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United Conservative Front Treaty

This treaty was drafted in November 2628 by the Patriciate Imperial League (UCF).

Status: ratification[?]


United Conservative Front Treaty (UCFT)

The United Conservative Front Treaty:
- PROMOTES the ideals of social conservatism.
- ENCOURAGES conservative nations to band together to maintain and spread the principles of conservatism.
- URGES improved relations - diplomatic and economic - between all member nations.
- SUPPORTS friendship between UCFT and AAT member parties and nations.

Ratifying nations of the UCFT are not to be bound by any legislation or rules.

The UCFT does, however, strongly promote its members to abide by the following articles:

Article One: All member nations are encouraged to promote social conservatism within their own borders.

Article Two: All member nations are encouraged to promote social conservatism to their neighbouring nations.

Article Three: All member nations are encouraged to enter into improved diplomatic relations with fellow treaty members.

Article Four: All member nations are encouraged to enter into improved economic relations with fellow members through increased trade, aid and/or free trade agreements.

Article Five: All member nations are encouraged to come to the aid of fellow member nations should any military conflict with an outside nation arise. No military involvement will be enforced in any way, but military, economic and political support during times of war is strongly encouraged.

Article Six: All member nations and parties are encouraged to commit troops to the Pan-Conservative Armed Forces (PanCon Army) which is the military wing of the treaty organisation. Once again, no commitment will be enforced, only encouraged, especially in times of war. All member nations have the right to request PanCon assistance for any mission and the UCF leadership will decide whether or not to allocate resources.

Article Seven: All member nations are expected to hold a principle of non-agression against fellow treaty members. Any aggression between member nations will be dealt with strictly by the UCF leadership.

Treaty Membership: The UCFT is open to all nations who are willing to commit themselves to conservative ideals to the best of their ability. It is not open to member nations following communist, socialist or fascist ideologies.

Headquarters: The UCFT member nations are suggested to meet for regular delegations at the UCF HQ, residing on Clarisse Avenue in Ostgrad, Mordusia. All UCFT matters will be dealt with from this central location.

Party Organisation: Political Parties supporting the ideals and principles of conservatism are encouraged to join the United Conservative Front party organisation at


The treaty consists of the following articles.


The treaty has been formally ratified by the following nations.


Pending Ratifications


The treaty contains no articles that can be verified.


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Ratification Map

Ratification Map

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