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User TheGodboy

Party: Socialist Party of Luthori

Nation: Holy Luthori Empire

Joined on: 03:29:37, March 18, 2017 CET

Last activity: 18:05:00, March 25, 2017 CET

Last page visited: Nation Overview

Random fact: Particracy does not allow real-life fictional references (eg. Gandalf, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker).

Random quote: "Colonialism or imperialism, as the slave system of the West is called, is not something that is just confined to England or France or the United States. The interests in this country are in cahoots with the interests in France and the interests in Britain. It's one huge complex or combine, and it creates what's known not as the American power structure or the French power structure, but an international power structure. This international power structure is used to suppress the masses of dark-skinned people all over the world and exploit them of their natural resources." Malcolm X

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