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Alliance and Common Economic Area of Istalia and Zardugal

This treaty was drafted in March 4216 by the Alleanza Radicale - NCD.

Status: ratification[?]


The Istalian Republic and the Federation of Zardugal,

AFFIRMING the spirit of friendship and co-operation on which relations between the two countries are based, and wishing to place their relations on an even closer and more concrete basis,

ACKNOWLEDGING the importance to each country of the increase of a wide-ranging relationship between them and the close and enduring connection between the well-being of their peoples,

RESOLVED to provide wider opportunities for their governments and their peoples to work together in a spirit of understanding on matters of mutual interest in the political, economic, trade, commercial, social, cultural and other fields,

CONVINCED of the importance of strengthening and diversifying their relations on an equitable and mutually advantageous basis in a long-term perspective,

RECOGNIZING that co-operation and common coordination between the two countries should have in view not only their own mutual benefit but also their common interest in the prosperity and welfare of other countries, including those in regions we are not within,

HAVE RESOLVED to conclude a Treaty to establish an Alliance and a Common Economic Area between the two nations to coordinate and integrate their policies, economies and defense forces.

The contracting parties accept to ratify this treaty to establish common supranational committee representing the two Government to lead these policies which the parties are committed to put in common. Itt will be the Allied Common Executive Committee where permanent representatives of the Governments leaderships will act to coordinate the Alliance and the Common Economic Area.

The Alliance
The contracting parties pledge to establish a common foreign and security policy and to improve the cooperation and coordination of their armed forces.

The contracting parties pledge to coordinate the policies on the establishment of diplomatic, trade, economic and defensive treaties, agreements and international relations.

The contracting parties pledge to assure reciprocal military cooperation, mutual defense and agree to share military intelligence with each other.

The contracting parties accept and pledge to cooperate into the development of military equipment and manufacturing of military materials, equipment and vehicles to increase the common strength of the alliance and share military technology with each other.

An Allied Commitee for Common Foreign Policy and Defense by which the parties shall be represented (Ministries od Foreign Affairs and Ministries of Defence) will coordinate the common foreign and defence policy.

An Allied Commitee for Common Security by which the parties shall be represented (Ministries of Internal Affairs and Ministries of Justice) will coordinate the common security policy. The parties pledge to create a common civil law enforcement agency to harmonize and coordinate the operation related to the domestic security of both nation and to make cooperate their Judicial System.

The Common Economic Area
The parties pledge eliminate any barrier for the free trade and to create a common area in which several economic policies will be integrated and commonly coordinated to create a common greatest market.

The parties, determined to create a stable and sure financial common area, pledge to establish a common unit of account (ZICU: Zardik-Istalian Currency Unit) to which tie the two respective currency puts under the control of an Allied Common Monetary Authority to regulate exchanges rates and minimize fluctuations among them and to integrate and coordinate a common monetary system and policy. Furthermore, after developements, the ZICU will can be used also in international financial transactions.

The parties pledge to create Allied Common Authorities (ACA), which will can control dedicated Sub-Authorities (ACSA), for the most strategic economic and social sectors to coordinate and unite their efforts and capabilities to integrate their markets. Delegation of the interested ministry of both nations wil maintain a permanent dialogue into the Allied Authorities so to coordinate costantly the efforts of both governments.

There will be the following Allied Common Authorities and Sub-Authorities:
- Allied Common Authority for Trade
- Allied Common Authority for Industry
---- Allied Common Sub-Authority for Oil and Gas
---- Allied Common Sub-Authority for Iron and Coal
---- Allied Common Authority for Heavy Industry
---- Allied Common Sub-Authority for Agriculture and Food
---- Allied Common Sub-Authority for Energy
---- Allied Common Sub-Authority for Chemistry
---- Allied Common Sub-Authority for Services
---- Allied Common Sub-Authority for Turism
- Allied Common Authority for Infrastructure
---- Allied Common Sub-Authority for Transport
---- Allied Common Sub-Authority for Telecommunications
- Allied Common Sub-Authority for Science, Research and Culture
---- Allied Common Sub-Authority for Education and University
- Allied Common Sub-Authorities for Environment

The ACAs and their ACSAs will be established after both the parties will have take the necessary steps and policies to enforce them and their number is not blocked but new ACAs and ACSAs can be create at any time with the assent of both nations.

The parties pledge to eliminate any barrier to the trade and the travels of their citizens to which each party pledge to recognize special privileges: in matters of non-working travel the parties do not require a visa from the other nation. In matters of working travel, both nations will apply to the working travelers a privilege status, at least equal treatment and status reserved to their citizens.

The partied pladge to provide adequate financial support for the needs of the Alliance and Common Economic Area and for its executive bodies and their staff.


The treaty consists of the following articles.


The treaty has been formally ratified by the following nations.

Repubblica Istaliana (Istalia)November 4218

Pending Ratifications


The treaty contains no articles that can be verified.


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Ratification Map

Ratification Map

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