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Bill: (RP) Investment into the Military.


Submitted by[?]: Fatherland Front

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: June 4241


After intense negotiations with the Trigunian Empire the MoD has come to the conclusion that the equipment ( needed will be produced here in Malivia without assistance.

As such the MoD has decided to alter the list of equipment that will be procured.

Upgrading Kereta Pertempuran II/BMP-2 to Kereta Pertempuran IIb/BMP-2M.
Upgrading Kereta perisai IIa/BTR-60 to Kereta perisai IIb/BTR-82.
Commission the construction of 1200 Kereta Pertempuran III/BMP-3M IFV.
Commission the construction of 104 Kereta Pertempuran III/BMD-4M multipurpose IFV-ACV.
Commission the construction of 548 Kereta meriam udara II/2S31 Vena Self-propelled mortar system.
Commission the construction of 336 Kereta meriam II/2S19 Msta Self-propelled howitzer.
Upgrade the existing Kereta roket I/BM-21 to Kereta roket Ib/RM-70 Modular and commission the construction of 36 more.
Upgrade the existing Reah I/Tor missile system to Reah Ia/Tor M2 missile system and commission the construction of 172 more.
Commission the construction of 16 more Reah II/S-300VM anti-ballistic missile systems.
Commission the construction of 137 more Roah I/Pantsyr-S1 Short-range air defense gun/missile systems.
Introduce into service and commission the construction of 500 Zo-20/Z-20 helicopters to cover for the 440 Do-8/Mil Mi-8 and Do-17/Mil Mi-17 that will be sold.

By this bills passing the OFB should start pre-production of said weapon systems.

Defense Research and Development Organisation should also hereby start researching into:

A new light attack helicopter.
A heavier variant of said attack helicopter.
Attempt to create a prototype strategic bomber.
Attempt to create a new strike bomber.
Attempt to create a comprehensive upgrade package for our multi-role fighters.
Attempt to create a ICBM.

This is a historical undertaking for Malivia the costs will be immense 60+ Billion MCR and the time needed to complete all this equipment will span over 120 years and multiply governments.

If the Parliament understand this vote yes for a stronger Malivia.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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Vote Seats

Total Seats: 306


Total Seats: 144


Total Seats: 0

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