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Terran Military and Trade Alliance (TMTA)

This treaty was drafted in February 4697 by the Conservative Republican Party.

Status: ratification[?]


The Terran Military and Trade Alliance (TMTA) is an alliance between the nations of Terra. This alliance will improve trade and defense of all nations. This alliance will make it easier for nations to trade with and purchase weapons from other nations while keeping the
sovereignty of their own nation. The TMTA will meet every five years to vote on the leader and goals of the TMTA this will be done via a page on the forum, every nation has one delegate which will be the minister of foreign affairs each delegate will have one vote and the party that has the minister of foreign affairs will be notified by the leader of the alliance when meetings will occur. The first meeting of the TMTA will be held in 4700 in the city of Clovisport and will establish the goals and leader of the TMTA.

Current Goals:

Sovereign Rights, Request, Ect.:

. The TMTA recognizes the sovereign Rights of every nation to make their own laws that best work for there citizens we however do ask that the members of the TMTA have humane laws and do not allow slavery or slave trade.

. Every nation has a right to produce and store any weapons that they must to protect themselves.

. The TMTA is against war but if a member is attacked all nations are required to give aid of any kind depending on their ability it does not have to be a large amount of aid but we ask for your fair share.

. The TMTA will try to stop wars and keep peace but if it is necessary to stop evil acts or to defend human rights the TMTA allows member nations to got to war.


The treaty consists of the following articles.


The treaty has been formally ratified by the following nations.

Koperasi Republik Vorona/Cooperative Republic of Vorona (Vorona)January 4895
Dundorfische Demokratische Republik (Dundorf)September 4756
Federal Republic of Gaduridos (Gaduridos)March 4698

Pending Ratifications


The following nations (2 in total) are not in compliance to the articles outlined in this treaty.

The following nations (56 in total) are in compliance.


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Ratification Map

Ratification Map

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