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Bill: New National Era 43M-1


Submitted by[?]: Lodamese Nationalist Committee

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This is an ordinary bill. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: November 4265


Investigation has shown that a certain group of people have problems with our way of life and wish to solve their envy by destroying our wealth. We should get rid of these people and make sure none of these individuals, or anyone who feels like undermining our society for that matter, can ever enter the nation again.
Upon passage of this bill, the official state religion will be 'Lodamese Nationalism' with all its denominations. Only religions recognized by the Presidium will be allowed to exist apart from the state religion within our borders. The Head of the state religion obviously would be the President of the Republic.
Any individual refusing to abnegate any unrecognized religion will be asked to leave the nation.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date02:32:56, August 31, 2017 CET
From New Green Party of Lodamun
ToDebating the New National Era 43M-1
MessageMr. Speaker,

The GCPoL will not support this bill. Article 3 is the only part of this bill we might consider, but not the others. We understand the reasoning of such proposals, but we cannot agree with punishing citizens solely based on their religion. Also, we are against the state's intervention of appointing religion ministers.

Justin Kelsey,
Deputy Chairman of the GCPoL

Date09:53:23, August 31, 2017 CET
From Lodamese Nationalist Committee
ToDebating the New National Era 43M-1
MessageMr. Speaker,

the possible sabotage and the environmental disaster following have once again proven that our tolerance has caused this situation. For decades, centuries even, we have tried to accept and live together with people of a different faith. Now we see that they are not trying to do so, and that they are undermining our society and try to dictate their believes. We are being punished right now, not them.
This bill has no intention of punishing anyone. Anyone may convert to a religion that is being authorized and recognized by the State. If not, they still have the opportunity to leave our nation and go live abroad, maybe in a community that endorses their believes. This will have a positive effect on both of us groups.
It is about time that we take back control of our nation, for the benefit of our citizens. If we continue to walk the path we have been on for the last century, this scum will take over our national politics and there will be nothing you, me or anyone will be able to do about it.
We have to act now!

Maxence Dubach
Minister of Education and Culture

Date11:52:45, August 31, 2017 CET
From New Green Party of Lodamun
ToDebating the New National Era 43M-1
MessageMr. Speaker,

After much debate on the ongoing Rapula crisis and after hearing the Education and Culture Minister's statement on the issue, our party has come to the conclusion that it would be best if we gave our support to this bill. While such proposals go against our party's agenda, we are willing to support them if it will keep our nation safe. It really does look like we are under attack from the inside and we really need to act now.

Justin Kelsey,
Deputy Chairman of the GCPoL

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