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Bill: Cultural Protocols of Aloria


Submitted by[?]: Plaid Rhyddid / Die Liberalkonservativen

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: March 3558



Aloria can be summed up as "Wales meets Germany". Effectively, the country is part-Welsh (Draddeg, or Draddwyr) and part-Dundorfian (Dundorfische, or Artanian). In reality, the Welsh (Draddeg, or Draddwyr) culture and Welsh (Draddeg, or Draddwyr) people are more influential than the Germans (Dundorfische, or Artanian) but rather than seeking to oppress the German (Dundorfische, or Artanian) "minority" instead the two ethnic groups have reconciled and live in harmony. Most Alorians are bilingual, capable of speaking both Welsh (Draddeg) and German (Dundorfische).

Although the Welsh population is the largest ethnic group they are not the native people of the land. The Welsh population arrived in Alorian thousands of years ago, originating from Dranland and the north Dovani plains. Aloria's Welsh name "Tirgwyryf" derives from the Draddeg words "tiroedd gwyryf", meaning "virgin lands".


• Draddeg / Draddwyr (55%)
• Dundorfische / Artanian (35%)
• Selucians (5%)
• Other (5%)


• Draddeg / Draddwyr / *Welsh* (88%)
• Dundorfische / Artanian / *German* (75%)
• Luthorian / *English* (35%)
• Selucian / *Latin* (5%)


• Alorian Hosian Church / Bishopal (60%)
• Confessional Ameliorate Church of Dundorf / Luthoran (20%)
• Bogism (12%)
• Selucian Patriarchal Church / Patriarchal (8%)

• No Religion (35%)


• Party names should be in both Welsh and German (English is acceptable but least preferred)

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