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FIFA World Cup

This treaty was drafted in February 3703 by the Sindicato Obrero Libre.

Status: ratification[?]


Article 1: Foundation
1.Upon the ratification of this treaty by a combination of national associations (hereafter: NAs) representing between them 16 nations or more;
2.The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (hereafter: FIFA) World Cup competition shall by this treaty be founded.

Article 2: Ratification and Affiliation by Confederations and Membership
1. All nation states with NAs are eligible to ratify this treaty and affiliate itself with FIFA and the World Cup competition
2. All NAs affiliated with FIFA may bid to host and participate in the World Cup

Article 3: FIFA World Cup
1. Once established, FIFA shall organise periodical tournaments between NAs, the winners of which will be declared the FIFA World Cup holder and champion. The tournament shall be known as the FIFA World Cup. To differentiate it from sanctioned qualification stages, the tournament may be known as the FIFA World Cup Finals.
2. Host bidding and voting shall be in accordance to agreements made in the FIFA organisation
3. Qualifications, seeding and matches shall be organised in accordance to agreements made in the FIFA organisation

Article 4: Other Competition
1. FIFA may also organise other competitions than the World Cup
2. FIFA may restrict eligibility of such competitions in accordance to agreements made in the FIFA organisation
3. Issues pertaining to hosting, voting, qualifications, seeding, matches, and invitations shall be organised in accordance to agreements made in the FIFA organisation

Article 5. Executive Committee
1. NAs and their representative affiliated with FIFA may participate in the administrative organisation FIFA Executive Committee
2. NAs in the FIFA Executive Committee will participate in the organisation and administration of FIFA World Cup, other competitions, and FIFA laws, rules and agreements.
3. Eligibility, nomination, and appointment of NAs to the FIFA Executive Committee shall be organised in accordance to agreements made in the FIFA organisation

Article 6. Pointage
1. FIFA shall award 3 points per win, 1 point per draw, and 0 point for a loss in FIFA sanctioned matches across all competitions
2. FIFA reserves the right to change pointage indefinitely, or for a period or competition, which shall be done in accordance to agreements made in the FIFA organisation
3. FIFA reserves the right for penalty points as part of sanction with transgression against the values and spirit of FIFA and the game.

Article 7. Goals
1. To promote ethics of the game
2. To promote sportsmanship
3. To nurture young players in the laws of the game
4. To ensure the safety of all players
5. To ensure the competition of the World Cup and Women's World Cup
6. To promote development of the game
7. To cooperate with other members to achieve sporting milestones

Article 8. Administration
1. The FIFA Organisation is the highest authority of FIFA, the FIFA World Cup, and other related competitions (
2. The FIFA Forum shall play a role in the organisation of the World Cup (


The treaty consists of the following articles.


The treaty has been formally ratified by the following nations.

Sameinað Konungsríki Tælmörks og Suðureyja (Telamon)November 5024
Poblacht na Choiarlabhan (Kirlawa)December 4957
Jelbék H'ánknstat (Jelbe)April 4613
République d'Alduria (Alduria)February 4581
Royaume Uni de Kanjor (Kanjor)March 4527
Pontesi hanrapetut’yun (Pontesi)August 4314
Rzechpospolita Walruzja (Valruzia)June 4249
Royaume Uni de Lourenne (Lourenne)November 4200
Repubblika ta Cildania (Cildania)February 4128
Imārat-i Ahmādī-yi Sahel/Ahmadi Emirate of Solentia (Solentia)July 4126
Confederaţie Noului Endralo și a Chizână/Újndrálon és Kizénia Államszövetsége (New Endralon and Kizenia)January 4089
Medinat Beiteinu (Beiteynu)March 3721
Wrnukaék Konzknstat (Vanuku)September 3706
Mängəstä Kobura (Cobura)September 3705
Commune Rildanorienne (Rildanor)June 3704
Reino de Egelion (Egelion)May 3704
Impero Istaliano (Istalia)February 3704

Pending Ratifications


The treaty contains no articles that can be verified.


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Ratification Map

Ratification Map

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