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Bill: Tobacco Act


Submitted by[?]: Jakania Union Party

Status[?]: passed

Votes: This is an ordinary bill. It requires more yes votes than no votes. This bill will not pass any sooner than the deadline.

Voting deadline: February 2246


A bill to regulate the age at which tobacco products may be purchased and/or used while allowing local governments to set policy in other areas regarding tobacco.



These messages have been posted to debate on this bill:

Date06:58:41, June 26, 2006 CET
FromCitizens For A Progressive Jakania
ToDebating the Tobacco Act
MessageWhile CPJ would prefer strong national standards in this area, we can see that devolving decisions to local governments will allow greater progress at this time, due to the relatively greater strength of pro-reform parties in these governments. We therefore are happy to support this bill.

Date08:10:59, June 26, 2006 CET
FromJakania Republican Party
ToDebating the Tobacco Act
MessageWe do not like article 2 based on infriging on personal freedom. Regulation in alcohol and tobacco is very stupid on your part because that vast majority of Jakinians support no regulation on both.

Vote NO on the Tobacco Act
Limits civil rights
Not for the good of the people and what they want!

Date09:05:12, June 26, 2006 CET
FromJakania Union Party
ToDebating the Tobacco Act
MessageThe Jakania Republicans shockingly see nothing wrong with our children taking up smoking. We ask the parents of Jakania, is this the leadership you want in your nation's government?

Date09:06:33, June 26, 2006 CET
FromJakania Republican Party
ToDebating the Tobacco Act
MessageUmm, the polls overwhelmingly say so.

Date09:20:45, June 26, 2006 CET
FromJakania Union Party
ToDebating the Tobacco Act
MessageSo are we to conclude that the Republicans are easily swayed by whatever happens to be popular at the time?

Date09:47:19, June 26, 2006 CET
FromJakania Republican Party
ToDebating the Tobacco Act
MessageWell, those things to not change fast and people like their tobacco here. Yes, there are health risks but its their body and they can do what they like. Maybe I should smoke pot, why should the government regulate it. I saw this movie once about these thing but it was about food. There were two families, one were allowed to eat junk food all the time and the other only rarely. So they have an experiment with one family at a time filled with food. The one family kids with no restrictions barely eats any junk food and the other the compelte opposite. So if smoking is legal for everyone, most kids will probably not smoke because it is not a special I am breaking the law thing.

The best way is not to make it illegal but through telling about the danger and from there they can make their own choice.

Date09:59:48, June 26, 2006 CET
FromJakania Union Party
ToDebating the Tobacco Act
MessageWe agree with what the Republicans say, as long as we're talking about adults, and the legislation leaves tobacco completely legal for adults. It's a stretch to say children can make an informed choice about the dangers of tobacco or indeed any other thing and one that is a radical interpretation of the mental development of a child.

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