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User BreakDownSoul

Party: In Marea - Civis Sinistram

Nation: Res Publica Seluciae

Joined on: 00:57:38, September 30, 2016 CET

Last activity: 12:28:41, December 19, 2018 CET

Last page visited: Bill Page

Random fact: The default rule is that role-play events can only be done with the consent of all of the players in the nation or nations concerned, and that if one of the players withdraws consent for the role-play, then the role-play becomes void. However, there are procedures available to overcome the risk of a role-play being brought down like this. These procedures cannot compel players to actively participate in a role-play, but they do oblige them not to stand in the way of them and to recognise their legitimacy under the rules.

Random quote: "There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America." - Bill Clinton

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