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Bill: RP Bill: Kalistan as a One Party State


Submitted by[?]: Socialist Party of Kalistan (SPoK)

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: February 4109


Going forward, Kalistan shall be a One-Party State, governed by a Party known as "Left Kalistan." Independent political parties are banned in Kalistan, however, political caucuses within "Left Kalistan" are explicitly allowed. This action is permitted under Game Rule 22.4.2.

Political caucuses are essentially interest groups within the umbrella Party which represent a specific societal group(s) or ideologies.

When there is only one Player in Kalistan, they are to represent the entire "Left Kalistan." When there is more than one player in Kalistan, Caucuses are to be officially designated "Left Kalistan- ****************** Caucus"

For example, the former Socialist Party of Kalistan will be known as "Left Kalistan- Socialist Caucus"

Caucuses may represent social divisions in society (i.e. "Poor People's Caucus", "Elitists Caucus), Working sectors (i.e. "Agricultural Caucus" or "Steel Workers' Caucus"), Ideologies or Faiths (i.e. "Internationalist Caucus" or "Brethrenist Caucus"), Former Parties (i.e. "Labour Caucus" or "Centrist Caucus") or Ethnic Groups (i.e. "Kali Caucus" or "Duntrekker Caucus"), and etc. Political caucuses are expected to be "left-leaning" in their political orientation and in their voting, while non-political caucuses are expected to be apolitical and are to work for the interest of their constituency.

All caucuses agree that change in Kalistan comes through debate on the nature of the political culture itself, within the National and District Assemblies. In essence, caucuses work within the system to bring about change from the top down, while protecting the liberties, interests and freedoms from police coercion of all Kalistani Citizens. Henceforth, populist caucuses who attempt to claim the "will of the People" over the internally democratic decisions made within the Government, as well as explicitly fascist caucuses, are outlawed. All populist and fascist caucuses who ignore or who attempt, and then fail, to alter the One Party State arrangement will be banned, under Game Rule 22.3.8 of the Game Rules.

This bill is considered to be constitutional and must be passed with a 2/3 vote of the National Assembly. As such, it can only be repealed by a 2/3 vote of the National Assembly.

(OOC: Largely cribbed from Indrala's Faction Law, found at Liu Che structured his bill it better than I could have.)



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date18:47:01, October 22, 2016 CET
FromNew Democratic Party
ToDebating the RP Bill: Kalistan as a One Party State
MessageThis is sad. Even though it is said that it requires more than a 2/3 vote. The left Kalistan party has all the seats. You are taking away the peoples right to choose. Even though the NLP agree with many of your views. We do not agree taking your peoples right to vote. We at the NLP wish to remain independent. With our own beliefs. And let people choose there beliefs.

Date20:00:13, October 22, 2016 CET
FromSocialist Party of Kalistan (SPoK)
ToDebating the RP Bill: Kalistan as a One Party State
MessageWe ask where was the NLP when we were proposing this bill?

This bill does not prevent the NLP from continuing to contest, but will require them to join the NLP as their own caucus, with their own structure, their own platform, and their own leadership. That is really all it does... It makes the explicitly political struggle over power an inter, rather than an intra-party affair to promote our individual platforms within Left Kalistan.

Understand, please, when the bill passes, and it will, the Liberal caucus, as you will be required to rename yourself, will have all the same powers and rights that you do now. So the New Liberal Party will not be taking anyone's right to choose away, or taking anyone's right to vote away. All will still have the right to choose, but contests will be on the caucus basis now, and not between independent Parties.

Date20:03:46, October 22, 2016 CET
FromSocialist Party of Kalistan (SPoK)
ToDebating the RP Bill: Kalistan as a One Party State
MessageBTW: it may be to your benefit to notice that just as the NLP will be known as Left Kalistan-Liberal Caucus (I presume) when this bill passes in a month, the Party currently called "Left Kalistan" will; be renamed "Left Kalistan- Socialist and Labour Caucus" We are only all of Left Kalistan at this moment, before the bill passes. When it does pass, We will welcome you and the USF as equal caucuses within Left Kalistan, with the same powers and rights as us.

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