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Nation Comparison

The government's policy concerning adoption.

Adoption is strictly regulated by the government. Only by passing several tests and by following an intensive program applicants can adopt children.

Arbeiterrepublik Dorvik
Unionis Kundrati
Az Endralon Szövetségi Elnöki Köztársaság (The Federal Presidential Republic of Endralon)
Holy Luthori Empire
Ewiges Thalleristisches Reich von Narikaton
Free State of Malivia
Manrick Union, Telamon/Grenmark / Manrick Stéttarfélags, Tælmörk/Grænmörk
República Democrática do Tukarali
United Republic of Kalistan
Jemhewra-ye Aldegār (Republic of Aldegar)
Commonwealth of Mordusia
Trigunian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
Reino de Egelion
Res Publica Seluciae
Repubblica Istaliana (Istalia)
Alianco de Koburan Socialismaj Registaroj (Alliance of Coburan Socialist Governorates)
Μεγάλη Καλοπιακή Δημοκρατία (Great Kalopian Republic)
Cakaniye Cumhuriyeti (Jakania)
Wrnukaék Konzknstat (Vanuku)

Adoption is regulated by private, recognised organisations.

Gweriniaeth Aloria
Republic of Beluzia
2nd Great Democratic Republic of Lodamun
Jelbék H'ák'ánknstat (Jelbék Khaganate) (Jelbania)
Grand Imperial Union of Dankuk (단국 대제국)
Republic of Vorona

Adoption policy is to be established by local governments.

Constitutional Republic of Sekowo (セコウォの憲法共和国)

Adoption is regulated by the government. Applicants can adopt after a routine check-up.

Poblacht na Kirlawa (Republic of Kirlawa)
Commonwealth of Rutania
Capitalist State of Hobrazia
Commonwealth of Hutori
Federal Republic of Likatonia
Rzeczpospolita Walruzyjska (Republic of Valruzia)
Federal Union of Gaduridos
Republiek van Seridjan (Republic of Saridan)
République de Rildanor (Republic of Rildanor)
La République de Kanjor et La Tondelle
République Populaire Aldurienne (Aldurian People's Republic)
Republic of Dolgava
瑩大磖國 (State of Indrala)
Confederația Noului Endralon, Kizenia și Kuzaki (New Endralon / Kizenia)
Republic of Cildania
United Al-Badaria Emirate Terra (Democratic Republic of Badara)
Keymonite Republic
United Solentian Republic
Konfederacio de Zardugalo (Zardugal)
Brmék Ishtoprtastaték Krsyjogad (Barmenian Confederal Union)
רפובליקת יידיש של ביתנו (Yeudish Republic of Beiteynu)
Republic of Talmoria

Regulation is used to screen out only those with a previous history of child abuse.

Dundorfische Demokratische Republik (DDR)
Confederation of St. Muron and Davostan
Esinsundu Empire, Hawu Mumenhes
𐌲𐍂𐌰𐌽𐌳 𐍀𐍂𐌹𐌽𐍃ᵻˈ𐍀𐌰𐌻ᵻ𐍄𐌹 𐌳𐌴𐌻𐍄𐌰𐍂𐌹 (Grand Principality of Deltaria)
Pnték Jeznyfkaiék Hldjogad/Rei Publicae Dynasticae Pontesiae (Pontesian Dynastic Commonwealth)
Bundesrepublik Hulsterreich und Mikuni - Ōsutoria Renpō Haruzuterusuaiku undo Gao-Soto (Federal Republic of Hulstria and Mikuni)
Manrick Union, Kazulia / Manrick Union, Kazulmark
État Canrillaise de Lourenne

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