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Bill: OOC RP BILL: New Players Read! Military Registry


Submitted by[?]: Partido Kaminskista Revolucionario

Status[?]: debate

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.


Passed here:

!!This is a guide and registry of military assets and armed structure of Egelion!!

The Egelian Liberation Army is the military of the Union of Federative Socialist Republics. Defenders and Upholders of the Socialist Revolution, Protectors and Friends of the Workers, Free Citizens of the Nation.

Mission of the Egelian Liberation Army:
*Defend Egelion from internal and external threats
*Uphold the Socialist Revolution
*Protect Foreign Allies and Socialist movements

Official Military Bodies of the Egelian Liberation Army:
*The Head of State (Leader of the Revolutionary Assembly) by appointing a Commander in Chief
*Defense Ministry as subordinate of the Leader, appoints military officers in his name
*Military Soviets as advisory body of the soldiers

Armed branches of the ELA:
>People's Liberation Army (Ground forces)
>Egelian Naval Army (Naval forces)
>Egelian Air Force (Air forces)
>People's Directive for Defense of the Revolution (Intelligence Agency)
>Red Star (Multirole Commandos)


Ground Army: People's Liberation Army
Active Soldiers: 500,000
Reserves: 100,000
Possible Conscripts: 300,000

Detachments of the People's Liberation Army are formed of Regional Armies:
*Regional Army Caille: 100,000
*Regional Army Ender Gira: 100,000
*Regional Army Amateria: 100,000
*Regional Army Dul Kinea: 100,000
*Regional Army Yadráz: 100,000

**Each regional army has their fair share of armoured divisions

Equipment of the People's Liberation Army:
>Kevlar vests
>Pistols such as:
*FN Five-Seven:
*Star Model BM:
>Sniper riffles:
*CheyTac M200 Intervention:
*Steyr AUG A2:
*Pegaso BMR:

Command and ranks of the People's Liberation Army:
>Commander in Chief: governs over the entire army
>General: governs one Regional Army of 100,000
>Divisional General: governs the tenth part of a Regional Army, a Division of 10,000
>Brigadier General: governs a brigade, the fifth part of a Division, 2,000 soldiers
>Regiment Commander: governs over a regiment of 200, purpose to organize his lower officers
>Battalion Officer: governs over a small portion of a Battalion, around 20-40 people


Naval Army: Egelian Naval Army
Active Personnel: 100,000
Reserves: 50,000
Marines: 5.000

Composition of the Naval Forces is in Fleets: (to be worked upon, as the nation still upgrading and working on assembling the five fleets)
-Fleet I
>based near of Puerto Libertad
>formed of 20,000 personnel
>specializing in national and regional Kerisian defense, coastal patrol, interception of the enemy and anti air craft support (it still needs minelaying ships, submarines, one air craft carrier)
>formed of the following ships:
*EB Ariguani (Nagyházi-class Battleship -Endralon)
*EC Kerisia (Svoboda-class Cruiser -Trigunia)
*EC Bala (Svoboda-class Cruiser -Trigunia)
*ELC Quainton (Endrődi-class Light Cruiser -Endralon)
*EF Bangor (Gepard-class Frigates -Trigunia)
*EF Howe (Gepard-class Frigates -Trigunia)
*EF Alberta (Gepard-class Frigates -Trigunia)
*EF Egelion (Gepard-class Frigates -Trigunia)
*EF Trabajo (Gepard-class Frigates -Trigunia)
*ECC Hobart (Republic-class Corvette -Endralon)
*ECC Rother (Republic-class Corvette -Endralon)
*ECC Florentina(Steregushchiy-class Corvette-Trigunia)
*ECC Ragazza(Steregushchiy-class Corvette-Trigunia)
*ECC Palacio(Steregushchiy-class Corvette -Trigunia)
*ECC Ragazzo(Gremyashchiy-class Corvette -Trigunia)
*ECC Gallarita(Gremyashchiy-class Corvette -Trigunia)
*EDF Diamantina (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Pelter (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Lewiston (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Parapet (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Angelica (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Sirius (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Azio (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Estrella Roja (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Estrella (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Advantagia (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Guepe (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Fennel Assam (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Alexandre (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Bolton I (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Bolton II (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Bolton III (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Malta Mejor (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Malta Minor (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Daedalus (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)
*EDF Aurora (Duke Class destroyer-frigates -Kundrati)

(naming of the ships are done with Egelion + Class type)

-Fleet I appendix formed of Coastal Defense Division:
*100x CB90 -Kundrati
*50x Toralla-class -Egelion ( )
>specialized in coastal defense and interception

-Fleet II
>based near of Villa Kinea
>formed of 20,000 personnel
>specializing in multirole support class, with aim at offering transport ships, refueling, escort other ships, aid in various operations, offer medical support, rescue operations, amphibious attacks (it needs lot of work, a an aircraft or heli carrier needed, modern transport ships, radars, destroyers and cruisers, alongside minesweepers and mine detectors)
>formed of the following ships:
****needs to be worked upon, new ships, stuff

-Fleet III
>based near of Mediomonte
>formed of 20,000 personnel
>Specializing in amphibious attacks, with help of marines as well various ships, focus on taking care of enemy forts, paratrooping, destruction of sites, objectives, targets, establishing beachheads as well shock tactics (currently still in progress, needs paratroopers, planes, maybe some cargo planes?, cruisers, FAC ships, destroyers, minesweepers, radars, transport ships, gunboats)
****needs to be worked upon, new ships, stuff

-Fleet IV
>based near of Norterra
>formed of 20,000 personnel
>Specializing in naval warfare, mission to destroy and break convoys, intercept vessels, raid, bombard shores, protect important convoys or ease out the way for amphibious troops, main bulk of the Egelian navy (still in progress, working on getting for it an aircraft carrier, cruisers, corvettes, some battleships, submarines, surface-to-surface missiles, surface-to-air missiles, ressupplying ships?)
****needs to be worked upon, new ships, stuff

-Fleet V
>based near of Ostrella
>formed of 20,000 personnel
>Specializing in training new troops and naval commanders, technical support, anti aircraft defense, suppressive fire, international support and stations usually in a foreign ally nation (currently needs an aircraft carrier at least, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, supply tanks, helicopter carriers, ships for troop transport, personnel and technicians, as well practice ships)
****needs to be worked upon, new ships, stuff

Command and ranks of the Egelian Naval Army:
>Commander in Chief: governs over the entire army
>Admiral General: governs over an entire fleet
>Admiral: governs over parts of a fleet, mainly a specialized division branch of that fleet
>Captain: governs over a group of ships (if the fleet is very huge) part of the specialized division
>Lieutenant: governs over a ship, depending how important, so do the smaller subdivisions vary


Air Army: Egelian Air Force
Active Personnel: 25,000
Reserves: 5,000
Paratroopers: 500

10 divisions of Egelian Air Force are grouped in several squadrons of ten in four main air bases:
Base Maria located in Yadráz hosts 3 divisions:
>Division Cali
-purpose to defend the local coasts, intercept and spot enemy airships, offer support for the navy, features anti-ship torpedoes
*mostly formed of outdated planes, will rp new planes*
*one plane type would be P-3 Orion
>Division Standforce
-purpose to defend the local coasts, intercept and spot enemy airships, offer support for the navy, features anti-ship torpedoes and airplanes designed for rescuing operations
*mostly formed of outdated planes, will rp new planes*
*one plane type would be CASA CN-235
>Division Libertadores
-purpose to transport troops, people, limited quantities of material, support for the shore defenses in case of invasion, features anti-ship torpedoes
*helicopters such as NHI NH90
*transport ships such as CASA C-212
Base Carlo located in Amateria
>Division Narcos
-multirole purpose, prepared to adapt to all kinds of situations
*mostly formed of outdated planes, will rp new planes*
*an example of plane is DR-1 ( )
Base Almeria located in Dul Kinea
>Division Para
-air-to-ground support, for close air support, destroying enemy targets, clearing nests, softening enemy
*mostly formed of outdated planes, will rp new planes*
*example of helicopter is TAI/AW T-129
>Division Simionne
-purpose for bombing targets, bombers with target to soften enemy positions, uses variety of bombers and bomb types
*example of bomber used is 2000DE
Base Villareal located in Caille
>Division Clovis
-purpose for bombing targets, bombers with target to soften enemy positions, uses variety of bombers and bomb types
*example of bomber used is 2000DE
>Division National
-purpose to intercept enemy aircrafts, in high state of readiness, often seen in missions to stop hijacked planes, engage enemies entering Egelian aerial space
>Division Laura
-purpose is to be a support group, used to form a convoy by escorting bombers or other planes
*mostly formed of outdated planes, will rp new planes*
>Division Ivan
-rolled to paratroop, rescue or infiltrate enemy airspace, this division specializes with stealth operations, surprise attacks and launching equipment, troops or transporting said things
*examples of used planes are Bombardier CLE-415
or CE-130

Command and ranks of the Egelian Air Force:
>Commander in Chief: governs over the entire army
>Air General: governs one of the main divisions
>Divisional General: governs over one military squadron
>Commander: governs a small group of planes from a squadron

Intelligence Agency: People's Directive for Defense of the Revolution
Specialized Personnel: 10,000
Informal Personnel: 20,000

The PDDR represents the main organ for national defense regarding internal and even external threats, enrolled with several wings to take care of the spread of information, detection of threats, annihilation, infiltration and not only. The task of this body is very important, that is why is separated in several "Wings", with it's public center being located in the capital Libertaria. Current workers at this organization are 10000 but is expected to grow, with people having the lowest role as "informer" (civil people helping local authorities in spotting illicit activities). The organization features as well specialists in cyberwarfare, ready to attack or defend against other nations.

Currently the organization is split in the following "Wings" or subdivisions:
National Defense Committee (NDC) is the internal wing, with objective more of observing and spotting irregularities inside Egelion, from sabotages, terrorist acts, to instigators and political enemies, axed and specializing on uncovering plots, infiltrating groups and observing the general populace against political crimes. This branch consists a lot of "informers" too, informal workers of NDC selected from the population in secret.

Committee for Management of Propaganda (CMP) is tasked to ensure that the flux of information in the nation is the right one, not only approving information but crafting set of propagandistic material and ensuring proper indoctrination of the general populace. Mostly formed of intellectuals as well media regulators. It also seeks to detect in collaboration with NDC any heretic political material. This organization can also work with IPC and ensure the spread of proper communist propaganda aimed at inciting rebellion and painting a good image of Egelion.

Division for National Security (DNS) is another internal wing, this time trained and prepared against foreign threats, threats coming from abroad in form of enemy intelligence and not only. The wing thus is specialized in counter-intelligence and often works with NDC in spotting foreign intruders or people working for foreign agencies. Here work the best of the best, preoccupying with descripting messages, interception, protect sensitive and classified information, counter espionage etc.

International Protection of Communism (IPC) is a even more top secret branch of the DPPR, instructed with operating overtly and covertly in foreign nations and not only, tasked mainly with offering valuable information (economic, military related, political, social), infiltration into foreign nations in various positions with various tasks from political assassinations, to instigators, to gun trafficking, to disrupting tactics, as well leak of vital data, reconnaissance, identification.

Director of the DPPR is appointed every 8 years. He is tasked to organize all wings and ensure proper training and function of the DPPR.


Special Forces: Red Star (mainly commando but not only)
Active Personnel: 50,000
Reserves: 10,000

Red Star is the special forces of Egelion, similar to a Guard, only that these troops receive the best equipment, training and hold most important missions and have various tactics used in warfare. Their prime target is to provide support for the ground troops and marines, using their abilities for various actions such as infiltration, sabotage, disruption, guerilla warfare, reconnaissance, sniping, activating behind the lines, taking down high value targets etc. It is composed of snipers, technicians, commandos, paratroopers, specialized units in guerilla warfare, snipers, saboteurs, experts in camouflage and not only. The Red Star can take both defensive and offensive stances, with emphasys on the latter, but is not limited.



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