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World Federalist Alliance[?]


World Federalist Alliance (WFA)
The World Federalist Alliance is dedicated to promoting Federalism and Regional, Provincial and States rights across Terra. The organization is welcome to parties on either sides of the political spectrum, Soft-Federalism is accepted as well as Deep-Federalism.


This organization was founded by the Rutanian Democratic Party in October 3794.

Member List[?]

There are three levels of membership:

This organization has 108 member parties.

Active Members

 União Democrática TukareseLeadership
  Ity ꜣḥwt xꜣdtFull
  Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)Full
  Beluzian Coalition of the RegionsCandidate
 Freedom and Liberty Party of VoronaCandidate

Inactive Members

 Conservative Party of LuthoriLeadership
 Deltarĭsko Občianske FórumLeadership
 Federalist PartyLeadership
 Pnték Nrzilyk SpjogadLeadership
 Rutanian Democratic PartyLeadership
 UNSC (ONI)Leadership
 Acies AnarchistaFull
 Alliance of Social DemocratsFull
 Alternativet (A)Full
 AM Radical Libertarian PartyFull
 Beiteynu Hosian PartyFull
 Business and Development PartyFull
 Conservative PartyFull
 Conservative Party of GodFull
 Conservative People's PartyFull
 Constitutional Monarchy PartyFull
 Democratic PartyFull
 Dolgavan Federalist PartyFull
 Dorvischen BewegungsparteiFull
 Fatherland RepublicFull
 Federal Ecologist PartyFull
 Forward Party of DolgariaFull
 Freeborn Luthorians/Freeborn CoalitionFull
 Freedom Party of LodamunFull
 Greater PartyFull
 Green Party of RutaniaFull
 Hizb el-DostourFull
 Hosian Liberty PartyFull
 Hosian-Non Hosian Alliance Party(HNHP)Full
 Hutori Homeland PartyFull
 iMbumba yaManyamaFull
 Imperial Democratic PartyFull
 Independence PartyFull
 Independent People's Liberty LeagueFull
  Ity ꜣḥwt xꜣdtFull
 Justice and Reform PartyFull
 Kaiser Unitairist KoalíciósFull
 Kalistan Federalist PartyFull
 Kalistani Whig PartyFull
 Konfederacio Nacia LaboroFull
 konservative-frihetlig PartiFull
 Liberal PartyFull
 Liberal PartyFull
 Libertarian PartyFull
 Libertarian PartyFull
 Libertarian PartyFull
 Libertarian PartyFull
 Libertarian Socialist PartyFull
 Likatonia Centrist Democratic PartyFull
 Lindenist UnionFull
 Liri Komunitare Partia HobraziaFull
 Luthori Conservative AllianceFull
 Luthori National Union PartyFull
 National Democratic Force (NDF)Full
 National Freedom League(NFL)Full
 National Renaissance [NE/NR/RN]Full
 National Republican PartyFull
 Nationalist PartyFull
 Nationalist Unity Party (F)Full
 Nieuwe Links Partij || Trpji Apruj PrtaFull
 Noua RepublicăFull
 Old Valruzia Unity Party (VUP)Full
 Parti Libéral NationalFull
 Parti Socialiste de TravailFull
 Partido da RepúblicaFull
 Patriot Party of HutoriFull
 Plaid Ffederaliaeth a RhyddidFull
 Popular ConsensusFull
 Populist Reform PartyFull
 Potensian People's PartyFull
 Progress PartyFull
 Publican Social PartyFull
 Radikaldemokratische ParteiFull
 Républicains LibérauxFull
 Reģionālā KoalīcijaFull
 Reformed Liberal Democratic PartyFull
 Regionalist CoalitionFull
 Regions partyFull
 Renovación NacionalFull
 Republican PartyFull
 Republican Renewal PartyFull
 Republikanske Folkeparti (RPP)Full
 Revolutionary Anarchist Black Army(RABA)Full
 Saridani Liberal FrontFull
 Social Democratic PartyFull
 Social party of KirlawaFull
 Social-Federalist PartyFull
 Social-Liberal CaucusFull
 Socialist Progressive AllianceFull
 Stanton HouseFull
 Statesmen of Kundrati for Self RelianceFull
 Statesmen of Likatonia for Self RelianceFull
 True Kirlawans!Full
 Union Démocratique PopulaireFull
 United Liberal Reform PartyFull
 United TriguniaFull
 Unity CongressFull
 Vereinigte Bewegung der RegionenFull
 Vintalli Nationalist PartyFull

National Distribution

Membership of this organization is divided over the following nations:

Republic of Beluzia10
Holy Luthori Empire8
Republic of Dolgava5
Federal Republic of Likatonia5
Commonwealth of Rutania5
Gweriniaeth Ddemocrataidd Aloria4
Commonwealth of Hutori4
ḥꜥȝsu Mnhs (The Free Kingdom of Hawu Mumenhes)4
Federal Union of Gaduridos3
United Republic of Kalistan3
Forbundsrepublikken Kazulmark (Kazulia)3
Poblacht na Kirlawa (Republic of Kirlawa)3
Unionis Kundrati3
United Solentian Republic3
Lýðveldið Telamon (Republic of Telamon)3
Rzeczpospolita Walruzyjska (Republic of Valruzia)3
République d'Aldurie2
Königreich Dorvik (Dorvik)2
A Magas Endralon Királyság (The High Kingdom of Endralon)2
Regnum di Klavia Okeanó (Kingdom of Klavia Okeano)2
États-Unis Canrillaises de Lourenne2
Federal Republic of Mordusia2
The Republic of Pontesi2
Republiek van Seridjan (Republic of Saridan)2
República Democrática do Tukarali2
Republic of Vorona2
רפובליקת יידיש של ביתנו (Yeudish Republic of Beiteynu)1
Republic of Cildania1
Freies Reich von Narikaton und Darnussien1
Confederation of St. Muron and Davostan1
Deltárska Republika (Republic of Deltaria)1
Capitalist State of Hobrazia1
Jelbék H'ánknstat (Khanate of Jelbania)1
al-Khilāfah al-‘Tala'a (Thallerid Caliphate)1
Μεγάλη Καλοπιακή Δημοκρατία (Great Kalopian Republic)1
2nd Great Democratic Republic of Lodamun1
Free State of Malivia1
Confederația Noului Endralon, Kizenia și Kuzaki (New Endralon / Kizenia)1
セコウォの帝国 (Empire of Sekowo)1
Res Publica Seluciae1
Velikoye Knyazhestvo Triguniya (Grand Princedom of Trigunia)1
Wrnukaék Konzknstat (Vanuku)1
Respubliko de Zardugalo1

Random fact: The people in your nation don't like inactive parties. When you often abstain from voting for a bill, they will dislike your party and your visibility to the electorate will decrease significantly. Low visibility will means you are likely to lose seats. So keep in mind: voting Yes or No is always better than Abstaining.

Random quote: "What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?" Mahatma Gandhi.

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