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Bill: Constitution of the Union of Kalopian Revolutionary Socialist Vanguardships


Submitted by[?]: League of Communist Vanguards

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: June 4216



The free peoples and communities of the Union of Kalopian Revolutionary Socialist Vanguardships assembled in the National Congress of Revolutionary Socialist Vanguardships;

Believing the establishment of the People's direct democratic system to be the final solution to the problem of democracy;

Affirming their commitment to the great pioneering efforts in establishing direct democracy initiated by the Royal Chairman of the Socialist Sultanates of Al'Badara, His Highest Vanguard, Jalal Al-e-Ahmad;

Declare their adherence to socialism as a means of enforcing a democratic economic system and a just society;

Declare their readiness to crush all traditional forms of government, be they by individual, family, tribe, sect, representative, party, or group of parties;

Proclaim their allegiance to all free peoples of the world and their preparedness to protect all persecuted freedom-seekers, on Kalopian soil and throughout Terra;

Issue this Constitution proclaiming the establishment of a People's direct democracy.

Article 1 [Name]
The official name of Kalopia will be the "Union of Kalopian Revolutionary Socialist Vanguardships".

Article 2 [Direct democracy]
(1) All authority in the Union of Kalopian Revolutionary Socialist Vanguardships belongs to the people and the people alone.
(2) No intermediaries shall exercise the authority of the people on its behalf.
(3) Political parties are banned.

Article 3 [Authority of the people]
The authority of the people is exercised by People's Congresses, Professional Unions, and Vanguardships.

Article 4 [Vanguardships, People's Congresses, and National Congress]
(1) The peoples of Kalopia are divided into Vanguardships.
(2) All citizens register themselves as members of the Vanguardship in their area.
(3) Every Vanguardship chooses among its members a People's Congress to lead the Vanguardship.
(4) Members of each profession form their own Professional Union to defend their professional rights.
(5) The National Congress of Revolutionary Socialist Vanguardships is the national conference of People's Congresses of local Vanguardships and of all Professional Unions.
(6) The Chairman of the National Congress of Revolutionary Socialist Vanguardships shall execute the general policy of the State as defined by the National Congress.
(7) The Chairman of the National Congress shall be appointed by the People's Congresses of local Vanguardships.

Article 5 [Command Council and Council of Ministers]
(1) The Command Council of Revolutionary Socialist Vanguardships shall group together the revolutionary forces (OOC: political parties) in Kalopia.
(2) The Command Council exercises all powers attached to national sovereignty and shall act in an advisory capacity for the National Congress, the Chairman of the National Congress, and the People's Congresses.
(3) The Command Council of Revolutionary Socialist Vanguardships shall appoint the Council of Ministers, and shall be headed by the Secretary-General of the Command Council of Revolutionary Socialist Vanguardships.
(4) The Command Council and the Council of Ministers are subordinate to the National Congress, and the Council of Ministers appointed by the Command Council must be approved by the National Congress.

Article 6 [Rights and Freedoms]
(1) This Constitution incorporates all internationally recognized human rights conventions.
(2) All Kalopian citizens have the right to express their ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and gender rights.
(3) All citizens have the right to life, liberty, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of association, and peaceful assembly.
(4) Men and women are equal in the eyes of the law, and the State shall take all possible measures to ensure the full realization of gender equality.
(5) The economic system in Kalopia shall be directed at providing general welfare and guaranteeing the daily needs of the people.
(6) The list of rights and freedoms in Article 6 is non-exhaustive.
(7) Certain rights and freedoms may be restricted having regard to the security of the State, public order, the integrity of the individual, the sanctity of private life, or the prevention and prosecution of crime.

Article 7 [Amendments]
The Constitution of the Union of Kalopian Revolutionary Socialist Vanguardships can be amended by the National Congress with a constitutional (2/3) majority, following the advice of the Command Council.

OOC Notes:

Game Rules:

This is a constitutional RP law, which according to section 22 of the game rules, requires a 2/3 majority in order to pass and will subsequently be enforced by Moderation.
The only part of this RP law that is, strictly speaking, enforceable by Moderation is the ban on political parties (a type of RP law explicitly allowed under Rule 22.4.2). In practice, this means that players are not allowed to use the term "Party" to refer to their political parties IC, but may instead use terms such as "Faction", "League", "Union", "Front", "Alliance", etc. However players may roleplay as a Political Party, under condition that they present said party as an extra-parliamentary and potentially rebellious force, and accept all reasonable RP consequences resulting from that situation.

The name of the Head of State, Head of Government, and the legislative are covered by game mechanics as constitutional variables. Changing these variables in game will be considered, for RP purposes, amendments to the present RP law. The name of the nation can also be changed according to regular rules (section 11 of the Game Rules), and such a change will similarly be RPd as an amendment to the present Constitution.

This RP law also introduces a nominal allegiance to socialism as well as a list of rights and freedoms.These aspects are covered by regular non-constitutional in-game variables, and Rule 22.3.8 does not allow RP laws to demand that players vote in a certain way. However the relevant portions of the present RP law are deliberately vague and are not meant to enforce a certain type of voting behavior or the implementation or rejection of any hard-coded variables. For RP purposes any non-constitutional law will be considered as being applied under the provisions of the present constitution.

This RP law also introduces a number of institutions that exist strictly for purposes of RP. Namely, elections for the legislative and head of state will be RPd as taking place indirectly via local councils. Additionally this bill introduces the "Command Council of Revolutionary Socialist Vanguardships" as the chief executive institution, with the power to nominate the cabinet. The size and composition of the Command Council is deliberately left undetermined, and it is assumed to be composed of all parties with seats.



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