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République Fédérale d'Aldurie (Federal Republic of Alduria)[?]

Égalité et Progrès (Equality and Progress)

The Flag of the République Fédérale d'Aldurie (Federal Republic of Alduria)

Newspaper: République Fédérale d'Aldurie (Federal Republic of Alduria) Daily


Note: the region name colours may be badly readable. It will be fixed in the future.

The République Fédérale d'Aldurie (Federal Republic of Alduria)


Constitution[?]: view

Head of State[?]: Président (President) Lisa Grinda ( Parti Conservateur National)

Head of Government[?]: the Président (President) chairs the cabinet[?]

Cabinet: click here to view the cabinet.

Chambre des Députés (Chamber of Deputies)[?]: currently 423 seats[?], will be 500 after next election

Last Election Results: click here

Next Election[?]: September 4664


Click here for a comparison of the party voting records.

Parti Conservateur National (173 seats)
Parti des Travailleurs Traditionnels (125 seats)
Union Populaire Democrate (125 seats)

For election history, click here.


View detailed political opinions.

DevolutionImportance: strong
Civil Rights[?]Restrictive
PermissiveImportance: moderate
EnvironmentalistImportance: small
Foreign Relations[?]Isolationalism
InternationalismImportance: tiny
Government Responsibilities[?]Small Government
Big GovernmentImportance: strong
CapitalismImportance: vital
AggressiveImportance: strong
ProgressiveImportance: tiny
FanaticImportance: small


View diplomatic details.


Click here to inspect the national budget.


Capital City: Ollau (La Vallée (Zanyal Valley))

Cities: view here.

Population[?]: 99,684,004


National Sport: Rugby à XV (Rugby)

National Animal: Coq Bendérien (Bendirian Rooster)

National Anthem:


- Les mauvais moments sont dans le passé

Les mauvais moments sont dans le passé,
Et dans le passé
ils resteront,
Il est temps de se lever,
Et redevenir une grande nation,
Une nation qui a résisté à la tyrannie,
Avec toute notre gloire,
Et envoya les impérialistes en fuite,
Ne jamais revenir.


- Bad Times are Past Now

Bad times are past now,
And in the past
they will remain,
It is time to rise now,
And be a great nation again,
That stood against tyranny,
With all of our glory,
And sent the imperialists fleeing,
Never to return again.

Région (Region) List

The subnational divisions, also referred to as regions[?], of the République Fédérale d'Aldurie (Federal Republic of Alduria) are each referred to as a Région (Region).


To view the laws currently in effect, click here.

To view the legislative history of this nation, click here.

Bills under debate

These bills are currently under debate[?].

Bill CreatedTitle
April 4456OOC: Cultural Protocols of Alduria
September 4462OOC: Fédération de Canrille
March 4609e
July 4609Call for early elections, July 4609
March 4617Call for early elections, March 4617
July 4618Video Game Content Ratings Act
October 4623Ratification of the Aldurian-Rutanian Mutual Aid Agreement
September 4624The People's Monthly
April 4625National Salvation Act
July 4626Declaration of Prime Minister Amaury Carré
July 4626Recognition of Fascist Treason Act
June 4663Re-Establishment Act

Bills being voted upon

These bills are currently being voted[?] upon.

Bill CreatedVote StartedTitle


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