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User FPD

Party: Demokratische Partei Dundorfs

Nation: Bundesrepublik Dundorf

Joined on: 06:06:01, July 04, 2017 CET

Last activity: 15:38:33, November 24, 2017 CET

Last page visited: Nation Overview

Random fact: Players who consent to a particular role-play by acknowledging it in their own role-play cannot then disown it or withdraw their consent from it. For example, if player A role-plays the assassination of player B's character, and player B then acknowledges the assassination in a news post, but then backtracks and insists the assassination did not happen, then he will be required under the rules to accept the validity of the assassination role-play.

Random quote: "Liberty is not a means to a higher political end. It is itself the highest political end." Lord Acton

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