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Gene and Seed Vault Project

This treaty was drafted in January 4914 by the Clara Aurora - COSIRA.

Status: ratification[?]


The Gene and Seed Vault of Oleria (Selucian: Crypta de Genes et Semillibus de Oleria, CryGSO) is a secure genetic and seed bank in the mountains of the Selucian province of Oleria built in 4823. The Vault is an attempt to ensure against the loss of genetic material and seeds around Terra during large-scale regional or global crises, as well as preserving wildlife. The vault is under direct oversight of the scientifics working in the SuCoSQua.

Storing seeds and genetic material in the vault is free to end users; Primary funding for the Vault comes from the Olerian government, the Selucian government and from various governments worldwide.

The Gene and Seed Vault's mission is to provide a safety net against accidental loss of diversity in traditional genebanks and around the world, by providing a safe environment for the preservation of seed and genetic samples from all nations. While the popular press has emphasized its possible utility in the event of a major regional or global catastrophe, it will be more frequently accessed when genebanks lose samples due to mismanagement, accident, equipment failures, funding cuts, and natural disasters.

This Agreement makes clear that Selucia nor Oleria do not claim ownership over the deposited samples, with ownership remaining with the depositor nation, who has the sole right of access to those materials in the seed vault. No one has access to anyone else's seeds or genetic material from the Vault.


The treaty consists of the following articles.


The treaty has been formally ratified by the following nations.

Federal Republic of Gaduridos (Gaduridos)February 5145
Unionis Kundrati (Kundrati)December 5124
Commune Rildanorienne (Rildanor)August 5107
Sameinað Konungsríki Tælmörks og Suðureyja (Telamon)November 5024
Jemhewra Aldegar (Aldegar)November 5005
Trigunskaya Federatsiya Sotsialisticheskoy Respubliki (Trigunia)November 4996
Royaume Uni de Kanjor (Kanjor)November 4975
Königreich Dorvik (Dorvik)April 4945
Aŭgustana Imperio (Zardugal)April 4938
Riksstaten Kazulmark (Kazulia)May 4931
Dundorfische Demokratische Republik (Dundorf)November 4926
Republic of Beluzia (Beluzia)September 4917
Reino de Egelion (Egelion)April 4917
Teyrnas Aloria/Königreich Aloria (Aloria)August 4916
Fürstentum vu Kéimun (Keymon)May 4916
Rìoghachd na Rutha (Rutania)May 4916
Commonwealth of Mordusia (Mordusia)March 4916
Hobratsuri Respublika (Hobrazia)December 4915
Royaume Uni de Lourenne (Lourenne)October 4915
Federale Democratische Republiek / Demokratische Bundesrepublik Narikaton und Darnussia (Narikaton and Darnussia)August 4915
United States of Baltusia (Baltusia)June 4915
Daedan Minguk (Dankuk)May 4915
Federale Republiek van Seridjan (Saridan)March 4915
República de Tukarali (Tukarali)March 4915
Förenade Konungarikena Dovmark och Kivonien/De forenede Kongeriger Dovmark og Kovmark (Davostan-Kivonia)March 4915
Kalopikí Dimokratía (Kalopia)February 4915
Mängəstä Kobura (Cobura)January 4915
Republic of Kalistan (Kalistan)November 4914
Cakaniye Cumhuriyeti (Jakania)October 4914
Jumhuriat al-Badara al-Diymuqratia (Badara)October 4914
Republic of Likatonia (Likatonia)October 4914
Miharukuni rōheikoku (Mikuni-Hulstria)October 4914
République d'Alduria (Alduria)October 4914
Res Publica Seluciana (Selucia)September 4914

Pending Ratifications


The treaty contains no articles that can be verified.


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Ratification Map

Ratification Map

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