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User nicocurbelo

Party: Partido Trabajo y Libertad

Nation: República de Egelion

Joined on: 04:19:01, March 20, 2017 CET

Last activity: 17:26:06, April 24, 2017 CET

Last page visited: Nation Overview

Random fact: Hundreds of vessels were lost while traversing the cold waters of the Sea of Lost Souls. It is located between Seleya and Majatra.

Random quote: Thousands of Zardic soldiers were sacrificed so that the Zardic government could gain control of a few buildings and Theodoro could pretend to be Augustus the Great. This is the kind of jingoistic ideology Zardugal would bring to the Security Council. They will throw countless lives away in pursuit of former glory. � Prince Akhaias of Cobura invoking the Tokundi War of Independence in opposition to Zardugal's bid for 4112 World Congress Security Council

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