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Bill: D.d.l. 01/4200 - Establishment of the Istalian Protectorate of the Kalopian Free State of Mossavi


Submitted by[?]: Alleanza Radicale - NCD

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: February 4202


Salvo Autieri, Minister of Foreign Affairs:

"Hon. MPs,
the Government is here to face the evolution of the Wantunian/Kalopian situation. In fact, for several years by now, the political ferments in Kalopia have been strong for the return of forms of state, administrative, political and bureaucratic organizations to tackle the now no longer viable anarchy in Wantuni/Kalopia.
Once again, Terra is witnessing the end of the libertarian "dream", just like in Malivia, which expired in a nightmare of oppression and suppressed where the sole known law has become the law of the jungle.
Our country has been checking the de facto through the Military Extraordinary Administration in the northeastern region of Mossavi, where great progress has been made to face the serious crisis that hit our biggest companies, a decision taken not only to safeguard the honor of our nation, but also to counteract the petty of human practices, the slavery, but also to respond to a situation that, as has always been admitted, has been favored by the wild penetration of our companies.
Today, millions of people in Mossavi not only are loudly urging corrective action but want stability and security to extend in the long run.
In Kalopia the disruptive forces of extreme libertarianism are still strong and the contrasts between the communities are never-ending, therefore, the Government has proposed to the communities of Mossavi, on the example of the kazulian, the installation of an Istalian Protectorate of the Kalopian Free State of Mossavi and as you know, the communities of Mossavi have responded quite positively, sure that Istalia will provide effective protection and vital administrative assistance so that the kalopian in Mossavi can begin living in a nation where they have an equal law for everyone, security, order and social solidarity.

Thus, with this law, Istalia officially establishes the "Istalian Protectorate of the Kalopian Free State of Mossavi", which will be organized as follows:

The Kalopian Free State of Mossavi will be organized as a federation of free communities; the federal laws of the Free State will be valid throughout the territory and their primary purpose will be to create a legislative framework within which individual communities will have legislative autonomy, and thus set certain limits on individual communities.

A Governor-General, nominated by the Istalian Government and confirmed by a parliamentary commission, which will be created ad hoc, will be the representative of the Istalian Government in the Kalopian Free State of Mossavi, will handle the general affairs, will link the Government of Istalia and the communities of Mossavi and will be at the head of the Liberal State's executive apparatus.

The Permanent General Conference will become the Assembly of the Kalopian Free Communities of Mossavi where will gather representatives of free communities and will act as a legislative body of the Kalopian Free State of Mossavia. He will be joined by a Legislative Committee of the Protectorate, appointed by the Governor-General who will act as an advisory body for the work of the Assembly.
The Assembly shall deliberate by an absolute majority; the Governor-General and the Legislative Committee will have veto power over the Assembly's proposals, absolute for the first twenty-five years, therefore bound to find an agreement with the Assembly later; At the expiration of the first twenty-five years of the protectorate, the Assembly of the Free Communities may vote by 2/3 with a motion of mistrust for the Governor-General or for individual Commissioners.

From the Governor-General will depend the Executive Commissions of the Kalopian Free State of Mossavi, whose head will be commissars, Istalian officials, but will be formed by Istalian and Kalopian experts, the last elected by the Assembly.
The commissions will be formed from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 16 members, divided equally between Kalopian members and Istalian members, and will decide on an absolute majority.

The organization of the administration and the bureaucracy of the Protectorate will be under the responsibility of the Executive apparatus (Governor-General + Executive Commissions). For the first fifteen years, the head of the administrative departments will be exclusively occupied by Istalian officials; for the choice of the rest of the staff there are no clauses except an obligation to progressively involve kalopian elements (the Government is aiming to have at least two thirds of the public employees of the Protectorate from kalopia within twenty-five years).

Regarding the administration of justice, the Governor-General has a duty to form a Legal Committee formed by Istalian and Kalopian legal experts who will have to draft a civil code for the Kalopian Free State of Mossavi within three years which will be approved by the Executive apparatus and then by the Assembly.
For ordinary management, the local forms of justice administration of the various communities will remain in force for the time being but will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Superior Justice Committee which will function as a court of appeal and will oversee the administration of the justice all over the Free State.

With regard to the safeguarding of public order and the repression of crime, for the first five years will be the Istalian military forces of the current Extraordinary Administration to manage it, while at the same time it will have to start to train a Public Order Force of Mossavi, a police force of the Protectorate who will act as a federal police while the free communities can maintain their local law enforcement forces, but with limitations: they will not be able to have paramilitary training, they can not be equipped with military armaments and will be subject to control and judgment of the Public Order Force of Mossavi.

The security of the Free State of Mossavi will be handed over to the Istalian Military Forces present in the territory which from the current 3500 units (excluding the current administrative staff) will go to 7500 units and will be framed in the Protectorate Defense Forces of Mossavi.
In addition to the security of the Free State, the Protectorate Defense Forces will have the task of assisting when necessary the Public Order Forces and may be recognized powers of justice and maintenance of public order in cases of need.

The free communities for the security of their territories will not be allowed to form paramilitary apparatus but may incorporate restricted special units into their public order forces or may decide to request PMC services, but only those authorized by the Central Protectorate Government, which will be working on drawing up a list which may still have veto power in the face of the mandatory requirement of PMC services that the free communities will have to submit to the Central Government which may impose several clauses (such as the number of men to hire, their equipment, what they can and cannot to do it, rules of engagement, etc...).

With regard to the administration of the Istalian companies, they will have to return gradually under the control of their ownerships over ten years, but the Kalopian branchs will have to keep within the board of directors representatives of the Central Government of the Protectorate to ensure the respect Of the Economic Ethical Text (a paper already introduced for our companies) for a reasonable time so that there is no longer any doubt about the integrity of our companies.

The Protectorate's authorities will have to establish constant and continue contacts with the administration of the Kazulian Protectorate of Wantuni al-Najd to ensure peaceful co-operation and coexistence.
It is instead a total ban to have any relationship with Eilomax or with their associated or subordinated entities while security and government activities should be progressively limited in the territory of the Kalopian Free State of Mossavi.

A General Secretariat for the Affairs of the Kalopian Protectorate will be set up, which will depend on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will oversee all activities related to the Protectorate and will propose to the Istalian Government a roster of names for the appointment of the Governor General.
The Governor General will remain in office for five years and the Governing Appointment will have to be approved by the Parliamentary Committee for the Affairs of the Protectorate of Kalopia, a committee that will be composed of parliamentary representatives so as to reflect the distribution of seats between the various political parties while his chairman shall be elected among the members and shall be entrusted to one of the members of the opposition parties.

==First Directive to the First Executive of the Protectorate==
Among the first duties of the first Executive apparatus which will be appointed at the head of the Protectorate, it shall to organize a general elections into each free community of Mossavi to form the first Assembly of the Kalopian Free Communities of Mossavi, this within six months by the establishment of the Protectorate.
The elections should be open to all those which reached the legal age of each community that will elect a number of representatives based on the demographic weight of each community.
Smaller communities, especially rural ones, have the option of joining larger constituencies.

During this period of preparation for the general elections the Governor-General shall identify those territories absolutely against the Protectorate and therefore evaluate whether the only way to extend the protectorate's authority over these communities is by the force. In this case, the Istalian authorities will not intervene, but will entrust an ad hoc committee under the authority of the Assembly of the Free Community to handle relations with these realities which will be considered as independent communities.
The Assembly of the Free Community will decide whether and how independent communities will have to join the Protectorate.

The Protectorate Authorities shall apply a provisional legislation all over the Protectorate based on the istalian laws untile the creation of the first elected Assembly of the Free Communities to be able to have a normative basis for making decisions and taking the necessary actions for the creation and management of the Protectorate. The Assembly will have to confirme or reppeal the provisonal legislation within an year.

The Protectorate, after the election of the Assembly of the Free Communities, shall establish a Protectorate Council for the Social Policies, formed by experts on the matters chosen by the Assembly alongside istalian experts, to handle the following topics:
- healthcare
- education
- social services
- economic rules
- financing of the Protectorate

The Council shall submit a thorough report on the topics and accompanied by recommendations on the basis of which the Assembly will have to legislate to establish its management forms.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date11:02:08, November 11, 2017 CET
FromAlleanza Radicale - NCD
ToDebating the D.d.l. 01/4200 - Establishment of the Istalian Protectorate of the Kalopian Free State of Mossavi
MessageUPDATE: no longer in force after the dissolution of the Protectorate due to referendum in Mossavi ( with which the Kalopian region decided to join Al-Najd region to form the Federal Republic of Kalopia-Wantuni (

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