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Electoral Calendar

This calendar presents the dates on which elections will be held in the nations of Terra. It does not take early election bills[?] into account.

October 5003Pontesi hanrapetut’yun (Pontesi)
October 5003Aŭgustana Imperio (Zardugal)
November 5003Republic of Likatonia (Likatonia)
December 5003United States of Baltusia (Baltusia)
March 5004República de Egelion (Egelion)
March 5004Democratic People's Republic of Vorona (Vorona)
April 5004Federale Republiek van Seridjan (Saridan)
June 5004Repubblika Axiaqista Demokratika ta Cildania (Cildania)
July 5004Çakaniye Sosyalist Cumhuriyeti (Jakania)
August 5004Dundorfisches Reich (Dundorf)
September 5004United Duchies of Lodamun (Lodamun)
November 5004Mängəstä Kobura (Cobura)
March 5005Medinat Beiteinu (Beiteynu)
April 5005Wrnukaék Konzknstat (Vanuku)
May 5005Commonwealth of Mordusia (Mordusia)
July 5005Ijoba Itusile ti Talmoria (Talmoria)
August 5005Omospondía Kalópon Koinonión (Kalopia)
August 5005Confederaţie Noului Endralo și a Chizână/Újndrálon és Kizénia Államszövetsége (New Endralon and Kizenia)
August 5005République Trudeauiste de Rildanor (Rildanor)
August 5005Reino Sereno do Tukarali (Tukarali)
October 5005대단민국 (Dankuk)
October 5005Royaume-Uni de Kanjor (Kanjor)
November 5005Jumhuriat al-Badara (Badara)
February 5006Brenhiniaeth Ddemocrataidd Aloria / Demokratische Monarchie Aloria (Aloria)
March 5006Ndráloni Apostoli Magas Királyság (Endralon)
March 5006Poblacht na Choiarlabhan (Kirlawa)
March 5006Royaume Uni de Lourenne (Lourenne)
April 5006Confederatie van Narikaton en Darnussien / Staatenbund von Narikaton und Darnussien (Narikaton and Darnussia)
May 5006Republic of Kalistan (Kalistan)
June 5006Republic of Beluzia (Beluzia)
June 5006Holy Republic of Hutori (Hutori)
June 5006Repubblica Istaliana (Istalia)
July 5006Rzeczpospolita Walruzja (Valruzia)
August 5006Union Communale d'Aldurie (Alduria)
September 5006Jelbék H'ánknstat (Jelbe)
September 5006al-Mamlakah al-Qalb al-Ma'atraniyyah (Kafuristan)
September 5006Federativnyye Sotsialisticheskiye Respubliki Triguniya (Trigunia)
October 5006Republik Dorvik (Dorvik)
October 5006Yindala Da Tong (Yingdala)
November 5006Republica Gaduri (Gaduridos)
November 5006大瀬共和国 (Seko)
January 5007Avibhājya Maliviya Sāmrājya / Greater Malivian Empire (Malivia)
January 5007Sambandsríki Tælmörk (Telamon)
February 5007Velké Rise Deltarska (Deltaria)
March 5007Kongeriket Kazulmark (Kazulia)
March 5007Senatus Populusque Selucianus (Selucia)
April 5007Fürstentum vu Keymun (Keymon)
April 5007Holy Luthorian Empire (Luthori)
June 5007Jomhūrī-ye Eslāmī-ye Sahel (Solentia)
August 5007Dewleta nû ya Barmenia (Barmenistan)
September 5007ḥw Mnhs / The People's Union of Hawu Mumenhes (Ikradon)
October 5007Republik von Hulsterreich und Gao-Soto (Hulstria and Gao-Soto)
November 5007Hobratsuri Respublika (Hobrazia)
April 5008Königreich Dolgava (Dolgava)
April 5008Unionis Kundrati (Kundrati)
August 5008Jemhewra Aldegar (Aldegar)
August 5008Unionen Dovmark og/och Kivonien (Davostan)
April 5009Commonwealth of Rutania (Rutania)

Random fact: "OOC", "IC" and "IG" are commonly-used acronyms in Particracy. "OOC" refers to comments, discussions and actions which are out-of-character, meaning they are done player-to-player rather than party-to-party. "IC" refers to in-character interactions (ie. party-to-party). Similarly, "IG" means in-game, although this term may also simply refer to what happens in the actual game interface, as opposed to on the forum or elsewhere. "RP" just means "role-play".

Random quote: "If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin." - Charles Darwin

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