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Bill: OOC: Cultural Protocols for Kafuristan (Proposed III)


Submitted by[?]: Kafuri Democratic Party

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: October 4119


Game Rules: )
Cultural Protocols Index (ie. ).

Kafuri Cultural Protocols

Pre-game History:
Kafuristan was prehistorical occupied by several tribes that competed and fought for each other. The prophet Ahmad was born in Kafuristan began to adminster his messages in the area around 1186. It quickly spread around the tribes and in 1234, the Ahmadi Caliphate conquered much of the Majatran Peninsula and united all the tribes under Ahmadism. It currently remains the most prominent religion in the country today. Around 1500, Artanian explorers began to venture into the area. Although the Majatrans originally welcome them, the difference in cultures soon caused tensions between the two continents. Although an automonous state, Kafuristan was virtually colonized by the Artanians were put under protectorates of several different Artanian countries. About 200 years later, the Majatrans rebelled against the Artanian oppression and established their own Republic. For the next thousand years, Christian orders, Caliiphates, and other republics eventually rose and declined in control over this important peninsula.

Today, Kafuristan is a representative democracy and is important to Terra for its oil production and international corporations. It participates in several diplomatic meetings and is an influential member in the international community. The country is also an important place for many Ahmadis with a rich history and foundation in the religion.

The majority of Kafuristan is Majatran, with several ethnic minorities from the regions surrounding it.

Majatran - 61% (Based on Arabs)
Majatran Asli - 15% (Based on North Africans, they are related to the Asli, who are based on Sub-Saharan Africans)
Kalopians - 6% (Based on modern Greeks)
Channese - 6% (Based on mixture of Thai/Cambodian/Vietnamese/Chinese)
Augustans - 4% (Based on Byzantines who speak Esperanto and English, replacing Solentians as the "whites" of Majatra)
Dorvish - 4% (Based on Baltic Germans and & Prussianized Germans)
Solentian - 2%
Turjak 1% (Based on Turks)
Delic - 1% (Based on the Slavs)

Kafuristan is mostly Abad Ahmadism. However, incentive is being taken by the KDP to promote Irsa Ahmadism due to the growing number of Irsa immigrants. Many The city of Helem is the most important religious city in Ahmadism and many millions of Ahmadists visit the country each year to fulfill their pilgrimages. Other minority religions are still tolerated in the country.

Ahmadi - 60%
1) Abadism - 30% (Shi'a Islam)
2) Irsaism - 19% (Sunni Islam)
3) Sahabism - 8% (Sufism)
4) Alawaism - 6% (Halawism)
5) Zahirism - 2% (Madhism)
Secularism - 20%
Cheng Daenism - 5% (Zen Buddhism)
Hosianism - 5%
Yeudism - 3%
Other 2%

LANGUAGE DEMOGRAPHICS (Percent of the population that fluently speak the language)
Majatran(Arabic)- 96%
Aldegarian (Persian)- 13%
Yeudi- 5%
Kalopian (Greek)- 5%
Luthorian(English)- 4%

Character backgrounds should comply with the above demographics. The majority of the names should be Majatran (Arabic).
Majatran is the official language of Kafuristan and the language the population is educated with.
Other minority langauges include Aldegarian (Persian), Yeudi (Hebrew), and Kalopian (Greek)

For help with translation:
For help generating character names:



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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