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User DauxusofNimrod

Party: Ecofeudalist-Antinatalist Peasant Party

Nation: 1st Princely Republic of Lodamun

Joined on: 10:09:56, January 20, 2019 CET

Last activity: 11:45:24, January 31, 2020 CET

Last page visited: Nation Overview

Random fact: After 4 days of inactivity, your party account is inactivated by the moderation team. You can ask for reactivation on the Particracy forum, moderation section.

Random quote: "As a practitioner of Inkolo, the traditional Ibutho religion, and also as a devout Hosian, Ahmadi, Yazdi, Daenist and Felinist, I am the perfect candidate to chair the International Conference on Inter-Faith Dialogue and bring all of the different sides together. I am further qualified by the fact I am a living deity myself, and hence - as all who know me agree - have a unique vantage point for understanding divine affairs." � Chief Mlungisi of Ibutho, May 3611

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