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Bill: RP (OOC): Cultural Protocol for Valrusia


Submitted by[?]: Partia Liberalna

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This bill is a resolution. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: December 4257


► Ethnicity:
• 87.3% Valruzian (RLE: Polish)
• 2.1% Likatonian (RLE: American)
• 2.0% Baltusian (RLE: Europan based American);
• 1.8% Dundorfian (RLE: German);
• 1.7% Luthorian (RLE: British);
• 1.0% Kalistani (RLE: Californian American);
• 1.0% Tukarali (RLE: Mixed Race, Mediterranean, Portugeese);
• 3.1% other;

► Language:
Official: Valruzian language (RLE: Polish)
Recognized: Luthorian (RLE: English), Dundorfian (RLE: German); Tukarêse (RLE: Portugeese)

The primary and the only official language is Valruzian (RLE: Polish). Political parties' names unless they represent specific nationality listed in the 'Ethnicity' section shall be translated into Polish language. ( Personally I don't recommend using Google Translate due to its inadequacy - I, however, highly recommend those: ; ; )

► Religion:
• Hosianism - 34.5%:
- Aurorianism - 30.4%
- Amelioritism - 4.1%
• Yeudism - 18.5%
• Ahmadism - 1.4%
• Others - 1.2%
• Atheism - 44.4%

► Nation Name:

In luthorian (RLE: English) - Valruzia
In Valruzian (RLE: Polish) - Walruzja

In luthotian (RLE: English) - Republic
In Valruzian (RLE: Polish) - Rzeczpospolita

In luthotian (RLE: English) - State
In Valruzian (RLE: Polish) - Państwo

In luthotian (RLE: English) - Kingdom
In Valruzian (RLE: Polish) - Królestwo

In luthotian (RLE: English) - Federation, Union, Union Republic
In Valruzian (RLE: Polish) - Federacja, Związek, Republika Związkowa

► Origins/National Description:

Valruzian nation (val. Naród Walruzyjski) is a blend of numerous archaic tribes out of which the biggest were Valonian and Ruzan tribes which occupied the territory of today's Valruzia (val. Walruzja). Valonian tribe primarily occupied the northern parts of Valruzia while Ruzan people occupied the inner and eastern parts of Valruzia. Valruzia is based on the modern day Republic of Poland and its predecessors which are (Kingdom of Poland and Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth - from which it takes its monarchist heritage and traditions, the (II) Republic of Poland, the People's Republic of Poland and modern day (III) Republic of Poland.

► Regional Description:

• Valusian Voivodeship; Województwo Waluzyjskie (currently Sr. Orrick) with the capital in Nowogard is based on Greater Poland Voivodeship and is rich in fertile plains which secure the nation's agricultural needs. It's home to numerous agricultural companies as well as the birthplace of Valruzian information economy with numerous services providers.

• Rusian Voivodeship; Województwo Ruzyjskie (currently Eastway) with the capital in Stargard is based on Silesian and Lower Silesian Voivodeships and is home to a significant dundorfian minority. With a high share of mining and oil industry, Ruzian Voivodeships is the most industrialized region of Valruzia.

• Chynberg Voivodeship; Województwo Chynoberskie (currently North-East Terr.) is based on Lower Poland, Subcarpathian, and Lublin Voivodeships. Its capital is situated in Hel which is one of the oldest cities in Valruzia rich in castles and other infrastructure from the important past of Valruzia. It's economy is similar to this of Valusian Voivodeship, it's based on farming although to a smaller scale due to the mountanous geography of the Voivodeship. Other branches: services and industry accumulated to about 60% of the Voivodeship's economy.

• Kampania Voivodeship; Województwo Kampanii (currently Winnice) is based on Lubuskie and Western Pomeranian and Pomeranian Voivodeships. It has the biggest forestation per square kilometer of all 5 voivodeships. It has an advance and modern ship-building facilities and it's main port, and its capital is located in the city of Uniepat. It has an advanced industry and a minor share of farming.

• Gryfit Voivodeship; Województwo Gryfickie (currently Shawborough) is based on Mazovia and Warmian-Mazurian Voivodeships. It is rich in lakes and fertile plains. It is the main holiday destination of Valruzian peopleand one of the main touristic attractions of the country. Thr presence of numerous sweet water lakes and the sea is the main factor of attraction. Its economy is based on services with a small share of industry and farming.

► Character naming:



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

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Vote Seats

Total Seats: 435


    Total Seats: 0


    Total Seats: 30

    Random fact: Vanuku is a bilingual nation, divided between the Dutch and a group of the Jelbic peoples. Vanuku is located on the continent of Majatra.

    Random quote: "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." - Confucius

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