248.65
 Social Liberal Alliance4,9710.04
 Worker's Party3,9230.03
 Londinium Party6570.01
February 3494
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne11,485,26699.86
 RatedRKO173 Party14,3020.12
 Social Liberal Alliance1,6020.01
 Grand Liberal-Socialist Party6520.01
February 3492
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne10,259,28099.80
 Union Nationale Socialiste Democrate11,8660.12
 Social Liberal Alliance9,1300.09
August 3490
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne10,842,35199.93
 Social Liberal Alliance6,9310.06
 Union Nationale Socialiste Democrate1910.00
February 3489
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne7,817,39097.66
 Union Nationale Socialiste Democrate187,2292.34
April 3488
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne11,117,74695.85
 Union Nationale Socialiste Democrate481,2604.15
April 3484
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union Nationale Socialiste Democrate1,444,56819.54
 Daedwartin Party11,5630.16
 Liberal Conservative Party11,3820.15
October 3481
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union Nationale Socialiste Democrate2,226,76131.22
 Edward Loud Party12,0890.17
 Liberal Conservative Party8,2510.12
 Conservative Party of Lourenne3,4060.05
December 3478
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union Nationale Socialiste Democrate2,243,71220.65
 Conservative Party of Lourenne1,3350.01
 Liberal Conservative Party4520.00
December 3474
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union Nationale Socialiste Democrate12,0510.10
 Conservative Party of Lourenne5,0070.04
 Liberal Conservative Party4,7630.04
December 3470
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservative Party13,3800.11
 Union Nationale Socialiste Democrate8,0420.06
 Conservative Party of Lourenne9000.01
December 3466
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Lourenne10,9610.08
 Republican Party8360.01
November 3462
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Party of Lourenne10,3160.09
March 3460
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne5,443,84444.12
 Conservative Party of Lourenne7,4170.06
August 3458
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne5,866,87949.88
 Conservative Party of Lourenne14,6500.12
July 3458
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne5,827,19350.08
 Conservative Party of Lourenne10,8650.09
August 3454
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)6,922,14756.25
 Imperial Party of Lourenne3,245,33726.37
 Freedom of Lourenne Party12,6260.10
 Progressive Party11,4070.09
 polsoman Party2,1470.02
August 3448
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)7,958,27063.30
 Imperial Party of Lourenne4,596,69236.56
 Union Nationale Socialiste12,0630.10
November 3445
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)11,260,05999.95
 Union Nationale Socialiste5,6250.05
August 3444
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)11,819,61999.95
 Union Nationale Socialiste5,8200.05
December 3443
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)6,762,77153.92
 Parti Solidaire5,780,45946.08
 Union Nationale Socialiste370.00
June 3443
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)7,116,74657.51
 Parti Solidaire5,257,66142.49
 Union Nationale Socialiste5830.00
June 3442
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)7,243,45556.06
 Parti Solidaire5,674,25143.91
 Union Nationale Socialiste3,7380.03
November 3439
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)7,142,60857.59
 Parti Solidaire5,234,48242.21
 Union Nationale Socialiste14,1180.11
September 3435
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Solidaire2,258,542100.00
July 3431
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Solidaire2,498,910100.00
May 3427
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Solidaire2,463,288100.00
December 3424
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Solidaire1,201,24851.30
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)1,140,39948.70
September 3423
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Solidaire3,995,20554.81
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)2,747,37237.69
 Imperial Party of Lourenne544,2097.47
 The National Conservative Party2,4810.03
July 3419
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Solidaire4,892,34954.94
 Imperial Party of Lourenne4,012,36645.06
November 3417
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne3,890,17640.20
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)2,917,74330.15
 Parti Solidaire2,870,11629.66
January 3416
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne4,863,44056.01
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)3,819,30743.99
February 3415
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne5,177,13660.98
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)3,312,19239.02
February 3414
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party of Lourenne (SPL)4,269,54465.30
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,269,06134.70
December 3409
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,748,48699.76
 Magus1108 Party6,7220.24
October 3405
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne11,153,06799.95
 Front socialiste5,2760.05
 United Liberal Movement2230.00
November 3404
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne11,277,72099.93
 United Liberal Movement7,7540.07
July 3402
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,383,673100.00
February 3400
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne6,533,11577.82
 Coadjuvant Vanguard Party1,862,09222.18
December 3395
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti libéral-démocrate4,114,23253.28
 Coadjuvant Vanguard Party3,608,07946.72
October 3391
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Coadjuvant Vanguard Party1,497,23351.64
 Parti libéral-démocrate1,401,92548.36
May 3391
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Party of Federation6,456,02599.75
 Coadjuvant Vanguard Party13,8450.21
 Parti libéral-démocrate2,3700.04
June 3388
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Fascist Workers Party2,668,514100.00
July 3387
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Fascist Workers Party2,507,383100.00
October 3386
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Fascist Workers Party2,439,624100.00
October 3382
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Freedom Party2,429,802100.00
October 3378
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Freedom Party2,110,670100.00
October 3374
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Freedom Party2,297,249100.00
October 3370
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne4,919,56050.28
 United Freedom Party4,865,11049.72
October 3366
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne5,940,84367.01
 United Freedom Party2,913,41232.86
 Syndicato Nationalista11,3620.13
October 3362
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United Freedom Party2,283,878100.00
October 3358
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne11,626,53899.70
 United Freedom Party35,4630.30
June 3357
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne10,011,41099.92
 United Freedom Party8,3060.08
June 3356
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,342,93899.63
 United Freedom Party8,6750.37
December 3352
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,186,150100.00
October 3352
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Party of Lourenne2,550,223100.00
November 3351
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Mouvement Socialiste Democrate2,573,700100.00
November 3347
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Mouvement Socialiste Democrate2,321,625100.00
November 3343
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Mouvement Socialiste Democrate2,220,409100.00
November 3339
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Mouvement Socialiste Democrate2,455,992100.00
November 3335
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Mouvement Socialiste Democrate2,590,522100.00
November 3331
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union libérale12,554,87999.81
 Mouvement Socialiste Democrate14,8180.12
 Liberal-Modernist party9,4130.07
November 3327
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Union libérale13,504,74299.85
 Parti Renaissance12,7730.09
 Parti de l'Indépendance de Lourenne5,4280.04
 Liberal-Modernist party2,4780.02
November 3323
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de l'Indépendance de Lourenne1,497,81857.13
 Parti Renaissance1,124,00842.87
November 3319
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rassemblement Républicain1,974,250100.00
December 3315
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rassemblement Républicain2,671,521100.00
June 3314
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front de l'Éternité2,496,033100.00
June 3311
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front de l'Éternité2,360,311100.00
July 3308
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front de l'Éternité8,841,25099.91
 Parti Politique de la Liberté8,2120.09
June 3303
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front de l'Éternité3,996,33060.70
 Parti Politique de la Liberté2,587,54439.30
September 3302
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Politique de la Liberté3,178,96758.14
 Front de l'Éternité2,287,54241.84
 Union libertaire1,2460.02
July 3298
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front de l'Éternité2,513,18499.76
 Union libertaire6,0490.24
June 3297
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front de l'Éternité2,296,87599.47
 Union libertaire12,1380.53
July 3293
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front de l'Éternité2,342,725100.00
June 3292
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front de l'Éternité2,501,990100.00
December 3289
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 True Representation Party9,791,94599.93
 Front de l'Éternité6,4090.07
June 3285
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Rawlsienne2,550,32899.21
 States Rights Party13,5000.53
 True Representation Party5,2700.21
 Union of Socialist Communist Parties1,5140.06
June 3281
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Rawlsienne6,023,68482.79
 Lourenne Conservative Party1,250,79517.19
 True Representation Party1,4470.02
June 3277
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Rawlsienne3,373,11543.86
 Lourenne Conservative Party2,493,43032.42
 True Representation Party1,823,78023.72
June 3273
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Rawlsienne4,679,04952.87
 Lourenne Conservative Party2,240,17325.31
 True Representation Party1,931,50821.82
June 3269
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Rawlsienne3,841,03543.12
 Lourenne Conservative Party3,445,25138.67
 True Representation Party1,610,80918.08
 Guy Moody Party11,6840.13
October 3265
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Front Rawlsienne4,634,87268.28
 Lourenne Conservative Party2,144,89531.60
 True Representation Party8,2480.12
October 3261
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne Conservative Party2,303,190100.00
October 3257
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne Conservative Party11,500,79799.91
 Left Bloc10,4380.09
April 3256
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne Conservative Party11,196,88499.91
 Left Bloc10,3030.09
April 3252
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne Conservative Party1,997,74761.76
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste1,236,93438.24
April 3248
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne Conservative Party2,189,533100.00
April 3244
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Peoples Revolution Party2,337,36199.77
 Peter Ghobrial Party5,3820.23
April 3240
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Peoples Revolution Party2,343,067100.00
April 3236
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale12,546,10799.77
 National Socialist Confederation13,3560.11
 National Syndicalist Party8,9750.07
 Pharamond de Bourbon Party6,5890.05
April 3232
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale12,624,68199.75
 thundercat Party11,4350.09
 National Syndicalist Party9,8290.08
 The Ace of Aces Party8,2110.06
 Parti français1,8790.01
April 3228
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale11,116,45899.95
 Parti français5,5680.05
April 3224
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale2,189,060100.00
April 3220
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale2,353,225100.00
July 3216
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Insurrection Sociale4,659,50148.46
 Christian Nationalist Party2,560,33226.63
 Prohibition Party2,385,86524.82
 waddington Party8,8920.09
July 3212
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Christian Nationalist Party10,710,50397.55
 Prohibition Party258,8212.36
 Insurrection Sociale10,0800.09
March 3212
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Christian Nationalist Party2,348,52994.04
 Prohibition Party136,5005.47
 Insurrection Sociale12,3210.49
March 3206
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party9,918,25599.95
 Christian Nationalist Party4,8460.05
April 3203
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party2,251,050100.00
April 3197
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party2,012,288100.00
April 3191
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party2,508,189100.00
April 3185
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party2,401,563100.00
April 3179
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party2,519,078100.00
May 3177
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party2,537,083100.00
May 3171
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Tmidd Party2,643,785100.00
May 3165
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 United People's Party2,325,674100.00
May 3159
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste2,533,157100.00
July 3156
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise2,524,529100.00
July 3150
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise2,467,809100.00
July 3144
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti français3,836,50453.76
 Pax Lourennaise3,293,19246.14
 flamazing Party6,9510.10
December 3140
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party of Lourenne4,187,07041.34
 Parti français3,186,59131.46
 Pax Lourennaise2,753,85727.19
December 3134
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti français3,663,12372.82
 Republican Party of Lourenne1,367,37327.18
May 3131
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party of Lourenne11,557,90899.97
 Parti français3,2860.03
May 3130
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Republican Party of Lourenne2,123,848100.00
February 3128
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Front of Lourenne8,768,17399.99
 Republican Party of Lourenne1,0050.01
June 3125
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic Front of Lourenne2,387,734100.00
February 3122
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partido Comunista Obrero2,565,346100.00
February 3116
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Mouvement2,317,806100.00
February 3110
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Mouvement2,750,827100.00
May 3107
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rassemblement Républicain2,748,235100.00
August 3104
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 therrymc Party1,704,29851.67
 Democratic Party1,594,08548.33
August 3098
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parker Ward II Party5,566,723100.00
August 3092
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste6,745,35999.54
 Aristole Party31,3580.46
August 3086
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste7,092,316100.00
August 3080
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste5,804,36099.40
 Nuovo Orizzonte34,7440.60
August 3074
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste7,357,56999.83
 Parti Populiste de Lourenne12,6970.17
August 3069
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste6,627,381100.00
November 3068
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste6,846,680100.00
November 3064
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Imperial Mouvement6,199,420100.00
May 3061
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partido Nacional Democrático6,820,567100.00
May 3055
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partido Nacional Democrático6,903,652100.00
February 3054
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partido Nacional Democrático5,571,56783.34
 Billybobetbo Party1,113,83316.66
May 3052
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Napoleon_of_the_stump Party6,241,088100.00
May 3047
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Monarchiste Impériale5,792,88799.47
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste31,0370.53
May 3042
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Monarchiste Impériale6,541,74699.51
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste31,9700.49
May 3037
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Monarchiste Impériale5,269,77786.60
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste815,48213.40
December 3034
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Monarchiste Impériale4,525,62690.70
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste434,2798.70
 Don Creed Party29,5750.59
November 3033
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Don Creed Party2,518,60339.60
 Parti Conservateur Royaliste2,109,60133.17
 Parti Monarchiste Impériale1,731,63027.23
August 3029
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise5,628,449100.00
August 3023
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise5,935,130100.00
August 3017
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise5,884,625100.00
August 3011
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise5,886,725100.00
August 3005
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise6,121,133100.00
October 3004
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise4,957,645100.00
January 3002
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nouvellé Action Royalisté4,854,504100.00
January 2996
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nouvellé Action Royalisté5,294,14899.62
 Faith-Based Centrist Party20,2300.38
January 2990
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nouvellé Action Royalisté5,779,720100.00
January 2984
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nouvellé Action Royalisté5,415,646100.00
January 2978
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Les Gardiens Rouge2,649,72857.81
 Nouvellé Action Royalisté1,916,06741.81
 gaga12 Party17,3380.38
January 2972
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nouvellé Action Royalisté4,733,87365.91
 National Party of Lourenne2,448,17834.09
December 2970
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nouvellé Action Royalisté4,469,098100.00
May 2970
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Nouvellé Action Royalisté4,570,167100.00
August 2965
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Rassemblement Républicain4,062,685100.00
August 2960
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Association royaliste de Lourenne4,917,53699.59
 Lonetye Party20,0560.41
August 2955
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Association royaliste de Lourenne8,187,30756.56
 National Party of Lourenne6,289,23943.44
August 2950
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Party of Lourenne4,313,067100.00
August 2945
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Party of Lourenne4,983,317100.00
August 2940
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Christian Democrats7,225,92856.09
 National Party of Lourenne5,657,52343.91
August 2935
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Christian Democrats7,067,42353.63
 National Party of Lourenne6,111,28746.37
August 2930
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Christian Democrats6,833,34353.94
 National Party of Lourenne5,835,83146.06
March 2925
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Christian Democrats6,391,42937.62
 National Party of Lourenne5,968,84635.13
 Night And Fog Party (LL)4,630,32527.25
March 2919
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Party of Lourenne7,354,88141.88
 Christian Democrats5,623,43532.02
 Night And Fog Party (LL)4,584,08126.10
April 2913
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Night And Fog Party (LL)4,337,46899.94
 renyar Party2,4640.06
April 2907
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Night And Fog Party (LL)4,263,320100.00
April 2901
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Night And Fog Party (LL)4,093,289100.00
April 2895
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Night And Fog Party (LL)4,809,803100.00
April 2889
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Night And Fog Party (LL)3,992,735100.00
April 2886
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Green Agar15,430,70199.87
 Parti Communiste de Lourenne10,9700.07
 Night And Fog Party (LL)5,2140.03
 Parti démocrate3,2950.02
April 2883
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Royal Partie de la Lourenne16,684,70799.78
 Parti démocrate23,0260.14
 Parti Communiste de Lourenne11,0870.07
 Green Agar3,2480.02
April 2880
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Société Démocratique Populaire3,994,802100.00
July 2879
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Société Démocratique Populaire3,404,847100.00
August 2876
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 NAZI Progressive Party5,091,23094.77
 Order of The Null280,9655.23
August 2870
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Egalitarian Party18,3580.51
 gmus0007 Party8,6340.24
August 2864
PartyVotesVotes (%)
March 2863
PartyVotesVotes (%)
November 2861
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise6,613,08441.50
 Société Libertine5,785,83336.31
February 2859
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise3,509,12427.32
 Left Alternative Movement3,456,48026.91
 Luthori East Dovian Company3,375,03026.27
 Société Libertine1,254,3259.76
August 2855
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise5,187,49431.15
 Luthori East Dovian Company3,454,62820.74
 Left Alternative Movement2,974,24917.86
 Société Libertine2,844,51917.08
 Nationalist Party19,9950.12
February 2852
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Société Libertine8,231,26850.27
 Nationalist Party17,8000.11
 Left Alternative Movement6,0720.04
August 2848
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Société Libertine6,296,14956.11
March 2845
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Société Libertine10,590,04077.03
October 2842
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Société Libertine17,9530.11
 Robertocolt Party1,6300.01
October 2839
PartyVotesVotes (%)
October 2836
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Society13,4910.10
October 2833
PartyVotesVotes (%)
October 2830
PartyVotesVotes (%)
October 2827
PartyVotesVotes (%)
October 2824
PartyVotesVotes (%)
October 2821
PartyVotesVotes (%)
October 2818
PartyVotesVotes (%)
October 2815
PartyVotesVotes (%)
October 2812
PartyVotesVotes (%)
October 2809
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Mixtec Imperialist League2,894,17938.68
October 2807
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Mixtec Imperialist League14,553,37199.97
October 2801
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise2,737,891100.00
October 2795
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise2,925,895100.00
October 2789
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Pax Lourennaise2,676,335100.00
November 2786
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Partido Nacional Democrático3,011,348100.00
March 2784
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral3,099,911100.00
March 2778
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral2,920,587100.00
March 2772
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral2,662,101100.00
March 2766
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral2,692,402100.00
March 2760
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral2,430,227100.00
March 2754
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral2,816,016100.00
March 2748
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral2,582,982100.00
August 2743
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral2,393,55699.89
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne2,6290.11
November 2742
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral2,303,59299.75
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne5,8410.25
November 2739
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral2,343,26599.39
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne14,3430.61
November 2736
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral2,245,93580.15
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne556,23519.85
November 2733
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne1,513,00943.01
 Parti de Garde Royales1,014,74328.85
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral989,70828.14
November 2730
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne1,173,06751.19
 Parti de Garde Royales1,118,31348.81
November 2727
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne1,110,31255.01
 Parti de Garde Royales907,95844.99
November 2724
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales1,226,77950.22
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne1,209,65349.52
 Parti Pragmatique Citron6,5020.27
June 2722
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne1,170,53753.64
 Parti de Garde Royales1,006,80346.14
 Parti Pragmatique Citron4,7030.22
June 2719
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne1,225,09352.48
 Parti de Garde Royales1,109,49347.52
June 2716
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne1,271,75253.14
 Parti de Garde Royales1,121,35846.86
June 2713
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales1,248,24658.53
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne884,32741.47
June 2710
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales1,053,60442.88
October 2707
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales917,82242.90
October 2704
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales5,012,07846.33
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne11,4990.11
January 2704
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales4,850,97346.04
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne4,1580.04
October 2703
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales3,248,95043.05
 Parti Monarchiste de Lourenne11,2260.15
October 2700
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales3,034,02236.74
 New Republic Party2,378,31928.80
 People's Power Party1,340,47316.23
April 2699
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,986,69632.63
 New Republic Party2,138,84723.37
 People's Power Party1,907,48420.84
April 2696
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,574,03032.13
 New Republic Party2,243,14028.00
 People's Power Party1,584,76319.78
October 2693
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Republic Party2,538,13129.71
 Parti de Garde Royales2,440,37928.57
 People's Power Party1,677,90719.64
October 2690
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales3,595,64831.92
 New Republic Party3,395,75130.14
 People's Power Party1,907,37716.93
 United Social Liberation5,1350.05
October 2687
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales3,559,61031.82
 New Republic Party3,391,11130.31
 People's Power Party2,187,05419.55
 United Social Liberation13,1240.12
October 2684
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Republic Party4,255,79650.76
 People's Power Party2,382,56928.42
May 2683
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Republic Party3,228,57445.32
 People's Power Party2,120,75429.77
May 2680
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Republic Party3,609,58148.02
 People's Power Party2,381,16931.68
 Party for the Glory of Lourenne's Empire11,4410.15
April 2678
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Republic Party3,175,25843.96
 People's Power Party2,288,00831.68
April 2675
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Power Party2,716,63239.08
 New Republic Party2,418,65634.80
January 2673
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Power Party2,733,78746.71
 New Republic Party2,002,32134.21
May 2671
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Power Party2,041,24335.51
 New Republic Party1,827,44131.79
October 2668
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,865,70036.29
 People's Power Party2,065,08426.15
 New Republic Party1,718,93821.77
October 2665
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,922,99734.68
 People's Power Party2,374,88928.18
 New Republic Party1,790,11221.24
October 2662
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,731,07233.06
 People's Power Party2,230,51227.00
 New Republic Party1,444,87217.49
 Free Party of Lourenne4,0040.05
 DylanC Party2,4590.03
June 2661
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales3,295,38335.50
 People's Power Party2,376,42925.60
 New Republic Party1,330,44814.33
 Social Democratic Party of Lourenne698,9007.53
 dwaydehoward Party9,6050.10
 Free Party of Lourenne6,5970.07
 DylanC Party3,8350.04
June 2658
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,793,49631.12
 People's Power Party1,882,15520.97
 Lourenne Democratic Party1,411,71715.73
 Social Democratic Party of Lourenne991,78811.05
 New Republic Party269,4893.00
 Free Party of Lourenne9650.01
June 2655
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne Democratic Party2,076,46724.26
 Parti de Garde Royales2,016,67523.56
 People's Power Party1,734,26720.26
 Social Democratic Party of Lourenne1,423,48116.63
 New Republic Party1,3220.02
June 2652
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Power Party2,325,93123.41
 Parti de Garde Royales2,235,17922.49
 Lourenne Democratic Party1,738,77517.50
 Social Democratic Party of Lourenne1,625,70916.36
 Liberal Labour Party11,2340.11
 New Republic Party7,6250.08
June 2649
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Social Democratic Party of Lourenne2,688,45025.68
 Lourenne Democratic Party2,363,89222.58
 People's Power Party1,920,37418.34
 Parti de Garde Royales1,611,00415.39
 Liberal Labour Party11,2320.11
 Democratic Republican7,7230.07
 Republican Guard4440.00
July 2645
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Lourenne Democratic Party2,226,83124.95
 People's Power Party1,976,47322.15
 Social Democratic Party of Lourenne1,906,68421.37
 Parti de Garde Royales1,083,36012.14
 Republican Guard8,9780.10
July 2642
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Power Party3,156,84834.17
 Lourenne Democratic Party2,498,11027.04
 Parti de Garde Royales1,743,94018.88
 Social Democratic Party of Lourenne11,4850.12
 Republican Guard7,8840.09
July 2639
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Power Party2,343,04223.50
 Lourenne Democratic Party2,017,96820.24
 New Liberal-United Lourenne Alliance1,607,49016.12
 Parti de Garde Royales1,509,24115.14
 Tory Party814,7048.17
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party316,1793.17
 Social Democratic Party of Lourenne10,9620.11
July 2636
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 New Liberal-United Lourenne Alliance2,360,94225.39
 People's Power Party2,205,25123.72
 Parti de Garde Royales1,747,69018.80
 Tory Party1,481,16015.93
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party545,1095.86
July 2633
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party2,783,41029.74
 Parti de Garde Royales2,118,38222.63
 Tory Party1,992,08421.28
 New Liberal-United Lourenne Alliance13,3950.14
 People's Power Party4730.01
July 2630
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party2,737,13631.41
 Parti de Garde Royales1,779,90220.42
 Tory Party1,770,47120.31
 New Liberal-United Lourenne Alliance3,0570.04
June 2629
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party3,057,75432.18
 Parti de Garde Royales1,981,29620.85
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party1,484,37115.62
 Tory Party1,131,18411.91
 New Liberal-United Lourenne Alliance10,3710.11
 Free Peoples of Lourenne6,6700.07
June 2626
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,661,24934.49
 Parti de Garde Royales1,758,62622.79
 Tory Party891,10311.55
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party814,63210.56
 Free Peoples of Lourenne9,8150.13
June 2623
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party3,053,76539.30
 Parti de Garde Royales1,813,95223.34
 Tory Party780,16310.04
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party768,3259.89
June 2620
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,616,94231.95
 Parti de Garde Royales2,134,78226.06
 Les Gardiens Rouge1,269,08315.49
 Tory Party647,6917.91
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party368,6774.50
June 2617
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,787,46433.78
 Parti de Garde Royales1,897,82023.00
 Les Gardiens Rouge927,88911.25
 Tory Party710,1578.61
 Conservative Timocratic Union580,5507.04
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party338,5554.10
June 2614
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales1,957,24821.20
 Progressive Party1,894,93820.52
 Tory Party1,466,02015.88
 Les Gardiens Rouge1,384,26314.99
 Conservative Timocratic Union899,8909.75
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party607,6136.58
 The Happiness Society4,9210.05
June 2611
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Les Gardiens Rouge2,661,24129.71
 Parti de Garde Royales1,641,39618.32
 Progressive Party1,456,52316.26
 Conservative Timocratic Union833,0749.30
 Tory Party672,1567.50
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party658,0147.35
 Democratic Republicans1,9030.02
June 2608
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Les Gardiens Rouge2,611,42529.97
 Progressive Party1,651,09018.95
 Parti de Garde Royales1,576,77318.10
 Conservative Timocratic Union995,07711.42
 Tory Party677,8267.78
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party204,1242.34
 Democratic Republicans1,7480.02
June 2605
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Les Gardiens Rouge1,950,16123.53
 Progressive Party1,761,57021.26
 Parti de Garde Royales1,445,51317.44
 Conservative Timocratic Union1,022,04112.33
 Tory Party695,7528.40
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party9,8160.12
June 2602
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party1,409,09820.24
 Parti de Garde Royales1,258,16718.07
 Les Gardiens Rouge1,073,95515.43
 Tory Party911,22213.09
 Conservative Timocratic Union823,93611.84
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party10,2480.15
 Soviette Party8,1350.12
June 2599
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party1,714,29023.52
 Les Gardiens Rouge1,364,86718.73
 Parti de Garde Royales1,162,34115.95
 Conservative Timocratic Union903,40412.39
 Tory Party639,3918.77
 The Lourennian Nationalist Party9,1070.12
June 2596
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party1,462,14119.93
 Parti de Garde Royales1,395,78319.02
 Les Gardiens Rouge1,017,89713.87
 Conservative Timocratic Union834,69211.38
 Tory Party667,8789.10
 Liberal Party610,8698.33
June 2593
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales1,557,97620.47
 Progressive Party1,463,49519.23
 Les Gardiens Rouge1,359,32817.86
 Conservative Timocratic Union773,34410.16
 Tory Party700,7809.21
 Liberal Party600,7137.89
 Communist Whig Party8,6330.11
June 2590
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party1,632,01923.24
 Parti de Garde Royales1,628,78423.20
 Les Gardiens Rouge1,112,42115.84
 Conservative Timocratic Union1,067,17615.20
 Liberal Party616,5548.78
 Tory Party16,9290.24
 Communist Whig Party4,2010.06
June 2587
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales1,820,37124.53
 Progressive Party1,815,56624.46
 Les Gardiens Rouge1,427,60919.23
 Liberal Party1,318,37517.76
 Conservative Timocratic Union1,023,42113.79
 Tory Party9,5310.13
 Communist Whig Party6,1530.08
June 2584
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,977,66836.41
 Parti de Garde Royales2,724,76533.32
 Conservative Timocratic Union2,441,43329.85
 Les Gardiens Rouge8,6720.11
 Liberal Party6,1260.07
 Communist Whig Party5,8150.07
 Tory Party5,0830.06
June 2581
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,912,33735.44
 Conservative Timocratic Union2,759,23433.58
 Progressive Party2,529,22130.78
 Les Gardiens Rouge6,2400.08
 Greater Union Party5,7980.07
 Liberal Party3,9110.05
June 2578
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,811,76334.67
 Conservative Timocratic Union2,795,93934.47
 Progressive Party2,487,07830.66
 Workers nationalist party9,0760.11
 Liberal Party6,6260.08
June 2575
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Conservative Timocratic Union2,797,47834.31
 Parti de Garde Royales2,750,52933.73
 Progressive Party2,592,60131.80
 Liberal Party4,8520.06
 Hoosier Party4,3960.05
 Workers nationalist party3,9690.05
April 2572
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,804,81635.14
 Progressive Party2,690,17033.70
 Conservative Timocratic Union2,479,35831.06
 Liberation Federation7,4700.09
April 2569
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales1,948,57628.43
 Conservative Timocratic Union1,800,21026.27
 Liberation Federation1,555,54022.70
 Progressive Party1,538,57422.45
 Christian Environmentalist Party5,4670.08
 Sklaer MacKenzie Party4,6040.07
April 2566
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party2,259,88527.95
 Conservative Timocratic Union2,181,07726.98
 Parti de Garde Royales1,816,49622.47
 Liberation Federation1,813,80922.43
 Liberal Party of Lourenne7,8270.10
 Destroyers Party5,9800.07
April 2563
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Party Republicans2,157,50526.48
 Parti de Garde Royales1,712,82621.02
 Conservative Timocratic Union1,586,00419.47
 Libertarian Party1,442,93117.71
 Progressive Party1,234,07615.15
 Liberal Party of Lourenne9,0310.11
 Destroyers Party4,6290.06
 Liberation Federation7080.01
April 2560
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,061,91128.79
 Progressive Party2,041,73528.51
 Libertarian Party1,653,64523.09
 Conservative Timocratic Union1,377,71719.24
 Socialist Party Republicans23,7860.33
 The Conservative-Libertarian Party3,1920.04
April 2557
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,443,96335.38
 Progressive Party1,656,18523.97
 Conservative Timocratic Union1,583,94522.93
 Libertarian Party1,211,96517.54
 Socialist Party Republicans6,8140.10
 The Conservative-Libertarian Party3,6910.05
 Green Democrats1,5560.02
March 2556
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,109,87430.26
 Progressive Party1,861,89926.70
 Conservative Party1,649,26423.65
 Libertarian Party1,317,38618.89
 Conservative Timocratic Union19,5170.28
 Green Democrats8,6420.12
 The Conservative-Libertarian Party5,7090.08
December 2553
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales2,223,83430.65
 Conservative Party2,041,58728.13
 Freedom Party of Lourenne1,665,45122.95
 Progressive Party1,283,66017.69
 Libertarian Party24,9470.34
 The Conservative-Libertarian Party7,5600.10
 Green Democrats6,3380.09
 Conservative Timocratic Union3,0280.04
January 2551
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Freedom Party of Lourenne1,832,48624.49
 Conservative Party1,589,46121.24
 Parti de Garde Royales1,499,34220.04
 Progressive Party1,487,46119.88
 Lourenne Green Party1,067,49514.27
 The Conservative-Libertarian Party3,4710.05
 Libertarian Party9860.01
 Conservative Timocratic Union9580.01
January 2548
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party1,611,31822.57
 Freedom Party of Lourenne1,542,85921.62
 Parti de Garde Royales1,479,23820.72
 Conservative Party1,386,24419.42
 Lourenne Green Party1,116,26015.64
 Colonial Party1,7940.03
January 2545
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales1,636,96526.72
 Progressive Party1,629,77126.60
 Freedom Party of Lourenne1,180,27519.26
 Conservative Party977,50715.96
 Lourenne Green Party702,09011.46
January 2542
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales1,768,90428.31
 Progressive Party1,571,90125.15
 Freedom Party of Lourenne987,42215.80
 Lourenne Green Party981,41415.70
 Federal Peace Movement939,47615.03
March 2539
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Federal Peace Movement1,068,00117.61
 People's Anarchist Union1,034,59217.06
 Parti de Garde Royales983,69416.22
 Freedom Party of Lourenne794,87313.11
 Progressive Party678,64511.19
 Lourenne Green Party621,92410.26
 Conservative Party of Lourenne534,6188.82
 Liberal Conservative party347,6505.73
March 2536
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Anarchist Union1,419,90220.20
 Parti de Garde Royales1,117,91415.90
 Federal Peace Movement960,27213.66
 Conservative Party of Lourenne942,89513.41
 Liberal Conservative party930,14413.23
 Progressive Party905,41812.88
 Freedom Party of Lourenne747,72210.64
 Lourenne Green Party4,6270.07
February 2534
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Anarchist Union1,292,71320.09
 Parti de Garde Royales1,110,95117.27
 Conservative Party of Lourenne950,19214.77
 Liberal Conservative party940,24814.61
 Federal Peace Movement922,78514.34
 Progressive Party650,84210.11
 Freedom Party of Lourenne566,7108.81
February 2531
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservative party1,255,40720.20
 People's Anarchist Union1,241,12219.97
 Conservative Party of Lourenne1,165,56218.75
 Progressive Party816,12613.13
 Parti de Garde Royales752,09612.10
 Federal Peace Movement496,4837.99
 Freedom Party of Lourenne489,3827.87
February 2528
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservative party1,394,35322.49
 Parti de Garde Royales1,295,48520.90
 People's Anarchist Union1,208,83619.50
 Progressive Party1,085,67717.51
 Freedom Party of Lourenne793,12212.79
 Conservative Party of Lourenne406,2796.55
 Federal Peace Movement15,7630.25
February 2525
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Anarchist Union1,523,57926.00
 Liberal Conservative party1,137,42619.41
 Parti de Garde Royales1,033,54417.64
 Progressive Party915,44515.62
 Freedom Party of Lourenne617,25310.54
 Conservative Party of Lourenne318,9535.44
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)310,9315.31
 Federal Peace Movement1,7550.03
February 2522
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Anarchist Union1,877,64730.34
 Liberal Conservative party1,323,37621.38
 Progressive Party1,254,15920.27
 Parti de Garde Royales977,39915.79
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)412,7816.67
 Conservative Party of Lourenne331,0495.35
 Freedom Party of Lourenne7,7560.13
 BDRaley Party4,2660.07
February 2519
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservative party1,576,26124.57
 People's Anarchist Union1,448,99022.59
 Progressive Party1,193,24418.60
 Parti de Garde Royales1,156,28318.02
 Conservative Party of Lourenne520,9338.12
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)512,4177.99
 Lourenne National Party4,3620.07
 Freedom Party of Lourenne2,9820.05
February 2516
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Anarchist Union1,610,24325.66
 Liberal Conservative party1,289,33420.54
 Progressive Party826,64213.17
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)758,54512.09
 Lourenne Democratic Party658,12310.49
 Conservative Party of Lourenne615,9309.81
 Parti de Garde Royales516,0258.22
February 2513
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Conservative party1,261,84922.10
 People's Anarchist Union1,247,10821.84
 Progressive Party751,76713.16
 Lourenne Democratic Party602,20410.54
 Parti de Garde Royales546,4659.57
 Conservative Party of Lourenne533,9009.35
 National Atheist Party403,0517.06
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)364,6606.39
February 2510
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Anarchist Union1,133,39219.18
 Liberal Conservative party1,049,39317.76
 Progressive Party750,88612.71
 Conservative Party of Lourenne717,00212.13
 Lourenne Democratic Party689,74011.67
 Parti de Garde Royales650,55011.01
 National Atheist Party477,6568.08
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)441,4597.47
February 2507
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Anarchist Union1,053,94719.06
 Lourenne Democratic Party1,037,55718.76
 Progressive Party887,79416.06
 Parti de Garde Royales717,24312.97
 Liberal Conservative party706,97312.79
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)394,3677.13
 National Atheist Party390,7727.07
 Conservative Party of Lourenne340,8866.16
February 2504
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Anarchist Union1,157,72319.64
 Lourenne Democratic Party1,082,17618.36
 Progressive Party955,77016.22
 Liberal Conservative party778,53413.21
 National Atheist Party738,41112.53
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)429,4727.29
 Conservative Party of Lourenne427,9477.26
 Parti de Garde Royales323,5705.49
February 2501
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Progressive Party1,231,68520.78
 Liberal Conservative party953,07816.08
 People's Anarchist Union836,36714.11
 Lourenne Democratic Party813,13213.72
 Parti de Garde Royales720,23412.15
 National Atheist Party584,6009.86
 Conservative Party of Lourenne411,4076.94
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)376,7136.36
February 2498
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Anarchist Union1,212,31122.86
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)791,37514.92
 Progressive Party637,76912.02
 Parti de Garde Royales610,46911.51
 Lourenne Democratic Party582,45510.98
 National Atheist Party556,99710.50
 Liberal Conservative party466,8758.80
 Conservative Party of Lourenne445,5468.40
November 2496
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Anarchist Union1,073,58020.56
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)864,95116.56
 Parti de Garde Royales712,65613.65
 National Atheist Party609,64511.67
 Conservative Party of Lourenne608,03711.64
 Lourenne Democratic Party535,08510.25
 Liberal Conservative party511,2219.79
 Progressive Party306,8845.88
April 2494
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Anarchist Union946,30317.13
 Parti de Garde Royales893,34516.18
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)891,14016.14
 National Atheist Party824,31114.93
 Liberal Conservative party625,66311.33
 Lourenne Democratic Party610,61911.06
 Progressive Party520,3079.42
 Conservative Party of Lourenne211,1163.82
April 2491
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 People's Anarchist Union1,352,18125.08
 National Atheist Party955,00817.71
 Parti de Garde Royales781,01514.49
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)711,00713.19
 Progressive Party571,46110.60
 Lourenne Democratic Party515,0609.55
 Liberal Conservative party505,0679.37
 Backbone Party7310.01
April 2488
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)1,187,44821.30
 Lourenne Democratic Party917,17916.45
 Parti de Garde Royales862,65915.48
 People's Anarchist Union832,53714.93
 National Atheist Party586,23310.52
 Labour Party of the Free Republic533,6989.57
 Progressive Party477,0568.56
 Liberal Conservative party177,6853.19
October 2487
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)1,050,74518.87
 People's Anarchist Union935,45716.80
 Lourenne Democratic Party825,81914.83
 National Atheist Party732,11113.15
 Parti de Garde Royales720,13012.93
 Labour Party of the Free Republic651,42511.70
 Progressive Party493,6738.86
 Liberal Conservative party159,7352.87
October 2484
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales1,500,34326.15
 Progressive Party1,443,58725.16
 Lourenne Democratic Party1,396,31524.33
 National Atheist Party702,15912.24
 Democratic & socialist Party (PDyS)687,34211.98
 People's Anarchist Union3,4530.06
 Republican Party2,6600.05
 Liberal Conservative party2,5490.04
October 2481
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Parti de Garde Royales1,853,99035.19
 Lourenne Democratic Party1,787,77333.93
 Progressive Party1,610,62830.57
 Lourenne and Liberty5,0390.10
 boston Party4,2540.08
 National Atheist Party3,9980.08
 Husky Party2,0040.04
 cliclir Party7210.01
December 2479
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral1,655,36627.98
 Socialist Reformist Party1,155,92719.54
 Lourenne Democratic Party1,127,95819.06
 Parti de Garde Royales1,113,84818.83
 Progressive Party847,69114.33
 Maitre Party6,1930.10
 National Atheist Party4,7320.08
 Centre Party4,6880.08
December 2476
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral1,636,47628.28
 Socialist Reformist Party1,216,37521.02
 Progressive Party1,115,00619.27
 Lourenne Democratic Party1,082,78118.71
 Parti de Garde Royales727,09112.57
 National Atheist Party4,6350.08
 Centre Party2,6570.05
 Maitre Party1,4490.03
December 2473
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral1,636,58527.69
 Socialist Reformist Party1,451,83324.56
 Progressive Party1,078,94018.25
 Lourenne Democratic Party921,02815.58
 Parti de Garde Royales809,79713.70
 G_Low Party4,6580.08
 Social Democratic Party4,4510.08
 National Atheist Party3,1010.05
December 2470
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Socialist Reformist Party1,181,77822.67
 Economic Liberty Party1,142,27821.92
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral945,24318.14
 Progressive Party694,81513.33
 Lourenne Democratic Party657,70812.62
 Parti de Garde Royales360,2326.91
 Proletarian Relief Party230,1534.42
December 2466
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Economic Liberty Party1,840,58430.81
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral1,608,04126.91
 Socialist Egalitarian Movement1,097,42918.37
 Socialist Reformist Party787,72713.18
 Proletarian Relief Party631,13810.56
 Progressive Party4,5660.08
 Parti de Garde Royales2,8290.05
 Lourenne Democratic Party2,5750.04
December 2462
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Economic Liberty Party1,657,68229.09
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral1,354,34123.77
 Proletarian Relief Party776,36813.62
 Socialist Egalitarian Movement756,08713.27
 Socialist Reformist Party627,18711.01
 Society For A Free And Safe Lourenne521,5889.15
 Progressive Party5,3460.09
December 2458
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Economic Liberty Party1,369,72426.93
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral1,084,98721.33
 Society For A Free And Safe Lourenne862,42916.96
 Socialist Egalitarian Movement766,05115.06
 Proletarian Relief Party594,25211.68
 Socialist Reformist Party398,9107.84
 The Connecticut for Matty Party5,6120.11
 ZDist Party4,3540.09
December 2454
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Economic Liberty Party1,705,74130.88
 Society For A Free And Safe Lourenne1,098,95619.89
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral937,72916.98
 Socialist Egalitarian Movement532,2819.64
 Proletarian Relief Party454,3618.23
 Socialist Reformist Party449,2418.13
 Secular Party342,1716.19
 Lourenne Patriot and Reform Party3,3460.06
December 2450
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Orthodox Front1,090,98221.49
 Economic Liberty Party1,008,27219.86
 Secular Party886,94217.47
 Proletarian Relief Party605,52011.93
 Socialist Reformist Party552,81810.89
 Society For A Free And Safe Lourenne363,2847.16
 Liberal Humanist Party329,9686.50
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral239,1494.71
December 2446
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Orthodox Front1,267,29525.16
 Economic Liberty Party997,48019.80
 Secular Party761,51615.12
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral642,29812.75
 Liberal Humanist Party507,27410.07
 Society For A Free And Safe Lourenne505,54410.04
 Proletarian Relief Party353,7107.02
 Socialist Reformist Party2,4320.05
July 2442
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Orthodox Front1,086,36020.50
 Economic Liberty Party1,056,25219.93
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral978,52318.47
 Secular Party948,17717.90
 Technocratic Party517,9159.77
 Liberal Humanist Party510,1389.63
 RAi Consortium194,9153.68
 Society For A Free And Safe Lourenne6,2140.12
July 2438
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral1,245,42630.86
 National Orthodox Front738,70318.30
 Economic Liberty Party634,37415.72
 Technocratic Party581,08414.40
 Cyborg Unity Party332,8428.25
 Libertophile Party324,8168.05
 Liberal Humanist Party176,7734.38
 eulcedes Party2,2140.05
June 2438
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral842,37921.58
 Economic Liberty Party737,00318.88
 Technocratic Party687,72117.62
 National Orthodox Front488,93812.53
 Liberal Humanist Party420,81110.78
 Cyborg Unity Party384,3329.85
 Libertophile Party338,4428.67
 eulcedes Party3,5410.09
May 2438
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Economic Liberty Party1,131,30329.66
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral1,074,02628.16
 National Orthodox Front729,73519.13
 Technocratic Party699,79818.35
 Liberal Humanist Party95,0632.49
 Cyborg Unity Party55,3861.45
 Libertophile Party24,2600.64
 eulcedes Party4,6280.12
April 2438
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 National Orthodox Front1,767,13542.48
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral1,478,49635.54
 Economic Liberty Party672,71416.17
 Technocratic Party230,0315.53
 Cyborg Unity Party5,0060.12
 Liberal Humanist Party3,8360.09
 Libertophile Party3,0640.07
 eulcedes Party310.00
March 2438
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 eulcedes Party337,50114.22
 Libertophile Party323,98013.65
 National Orthodox Front312,54313.17
 Technocratic Party311,88313.14
 Liberal Humanist Party297,24112.53
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral292,34612.32
 Cyborg Unity Party272,00911.46
 Economic Liberty Party225,4079.50
February 2438
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Libertophile Party342,96213.87
 Cyborg Unity Party328,74813.29
 National Orthodox Front317,56312.84
 Liberal Humanist Party304,48612.31
 eulcedes Party299,71312.12
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral294,76411.92
 Economic Liberty Party294,75011.92
 Technocratic Party290,00111.73
January 2438
PartyVotesVotes (%)
 Liberal Humanist Party360,32515.49
 Monarchism Démocratique et Fédéral322,66813.87
 Economic Liberty Party322,37413.86
 Cyborg Unity Party287,70412.37
 Libertophile Party270,73811.64
 eulcedes Party261,40911.24
 National Orthodox Front253,82210.91
 Technocratic Party247,56710.64

Random fact: Players have a responsibility to differentiate between OOC (out-of-character) and IC (in-character) behaviour, and to make clear when they are communicating in OOC or IC terms. Since Particracy is a role-playing game, IC excesses are generally fine, but OOC attacks are not. However, players must not presume this convention permits them to harass a player with IC remarks that have a clear OOC context.

Random quote: "A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both." Dwight D. Eisenhower

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