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International Rejection of Slavery Agreement

This treaty was drafted in September 3980 by the National Progressive Union.

Status: ratification[?]


This treaty would allow all nations in Terra who value basic human freedom to stand together against slavers and the nations who endorse them. By signing this treaty, a nation agrees to outlaw slavery and cut all economic ties with any nation that allows slaves to be held and traded.


The treaty consists of the following articles.


The treaty has been formally ratified by the following nations.

Sameinað Konungsríki Tælmörks og Suðureyja (Telamon)November 5024
Union Communale d'Aldurie (Alduria)January 4911
Serene Kyo People's Republic (Dankuk)March 4859
Confederatie van Narikaton en Darnussien / Staatenbund von Narikaton und Darnussien (Narikaton and Darnussia)May 4853
République Trudeauiste de Rildanor (Rildanor)February 4827
Unionis Kundrati (Kundrati)January 4827
Commonwealth of Mordusia (Mordusia)October 4739
Republic of Beluzia (Beluzia)September 4726
Unionen Dovmark og/och Kivonien (Davostan)June 4709
Royaume Uni de Lourenne (Lourenne)May 4704
Königreich Dolgava (Dolgava)October 4703
Königreich Dorvik (Dorvik)October 4703
Koperasi Republik Vorona/Cooperative Republic of Vorona (Vorona)December 4686
Republic of Likatonia (Likatonia)August 4267
Unione di Quanzar ed Alaria (Quanzar)December 3981
Commonwealth of Hutori (Hutori)October 3981

Pending Ratifications


The following nations (2 in total) are not in compliance to the articles outlined in this treaty.

The following nations (56 in total) are in compliance.


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Ratification Map

Ratification Map

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