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Bill: Trigunian Military Doctrine (WIP)


Submitted by[?]: Центральная партия

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: October 3984



The Following terms may be used in this doctrine and should be defined clearly for the provisions of the general public.
a) Military Threat - A military threat, sometimes expressed as danger of military action, a military challenge, or a military risk, is a concept in military intelligence that identifies an imminent capability for use of military force in resolving diplomatic or economic disputes.

b) Military Conflict - A state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties.

c) Armed Conflict - an armed clash on a limited scale between states (an international armed conflict) or between opposing sides

d) Local War - a war between two or more states pursuing limited military political objectives in which military actions are conducted within the borders of the warring states.

e) Regional War - a war involving two or more states in the same region waged by national or coalition armed forces and involving the utilization of both conventional and nuclear means of attack on the territory of the region and in adjoining waters and the airspace.

f) World War - a war involving many or most of the world's most powerful and populous countries. World wars span multiple countries on multiple continents, with battles fought in multiple theaters.

g) Military Policy - The public policy dealing with international security and the military. It comprises the measures and initiatives that governments do or do not take in relation to decision-making and strategic goals, such as when and how to commit national armed forces.


a)- Anti-Trigunian Coalitions with global functions carried out in violation of the norms of international law and to move the military infrastructure closer to the borders of the Trigunian Empire and thus expanding the military bloc.

b)- Attempts to destabilize tensions/ situations in states and regions to undermine strategic stability.

c)- the development and build up of troops of foreign nations on the territorials states which surround the Trigunian Empire and also in surrounding waters.

d)- the spread of international terrorism.

e)- the violation of international accords by individual states, and also noncompliance with previously concluded international treaties in the field of arms limitation and reduction.




These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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