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Laws of the Hobratsuri Respublika (Hobrazia)

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infoThe professional retirement age.


infoThe way adulthood is determined.

infoThe lyrics of the national anthem.

infoThe number of proposals a party can introduce per year (will be handed out as a monthly quota).

infoThe maximum proposal quota a party can accumulate.

infoPolicy on membership in the national cabinet

infoThe constitutional right and responsibility to propose a cabinet to the legislature.

infoPublic financing of political campaigns

infoThe nation's capital city.

infoGovernment policy concerning granting citizenship.

infoLegality of multiple citizenship.

infoStructure of the executive branch.

infoThe national flag (URL).

infoThe salaries of members of parliament and/or government.

infoAppointments and requirements for government employees.

infoThe title of the head of government, who chairs the cabinet.

infoThe formal title of the Head of State.

infoGovernment-issued identity card policy.

infoThe age at which a person is considered an adult (limited between 12 and 24).

infoProcedure on the election of the legislative presiding officer

infoThe official title of the legislative assembly.

infoThe appointment of mayors.

infoGovernment policy concerning granting nationality (national of this state without implication of having citizenship rights).

infoThe National Animal.

infoThe national motto.

infoThe official national sport.

infoTitles of nobility.

infoPrivileges of nobility (if nobility is recognised by the government).

infoPolicy on the funding of mandates/non-legislative policy by the government.

infoPolicy on national government funding to subnational governments

infoRacial and religious registration of nationals.

infoThe official title of subnational entities, also known as regions.

infoThe method used to determine the number of seats each region receives in the national legislature.

infoThe length of a legislative and executive term, in months. Should be between 24 and 72.

infoThe title of the national cabinet

infoThe title of the presiding officer of the national legislature

infoThe total number of seats in the legislative assembly. Should be between 75 and 750.


infoThe government's policy concerning biological and chemical weaponry.

infoThe government's policy concerning the use of chemical and biological weaponry in warfare.

infoCivil defence is the government's policy on providing shelters to be used in the event of attacks on major cities, mainly nuclear attacks and bombing.

infoThe government's policy towards civilians who conscientiously object to being required to perform military service (if applicable).

infoThe nation's defence industry.

infoMilitary stance on homosexuality.

infoNation's policy with regards to an intelligence agency.

infoThe government's policy towards the use of land mines by the army.

infoDiscrimination in the military on grounds of race/religion.

infoThe nation's policy on the separation of the police and the military.

infoNational service.

infoNational military policy.

infoThe government's policy concerning the use of nuclear weaponry in warfare.

infoThe policy with respect to nuclear weaponry.

infoGovernment's position on paramilitaries.

infoAppointment of military officers

infoThe government's policy regarding the treatment of prisoners of war.

infoPolicy on the usage of drones and UAV's

infoThe government's policy concerning the export of weapons to other nations.

infoWomen in the military.


infoThe right to perform an abortion for a pregnant woman.

infoGovernment policy concerning funding for abortions

infoRegulation of advertising of substances classified as addictive and harmful (if general advertising by companies is permitted and sale of the addictive/harmful products is allowed).

infoGovernment policy towards alcoholic beverages.

infoCompulsory detainment of the mentally ill

infoGovernment policy on subsidising contraception.

infoThe right to euthanasia.

infoFood and beverage labeling regulations.

infoListing of controversial ingredients, such as genetically modified (GM) ingredients (if food labelling is applied).

info Scope of food ingredient labeling (if present).

infoFood safety policy.

infoLicensing of food sales.

infoGovernment policy concerning sex reassignment surgery.

infoHealth care policy.

infoHealth and safety legislation for industry.

infoLegality of in-vitro fertilisation.

infoThe use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

infoThe government's policy concerning organ donations.

infoPharmaceutical drugs policy.

infoThe recreational drug policy.

infoGovernment policy towards smoking.

infoThe funding of sports clubs.

infoGovernment policy on surrogacy

infoSale of tobacco products.

infoThe government's stance on vaccinations.


infoThe government's policy on advertising

infoThe banking system.

infoCentral Bank oversight and regulation (if a central bank exists)

infoThe government's policy concerning child labour.

infoClosed shops are places of employment where only members of a specific union are allowed to work; union shops can hire non-members, but these have to become members after a certain time; agency shops can hire non-members, who have to pay a fee to cover the unions costs. All three are erected by union agreements. (Only valid if unions are legal)

infoCollective bargaining

infoTax percentage of the profit made by corporations.

infoGovernment policy on cryptocurrency.

infoThe government's policy towards daily working hours.

infoPolicy on the charging and collection of interest on loans

infoEnergy regulation.

infoSales tax on essential goods such as food and non-luxury clothing.

infoExchange rate regime

infoThe government's policy towards fireworks.

infoEmployer's rights in regards to firing striking workers.

infoThe government's policy towards foreign workers.

info The government's policy regarding foreign investments.

infoThe right to gamble.

infoPolicy on employee representation on corporate boards

infoPolicy concerning industrial hemp.

infoGovernment policy on industry and subsidies to industrial operations.

infoGovernment policy towards labor unions.

infoSales tax on luxury goods.

infoThe government's stance on a salary cap.

infoThe nation's policy on minimum wage regulation.

infoPolicy on monopolies (this general law is superceded by other laws relating to specific parts of the economy).

infoA law on employers' obligations with regards to social security contributions.

infoThe government's policy concerning phone services.

infoReserve requirements for bank loans

infoThe distribution, purchasing and possession of material depicting pornographic acts.

infoThe government's policy with respect to the production of pornography.

infoPositive discrimination.

infoThe right for a person to prostitute himself or herself.

infoGovernment law concerning the sales of recreational drugs.

infoSecondary strike action.

infoPolicy on profit sharing

infoThe government's position towards the stock exchange(s).

infoThe workers' right to strike.

infoTrade union strike ballots.

infoGovernment policy on Democratic Workers' Councils.


infoThe right to appeal against a judgement rendered by a court.

infoPolicy on the appointment of judges/magistrates

infoThe government's position towards the administration of law.

infoVoting rights of criminals.

infoCurfew policy (curfew time to be determined in the bill description).

infoGovernment policy with respect to the death penalty.

infoThe government's position towards the use of forensic DNA databases.

infoPolicy on bail for defendants accused of crimes

infoThe terms of extradition.

infoThe government's policy concerning gated communities.

info The government's stance on illegal aliens.

infoMandatory jury duty (if trial by jury is allowed).

infoThe right to trial by jury (if there are courts)

infoThe legality of dueling.

infoGovernment provision of legal aid to the accused.

infoMalpractice suits.

infoTort reform on non-civil lawsuits.

infoParliamentary privilege.

infoLegality of judicial physical punishment

infoPolicy on the organization of police/law enforcement

infoThe weapons used by police forces.

infoGovernment's policy towards the powers of the police.

infoThe government's policy towards police presence.

infoPolice searches.

infoThe use of torture for obtaining information.

infoEducation in prisons.

infoPrison policy concerning prisoner labor.

infoPublic executions (if death penalty is legal).

infoPolicy on mandatory minimums

infoJury selection (if trial by jury is allowed).


infoCharter school policy (free, privately run, publicly funded schools).

infoEducation for children under adult age.

infoThe age until which students, if education were to be compulsary, are required to be educated (limited between 16 and 21).

infoHigher education institutions.

infoThe regulation of higher education.

infoHigher education tuition policy.

infoGovernment policy on political education

infoPre-school education.

infoGovernment funding for private schools.

infoThe education system.

infoSinging the national anthem in schools.

infoGovernment policy on selective schools

infoSexual education in schools.

infoNational Curriculum

infoThe teacher's right to discipline children.


infoRadio stations.

infoTelevision stations.

infoInternet regulations.

infoThe government's policy regarding regulation of media content.

infoInternational media content regulation.

infoPrivacy protection for those in the public eye.

infoThe government's policy regarding sexually explicit material on broadcast television.

infoThe time at which sexually explicit content may be shown on broadcast television (if allowed).

infoThe government's policy regarding regulation of video games.


infoArt subsidies

infoProtection of original works of technology and arts.

infoNational, cultural and historic sites and monuments.

infoThe government's policy towards the funding of libraries.

infoGovernment regulation of the viewing of movies.

infoThe government's policy concerning museum funding.


infoThe use of animals in cosmetics research.

infoThe research and development of pharmaceutical drugs.

infoThe use of animals in medical research.

infoLegality of stem cell research


infoGovernment policy towards the cloning of human beings.

infoThe government's policy on internet service providers (ISPs).

infoThe government's stance on the source code of software.

infoThe patenting of software techniques.

infoGovernment policy towards space exploration.


infoThe right to kill animals.

infoThe government's policy regarding the ownership of domestic animals as pets.

infoThe government's policy towards hunting endangered animals.

infoThe government's policy regarding the keeping of endangered animals.

infoThe government's policy regarding the keeping of exotic animals.

infoForest management.

infoThe government's policy concerning forest protection.

infoGovernment regulation of hunting.

infoGovernment policy regarding a national park system.

infoGovernment regulation of pollution in industry.

infoThe government's policy concerning private cars.

infoGovernment-sponsored recycling programs.

infoThe government's policy on tree plantation.

infoPolicy on climate change

infoWaste disposal responsibility.

infoRegulation of the quality of drinking water.

infoThe government's stance on whaling.

infoThe government's policy regarding the keeping of wild animals as pets.


infoGovernment agricultural and farming subsidies policy.

infoThe government's policy concerning farm size.

infoCommercial fishing regulation.

infoThe government's policy concerning genetically modified (GM) crops.

infoGovernment policy on animal welfare in livestock farming.

infoGovernment policy concerning the use of pesticides.

Civil liberties

infoThe government's policy concerning adoption.

infoThe government's policy concerning who can proceed with adoption; in case adoption is legal.

infoThe government's policy with respect to adultery.

infoRacial segregation of public amenities (eg. drinking fountains, public toilets)

infoForced marriages.

infoThe citizens' right to assemble in public.

infoThe government's policy regarding bestiality (performing sexual acts with animals).

infoWeapon concealment.

infoGovernment position in respect to crossdressing policy.

infoThe legality of divorces (if marriages are recognised).

infoThe government's policy regarding the initiation of divorces (if allowed).

infoNational policy regarding the desecration of the national flag.

info The government's policy regarding foreign marriages.

infoFreedom of information law.

infoGovernment policy concerning the ability to change the legal definition of one's gender

infoOwnership of guns by private individuals.

infoPolicy on incest.

infoThe government's policy on inheritance

infoGovernment recognition of interracial marriages (if marriages are recognised).

infoThe legality of interracial sex.

infoThe confidentiality of letters and correspondence.

infoLibel laws.

infoGovernment policy toward marriage.

infoThe government's policy on public nudity.

infoThe government's policy concerning parental qualifications.

infoThe government's policy with respect to polygamy.

infoThe government's stance on population control.

infoRight to privacy.

infoDisplays of public affection and obscenity laws.

infoPolicy concerning racial segregation in educational institutions.

infoSlander laws.

infoApplication of libel and slander laws.

infoThe legality of slavery.

infoGovernment policy on sexual relations.

infoWeapons allowed to private citizens.

infoWomen's working rights.

Foreign policy

infoThe government's policy concerning diplomatic immunity.

info The government's policy regarding foreign embassies.

infoTravel by nationals to foreign nations

infoGovernment policy concerning immigration.

infoGovernment policy towards giving aid to foreign countries.

infoInternational trade (this is a default in the absense of a specific free trade agreement or specific trade embargo)

infoPolicy on the appointment of diplomatic officers

infoThe national refugee policy.

infoNomination for Security Council Seat A. (For more information, see )

infoNomination for Security Council Seat B. (For more information, see )

infoNomination for Security Council Seat C. (For more information, see )

infoNomination for Security Council Seat D. (For more information, see )

infoTravel by foreigners to the nation.

infoAppointment of national representatives to the World Congress

infoYour country's Membership within the World Congress


infoGovernment policy on airports.

infoEminent Domain.

infoEminent domain compensation (if eminent domain is legal).

infoGovernment policy on energy generation.

infoGovernment policy on the nation's power grid.

infoFirefighting services.

infoThe government's policy in respect to highways.

infoGovernment policy on nuclear power.

infoThe government's policy concerning the post office

infoFunding of public transport (where applicable).

infoPublic works initiatives

infoRenewable energy sources (eg. solar power, wind power).

infoGovernment policy on rent regulation

infoThe government policy regarding housing.

infoTrain Operating Companies (TOC).


infoThe government's policy regarding child benefit.

infoPolicy on social welfare benefits distribution

infoHomeless shelters and reintegration projects

infoGuarantee of minimum income.

infoThe government's policy concerning the pension system.


infoState penalties for blasphemy

infoGovernment policy concerning the visitation of foreign missionaries.

infoThe state's intervention in the appointment of ministers of religion.

infoGovernment policy towards evangelism and religious advertising.

info Taxation of religious institutions.

infoThe state's policy concerning religious clothing.

infoThe governments stance on religious schools.

infoRemuneration of ministers of religion.

infoThe government's policy with respect to prayer in schools.

infoGovernment policy concerning religions.

Random fact: When forming a cabinet, try to include as few parties as possible, while still obtaining a majority of the seats.

Random quote: "Men's natures are alike, it is their habits that carry them far apart." - Confucius

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