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Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons

This treaty was drafted in December 2134 by the RSDP - Democratic Front.

Status: ratification[?]


The States Parties to the present Declaration ,

Reaffirming faith in human rights and fundamental freedoms and in the principles of peace, of the dignity and worth of the human person and of social justice,

Recalling the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

Emphasizing the necessity of protecting the rights and assuring the welfare and rehabilitation of the physically and mentally disadvantaged,

Bearing in mind the necessity of assisting mentally retarded persons to develop their abilities in various fields of activities and of promoting their integration as far as possible in normal life,

Aware that certain countries, at their present stage of development, can devote only limited efforts to this end,

Proclaim this Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons and call for national and international action to ensure that it will be used as a common basis and frame of reference for the protection of these rights:

1. The mentally retarded person has, to the maximum degree of feasibility, the same rights as other human beings.

2. The mentally retarded person has a right to proper medical care and physical therapy and to such education, training, rehabilitation and guidance as will enable him to develop his ability and maximum potential.

3. The mentally retarded person has a right to economic security and to a decent standard of living. He has a right to perform productive work or to engage in any other meaningful occupation to the fullest possible extent of his capabilities.

4. Whenever possible, the mentally retarded person should live with his own family or with foster parents and participate in different forms of community life. The family with which he lives should receive assistance. If care in an institution becomes necessary, it should be provided in surroundings and other circumstances as close as possible to those of normal life.

5. The mentally retarded person has a right to a qualified guardian when this is required to protect his personal well-being and interests.

6. The mentally retarded person has a right to protection from exploitation, abuse and degrading treatment. If prosecuted for any offence, he shall have a right to due process of law with full recognition being given to his degree of mental responsibility.

7. Whenever mentally retarded persons are unable, because of the severity of their handicap, to exercise all their rights in a meaningful way or it should become necessary to restrict or deny some or all of these rights, the procedure used for that restriction or denial of rights must contain proper legal safeguards against every form of abuse. This procedure must be based on an evaluation of the social capability of the mentally retarded person by qualified experts and must be subject to periodic review and to the right of appeal to higher authorities.


The treaty consists of the following articles.


The treaty has been formally ratified by the following nations.

Constitutional Republic of Sekowo (セコウォの憲法共和国)January 4425
Republic of DolgavaAugust 4384
République de Rildanor (Republic of Rildanor)September 4371
Esinsundu Empire, Hawu MumenhesApril 4208
Federal Republic of LikatoniaFebruary 4135
Fédération de Canrille, AlduriaJune 3875
BaltusiaDecember 3812
Dundorfische Demokratische Republik (DDR)April 3806
República Democrática do TukaraliJanuary 3572
Grand Imperial Union of Dankuk (단국 대제국)March 3529
Repubblica Istaliana (Istalia)September 3463
Federal Kingdom of CildaniaJanuary 3163
Federal Union of GaduridosDecember 3157
רפובליקת יידיש של ביתנו (Yeudish Republic of Beiteynu)March 3125
Poblacht na Kirlawa (Republic of Kirlawa)December 2692

Pending Ratifications


The treaty contains no articles that can be verified.


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Ratification Map

Ratification Map

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