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Bill: OOC: Jelbek Names (DO NOT DELETE)


Submitted by[?]: Knstatak Grundnyr Prta

Status[?]: debate

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.


Since the current version of the Jelbic dictionary ( has a small number of names and does not include surnames, Jelbania now uses a more elaborate naming system. In keeping with the Jelbek steppe culture, Jelbek now uses a combination of patronymics and clan names instead of family names. The name list has also been expanded by adding Jelbekized versions of Christian or Islamic names, to give the language a more authentic feel.

So the naming system work as follows: <First Name> <Father's First Name + -srmko (if male) or -drsme (if female)> <Clan Name>. For example, a full Jelbek name under this system would be Kezkai Intrsmorsrmko Jeztri (male) or Jlemai Intrsmordrsme Jeztri (female). When referring to a person, except for the most formal settings (such as for members of a cabinet) or when it is necessary to avoid ambiguity, it is common to drop the patronymic and just use the First Name and Clan Name. In cases where the father is not known, a matronymic is used instead of a patronymic.

Since clans don't necessarily imply kinship, I doubt they would fall under the rules of character transfer and character use, so the following clan names can be used by anyone.

Clan names:



Traditional Jelbek first names (created by IdioC):

Azi (m/f) = Vibrant
Genzi = (m/f) = Energetic
Grzkai (m) = Winner
Grzmai (f) = Winner
Grzoziklune (m/f) = Growing Moon
Jezklune (m/f) = Large Moon
Heijinoju (m/f) = Good Year
Heijkai (m) = Supporter
Heijmai (f) = Supporter
Hldjezesti (m/f) = Grand Life
Intrsmor (m/f) = Intelligent
Hrne (f) = Flower
Jeztri (m/f) = Hawk
Jlekai (m) = Thinker
Jlemai (f) = Thinker
Kezkai (m) = Strengthener
Kezmai (f) = Strengthener
Klune (m/f) = Moon
Krsyijkai (m) = Unifier
Krsyijmai (f) = Unifier
Mrjkai (m) = Protector
Mrjmai (f) = Protector
Nrljkai (m) = Illuminator
Nrljmai (f) = Illuminator
Sagzi (m/f) = Talkative
Shlajkai (m) = Fighter
Shlajmai (f) = Fighter
Suadjasrl (m/f) = New Soul
Tri (m/f) = Bird
Trisrl (m/f) = Bird Soul
Wrntukai (m) = Leader
Wrntumai (f) = Leader

Other traditional Jelbic first names:

Aldrkai (m)
Aldrmai (f)
Bhtjar (m)
Mandkh (f)
Merlkai (m)
Merlmai (f)
Temrkai (m)
Temrmai (f)

Hosian (Christian) first names:

Alexander= Eksandr
Anastasia = Nasts
Andrew = Andrj
Anne = Hán
Anthony = Amfn
Benjamin = Bunjamín
Charles = Krly
Christian = Hrsto
Christine = Hrstín
Christopher = Hrstfer
Constantine = Knstín
Daniel = Daníl
David = Dwít
Elijah = Ílja
Elisabeth = Ershébef
Gabriel = Jebr
George = Jeiri
Helen = Jlén
Hosianne (PT specific name) = Hzíamai
Hosianus (PT specific name) = Hzíakai
Jane = Jehn
Jasmine = Jesmín
Jesus/Joshua = Isa
John = Juhn
Joseph = Jusuv
Lazar = Lazr
Lucie = Lukz
Luke = Luk
Mary = Mri
Mathew = Mfé
Michael = Míhalj
Noah = Noh
Philip = Flíp
Peter = Petr
Paul = Pawl
Pauline = Pawlín
Samuel = Shmíl
Samson = Samshn
Theodore = Féodr
Zachary = Zahr

Ahmadi (Muslim) first names:

Abbas = Ebs
Abdullah = Abdlá
Abdulmajid = Abdlmecid
Abdulrahman = Abdlrahm
Adam = Emed
Ahmad = Ám'ád
Aiysha = Ajisha
Ali = Alí
Aziz = Ezís
Barak = Bák
Fatima = Vatím
Hala = Hle
Hamza = Hemze
Hassan = Hesn
Hussein = Husn
Ja'far = Cavr
Jamal = Caml
Jana = Jehn
Khalid = Halíd
Layan (f) = Lén
Leen (f) = Lín
Malak (f) = Melk
Maryam = Mri
Mohamed = Mhmet
Mubarak = Mubák
Mustafa = Mustav
Omar = Omr
Rashid = Reshd
Salma = Selm
Sarah = Sará
Suleiman = Slejman
Yara = Jere
Yasin = Jasn
Yasmin = Jesmín
Yazid = Jazd
Yusuf = Jusuv



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date18:45:21, November 15, 2013 CET
From Sons of Steppe/Jeztaghék Srmko
ToDebating the OOC: Jelbek Names (DO NOT DELETE)
MessageI like it. Is it possible to get translation for naughty beaver as a clan name? That is how Opaki Dabar translates from Croatian.. :)

Date19:04:09, November 15, 2013 CET
From Knstatak Grundnyr Prta
ToDebating the OOC: Jelbek Names (DO NOT DELETE)
MessageHmmm, for beaver I would suggest "kndz" from Arabic qundus and Turkish kunduz. For "naughty", one could use "Nubaé", from "nuba" = zero (so basically "naught"-ish, the same logic as for the English word). So naughty beaver would be Nubaékndz, as the clan name.

Date21:57:02, November 15, 2013 CET
From Sons of Steppe/Jeztaghék Srmko
ToDebating the OOC: Jelbek Names (DO NOT DELETE)
MessageWell done on names and clan names, I had quite a lof of difficulties to come up with Jelbek names for my Brmek party.

Date22:09:23, November 15, 2013 CET
From Knstatak Grundnyr Prta
ToDebating the OOC: Jelbek Names (DO NOT DELETE)
MessageThanks! I will continue to add new clan names and first names. If you (or anyone else) has any suggestions, feel free to mention them.

Date05:29:21, November 16, 2013 CET
From Krt trzy Jeztri
ToDebating the OOC: Jelbek Names (DO NOT DELETE)
MessageVery good stuff!

Date17:41:15, November 18, 2013 CET
FromHosianisch-Demokratisches Verbund
ToDebating the OOC: Jelbek Names (DO NOT DELETE)
MessageSorry to butt in, but aren't Christian and derivatives of it rather odd as Hosian names? I invented the replacement names "Hosianus" and "Hosianne" for these. Perhaps you could adapt these two in the Jelbic language as well, instead of "Christian" and "Christine"?

Date18:01:31, November 18, 2013 CET
From Knstatak Grundnyr Prta
ToDebating the OOC: Jelbek Names (DO NOT DELETE)
MessageI see your point, and it does make sense, but the names Christian and Christine are unlikely to be replaced by other names by the vast majority of players. With the Hosian names I attempted to introduce an air of familiarity in an otherwise alien-sounding language. I can introduce Jelbek versions of "Hosianus" and "Hosianne" though.

Date21:11:23, January 31, 2014 CET
FromGolden Keshik/Grno Keshik
ToDebating the OOC: Jelbek Names (DO NOT DELETE)
Messagefor standard Pntek names I suggest using Jelbicised Hosian names.
for Standard Pntek surnames I suggest adding -srimko (son) and -drisme (daughter) to Hosian names, or optionally to traditional Jelbek names.

for standard Nrktek names I suggest using either Pntek ones, or traditional Jelbek names.
for standard Nrktek surnames I suggest poethic combination of two Jelbek language words, i.e.
in my cabinet I used
Srwefluz - beer river
Krnatrk - time tree
Ornataghe - orange fields
Frjdnu - fire dog

Date20:23:36, March 17, 2014 CET
FromHorde Government
ToDebating the OOC: Jelbek Names (DO NOT DELETE)
MessageFor Brmek muslims I suggest following names/surnames structure.
Name = <Ahmadi Jelbek first name>
Surname = <Ahmadi Jelbek first name> + "-ek" (which is possessive particle).

For example:
Ali Mhetek
Reshd Omrek
Mustav Mustavek
Mubak Amadek

Date18:35:15, February 22, 2015 CET
From Knstatak Grundnyr Prta
ToDebating the OOC: Jelbek Names (DO NOT DELETE)
MessageBrmek counterpart of this bill:

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