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Global Emancipation Treaty

This treaty was drafted in May 2120 by the Alianse Progresivitāte.

Status: ratification[?]


The signatories of this treaty agree that they shall never engage in the practice of human slavery, nor to allow any trade whatsoever in slavery.


The treaty consists of the following articles.


The treaty has been formally ratified by the following nations.

Federal Republic of Hutori (Hutori)July 5207
Republic of Likatonia (Likatonia)September 5202
Commonwealth of Lodamun (Lodamun)April 5199
Gweriniaeth Aloria/Republik Aloria (Aloria)March 5102
Confederatie van Narikaton en Darnussien/Staatenbund von Narikaton und Darnussien (Narikaton and Darnussia)August 5098
Commonwealth of Mordusia (Mordusia)May 5069
United States of Baltusia (Baltusia)June 5046
Verenigde Provinsies van Seridjan (Saridan)February 4989
Poblacht na Choiarlabhan (Kirlawa)December 4957
Cakaniye Sultanlığı (Jakania)October 4921
Hobratsuri Respublika (Hobrazia)August 4900
Reino de Egelion (Egelion)March 4868
Dewleta nû ya Barmenia (Barmenistan)November 4867
Repubblika ta Cildania (Cildania)June 4862
De Forenede Kongeriger Dovmarg og Kovmark/Förenade Konungarikena Dovostagien och Kivonien (Davostag-Kivonia)January 4862
Riksstaten Kazulmark (Kazulia)January 4862
Medinat Beiteinu (Beiteynu)January 4862
Freie Republik Kéimun (Keymon)December 4861
Königreich Dorvik (Dorvik)December 4861
Jemhewra Aldegar (Aldegar)November 4857
Dolgavas Karaliste (Kingdom of Dolgava)January 4827
Kundrati Union (Kundrati)January 4827
Reino de Gaduridos (Gaduridos)October 4826
Dai Sekouokoku (Sekowo)February 4783
Jelbék H'ánknstat (Jelbe)April 4613
Statul Chizâna (New Endralon and Kizenia)May 4558
République d'Alduria (Alduria)May 4496
Republika Deltarska (Deltaria)February 4401
Koperasi Republik Vorona/Cooperative Republic of Vorona (Vorona)December 4312
República Tukarense (Tukarali)December 4120
Commune Rildanorienne (Rildanor)February 3496
Rìoghachd na Rutha (Rutania)December 2124

Pending Ratifications


The following nations (3 in total) are not in compliance to the articles outlined in this treaty.

The following nations (55 in total) are in compliance.


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Ratification Map

Ratification Map

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